Gun Safe Covers

Product Description

I have been using the Fortress 12 Gun Safe in my home for several months, and it has exceeded expectations. The safe boasts a sturdy construction and a fire rating of 30 minutes at 1400°F, which provides peace of mind that my valuables are protected.

A prominent feature is the electronic lock with an alarm U function, which is easy to program and has proven reliable thus far. Additionally, the lever handle allows for effortless opening and closing of the safe. The interior is fully convertible too - meaning I can customize it perfectly to fit my needs. Adjusting storage capabilities between long guns and ammunition was simple due to the sturdy shelves that can be easily repositioned or removed as necessary.

Although not designed as a high-security option like other safes in its range, the heavy-duty bolt-down kit adds protection against burglary attempts - preventing quick smash-and-grab scenarios! There could perhaps be more mounting holes on the bottom to mitigate any front heaviness when fully loaded with gear; however, this issue can be easily remedied by placing a wedge underneath. Overall though? This fortified safe stands tall - especially considering its budget friendly price tag compared to others within its range out there today...It's definitely a solid purchase!

Product Features
  • Fire Rating - 30 Minutes at 1400 Degrees

  • Gun Qty - 12

  • Inner Depth - 9.83"

  • Inner Height - 52.60"

  • Inner Width - 16.50"

  • Item Dimensions - 18.23"L x 20.12"W x 56.38"H

  • Lock Type - Electronic

  • Volume - 11.97 cu. ft

  • Water Rating - No

Product Description

After using this small gun safe for a few months now, I can confidently say that it has exceeded my expectations. The installation and setup were quick and straightforward, taking just a few minutes to program the RFID tags. Since then, accessing my firearm has been hassle-free.

The RFID technology is impressive, as it opens smoothly and silently with just a simple swipe of the tag or wristband. This feature proved valuable in emergencies where every second counted. Additionally, knowing that two USB ports were available for charging devices gave me peace of mind during power outages.

I was pleasantly surprised by how robust the exterior felt while still blending into any room's decor perfectly. The heavy-duty housing and reinforced locking system provide ample protection against unauthorized access or forced entry attempts, ensuring secure firearm storage at all times.

Initially, I had an issue with adjusting to using the wristband RFID tag as it was placed on the buckle side but after practicing more often while keeping safety guidelines in mind, this concern became less prevalent over time as muscle memory kicked in effectively! Overall, this small gun safe is worth considering if you're looking for something reliable yet stylish with quick access whenever needed!

Product Features
Product Description

The Stack-On Steel 18 Firearm Compact Security Gun Cabinet is a solid choice for storing and protecting your rifles, shotguns, pistols, and home valuables. It features a key-coded cylinder lock and four-way door locking, providing peace of mind when you're away from home. The molded barrel rests and foam-padded bottom keep firearms protected from scratches and damage. The shelf configuration allows for customization based on storage needs with a full width shelf and adjustable half width shelves ideal for ammunition and accessories.

The Stack-On cabinet offers both fire resistance and water resistance to protect valuables in various emergency situations. It has a sturdy build quality that meets California DOJ firearm safety regulations. While the painted inside black makes it difficult to see weapons at times, the product's overall performance is satisfactory despite minor design flaws such as barrel rest holes being too high for shorter weapons.

Ease of use is good but assembly can be challenging due to low quality instructions; however, online resources are available if necessary. The cabinet’s dimensions allow it to secure rifles and shotguns while remaining portable enough to move when needed. Lastly, Stack-On provides a one year warranty alongside their products offering customers peace of mind knowing they’re covered should any issues arise with the product itself or its functionality over time.

Product Features
  • Barrel Rest - Yes

  • Combination Lock - No

  • Durability - Fire Resistant; Water Resistant; Impact Resistant

  • Exterior Finish - Black

  • Fire Resistant - Yes

  • Gun Safe - Yes

  • Impact Resistant - Yes

  • Interior - 54'' H X 17.5'' W X 20'' D

  • Key Required - Yes

  • Lock Included - Yes

  • Lock Type - Key

  • Mounting Equipment Included - No

  • Overall Product Weight - 88 lb

  • Portable - Yes

  • Shelves Included - Yes

  • Warranty Length - 1 Year

  • Water Resistant - Yes