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Fingerprint Gun Safe

Biometrics are becoming increasingly popular as a security measure. As such, fingerprint gun safes have become quite popular. This type of safe uses fingerprints instead of keys to open the door. It works like a normal keypad where users must enter their code before opening the door.

Biometric safes are convenient because they eliminate the need to carry multiple keys. But, they can also be inconvenient because they require users to remember codes. That’s why it’s important to protect your valuables with a fingerprint gun safe. Read our buyers guide to learn more about fingerprint gun safes and how they work.

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Have you been told that your gun safe is too small? Well, we've got just what you need! Our latest upgrade to the Biometric Gun Safe will keep your guns secure and out of harm's way. Plus, our fingerprint safe box will keep your prints from being stolen. Get yours today and see the difference it makes in your home security!


I received my safe and set it up. I read many reviews before making the purchase and saw many that said the programming of the fingerprints did not work well. It would be fine if you follow the directions. In my experience I had no difficulty programing fingerprints thanks to the simple instructions contained in the booklet that came with the safe. I added one fingerprint at a time to test it. I ended up adding four prints in total. I attempted to open the safe with each programmed finger and with fingers that were not programmed. The safe went as it should. It opened with my registered prints, and it never opened with my unregistered prints. It is simple to program. You should use the included screwdriver to open the battery compartment. I did not care that the batteries were not included, but press the reset button. It beeps once and the light around the sensor blinks blue. Hold your finger on the sensor until it reaches a greenish color. Do it again and it flashes green again, indicating your print is registered. The safe contains a button that you can press to disable or reenable electronic beeps. You can use the screwdriver to press the button. I haven't attempted to erase the prints so I can't be certain how well that is working. Depending on the time, I have not experienced the effects of printed content for several days. I am planning on using it in the home and taking it in the vehicle so I can put it underneath a car seat. It would be sufficient to be concealed in the car seat. I am using it to hold a Ruger Security 9 Compact and two stock 10-round magazines and there is plenty of room. I will update my review if anything changes, but to date, it has been as advertised.

This safe contained everything I could have requested in a replacement safe. My previous safe had a biometric scanner and buttons to insert a code. The fingerprints were satisfactory, but only a couple. My new safe is comprised of a better biometric scanner, the capability to store more than two prints, as well as a relatively quick spring to open to access the contents. It is a great safe. The scanner is similar to a fingerprint scanner for an iPhone. Also, I looked through different parts of the same finger such as the middle of the finger and closer to the first joint. I encountered a couple of issues with this scan as mentioned in other reviews. This version of safe has a silence button. This disables beeps or chimes when scanning or accessing the safe. The scanner reads a fingerprint from another person after it has been programmed. According to the above statement, Upon unboxing, the scanner is defaulted to read any print. When a custom print is added, this default is turned off. If the safe has been reset, fingerprints can be removed from the safe, so any print will unlock the safe. Additionally, I had others test the fingerprint scanner after I programmed my fingerprint, and no one else was able to unlock the safe. The only negatives I could find were the padding inside of of relatively thin and not well attached to the safe. The key type used to unlock is fairly easy to defeat. No, the key type is not the most secure, but if someone has access to a small safe, locked in my home, that is susceptible to pricking open, they can have it.

I was skeptical about it but when I received this item, I was surprised. That is the person that you are looking for. It takes a few minutes to program a reader, but once it is done, the reader is a rock solid. You are searching for this. Both medium and compact firearms can be stored, depending on their size, of course. Mine reads, unlocks, and opens in approximately 1.5 seconds. I'm not sure if the beep sound can be disabled but I would appreciate it.

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Protect your family and property with the Gocybei Gun Safe! This safe is built to withstand even the most extreme conditions, with heavy duty construction and a reinforced structure. Plus, it comes with a variety of features that make it easy to use and provide a higher level of security. Get yours today and start protecting your family right away!


