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Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys

Gifts for 12 year olds are a wonderful idea for celebrating his birthday. If he loves sports, then consider buying him a gift card so he can spend it on sporting goods. Or, if he enjoys playing video games, give him a gift card to GameStop so he can stock up on consoles and accessories. Whatever he likes, there’s bound to be something that he’d enjoy receiving.

Gifts for 12 year olds are a thoughtful way to show your appreciation for his special day. But, while you may not think of giving him a present, you might want to consider purchasing a gift for yourself. After all, you deserve a treat once in awhile too! Read our buyers guide to learn more about the best gifts for 12 year olds and how to shop for yourself.

Circuit Cubes Gears Go Garage Kit – Remote Control Robotics Kit - STEM Learning Toy for Kids Age 8 and Up

Circuit Cubes

Are you having trouble finding the right remote control for your car or truck? If so, you should check out the Circuit Cubes Gears Go Garage Kit! It's easy to use and is perfect for kids aged 8 and up. This kit comes with everything you need to build 16 different vehicles, including moving and connecting pieces like gears, tires, treads, shafts, and more. The remote control is also included, so you can easily operate your vehicle if needed. And best of all, it's compatible with all name brand LEGO-style bricks. So why wait? Get the Circuit Cubes Gears Go Garage Kit today!

Circuit Cubes Monster Maker Kit – Remote Control Robotics Kit - STEM Learning Toy for Kids Age 8 and Up

Circuit Cubes

Are you looking for an easy way to get started with robotics? The Circuit Cubes Monster Maker Kit is perfect for children and adults alike! This kit comes with everything you need to get started, including 100+ parts, a remote control, and a free smartphone app. With this kit, you can create unlimited possibilities, so why wait? Get started today with the Circuit Cubes Monster Maker Kit!

Squishy Circuits Kit Electric Circuit for Kids 8-12 (Lite Kit) – Beginner Circuit Kit w/ Conductive Dough – Electronic Kit for Kids to Make Creations Light Up (8+)

Squishy Circuits

If you're looking for a fun and educational way to explore the world of electronics, look no further than the Squishy Circuits Kit! This kit comes with everything you need to get started, including a battery holder, 15 LEDs, and a tub of colored conductive dough. You'll also receive recipes for making more dough, so you can always have some on hand when needed. The kit is designed with safety in mind, so you can be sure that your child is playing safely. Plus, our team at Squishy Circuits has years of experience working with kids, so you can be confident that you're getting a great product.

Electric Competitive Stunt Car,Double-Sided Rotation 360°,High-Speed Four-Wheel Drive Off-Road Vehicle, Remote Control Stunt Car, Gift Toys for Boys 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Year Old (Red)


Show off your favorite RC toys with the Electric Competitive Stunt Car! It's an off-road vehicle with four-wheel drive and a rotatable steering wheel. It also features LED lighting and a large-capacity battery that allows you to have plenty of power for all your adventures. Get yours today!

Gun Toy for 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Years Old Boys Girls Best Kids Birthday Gift with Moving Shooting Target 2 Blaster Guns and 18 Foam Balls - Compatible with Nerf Toy Guns


Tired of your favorite video game getting boring? Ready to spice things up? Check out our line of Gun Toys for some new and exciting gameplay options! Our 2-in-1 Nerf/Real Shot blasters are great for close-range shots, while our soft foam projectiles are perfect for medium and long range shots. With our easy-to-use interface and guaranteed quality, we're sure you'll have a blast playing with our Gun Toys!

The Don't Laugh Challenge - 12 Year Old Edition: The LOL Interactive Joke Book Contest Game for Boys and Girls Age 12

Do you want to win the prize money or just have fun? Then get ready to laugh your way through this interactive joke book! This book features over 250 jokes, all of which are accompanied by a sound effect. There is also an option to hear the jokes read aloud so you can enjoy them too. Plus, there's a bonus game where you can test your skills with a word search puzzle. And if that isn't enough, you can always look for the next bestseller in our store. So why wait? Get the Don't Laugh Challenge - 12 Year Old Edition today!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys

Finding the perfect gift for a boy who has just turned twelve years old can be tricky. Boys' birthdays are often celebrated by giving him something he already owns - such as a new pair of shoes or a watch - but what else could make his birthday special?

What Are Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys?

Gifts for 12 year olds are perfect for any boy who likes to play sports, watch movies, read books, and spend time outdoors. Gifts for 12 year old boys include everything from video game systems to action figures to outdoor gear. If your son loves to play basketball, he will love having his own set of NBA 2K14 jerseys. He may enjoy watching movies like The Hunger Games or Divergent, reading books like Harry Potter or Twilight, or spending time outside with friends at the park or riding bikes around town. Whatever your son enjoys doing, there is sure to be something here for him!

