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Hanging Air Plants

Hanging air plants are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their unique appearance and ability to grow anywhere. Unlike other indoor houseplants, air plants don't require soil or sunlight. Instead, they rely on atmospheric oxygen to survive. This means that they won't wilt like normal plants and they can remain alive for years.

Air plants are relatively inexpensive compared to other types of houseplants. They also require minimal care so you can easily maintain them yourself. If you'd like to try growing your own air plant, check out our buyers guide to learn everything you need to know about hanging air plants.

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Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Hanging Air Plants

Hanging air plants have become increasingly popular over recent years. They make great gifts for friends and family, but they also make wonderful additions to your own home. If you'd like to add some greenery to your living space, then read our guide to help you decide what type of plant would work best for you.

What Are Hanging Air Plants?

Air plants grow attached to trees, rocks, or other surfaces using aerial roots called hairlike structures. They absorb moisture through these roots and photosynthesize using sunlight. The leaves of an air plant are small and greenish-yellow in color. Most air plants will only need water once every few weeks during dry periods. However, some species may require more frequent watering if they are growing in a humid environment.

Where Should I Buy My Hanging Air Plants?

You can find hanging air plants at most home improvement stores. You can also purchase hanging air plants online. If you choose to purchase your hanging air plants online, make sure that you select reputable companies who sell high quality products. Also, look for companies that provide customer service support.

Who Needs Hanging Air Plants?

Air plants are one of the easiest indoor plants to grow. All you need is a pot, soil, light, water, and air. Air plants require very little maintenance, which makes them perfect for beginners.

They look beautiful in any home. Their leaves unfurl upward, creating a natural canopy above your head. And since they don't need direct sunlight, they're ideal for homes where space is limited.

But did you know that air plants aren't only decorative? They're actually useful. Some varieties produce oxygen while others filter carbon dioxide. Others purify the air. And still others remove toxins from the air.

In addition to being green, air plants are inexpensive. But they last forever. And they're easy to take care of. Simply mist them daily and feed them once every two weeks.

These benefits alone make air plants worth growing. But there are other reasons to add them to your home. Here are five more reasons to plant an air plant.

Growing an air plant takes almost no effort. All you need is a pot, soil, and light. Then simply place the plant in its new home and wait. Within days, you'll see roots begin to form. Once the roots have formed, you can start watering the plant. After a week or two, the plant should be ready to bloom.

When you think of plants, do you picture lush greenery? Maybe you imagine flowers blooming in a garden. But most gardens are filled with non-living things. Plants such as trees and shrubs create shade. Flowers attract pollinators. And grasses spread seeds. But air plants offer another kind of beauty.

Did you know that air plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen? As a result, they improve the quality of the air in your home. And this improves the air quality in your lungs. Which means fewer colds and flu viruses.

As mentioned earlier, some types of air plants purify the air. Others remove toxins from the air. Still others reduce humidity levels. These properties mean that air plants can help prevent allergies and asthma attacks. And they can help clear the air during allergy season.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Hanging Air Plants

Air plants are one of the easiest indoor plants to care for. They grow quickly and they do not require much maintenance. Air plants are great because they provide oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide, and purify the air. This makes them perfect for people who want to create a healthier living space.

However, if you purchase cheap air plants, you may end up disappointed. Cheap air plants have many disadvantages. For example, they tend to dry out easily, they don't stay healthy, and they aren't very attractive.

If you want to buy a quality air plant, here are some things to keep in mind:

Look for air plants that come with instructions. These instructions should include how often you should water your air plants, how often you should mist them, and how often you should repot them. You'll find that most air plants come with detailed instructions.

Buy air plants that are labeled "plant food." Plant food is specially formulated fertilizer designed specifically for growing air plants. When you use plant food, you won't have to worry about watering your air plants every two days. Instead, you can simply mist your air plants once a week.

Make sure that your air plants have ample light. Plants thrive best when they receive plenty of sunlight. If you live in a home where there isn't adequate natural lighting, then you might need to invest in artificial lights. Make sure that your air plants have access to bright, indirect light.

Don't let your air plants sit in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight dries out air plants and stunts their growth. Keep your air plants away from windows and other areas where they could be exposed to direct sunlight.

Be careful when handling your air plants. Never handle your air plants by hand. Use gloves instead. If you must touch your air plants, then wash your hands after touching them.

Keep your air plants away from drafts. Air plants hate drafts. If you notice that your air plants start to wilt, then move them to another area of your house.

Features To Consider When Buying Hanging Air Plants

Easy care. Air plants are low maintenance. They don't require soil, fertilizer, or regular watering. All they really need is light and fresh air. That makes them great for beginners who just want something simple and easy to grow.

Versatile. Because air plants are such a versatile plant, you can easily move them into almost any room in your house. Plus, they're perfect for indoor spaces where there isn't enough sunlight.

Low cost. Air plants are inexpensive. And if you decide to repurpose old pots, you can often find used ones online for even cheaper.