I normally do not write reviews, but this product really impressed me. Since now we have a child, I needed to get a gun safe. I bought the Slider on my bedside and the Prove on my other two handguns. The M&P 9mm pistol is a slider, it is excellent quality and simple to mount. It also has extra mag fills nicely. It slides open quickly and is very quiet. The inside is soft foam, so it won't scratch the gun, and it fits snugly. Overall it is a solid product and I am very impressed.

Dalmbox Biometric Gun Safe for 2 Pistols, Quick Access Handgun Safe for Nightstand with Fingerprint, Lock or Keypad, Bedside Gun Safe for Car, Home


Keep your guns safe and sound with the Dalmbox Biometric Gun Safe. Made of durable all steel construction, this safe is built to last and won't break easily. Plus, its sleek design makes it easy to spot when looking for a firearm safe. Get yours today and enjoy peace of mind!


This product is perfect for mounting on the wall at the head of your bed. It reads my fingerprint very well and the code pad responds immediately. The code pad requires only one press to enter the code. Be quick and smooth dialing the code, and behave as though the first number is doubled. If your code is 1212, you would want to tell yourself to dial 11212. You will not miss a beat. The fingerprint recognition feature is useful and of high quality. The alarm ring sounds after you touch it, and if you touch it, you flip the finger across the metal reader. Once you swipe your finger, it takes approximately one second for the safe to open. In the photograph you see, I added a motion sensing LED light and a magnetic gun mount. I purchased both of them on Amazon as well.

I liked the idea that this unit had to be horizontal. The problem is that space on my nightstand is at a premium. Inevitably, things get placed on top of the safe. That creates a potential danger scenario. It can be wall mounted if you require quick access. The safe may not open, or cause items to fall, which will make a noise. You can mount it to a wall. Several gun magnets, costing seven dollars, are installed to prevent the contents from falling out when it is opened. I just finished installing the safe on the wall directly above my head. I place my dominant hand on the grip, and it frees itself from the magnet in two seconds. That's quite logical, especially if you have the RFID chip permanently in the possession of the firearm owner The cost of it was over $300, but I contemplated it, based on the novel idea and the seemingly ultimate level of childproofing. By chance, I came across this safe and for the price difference, I couldn't help but be intrigued. Biometric scanners are somewhat naive. The lockers at theme parks posed a problem as well. The device that had a scanner was incorrect and had to take an excessive amount of time to verify and unlock it. After watching the Sentry video, I was not sure that it could be that good. I ordered it, and have had a few days to play with it. I cannot believe how accurate and fast the scanner is. I have tried to stump it by placing my registered finger at various angles, wet or cold, it did not matter. Each time the truth has been stated accurately. The opener opens in a second. It's as good as the video would suggest. As an aside, the manual explicitly states not to lock the two keys in the safe, since they are the only way to open it should the electronics fail. I did not heed the warning. I locked them in the safe, showing my wife how well the scanner works. As I swiped, the green light blinked, indicating authorized access. It then blinked red, and no power was generated. The situation merely occured. I am not able to wake it up. The Sentry's agent explained that with substandard batteries, that I was using Rayovac, of questionable age, they may deplete so quickly that the low battery warning may not activate. Further, with the key removed, the only option was to obtain a notarized form that was found on their website, and pay $15 to have new keys sent out. I asked about specific weaknesses. A safe would have to be able to defeat the lock without causing permanent damage. Of course, they would neither confirm nor deny that such a weakness exists. If you require detailed instructions on how to accomplish this, you may have the option of commenting on this review. To be clear, I am departing for a month long trip in an RV in two days. This was a requirement if we would be traveling with an arm, our three yearold child and the fifteen year old child were also accompanying us. That is why waiting for the replacement key which requires three to five days to process the notarized forms was not an option. I do not know if I will buy one because the batteries are dying too quickly. After entering the safe, I was able to reenter the service using the same battery. In fact, I have unlocked it a few dozen more times, getting my wife's fingers scanned and testing. I will use a 6V wall wart to charge this item with AC. That will eliminate the possibility of dead batteries and hopefully increase reliability. I've ordered two more of these. One for each nightstand and one for the RV.

