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Fingerprint Cards

Fingerprint cards are small pieces of paper that contain a unique set of fingerprints. This information can be used to identify someone based on their physical appearance. It’s not uncommon for criminals to steal these cards so they can impersonate other individuals. If you’d like to protect yourself against identity theft, then you may want to consider purchasing fingerprint cards.

Fingerprint cards are easy to carry around and store. They’re compact and lightweight, making them convenient to travel with. Additionally, they’re inexpensive and won’t break the bank. Our buyers guide explains everything you need to know about fingerprint cards before buying them.

Fingerprint Cards FD-258 25 Pack


Keep your personal and financial information secure with these fingerprint cards. The latest version of the card is the FD-258, which comes with a notch at the top left corner. It's also made from white 8pt stock paper with blue ink. Get yours today!


I do not know how to say it. They're for ink and paper. The card is good value.

It was hard to find locally but it was exactly what I needed for my CCW application.

Fingerprint Cards, Applicant FD-258, 100 Pack

If you're looking to add a touch of class and modernity to your home d�cor, then look no further than this Fingerprint Card from Applica. This stylish card features an embossed design and comes with a sleek black border, making it perfect for any contemporary space. Plus, it's easy to use - just present the card at a bureau office and wait for approval.


I purchased these cards for a background investigator position that I was contracted for. The cards were printed on a heavier cardstock that suited my purpose. The 25 Pack is a more reasonable price. When I want more, I will come back to this seller.

I used these FD-258 cards for the Bate form one.

I received these for my fingerprinting project and they performed well.

I had to submit one of these to the ATF for an NFA item now I have a lifetime supply.

Fingerprint Ink Pad, Notary Supplies, Quick Dry, Easy to Clean Thumbprint Kit for Law Enforcement, ID Cards, Application Forms (Black)

Looking for an affordable and reliable way to sign your documents? Look no further than our collection of Signature Series pens! These pens are perfect for everyday usage, and feature a comfortable grip for improved control. Plus, they're easy to clean and reuse, making them a great choice for businesses that need a durable and reusable pen.


It is the cheapest version of this product. This is adequate for my needs. I only needed four so I left the rest with my local police because they were exactly the same ones they used.

Fingerprint Ink Pad Thumbprint Ink Pad Quick-Drying Stamp Pad Fingerprint Kit Black Ink Pad for Rubber Stamps Notary Security ID Fingerprint Cards Law Enforcement Office Supplies (3)


Keep your documents secure and private with this Fingerprint Ink Pad from Notary Security. Made of quality materials that won't dry out, this pad is perfect for any climate and can be used on any occasion. Plus, it's easy to clean and wipe off, making it perfect for office use or home use. Get yours today!


The licensure group required I be used for fingerprinting in order to obtain mental health licensure. It was easy to use, and an official finger printer appreciated me brining along my own card.

I received these very quickly in the mail. It is perfect for what I need, but I still have five left for future use. The app is simple to use and fast shipping.

I used these to send in my fingerprints for my concealed weapons license. I took them to one of my local police stations to get my prints done digitally. The printed them on one of these. It was easy. They are included by the state.

Fingerprint Cards, Applicant FD-258, 25 Pack

The Fingerprint Cards from applicant are a reliable and easy way to identify yourself or your family members. These cards are used by the FBI, Bureau of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and other law enforcement agencies, as well as by employers and schools. With its high quality and durability, it is sure to become a favorite among those who need identification cards.


I was concerned when I realized that these are produced by a forensics company, but the ATF seems to not care. I worked in Forms 4 and 1 I would definitely purchase it again.

You can get these USG issued cards for free from Amazon, but have no idea when or if you will actually receive them. Sometimes it is easier just to buy.

Use the correct paper. The first application was approved within thirty days. Do not use excessive ink, because this paper absorbs well and you will end up with giant blots. I was able to add extras on for a threes attempt, it was refreshing.

It worked for my first application. Thick cardstock, blue ink, and the latest version are suitable.

Identicator Brand Fingerprint Cards - Pack of 5 cards

The Identator brand finger print card is the perfect solution for those who need a reliable and easy way to verify their identity. With this fingerprint card, you can be sure that only you or someone with your permission can access your personal information. So why wait? Get the Identator brand finger print card today!


