Fingerprint Gun Safes

Product Description

The SOULYI Marketing Copy Handgun Safe has transformed my handgun storage with its 3 ways access options (biometric, electronic and key). The biometric fingerprint scanner is super responsive and easy to program. Setting up the safe took just a few minutes, making it incredibly convenient right out of the box.

This handgun safe is sturdily built with a solid steel construction, providing great peace of mind knowing that my firearm is stored securely. The compact size makes it easy to hide in various places, ensuring that little hands won't get into mischief. Additionally, the interior dimensions of 3.2" H x 16.6" W x 10.9" D make it suitable for most small or medium-sized handguns or valuables you might want to protect from unauthorized access.

One minor concern mentioned by some users is occasional issues with the fingerprint recognition - but thankfully, I haven't experienced any such problems myself! Overall, it's a great choice for quick access and ease of use when at home or on trips with valuable items or firearms in need of protection.

Product Features
  • Impact Resistant - Yes

  • Interior - 3.2'' H x 16.6'' W x 10.9'' D

  • Lock Type - Biometric; Electronic; Key

  • Overall Product Weight - 14.3 lb

Product Description

After purchasing the RPNB Multifunctional Quick-Access Safe, I must say I am extremely satisfied with its performance. The 3 methods for quick entry - key lock, biometric fingerprint, and 4-digit keypad - have proven to be very user-friendly. Setting up the biometric fingerprint scanner was a breeze, and it recognizes my fingerprint smoothly every single time. Knowing that it stores up to 20 different scans is certainly an added advantage for my family members as well.

The shock-proof carrying handle design provides an added layer of protection for my valuables. I also appreciate the safe's durable black finish which not only prevents corrosion but gives it a sleek, professional look that perfectly blends into any environment. What stands out even more is the low battery alert system which ensures that my belongings are always protected by keeping me updated about when it’s time to change the batteries.

Although there were some minor installation challenges due to the two mounting holes instead of four, this didn't spoil my overall experience with this product as I managed to install it safely without any issues so far in one place where I need it most frequently. To top it all off, this safe comes at an amazingly affordable price considering all these great features! Highly recommended!

Product Features
  • Product Dimensions - 16.2 x 12.6 x 5.6 inches