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Fingerprint Ink Pads

Fingerprint stamps are a must-have item for anyone who wants to protect their belongings. This process is called forensic science and it allows law enforcement officials to quickly track down criminals. It’s important to note that not everyone has the same fingerprints so it’s essential to match the correct ones.

Fingerprint ink pads are small pieces of paper that contain a special chemical compound that reacts with skin oils to create unique patterns. Once applied to a surface, the ink pad creates a permanent mark that cannot be removed. Read our buyers guide to learn more about fingerprint ink pads and how they can help you catch thieves!

Veltec Premium Fingerprint Pad/Thumbprint Pad (1 Pack)


Protect your personal information with the Veltec Premium Fingerprint Pad or Thumbprint Pad. This pad is quick to dry and safe to use, so you can avoid having to change pads every day. Plus, it has a unique formula that makes it perfect for protecting your personal information. So why wait? Get the Veltec Premium Fingerprint Pad today!

2000 PLUS Premium Stamp Pad, Gel Ink, Size #1, 2.75 inches x 4.25 inches, Red Ink (030254)

Do you need a stamp pad that will last? The answer is the 2000 PLUS Premium Staple Pad! Made with gel ink technology and red ink, this pad is designed for durability. It can handle up to 100,000 impressions before it needs replacing. So don't worry about your stamps being ruined - the 2000 PLUS Premium Staple Pad will make sure they're safe!


I was skeptical of these based on some reviews, but I have had no issues with my order. The ink arrived undamaged in a durable white box case and was shipped in a bubble wrap padded orange manila envelope. The size is perfect for children. My five year old daughter sent 20 different color inks along with my own thumb. I tried each one and found that they were both dripping with ink. The ink washes off fairly easily and very well. That was a nice surprise especially since I will be using it with children. I feel that it is a great deal. You can get one from your local craft store. I will be ordering again. This was a reasonable solution for a few activities I have planned.

I am quite fond of those colors. Twenty colors total are designed to help you make various colorful changes for your art, crafts, or journals. I like 20 different colors, and how they work with my wood stamps. I tried to use the Ink for some time to dry the paper, but the color still looked very nice.

I used them to make some thumbprint heart magnets and they worked great. You must push your thumb onto the pad a couple of times to get the ink to come to the surface, but once you do the colors are beautiful. I used waterbased glossy ModPodge and the ink did not smear when we applied the paper to a glass gem with the mod podge.

I was very excited to find these. We are having a Fall themed wedding and using a canvas with a tree and stamped finger prints for our guest book. I originally thought that I would only have three stamp colors, red, orange, and yellow, but this set comes with ten shades that match my wedding.

Fingerprint Pad 2" Diameter, Red

The Fingerprint Pad is a must-have for any serious digital photographer or videographer! This simple but effective device can capture your fingerprints in an instant, making it perfect for those who are on the go. No need to worry about messy prints, as this pad has a soft touch coating that makes cleanup a breeze. Plus, the Fingerprint Pad is also great for capturing fingerprints of children and pets. Get yours today and start capturing those precious moments in stunning detail!


It would be great for me to use with my elementary students to learn about fingerprinting. The water did not leave any residue. The washcloth was easily washed with soap and water.

It is easy to use, gets the job done, and is fast shipping.

I read some of the negative reviews and was slightly apprehensive after ordering. However, having struggled immensely with a stamp pad in order to obtain my fingerprints for a document, I ordered these. The reason I ordered is because these were the only ones which had photos of the fingerprints presumably taken through these. It was exactly the same. The results, however, are absolutely confidential. Looking at the reviews and the product, I did wonder if it would work, the base is hard, firm, and not spongy like an ink pad. I was pleasant surprise because I found the fingerprints very clear. The document was accepted instantly when submitted online, after many prior rejections. It washed off so easily while I had to struggle to wash off the ink from the ink pad. For my opinion, they are worth the price, work as described, and the marks will wash easily with soap. I am happy that I purchased these. Other options might have been to purchase a stamp pad from a renowned stationary store which was for 6.49, but may not have worked as well.

Craft Ink Pad Stamps Partner Rainbow Set of 6, DIY Multicolor Craft Stamp Pad 24 Colors for Stamps, Paper, Wood Fabric, for All Ages & Infinite Uses


Your child will love playing with the Craft Ink Pad Stamps! These fun, colorful stamps are perfect for creative kids. With 24 different colors available, there's plenty of choice for stamping images onto paper, wood, or fabric. Plus, the convenient storage case keeps the ink safe and sound. So why wait? Get your Craft Ink Pad Stamps today!

