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Greek Wine

Greek wines are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. This trend began back in the 1980s when Europeans discovered the benefits of drinking red wine instead of beer. Since then, the popularity of Greek wines has continued to grow. Today, Greece produces several varieties of wine ranging from light white to dark rosé.

Greek wines are produced primarily in the Peloponnese region located in southern Greece. Although the climate varies greatly between regions, the majority of winemakers rely heavily on grapes such as muscat, carignan and grenache. Some producers also produce whites like retsina and ouzo. Read our buyers guide to learn more about Greek wines and where to shop for them!


Frequently Asked Questions About: Greek Wine

What is Greek wine?

Greek wine refers to the type of wine produced in Greece. It's similar to Italian wine but has its own distinct flavor profile.

Where Did Greek Wine Originate?

Wine was first cultivated in ancient Greece. Ancient Greeks believed that wine had medicinal properties, and they often drank it during religious ceremonies. They also enjoyed drinking it at social gatherings.

When Did Greek Wine Begin Being Exported Outside Of Greece?

Greeks began exporting their wine to neighboring countries around 600 BC. By the 5th century AD, Greek wines were being shipped all over Europe.

Who Drinks Greek Wine Today?

Today, Greek wine is most commonly consumed in Greece itself. However, it's becoming more popular among tourists visiting Greece.

What Types Of Greek Wines Exist?

There are two main varieties of Greek wine: white and red. Red wine is generally sweeter than white wine. White wine tends to have less alcohol content.

Which Regions Produce Greek Wine?

Most of the wine produced in Greece comes from the Peloponnesus region. Other important regions include Crete, Epirus, Macedonia, and Thrace.

What Makes Greek Wine Unique?

Greek wine is known for having a distinctive taste. Its sweet aroma and fruity flavors make it stand out from other wines.

Does Greek Wine Go Well With Food?

Greek wine goes well with seafood dishes like shrimp and octopus. It pairs particularly well with lamb and chicken dishes.

What are some of the most popular Greek wines?

Agiorgitiko is the most widely recognized Greek wine. It's a blend of three grape varietals -- Muscat, Assyrtiko, and Mandilaria.

What are some of the oldest Greek vineyards?

One of the oldest vineyards in Greece is located near Olympia. It dates back to approximately 500 BC.

What Are Some Of The Newest Greek Vineyards?

Newer vineyards are found throughout Greece. These include those in the Peloponnesus, Crete, and the islands of Santorini and Rhodes.

What are some of the smallest Greek vineyards?

Smallest vineyards are found in the island of Aegina. There are currently five vineyards on this tiny island.

What Are Some Of The Smallest Greek Wineries?

Some of the smallest wineries in Greece are located in the city of Volos. There are currently four wineries in Volos.

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