I read some reviews. I suspect someone could break into it. Maybe, but then consider its size. If you expect this to hold up to attacks with large tools, perhaps you should look for another safe. This is the pistol I am carrying. I am not home nor am I gunned. The safe lid is open when empty. This safe was purchased so that my children would not be able to use my gun. I have children of six and four who will not be able to defeat this safe. This is safe and works. I only get inside through a fingerprint scanner. The only time it has failed to open using the scanner, I knew it would not open before I saw the flashing red light. I was not getting my finger lined up correctly. I wake it with the first code button, then scan. I can scan the gun without hesitation and then within eight seconds the lid opens. I love it and I would buy it again.

You cannot spend enough money on firearms. The reader's fingerprint reader opens for valid fingerprints, and locks for invalid fingerprints. The safe opens up immediately after accepting a valid fingerprint, but it takes a few seconds to reach maximum height. The initial open allows for plenty of space for your hand to grab the contents of the safe. I rate it five stars. I would recommend this home or office to all my friends and family who need a safe and compact home.

Yescom Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols with 3 Quick-Acess Handgun Safe Fingerprint & Digital Keypad LED Light Smart Security Lock Box for Nightstand Car Home Office, 9"x7"x12"


Protect your family and belongings with the Yescom Biometric Gun Safe! This safe features a built-in LED light and is perfect for storing all your guns and other valuables. Plus, it comes with a removable shelf that's great for dividing the space into two levels. Don't miss out on this must-have security tool!


I would add longer screws and anchors to secure it better.

I would recommend the nice and secure single gun case.

A great by song, however, if you have an extended clip, it will copy Fit in the box.

Dalmbox Mounted Fingerprint Gun Safe for Pistols, Auto Open Lid Biometric Pistol Safe, California DOJ Certified Quick Access Handgun Safe for Nightstand with Digital Keypad & 2 Emergency Keys


Secure your guns safely and quickly with the Dalmbox Mounted Fingerprint Gun Safe! This tough little safe can be mounted on the wall, under the desk, or on the shelf, making it perfect for any room in the house. Made of solid steel with a glass front, this safe is built to last and comes with a 1-year free replacement warranty. Plus, we offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. So why wait? Get the Dalmbox Mounted Fingerprint Gun Safe today!


This gun safe is exactly what I wanted it to be and it fits very well in my suite cabinet. This was mountable in 5 minutes. The installation manual is incredibly easy to follow, which allows a hassle free installation experience. It's wonderful because it offers three types of access. You can use the manual locker keys, as well as the biometric fingerprint function. Another great aspect is that my three daughters cannot access it. That is possible, they could. There is no way they could open it. I highly recommend this fabulous shopping experience.

The pistol safe is constructed like a tank. This is not thin at all. When I first saw it, I had to wonder if I was picking up a small cinder block. It has weight because the steel used is fairly thick. I was curious as to whether a burglar would want to get inside and do a quick job at opening the door. My opinion was that the door lock is difficult to unlock, and if someone tries to pry on it it would most likely put the latch further in a downward position and keep the door locked. I think it is a very smart design. It has a removable mount. This allows you to mount the safe to the wall. There are three methods to unlock this safe. The first is achieved with either of the two key included with it. This is the most slow way to unlock it. Determine the place to place the key. Then insert it in the correct location. In my opinion, the key is only an alternative method for regaining energy, while the second option is to insert a user code that you have created yourself, which I will discuss with more depth in the coming days. This method is the second least painful, however, the time required is at most two seconds. The fastest way is to use the biometric fingerprint to open the safe. The safe opens almost immediately at the moment you tack your fingerprint onto the reader. It is fast when using the fingerprint reader. The following is how you can set up a new user code. You will need to either open the safe with the key or by entering the default pin code. There is a small button inside the safe, once it is opened. To activate the keypad, hold the button for as long as two beeps are heard. Next, type whatever four digit code that you would like to use as your code. You will receive two beeps which indicate your new code is active. The steps to set up a new fingerprint will be just like the step to set up a new fingerprint. You must open the safe, as I described above, and hold the button until you hear two beeps, and the light on the keypad comes on. If you take your fingerprint, you will hear two beeps on the scanner. You hear the two beeps and you have your fingerprint active. I wanted to talk about some things that made this safe. I enjoy when the keypad is lit up, because it is easy to use in the dark. I like that the sound can be turned off so that if I want to open this safe quietly, I can do this. I would order another one with no hesitation. It is constructed super tough, opens very quickly and the fingerprint scanner works flawlessly.