Veltec Classic Roll-on Stamp Pad Ink Refill, 2 oz Bottle, Apply to Ink Pad with Roller Ball (Black)


Need a way to extend your stamping sessions? The Veltec Classic Roll-on Stamp Pad is perfect! It comes with everything you need to get started, including a 2 ounce bottle of ink and a roller ball. With its easy-to-use design and great performance, the Veltec Classic is sure to become a staple in your arsenal.


It would be perfect for teaching the Fingerprint Merit Badge or similar programs. It is quality for a notary or individual that needs to record fingerprints on a small scale or out of the office. The lid snaps off, to keep it out of the way.

It's the perfect size to fingerprint one finger at a time. This was used for a CSI lesson. The impressions were clear and bold.

It was exactly what I had imagined. Use low pressure, because the ink comes out of the ink with pressure.

Weibo Ink Pads for Rubber Stamps Medium Size 4.15" x 2.75"(Black)

Looking for an economical way to print? The Weibo Ink Pad is perfect solution! With its high-quality printing and superb ink transfer, this pad is sure to provide you with crisp, clear prints. Plus, the adhesive sticker on the bottom makes it easy to stick to your desk or other smooth, clean surfaces. So why wait? Get the Weibo Ink Pad today!


Just the correct size and color leaves a clear impression. It works at your desk, purse, or portable office kits. I will be purchasing this again.

It is nice to have a product that is high quality.

Fingerprint Pad for roll fingerprinting

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to get started with roll-based fingerprinting, the Fingerprint Pad is a great option! This pad creates clean, true black prints that are easy to read, and it's super easy to use - just roll your finger over it and watch the ink transfer right onto your print. Plus, this pad doesn't dry out and is perfect for long-term storage.


A great product for fingerprinting clients.

Avery Carter's Micropore Stamp Pad 21281, Black Ink, 2-3/4" x 4-1/4"


The Avery Carter's Micropore Stamp Pad is a reliable way to get accurate prints every time! This pad is perfect for business or personal use, and it lasts for 100,000 impressions without requiring re-inking. It's also certified by the ACMI as permanent black water-based ink, so you can be sure that your prints will always look their best. Get yours today!


I really enjoyed the Ink Pad because it was relatively inexpensive. I took a photograph of the look it looks like when I first opened the ink pad and then when I used it with my index finger. I practiced, and all my prints were the front that one finger dip into the pad. I numbered them one in the first attempt and the last print I was able to make was 12. The second finger pic is what my finger looked like after I took practice prints and the third finger pic is what my finger looked like after I washed my hands. If you look at my finger the ink was easier to wash off. I only left a slight stain. I would recommend purchasing this product in whole.

I like this ink pad. It has an oillike consistency which is much better than a waterlike consistency. It also protects you from getting too much ink on your hands so that you ruin your fingerprint card. It hurts to get it almost filled out and you get so much ink on your finger that it seeps between the ridges and you cannot see the lines between the deltas. You have to do something about this.

I recently became a notary and discovered that I need to fingerprint people occasionally. It does not feel like it is a heavy bag. You do not have to press too hard on the pad and the impressions came out great with little effort also. I did not even need to wash my hands in order to completely remove the ink. The simplest method, using a wet wipe, was sufficient to remove the ink from my fingers.

This product is a great option to have for thumbprint ink pads. Easy to carry in a bag or pocket. The ink makes ensuring proper marks on the document very easy. You do not need to worry about pressing your fingers around multiple times. It was good for the price and overall it worked well.


Lee Products Co.

Need a way to personalize your printer? The LEE24337602 is the solution! This affordable and easy-to-use printer comes with everything you need for hassle-free printing, including a 3-year limited warranty. Features include Fingertip Control, Document Feeder (included), Tray Carrier (included), and Belt Clip (included). Unit dimensions are 2. 45" W x 1. 93" D x 1. 78" H | Unit weight is 6. 5 pounds.


A great stamp pad for card stamping. Ink is brilliant, it really makes cards pop colors stand out and the printer produces a sustainable ink supply in pad. I already used the stamp on many cards.

Ink Pad, 5x4'' Washable Non-Toxic Ink Stamp Pad for Baby Footprint Handprint, Black


The Ink Pad by EcoHome is a great way to protect your family from toxic inks! It's made with eco-friendly materials that are safe for kids and pets. Plus, the large size makes it perfect for capturing the baby's hand or foot print. And if you're not satisfied with it, we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee, so you can try it out risk-free. So why wait? Get the Ink Pad today!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Fingerprint Ink Pad

If you have ever had to use a fingerprint scanner to unlock your phone or computer, then you might already be familiar with the concept of using a fingerprint as a form of authentication. This method has become increasingly common over recent years, but it isn't always easy to get started. If you haven't used a fingerprint scanner before, here's everything you need to know about getting started.

