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Product Description

After purchasing the 10 Gun Electronic Security Safe, I was impressed with its solid steel construction and sturdiness. The adjustable shelves are a great feature for organizing belongings, and dual access with a programmable keypad adds an extra layer of security. Although the keypad buttons can be stiff, it's not a significant issue. While some noise is generated when moving items on the shelves, it doesn't cause any inconvenience for me. The rifle holders work well without causing damage to firearms. Mounting the safe securely is essential for preventing tipping incidents or forced opening attempts – and despite the door only opening at 90 degrees, this safe provides basic protection against casual thieves or curious children playing around at home.

Product Features
Product Description

The Wasatch 24 Gun Fire and Waterproof Safe is an impressive and reliable storage solution for your firearms and valuables. Its robust construction includes three extra-large live-action locking bolts, two fixed bolts, and a programmable digital electronic lock with an Alarm-U function that provides added security against unauthorized entry.

I was particularly impressed by the safe's fire rating of 1400° for 75 minutes and its ability to remain waterproof up to 2' of water for 72 hours, ensuring my possessions are secure even in case of floods or natural disasters. The plush fully carpeted interior adds an extra layer of protection for my firearms and valuables.

The external door hinges enable full 180 access to the safe's contents, while the included heavy-duty bolt-down kit prevents any attempts at theft by keeping the safe anchored in place. Overall, I recommend this product to anyone looking for a well-made, sturdy storage solution with good protection features that is easy to use and set up.

Product Features
  • Fire Rating - 75 minutes @ 1400°

  • Gun Qty - 24 Long Guns

  • Inner Depth - 13.54"

  • Inner Height - 51.57"

  • Inner Width - 20.35"

  • Item Dimensions - 20"D x 23.5"W x 55.5"H

  • Lock Type - Digital Electronic

  • Volume - 8.2 cu.-ft

  • Water Rating - Yes, 72 hours in 2' of Standing Water

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Product Description

The Stack-On Steel 18 Firearm Compact Security Gun Cabinet is a solid choice for storing and protecting your rifles, shotguns, pistols, and home valuables. It features a key-coded cylinder lock and four-way door locking, providing peace of mind when you're away from home. The molded barrel rests and foam-padded bottom keep firearms protected from scratches and damage. The shelf configuration allows for customization based on storage needs with a full width shelf and adjustable half width shelves ideal for ammunition and accessories.

The Stack-On cabinet offers both fire resistance and water resistance to protect valuables in various emergency situations. It has a sturdy build quality that meets California DOJ firearm safety regulations. While the painted inside black makes it difficult to see weapons at times, the product's overall performance is satisfactory despite minor design flaws such as barrel rest holes being too high for shorter weapons.

Ease of use is good but assembly can be challenging due to low quality instructions; however, online resources are available if necessary. The cabinet’s dimensions allow it to secure rifles and shotguns while remaining portable enough to move when needed. Lastly, Stack-On provides a one year warranty alongside their products offering customers peace of mind knowing they’re covered should any issues arise with the product itself or its functionality over time.

Product Features
  • Barrel Rest - Yes

  • Combination Lock - No

  • Durability - Fire Resistant; Water Resistant; Impact Resistant

  • Exterior Finish - Black

  • Fire Resistant - Yes

  • Gun Safe - Yes

  • Impact Resistant - Yes

  • Interior - 54'' H X 17.5'' W X 20'' D

  • Key Required - Yes

  • Lock Included - Yes

  • Lock Type - Key

  • Mounting Equipment Included - No

  • Overall Product Weight - 88 lb

  • Portable - Yes

  • Shelves Included - Yes

  • Warranty Length - 1 Year

  • Water Resistant - Yes

Product Description

I recently had the opportunity to test out the Fort Knox Original Handgun Safe PB1, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations! This handgun safe is designed for strength and reliability, boasting a 10 gauge steel uni-body construction and a tamper-resistant wraparound door. The heavy-duty hinge on the door is cleverly placed underneath it, protecting it from being damaged or forced open.

One of my favorite features of this safe is its gas-strut-assisted heavyweight door. Despite its sturdy build and thickness, the door can be opened with ease thanks to the gas struts. This allows for quick access when needed. Another great feature is that this safe has a fast opening pushbutton Simplex mechanical locking device with 1,081 possible combinations - which means no one will be able to guess your code!

The antique silver powder coat finish gives this safe both durability and an attractive appearance that complements any space while showing off its impeccable protection. Inside the safe, there's foam padding in an egg crate design to keep your firearms scratch-free while also preventing them from moving around inside the safe. The storage space provided by this pistol box can comfortably accommodate one large handgun along with room for additional magazines or another compact gun if needed.

What's more? The pre-drilled holes at the bottom of the safe make securing it onto any solid surface such as a drawer or shelf effortless - ensuring that even if someone manages to break into it they won't be able to walk away with your valuables easily! Overall, I am highly satisfied with this Fort Knox original pistol box; not only does it offer ample protection against intrusion but also looks sleek while doing so! Every responsible gun owner needs something like this in their home security arsenal!

Product Features
  • Closure Type - Zipper

  • Number Of Compartments - 1