This safe can fit a full size handgun and is perfect for immediate access near a bed or an entry point. This would also be ideal to mount under a desk or nightstand. It is very padded inside, so it is fairly silent when removed. The battery and two backup keys are included.

Biometric Slider Handgun Gun Safe for Nightstand, Desk, Bed Side, Truck - Auto Sliding Door Fingerprint Hand Gun Safe for Pistol -with Fingerprint, PIN Code, KEY Access


Protect your family and belongings with this tough and sturdy Biometric Slider Handgun Gun Safe. This safe features 16 gauge steel construction and a durable finish, making it perfect for home defense situations. Plus, the included mounting plate allows for easy wall or floor installation. And if you're not able to open the safe due to incorrect entry attempts, you'll beeped and can't gain entry until you provide the correct combination. So why wait? Get the LANGGER V Biometric Slider Handgun Gun Safe today!


I read all the reviews and was somewhat skeptical about getting this especially if any fingerprint can open it. It is clearly marked in the instructions and video that the factory default is that any fingerprint can open it. I set it on my index finger. Code and keys function perfectly. The item is very sturdy and heavy. The unit appears to be well constructed with quality components. A similar safe with a brand name sells for more than double, I would buy this safe again.

This safe is wonderful In my opinion, it was the best in its class. The key for a successful storage device was a small, safe. I needed something that could hold a homedefense weapon, flashlight, and some money and could be mounted anywhere in my house. I could have it under my cabinet, behind the closet wall, under the bed or under the floor. This safe is a good fit under a bed, upside down.

There is plenty of space to store the Glock, Amo, and 2D one. I find it refreshing that the cushin does not bang around. It is fairly simple to setup. Follow the instructions provided. To store the fingerprint, only three touches are required and not six according to the instructions. Also, the battery cover comes off with only one screw at 12 o'clock out. Do not touch the side screws. The 9V battery is my favorite.

We opened it and realized that the keys did not fit properly. After speaking with the company, we were able to get a new safe and return the old one. The new one that I received is great. The app opens so smoothly my husband and I can open using a fingerprint scanner. After programming it correctly This is a great and inexpensive option. In addition, they are a wonderful company to work with.

awesafe Gun Safe, Drop Down Biometric Handgun Safe Quick Access for Nightstand Wall Mounted Bedside Single Pistol Safe with Fingerprint, Keypad Lock and 2 Keys (Biometric Fingerprint Lock)


Protect your family and belongings with the AWESAFEGun Safer Home Security Camera System! This system comes with everything you need for 24/7 surveillance, including a HD camera, night vision, motion alert, live video feeds, and remote access. Plus, the built-in alarm provides an audible warning if anything suspicious happens while you're away. Don't miss out on this must-have home security tool!


I enjoy the Fingerprint Security Measure. It adds another layer of security to our home.

It's a good safe for pistols. It has an extremely large inside space that can store two pistols and other valuable items. Fingerprint and button unlock methods are easy to set up.

Good quality, with nice features.