I love sending fingerprints, in addition to unconstitutional taxes, in order to exercise our rights. They are proper forms, on heavy card stock paper. The item was exactly as I had hoped and it arrived promptly and in good quality.

They are free at the police departments, just like other reviewers have said. Purchase these cards on Amazon when you need fingerprints for different licensing boards and you are temporarily assigned to a government facility in Timbuktu where the local police departments are not always open. This will allow me to complete all of the necessary information and keep them in my car. I can be ready if I ever catch the one person in the police department who performs fingerprinting. The person who does the fingerprints locked his fingerprint cards in his office as if they are a matter of national security. Make an appointment. What is the result, though that is acceptable? A small town has charm and rules.

I keep them in my glove box. If I requested valet parking, I requested a fingerprint from the driver. It is great for me to have some space in the vehicle. I have not used one yet.

I used this for my first form, which got approved.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Fingerprint Cards

Fingerprinting has become more common than ever before. This means that police forces across the globe have had to adapt their methods of collecting fingerprints. The traditional method was to use ink pads, but now they are using fingerprint scanners instead. These devices work by scanning the ridges of your fingers, capturing the unique pattern of lines and curves that make up each finger. They then compare those patterns against a database of known prints, and return a match if they find one.

This guide will help you understand what makes a good fingerprint scanner, as well as how to pick the best device for your needs. We also explain why you might not always get a positive result, and how to deal with false positives.

What Are Fingerprint Cards?

Fingerprint cards are small pieces of paper that contain an image of your fingerprints. They are commonly used for identification purposes, but they can also be used for security purposes. Fingerprints are unique to each person, making them ideal for identifying people. The images on these cards are made up of lines and dots that represent ridges and valleys on your fingers. These patterns are created using ink, and the resulting prints are called latent fingerprints. Latent fingerprints are invisible until they are exposed to heat or chemicals, at which point they become visible.

Where Do I Get Fingerprint Cards?

You may even find them in some grocery stores and pharmacies. If you want to make your own, there are several ways to create your own fingerprint cards. One method involves printing the pattern onto regular printer paper using special equipment. Another option is to print the pattern directly onto clear plastic sheets. Then, cut out the shape of your finger and peel off the backing paper. Finally, you can laminate the sheet into a durable card.

Who Needs Fingerprint Cards?

Fingerprint cards are useful tools for law enforcement agencies. They allow police officers to quickly identify someone based on a print left behind at a crime scene. But how do they actually work?

The process begins with a person taking off his or her shoes before stepping onto the scanner. Then, the officer presses down firmly on the heel of each foot while pressing down on the ball of the foot. Next, he or she places one finger on each hand against the palm of the other hand. Finally, the fingers are placed over the back of the hands.

Once this has been done, the officer steps through the scanner. Once inside, the machine takes a picture of the prints. These images are then sent to a computer where they are compared to a database containing fingerprints taken from convicted criminals. If a match is found, the suspect is arrested.

This method works best for adults. Children under 12 cannot be scanned using this technique. Instead, they must take off their shoes and place their hands flat on the table. Fingerprints are then taken from the palms of the hands and the backs of the thumbs.

Because these methods require a certain level of cooperation, they aren't suitable for use in schools. However, they are still widely used by police departments across the country. As such, they are considered legal evidence in court cases.

While fingerprint cards are effective, they can be expensive. Police departments typically purchase new machines every two years. This makes them costly to replace. Also, they require regular maintenance. This includes cleaning the scanners' lenses and replacing worn rollers.

As such, police departments are constantly searching for cheaper alternatives. One solution is to use old fingerprint cards. While these are slightly less accurate than brand new cards, they cost significantly less. Because they aren't being replaced, they last longer.

Another alternative is to use live scan technology. This involves placing a special sticker on the front of the card. When the card is swiped through the scanner, the image is captured. This allows police to compare the print directly to the original.

Live scans are most commonly used in airports. Passengers are required to swipe their cards through the scanner before entering the security area. Live scans are also used by customs officials to verify identity documents.