Where Should I Buy My 12 Year Old Boy A Gift?

You'll find all kinds of items including electronics, clothing, shoes, sporting goods, and more. Just search "12 Year Old Boy" and see what comes up. You might even find some ideas for birthday party favors if you're planning an event for your son this year.

Who Needs Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys?

12 year olds are growing up fast. As they enter middle school, they start thinking about things other than playing video games and watching TV. They begin to develop interests outside of sports and music. They start asking questions about how the world works. And they become interested in topics such as politics and history.

As they grow up, these changes mean that they're going through a time of transition. Their bodies are changing, and they're becoming more independent. They're starting to think about dating and relationships. These changes can cause stress for parents and siblings. But they can also bring new opportunities. Here are some ideas for gifts that will help your son navigate this exciting stage of his life.

Books. Books are one of the best gifts for any boy. Whether he likes reading fiction or nonfiction, books offer him a chance to learn about himself and the world around him. He can read about science, math, geography, history, art, and more. Reading is a great way to expand his mind and teach him valuable lessons.

Electronics. Electronics are another great gift for 12 year olds. Your son will love getting a game system or computer for his birthday. He can use it to play video games, watch movies, listen to music, surf the web, and do homework. Electronic devices can also help him connect with friends online.

Sports equipment. Sports are a big part of most 12 year olds' lives. They spend hours practicing and competing in sports teams. To celebrate their achievements, they deserve special gifts. Consider giving them a baseball glove, football helmet, basketball hoop, hockey stick, soccer ball, tennis racket, or golf club. They'll appreciate the thought behind each present.

Tools. Tools are useful tools. Boys love using tools. From screwdrivers to hammers to saws, they're fascinated by the mechanics of everyday objects. Give them a tool kit filled with items that will allow them to fix things around the house. They'll appreciate the effort you put into finding the right tools for them.

Toys. Toys are a great way to encourage creativity and imagination. They can inspire your son to dream bigger dreams. When he plays with toys, he learns skills such as problem solving, teamwork, and communication. Toys can also help him express himself creatively. For instance, he could build a robot or create a model airplane.

Technology. Technology has changed the way we live our lives. Kids today have access to computers, cell phones, iPods, digital cameras, and gaming systems. Giving them technology presents lets them experience the latest gadgets firsthand. They'll love being able to take pictures, record videos, send text messages, and browse the internet.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys

It's never too early to start planning for Christmas. Whether you're buying presents for a boy who just turned twelve years old or you're looking for something special for a boy who turns thirteen soon, here are some things to keep in mind when selecting gifts for him:

Look for quality items. Quality products tend to last longer than cheap ones. When you buy quality toys, they'll last longer and provide hours of fun. You won't have to replace them often because they'll hold up better. A great way to find quality toys is by checking online reviews. They'll tell you whether or not the toy is worth the price tag. Another option is to ask friends and family members if they'd recommend a particular toy. They may already have bought one and would love to share their experience with you.

Buy gifts that he likes. Boys like different things. So, instead of trying to guess what he might want, try asking him what he wants. He'll probably appreciate knowing exactly what he wants so he doesn't waste his money on something he doesn't really want. Make sure to include his interests in your gift selection. For example, if he loves sports then maybe you could purchase tickets to a sporting event. Or, if he enjoys playing video games, you could buy him a game system.

Don't forget about birthdays. Birthdays are another reason to plan ahead. Instead of waiting until December to buy birthday gifts, think about giving him a present now. This gives you plenty of time to pick out a thoughtful gift that he'll enjoy. And, it lets you save money since you won't have to pay sales tax on any purchases you make after November 1st.

Features To Consider When Buying Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys

A gift that keeps giving. Gifts for 12 year olds tend to be more practical than toys. But they still love receiving something special. Here are some ideas to help you pick the perfect present for this age group.

Personalized. Personalization makes a great gift. Find a unique way to personalize a gift such as engraving a name onto a pen or putting a photo into a frame. This shows them how important their friends and family really are.

Technology is becoming increasingly popular among 12 year olds. They enjoy playing games online and using technology to communicate with others. Consider purchasing a game console or tablet if they enjoy these types of activities.

Sports gear. Sports equipment is another popular choice for 12 year olds. They enjoy sports such as baseball, basketball, football, soccer, hockey, golf, tennis, swimming, skiing, snowboarding, skate boarding, surfing, etc. These items are fun to play with and useful for exercise.