RPNB Gun Safe, High Capacity Multifunction Pistol Safe with Biometric Fingerprint, Double-Layer Quick-Access Firearm Safety Device


Keep your guns close by with the RPNB Gun Safe! This safe has plenty of room to store all your firearms, and features a sleek design that will look great in any room in your house. The high capacity and anti-theft protection make it perfect for storing all your guns, while the sleek black finish and durable construction will make it a great addition to any home. Plus, our 100% satisfaction guarantee means you can be sure of a great buying experience or your money back. So why wait? Make an order today and take advantage of our free shipping offer!


It is not top end for sturdiness, but very solid. I can easily fit two full size pistols, four and five inch barrels, SW M&P.40, Walther PDP 9mm, and in the holsters with two mags each. I did not open the fingerprint scanner with any print, but scanned the one first. It works as it should. The other locks work just fine as well. The internal lockbox is steel and sturdy. The lining is a bit thin, but that is not a problem. The cable is ample length and strong enough to withstand anything but the cutting device. It is not going to simply walk away without a little work. A person could get the box and eventually open it, but not easily, noiselessly, or remotely quickly. So it does it's job. I do not keep it waterproof, but I do keep several disinfectant packets in it. I clean and oiled my guns. It is not worth the effort and cost to make it float. If you need that, then spend the money to buy a Pelican or Nanuk that is big enough for multiple pistols.

I recently became a gun owner and my wife would not permit the gun to enter the house until I had a safe. I enjoy having a personal safe with a key entry for my safety and my safety. You would be hard pressed to find a good biometric safe under $100, but this fit the bill. The weapon is larger than appears in the picks, and can fit two handguns and other accessories with no problems. The setup was easy and quick. I am confident that my items are safe. If I had one complaint, the keys do make some noise when pressed, so if you are trying to sneak into the safe for any reason, you will probably be heard. But, that is not a major concern for me.

BILLCONCH Gun Safe,Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols 4-Ways Unlock Safe | View Log, Manage & Unlock by APP | Fingerprint | Digital PIN | Key Unlock


Protect your family and belongings with the BILLCONCH Gun Safe! This safe features top-of-the-line biometric technology for easy and secure access, plus USB charging and low battery notification. With its small size and lightweight design, the BILLCONCH Gun Safe is perfect for carrying around. And because it's made of durable carbon steel, it'll last for years to come. So don't wait any longer, get the BILLCONCH Gun Safe today!


The quality appears to be good. I have the fingerprint sensor installed. The keypad light up and works well as well. I prefer not to leave it on for quite a while. I only wait 5 seconds for it to fade, but it is long enough to see inside in the dark. The item comes with keys and instructions on how to setup it. If you remove the cushion inside out, you may be able to drill it to the floor or the shelf or some other location. I plan to purchase a second one when it is ready. I had a question and they answered it. They were very knowledgeable and nice.

This is a great handgun safe. The biometric scanner is functioning flawlessly. I tested it thoroughly before putting any firearms inside. I was surprised by how much extra room there is in the safe. It would take place in a couple of boxes of ammunition, holsters, or six to eight magazines.

I like the ability to program multiple fingerprints into the biometric access.

I received a safe in June of 2020, it developed a problem with the electrical system, and probably had some to do with it. After six months, I contacted Dean Safe, spoke with customer service, and explained the problem. After receiving the old safe, they sent a new one which was received two days later. I recommend Dean Safe. He is a professional, honest, and customer friendly company. This is safe, it is fulfilling my requirements.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Fingerprint Gun Safe

Biometrics have become increasingly common as more and more devices start using fingerprint recognition technology. This has led to a rise in demand for biometric gun safes, which allow users to store their firearms safely while still being able to access them quickly and easily by scanning their fingerprints. We've rounded up our top picks for the best biometric gun safes available today, so you can make sure you get exactly what you need.

What Is A Fingerprint Gun Safe?

Fingerprint gun safes are an excellent choice for storing firearms because they provide security without sacrificing convenience. These safes are easy to open and close, making them ideal for people who want to quickly grab their guns when needed. The best part about fingerprint gun safes is that they are affordable, meaning anyone can afford to own one!