However, they are not suitable for use in schools. Students would likely refuse to cooperate. As such, live scans are only used in airports.

Features To Consider When Buying Fingerprint Cards

Fingerprinting technology. Fingerprinting has been used since the 1800s to identify criminals and solve crimes. Today, this technology continues to grow in popularity. In fact, many companies now use fingerprints to verify identity.

Security features. With today's advances in biometrics, there are more ways than ever to protect yourself against fraud. Some companies even allow you to store your fingerprint information online, so if someone tries to steal your identity, they won't be able to access your account.

Easy to use. Many companies offer fingerprint cards that are simple to use. Simply place your finger on the scanner and watch as the machine reads your unique print. The process takes less than 30 seconds.

Reliable results. Even though fingerprinting technology has advanced over time, it still provides reliable results. This means you can trust the system to accurately match prints from two separate fingers.

Accuracy. Because fingerprints are unique, they can be used to confirm identity. However, they can only do this if the person being identified actually has their own fingerprints.

Privacy concerns. While fingerprinting technology has made great strides in recent years, privacy advocates remain concerned about its potential misuse. They worry that law enforcement agencies could collect large amounts of data on individuals without proper oversight.

Cost. As with most technologies, the cost of using fingerprinting systems varies depending on how often you use them. These costs may seem expensive compared to other forms of identification, such as driver's licenses or credit cards, but remember that these services are meant to replace those items.

Benefits. There are several reasons why you might want to use fingerprinting technology. One reason is to ensure security. Another reason is to cut down on fraudulent activity. Still another reason is to prevent identity theft.

Different Types Of Fingerprint Cards

Fingerprinting is becoming increasingly important in our society. Police departments across the country use fingerprints to identify criminals. Banks and credit companies also use them to verify identity. Fingerprints are also used by employers to screen job applicants. Even schools use them to keep track of students.

There are two main ways to collect fingerprints. One is through a traditional ink pad system. Here, a person places his finger on a piece of paper and presses down firmly enough to leave a mark. A second method uses a special machine called a Live Scanner. With this device, a scanner reads the ridges of the print left behind by the fingers. Both methods produce clear prints that can easily be stored and matched later.

The problem with traditional ink pads is that they cannot capture every detail of the print. For example, they cannot distinguish between someone's thumb and index finger. Also, they cannot detect small details like scars or cuts. On the other hand, Live Scanners can capture everything about a print including fine lines and blemishes. Unfortunately, they are also quite expensive. That means that police departments and banks can afford to buy thousands of them. But what happens when you run out?


Frequently Asked Questions About: Fingerprint Cards

What are fingerprint cards?

A fingerprint card is a type of identification document that contains your fingerprints. They are often found at airports, border crossings, and government offices.

How do I use my fingerprint card?

Place your index finger on the scanner and press firmly until a green light flashes.

Once the machine has finished scanning your fingers, the screen will display your information. If you don't have access to a computer, you can print out your fingerprint card instead.

Sign the back of your fingerprint card where it says "signature.” Then, take your fingerprint card to a police station or court clerk to verify your identity.

What Happens When I Sign My Fingerprint Card?

When you sign your fingerprint card, you are verifying that you are the person whose fingerprints were scanned.

How much does it cost to purchase a fingerprint card?

Prices vary depending on how old your card is and what kind of security features it includes.

Will My Fingerprint Card Expire?

Your fingerprint card should never expire. However, if it does, simply call customer service to renew it.

Does My Fingerprint Card Contain My Social Security Number?

No. Social Security numbers are kept private and confidential. Therefore, they are not included on your fingerprint card.

Should I Keep My Fingerprint Card Safe?

Yes! Keep your fingerprint card in a secure location. Don't leave it lying around in plain sight.

Can I Lose My Fingerprint Card?

If you lose your fingerprint card, you must immediately report this to law enforcement officials. Otherwise, you could face serious consequences.

What If I Forget My Fingerprint Card?

Don't worry! Simply go to the nearest police department or courthouse and ask for assistance.

Can I Make Copies Of My Fingerprint Card?

Yes. Most fingerprint cards allow you to copy your fingerprints onto another card. To do so, simply follow these steps:

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