What Is A Fingerprint Ink Pad?

Fingerprint ink pads are small pieces of paper that contain a special type of ink that will allow you to make fingerprints for identification purposes. They come in many different sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. You can buy these at most office supply stores, drugstores, and even some grocery stores. Fingerprint ink pads are very useful because they are inexpensive and easy to find. If you need to identify someone who has been involved in an accident, stolen property, or committed a crime, you can take a print of their finger using this method. This makes it easier than trying to get prints off of items like windows, doors, glass, etc., which could damage those surfaces.

Where Do I Get Fingerprint Ink Pads?

The best places to look for them are Office Depot, Staples, Walgreens, and Target. These companies sell all types of products including pens, pencils, markers, crayons, glue sticks, erasers, scissors, rulers, tape, stamps, and more.

Who Needs A Fingerprint Ink Pad?

Fingerprint ink pads are useful tools for anyone who wants to create fingerprints. But do you know how long these pads last? How much does each pad cost? What kind of ink does it use? These questions and more are answered below.

The most common type of fingerprint ink pad is called a "fingerprint ink pad." These pads contain a special ink that allows you to easily transfer prints to paper. Some of these pads also allow you to remove the print after it has been transferred.

These pads are usually sold individually. However, you can sometimes find packs of 10 or 20 pads in larger stores.

There are several types of fingerprint ink pads. Most of them are made of plastic. Others are made of wood. Some are designed specifically for removing prints from glass surfaces such as windows.

Most fingerprint ink pads contain a black ink. This ink is permanent. It doesn't fade over time.

Some ink pads contain a white ink. This ink fades over time. However, this ink isn't as permanent as the black ink. It tends to smear a bit.

Other ink pads contain a blue ink. This ink is similar to the black ink. However, it's slightly lighter in color. This makes it easier to see the print once it's transferred to paper.

Finally, some ink pads contain a red ink. This ink is very light. It's almost invisible. However, it's still visible enough to let you know where the print was placed.

Ink pads are useful for creating fingerprints on items such as documents, envelopes, credit cards, and other materials. Many law enforcement agencies require fingerprints. Fingerprints are also useful for identifying criminals. However, it's illegal to take someone else's fingerprints without permission.

Place the item on which you'd like to place the print on top of the ink pad. Press down firmly until the entire surface area of the item touches the pad. Make sure the item stays flat against the pad while pressing down. Don't press down too hard.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Fingerprint Ink Pad

If you've ever had your fingerprints smudged or stained, then you understand how frustrating it can be to try to remove them. You may have tried everything under the sun to clean your prints off of surfaces such as windows, mirrors, glass doors, and even walls. Unfortunately, nothing works. This is because most cleaning products are designed to work against oil based stains, not water based ones like fingerprints.

Fortunately, there is one product that can effectively remove fingerprints from any surface. It's called a fingerprint ink pad. These pads come in many different sizes and shapes. They are available in various colors and designs. They are perfect for removing fingerprints from glass, metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, and other non-porous surfaces. Best of all, they are completely safe to use on any surface. No matter where you find yourself needing to remove fingerprints, a fingerprint ink pad should do the job just fine.

Look for a fingerprint ink pad that contains a special formula that removes fingerprints quickly and easily. A quick removal means less mess and cleaner fingers.

Make sure that the fingerprint ink pad you purchase is easy to apply. Fingerprint ink pads usually come pre-moistened. Simply squeeze the excess moisture out of the pad and place it onto the area where you want to remove the print. Then rub the pad gently until the fingerprint disappears.

Fingerprint ink pads are great for removing fingerprints from glass, metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, and other non-porous surfaces. Just follow the instructions above and watch your fingerprints disappear!

Features To Consider When Buying A Fingerprint Ink Pad

Stamp quality. The first thing you'll notice about a fingerprint ink pad is how well it stamps. This is important because if the ink doesn't stay put, you may end up smudging your prints. Make sure the pad has a smooth surface that allows the ink to adhere to your skin.

Size. Another thing you'll notice about a fingerprint ink pad is its size. Most pads are sold in packs of 10 sheets. But you may want more than this depending on how many fingerprints you plan to print. Some pads are sold individually.

Ink color. The color of the ink used matters, too. Black ink is usually recommended for beginners, while colored inks are often preferred by experts.

Cost. As with most items, price plays a role in determining which brand you choose.