Gift cards. Gift cards are always appreciated. Many stores now sell gift cards that can be used anywhere.

Candy. Candy is a classic favorite for 12 year olds. Make sure to check expiration dates and stick to candy that has no artificial flavors or colors.

Books are a perennial favorite for 12 year olds. Choose books that appeal to their interests. Some examples include science fiction/fantasy, history, mystery, adventure, humor, romance, horror, fantasy, biographies, etc.

Music. Music is another classic favorite for 12 year olds. There are several ways to personalize music. For example, you could add a message to a CD or create a playlist of songs based upon their personality.

Movie tickets. Movie tickets are another classic favorite for 12 year olds. The movie theater is a place where they can socialize with other kids their own age. Plus, movies are a great time to bond with parents and siblings.

Different Types Of Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys

Their bodies are changing rapidly and they are becoming increasingly independent. Boys are starting to develop facial hair and girls are developing breasts. All of this means that they are getting older and they are starting to look for ways to express themselves. Gifts for 12 year old boys are important because they are showing signs of independence and self expression. Here are some ideas for what to give them.

Boys Clothing. A good quality t-shirt is always a safe bet. T-shirts are cheap and versatile. They can be worn by anyone regardless of gender. They can also be easily washed and dried. These are also comfortable enough to wear throughout the day without feeling uncomfortable. Make sure you choose something that fits well and looks nice. Also consider picking up a pair of jeans or shorts. Jeans are a classic staple of any boy’s wardrobe and they go with everything. Shorts are also a great idea since they are light and easy to move around in.

Accessories. Accessories are a great way to add personality to a simple outfit. For example, a watch can really set off a plain white tee shirt. Other accessories include hats, sunglasses, belts, ties, scarves, and socks. Consider giving him a small bag to hold his keys, wallet, phone, etc. He might appreciate having somewhere to put things.

Books are a great way to encourage reading. Reading is a skill that should be encouraged in every child. Give him books about sports, cars, science, history, and anything else he likes. Don’t forget to pick up a few classics as well!

Video Games. Video games are a big part of life for young boys. They spend hours playing video games and watching TV shows. Giving them a gaming system is a great way to let them know how special they are. Choose a system that allows them to customize their own controllers and peripherals. This gives them control over how they use the system and lets them create their own fun.

Electronics are a great way to keep kids entertained. They love gadgets and electronics. Buy him a tablet or laptop computer.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys

What are some good gifts for 12 year old boys?

If your son likes sports, then he will probably enjoy sporting goods like baseball gloves, footballs, basketball shoes, soccer balls, etc. If he enjoys playing video games, then he will likely appreciate a gaming system like a Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, etc.

What Are Some Fun Things To Give 12 Year Old Boys?

A lot of 12 year olds love music. So, they will probably enjoy CDs, MP3 players, iPods, etc. They also like movies. So, movie tickets, DVDs, VHS tapes, etc., would make great gifts.

What Are Some Cool Toys For 12 Year Old Boys?

12 year old boys really enjoy action figures. So, action figure sets, toy guns, Nerf guns, etc., would all make excellent gifts.

What are some unique gifts for 12 year old boys?

Some 12 year old boys have unusual hobbies. So, you could buy him something related to his hobby, like a fishing rod, a telescope, a microscope, etc.

What Are Some Popular Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys?

Popular gifts for 12 year old boys include clothing items, computers, cell phones, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, skateboards, and snowmobiles.

What Are Some Interesting Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys?

You could also consider giving him something educational. A book about dinosaurs, a chemistry kit, a geography globe, a science kit, etc., would all be appropriate choices.

What Are Some Creative Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys?

12 year old boys often enjoy drawing pictures. So, you could get him a pad of paper, crayons, pencils, markers, paints, colored pencils, etc., and let him go wild!

What Are Some Useful Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys?

12 year old boys like tools. So, you could get him a toolbox, a screwdriver, a hammer, a saw, a drill, a wrench, etc.

What Are Some Practical Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys?

12 year old boys like to play outside. So, you could get him a pair of boots, a hat, a jacket, a backpack, a flashlight, a compass, a map, a tent, a sleeping bag, a shovel, etc.

What Are Some Inexpensive Gifts For 12 Year Old Boys?

12 year old boys don't care how much money their gift costs. So, you could get him a CD, a DVD, a computer game, a board game, a puzzle, a deck of cards, a model airplane, a remote control car, a radio/CD player, etc.

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