Plant variety. There are many types of air plants available. Some are smaller, while others are larger. Some are more colorful, while others are greener. The choice is yours!

Lighting. Many air plants prefer bright lighting. But if you live in a space with limited natural light, you may want to opt for a plant that does well in dimmer conditions.

Watering. While most air plants only need to be watered once a week, some do need additional attention. Check the label on the tag to determine how frequently you should water your plant.

Soil. Although air plants don't need soil, you still need to give them something to root in. Consider using pebbles or gravel instead of dirt. This way, you can remove the pot from its stand and place it anywhere in your house.

Potting mixture. As mentioned above, air plants don't need soil. However, you still need to add something to their roots to hold them upright. Consider using a potting mixture made specifically for air plants. These mixtures are usually sold alongside other gardening supplies.

Hanging. Hanging air plants are perfect for rooms that lack sufficient sunlight. Simply attach the plant to a wall, ceiling, or door frame with a hook or nail.

Different Types Of Hanging Air Plants

Air Plants are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to grow indoors without soil. Hanging Air Plants are also known as spider plants because of their resemblance to spiders. Air plants are commonly seen growing in offices, homes, restaurants, and shops. Hanging Air Plants are also sometimes referred to as houseplants.

There are two main categories of air plants. They are called epiphytic and terrestrial. Epiphytes are those that live off of moisture and nutrients from the atmosphere. Terrestrial plants are those that use soil as a source of nutrition. Both types of plants are capable of surviving outside of their containers. However, they differ greatly in how well they perform.

Epiphytes. Epiphytes are the easiest type of air plant to care for. All you need to do is mist them regularly. Mist them every few days and keep them away from direct sunlight. Make sure to clean up any dead leaves that fall off. Do not let them dry out completely. A good rule of thumb is to never let them go below 50% humidity. Too little moisture can lead to root rot.

Terrestrial. Due to their dependence on soil, terrestrial plants are harder to maintain. They should be watered about twice a week. Keep them away from direct sunlight and make sure to remove any dead leaves. When watering, avoid wetting the roots. Allow the top inch of soil to dry between waterings. Watering too frequently can result in root rot.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Hanging Air Plants

What are air plants?

Air plants are simply houseplants that have been trained to grow vertically instead of horizontally. They look like miniature trees when they first arrive at your home.

Where Did Air Plants Originate?

Air plants originated in Japan. Japanese gardeners began training their plants to grow vertically after World War II.

How Much Sunlight Should I Give My Air Plant?

You will want to provide enough light for your air plant to thrive. Air plants require bright indirect lighting, but direct sunlight can actually harm them. If possible, try to keep your air plant away from windows and direct sunlight.

Should I Water My Air Plant Regularly?

If you live in a dry climate, then yes. Otherwise, you probably don't need to water your air plant too often. Most experts recommend watering once every two weeks.

How Do I Care For My Air Plant?

Your air plant needs little maintenance. Simply mist it occasionally and feed it weekly with a liquid fertilizer. Don't use fertilizers containing high amounts of nitrogen.

How Do I Repot My Air Plant?

Repotting your air plant isn't necessary unless you notice that its roots are growing into the soil. To repot your air plant, gently loosen the dirt around the root ball and carefully remove it from the pot. Then add fresh potting mix to the new container and replace the old soil.

How Do I Move My Air Plant?

To move your air plant, simply take off all of the leaves and cut the stem below the pot. Place the pot upside-down on a flat surface and slowly lower it until it rests on the ground. Remove the pot and set the air plant in its new location.

Does My Air Plant Get Cold During Winter?

No, your air plant won't freeze even though it's outside. Your air plant has special heat-producing cells that allow it to stay warm even when temperatures drop below freezing.

Will My Air Plant Die If I Put It In A Dark Closet?

No, putting your air plant in a dark room won't kill it. But it could make it sick. Make sure that your air plant gets plenty of light and never let it sit in a dark space for more than a week.

Can I Buy An Air Plant Online?

Yes, you can purchase air plants online. Many websites sell air plants that are ready to go. These plants are perfect for beginners.

What Kind Of Soil Should I Use For My Air Plant?

Most air plants prefer a well-draining soil mixture. Soil mixes sold specifically for air plants contain peat moss and perlite. Other types of soils can also work. Avoid using clay pots, since they tend to retain moisture.

How Do I Know What Size Pot To Use For My Air Plant?

When buying an air plant, choose a pot that is slightly larger than the diameter of the rootball. That way, you won't run out of soil as the plant grows.

How Do I Clean My Air Plant?

Cleaning your air plant is simple. First, wash the air plant thoroughly under running tap water. Next, spray the entire plant with a hose attachment nozzle filled with plain water. Finally, wipe the plant dry with a soft cloth.

How Do I Prune My Air Plant?

Pruning your air plant is similar to pruning most other houseplants. Cut back the top growth to encourage new shoots. Also, trim the stems to maintain the shape of your air plant.

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