Why Should I Buy A Fingerprint Gun Safe?

If you're looking for a convenient way to safely store your firearm, look no further than a fingerprint gun safe. These safes are easy to operate, allowing you to get right to your weapon whenever you need it. You don't even have to worry about forgetting where you left your keys; all you have to remember is your fingerprints!

Who Needs A Fingerprint Gun Safe?

Fingerprints are unique to each person. No two fingerprints look alike. But criminals aren't usually very discriminating. They use this uniqueness against us. Criminals steal our belongings using fingerprint scanners. They then sell these items online. These thefts happen every day.

It doesn't take long before we start worrying about our safety. We wonder how we could protect ourselves. After all, fingerprints are one of the most effective forms of identification.

But what happens when someone steals your fingerprint scanner? What do you do next? How do you prevent thieves from stealing your identity?

The answer is simple. Buy a gun safe. A fingerprint scanner works best when it's attached to a secure lock. When you put your finger on the scanner, it unlocks the door. Once inside, you can close the door behind you. Then, you can safely store your valuables.

Gun safes are designed specifically to hold guns. However, they can also be used to store other valuable possessions such as jewelry, money, passports, and credit cards.

They're also useful for storing ammunition. Most gun safes are made of steel. Steel makes them sturdy enough to withstand any kind of damage. Some models even feature bulletproof glass windows.

When choosing a gun safe, think about the size of your home. Is there space for a large safe? Are you willing to spend extra money on a larger model?

Another thing to consider is whether you plan to live in an apartment or house. Large safes are bulky. They require a lot of space. Smaller safes are better suited for apartments.

Finally, consider the type of locks you prefer. Locks that open automatically are safer than mechanical locks. Mechanical locks require keys. Keys can be lost or stolen. Automatic locks only require a fingerprint scan.

There are several types of fingerprint scanners. One of the most common is called a swipe reader. Swipe readers are inexpensive and easy to install. All you need is a power outlet and a cable.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Fingerprint Gun Safe

If you have a gun safe, then chances are you've heard about fingerprint gunsafes. These devices are designed to protect firearms by scanning fingerprints to verify who owns them. They do so by storing fingerprints in a database, where they can later be compared against those of people attempting to access the firearm. This technology allows law enforcement officials to quickly identify individuals who may pose a threat to public safety. For example, if a person attempts to steal a firearm from a home, he or she could potentially use the stolen weapon to commit a crime. A fingerprint gunsafe would prevent such an occurrence.

However, many people are unaware of how fingerprint gunsafes work. So let's take a closer look at how they operate.

Fingerprints are unique to every individual. These patterns are like a signature that identifies us. Because everyone's fingerprints are different, they cannot easily be duplicated. Thus, when a fingerprint gunsafe scans a finger, it compares the print to its database of fingerprints. If the print matches one already stored within the system, the safe unlocks and opens. Otherwise, the safe remains locked until the owner provides his or her fingerprint.

Because fingerprint gunsafes are relatively new, their accuracy rates vary. According to the National Institute of Justice, the FBI estimates that approximately 70 percent of criminals attempt to disarm a firearm by stealing it. Of course, most thieves fail because they lack the skill required to bypass a fingerprint gunsafe. Still, even if a thief manages to remove a firearm from a house, he or she must first find a way to unlock the safe. And since most homes have multiple locks, finding the correct key to open the safe becomes increasingly difficult. Consequently, a fingerprint gunsafe makes it easy for police officers to recover stolen weapons.

Features To Consider When Buying A Fingerprint Gun Safe

Fingerprint technology. The fingerprint scanner found on most modern handguns makes them easier than ever to secure. And if you've got a gun safe, chances are you already have a fingerprint scanner installed inside.

Easy access. Most fingerprint scanners work just like the ones used on smartphones. They scan your fingerprints and then store them in a database where they can later be accessed using a keypad or touchscreen display. This means you can unlock your safe simply by scanning your fingers.