Look for deals. Many stores sell their own branded versions of fingerprint ink pads. These tend to be cheaper than generic brands. However, they may lack the features found on other brands.

Different Types Of Fingerprint Ink Pad

There are many different types of fingerprint ink pads on the market today. Each type works differently depending on what kind of surface you use it on. Here we will go through each type and explain how they work.

Fingerprint Stamps. Fingerprint stamps are inexpensive and simple to use. They are simply pressed against the skin and left to dry. When dried, the print remains until removed by rubbing off the paper backing. Fingerprint Ink Pads are useful for quick prints that don't require a lot of pressure. These are also good for making small prints.

Stamp Pads. Stamp pads are slightly more advanced than fingerprints stamps. They consist of two pieces of plastic stuck together. One piece is sticky and sticks to the skin while the second piece is non-sticky and holds the print in place. These are useful for larger prints that require more pressure. These are also useful for removing prints from surfaces like glass.

Inkless Fingerprints. Inkless fingerprints are a bit more complicated than the previous two options. They are essentially a special adhesive tape that is applied to the finger and then peeled away. The adhesive side of the tape is covered with a protective layer that prevents the adhesive from sticking to the skin. When the tape is pulled away, the adhesive pulls up the print along with it. These are useful for large prints that require a lot of force.

Fingerprint Ink. Finally, we have fingerprint ink. This is the most complex option. It consists of a clear film that is placed between the skin and the paper. A chemical reaction occurs when the fingers touch the paper. This causes the ink to transfer to the paper. It is important to note that the ink does not stay on the paper permanently. It needs to be wiped off periodically.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Fingerprint Ink Pad

What is a fingerprint ink pad?

A fingerprint ink pad is a product designed to make your fingerprints stand out when they're printed onto paper. They're often sold at drugstores, dollar stores, and office supply stores.

Where Did The Term "Fingerprint" Originate?

The word "fingerprint" comes from the Latin word "fingere, " meaning "to touch." Fingerprints were first discovered in 1839, but they weren't named until 1892.

What's The Difference Between A Fingerprint Ink Pad And A Fingerprint Powder?

Both products contain chemicals that make your prints look darker than normal. However, a fingerprint ink pad contains more chemicals than a fingerprint powder. That means that a fingerprint ink pad will leave your prints looking brighter than a fingerprint powder.

Does A Fingerprint Ink Pad Really Work?

Yes! A fingerprint ink pad makes your fingerprints appear much darker than they normally would. If you use a fingerprint ink pad instead of a fingerprint powder, you'll notice that your fingerprints will have a lot more contrast and detail.

Will My Fingerprints Fade After I Apply A Fingerprint Ink Pad?

No. Your fingerprints won't fade away after applying a fingerprint ink pad. Instead, they'll stay bright and clear.

Some people say that fingerprint ink pads don't last forever. However, most fingerprint ink pads should last about two years.

If you sweat a lot, then yes, a fingerprint ink pad could smudge all over your hands. To avoid this problem, try wiping your hands off with a clean towel before applying a fingerprint ink pad.

Can I Use A Fingerprint Ink Pad On My Skin?

You shouldn't use a fingerprint ink pad on your skin. Not only will it stain your skin, but it could irritate your skin too.

Can I Use A Fingerprint Ink Pad On My Clothes?

Yes, you can use a fingerprint ink pad on your clothing. Just be careful not to rub the ink pad against your clothing.

Can I Use A Fingerprint Ink Pad On My Jewelry?

Yes, you can use a fingerprint ink pad on your jewelry. Just be careful not to rub the ink pad against your jewelry.

Can I Use A Fingerprint Ink Pad On My Hair?

Yes, you can use a fingerprint ink pad on your hair. Just be careful not to rub the ink pad against your hair.

Can I Use A Fingerprint Ink Pad On My Pets?

Yes, you can use a fingerprint ink pad on your pets. Just be careful not to rub the ink pad against your pet's fur.

Can I Use A Fingerprint Ink Pad On My Car Seats?

Yes, you can use a fingerprint ink pad on your car seats. Just be careful not to rub the ink pad against your car seat.

Can I Use A Fingerprint Ink Pad On My Furniture?

Yes, you can use a fingerprint ink pad on your furniture. Just be careful not to rub the ink pad against your furniture.

Can I Use A Fingerprint Ink Pad On My Walls?

Yes, you can use a fingerprint ink pad on your walls. Just be careful not to rub the ink pad against your wall.

Can I Use A Fingerprint Ink Pad On My Floors?

Yes, you can use a fingerprint ink pad on your floors. Just be careful not to rub the ink pad against your floor.

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