Security. As mentioned above, most fingerprint scanners work just like smartphone fingerprint readers. That means they're tamperproof. In other words, no matter how hard someone tries to break into your safe, their efforts will fail.

Accessibility. Since many fingerprint scanners are built right into your safe, there's no need to worry about having to carry a separate device. Just touch your finger to the reader whenever you want to gain entry.

Safety. Many fingerprint scanners are tamperproof. But even if yours isn't, it still provides a layer of security against intruders who may attempt to steal your valuables.

Versatility. Because fingerprint scanners are so convenient, you'll probably end up using them more often than you'd expect. That's why it's important to pick a model that has enough space to hold everything you own. Plus, you'll want to ensure your safe is compatible with your existing devices.

Size. While most fingerprint scanners are compact, you'll want to make sure your safe fits comfortably in your hand. Some models are large enough to fit multiple handguns, while others are smaller and ideal for storing only one firearm.

Cost. Like anything else, you'll pay more for quality. However, you'll want to spend a little bit more to get something that's reliable and durable.

Different Types Of Fingerprint Gun Safe

Gun Safes are becoming increasingly popular due to the rise in gun ownership. People are concerned about keeping guns away from children and criminals. Fingerprint Gun Safes are a good solution to this problem. These are small devices that fit easily in your pocket or purse. When you open the door, the device scans your fingerprint and unlocks the safe. It does not require any batteries or electricity to operate.

Fingerprint Gun Safes are a great alternative to traditional key locks. These are inexpensive and easy to use. They are also highly secure since they cannot be opened without your fingerprint. They are also tamper proof meaning that they cannot be forced open by someone else.

Biometrics Gun Safes. Biometrics Gun Safes are essentially the same as standard Fingerprint Gun Safes except that they use fingerprints instead of keys. Fingerprint Gun Safes are slightly more expensive than standard Fingerprint Gun Safes. Fingerprint Gun Safes are also less convenient since they require you to touch the safe every time you want to access it.

Smartgun Safes. Smartguns are yet another alternative to traditional Key Locks. These are similar to Fingerprint Gun Safes except that they use RFID technology rather than fingerprints. They are also somewhat more expensive than Fingerprint Gun Safes. Fingerprint Gun Safes are also harder to install since they require special hardware.

AWSafes. AWSafes are a newer type of Gun Safe. Fingerprint Gun Safes are also more expensive than Fingerprint Gun Safes. Fingerprint Gun Safes are also harder to install since they require specialized equipment.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Fingerprint Gun Safe

What is a fingerprint gun safe?

A fingerprint gun safe is a type of safe designed to protect firearms and ammunition. They use fingerprints instead of keys to open the safe.

How Do They Work?

When you touch your finger to the scanner inside the safe, the safe unlocks itself. Once unlocked, you can access all of the contents of the safe.

Does a fingerprint gun safe have a lock?

No, a fingerprint gun safe has no locks. Instead, it uses a fingerprint scanner to unlock the safe.

How Much Weight Will My Firearm Weigh When Stored In A Fingerprint Gun Safe?

Most fingerprint gun safes are rated to carry up to 100 pounds. If you plan to store more than this amount of weight in the safe, you should consider purchasing another safe.

Will A Fingerprint Gun Safe Keep My Guns Secure?

Yes, a fingerprint gun safe keeps your weapons out of reach of anyone trying to steal them. Plus, since it doesn't require a key, it's impossible to forget where you put the key.

Can I Use A Fingerprint Gun Safe To Store Ammunition?

Yes, you can use a fingerprint gun safe to store ammunition. Just make sure to label each box of ammo with its corresponding case number.

Can I Use A Fingerprint Gun Safe To Store Handguns?

Yes, you can use a fingerprint gun safe to store handguns. Just make sure to label each box of ammunition with its corresponding case number.

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