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Filing Cabinets

YITAHOME 4-Drawer File Cabinet with Lock, 15.86" Deep Vertical Filing...
  • STYLISH 4-DRAWER CABINET: Featuring a slender rectangular silhouette with a clean white finish, our...
  • Lockable & adjustable file drawers: the 2 lower drawers can be separately locked to protect your...
  • SAVE MORE SPACE: To save more ground space while ensuring plenty of storage, you can place one or...
  • EASY TO OPEN & CLOSE: Each drawer has two sturdy ball-bearing slides for a smooth open & close...
  • SOLID & STABLE CONSTRUCTION: More attractive and stouter than other thin metal frame cabinets that...
Lorell 14341 18 Deep 2-Drawer File Cabinet, Black
  • Two drawer vertical file cabinet
  • Steel construction
  • Letter size- -High-side drawers
  • Glide suspension
3 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet with Lock, Black Lateral Filing Cabinet,...
  • [HIGH-QUALITY]:100% steel material is made into solid lateral file cabinets, which is very...
  • [HIGH-SECURITY]:Upgraded lock system possesses 1 lock & 2 keys, and do not need opening or...
  • [STRONG STORAGE]:The maximum load of wide space 2 drawer lateral cabinet around 330 LBS....
  • [HUMANIZED DESIGN]:The drawer slide with full extension on steel ball bearing is noiseless,...
  • [100% GUARANTEE]:The GreenVelly file Cabinets need to be assembled and you ordered will be...
Space Solutions Deep Vertical 18" 4-Drawer Metal File Cabinet, Black, Pearl...
  • Drawers accommodates letter-size hanging file folders
  • Full high-side drawers provide storage for other office essentials
  • Smooth patented glide suspension
  • Cam lock secures top two drawers
  • Three-quarter drawer extension
  • Painted steel surface is non-porous and easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Ships fully assembled
Lorell SOHO File Cabinet, 35.5"x14.3"x18", Black
  • 3-drawer vertical file cabinet with smooth glide suspension accommodates your letter-size hanging...
  • Included lock kit ensures extra security for top two drawers
  • Durable, steel construction with a baked enamel finish
  • 18" depth with three-quarter drawer extension
VASAGLE File Cabinet, with 2 Drawers, Mobile Filing Cabinet with Wheels,...
  • Treat Your Desk, Treat Yourself: To relieve your desk from piles of papers and you from the messy...
  • All Under Control: Office work is usually dealing with stacks of A4 or letter- sized files. That’s...
  • For Added Convenience: Fill it, move it, lock it in place. With 5 quality wheels, 2 of which have...
  • No Hard Work Here: Busy with reports and online meetings? Relax. We won’t add trouble to your...
  • What You Get: A rolling file cabinet with a chic, rustic look, 2 large drawers, hanging rails, and 5...
Pemberly Row 4 Drawer 25" Deep Letter File Cabinet in Black, Fully...
  • Letter-size, high-side drawers easily accommodate hanging file folders
  • Precision steel ball bearings ensure smooth, quiet drawer performance
  • Files are kept in place via adjustable metal follower blocks
  • Core-removable lock provides one-key convenience option for multiple files
  • Heavy-duty steel with durable aluminum handles and label holders
Tribesigns Wood 2 Drawers File Cabinet, Lateral Filing Cabinet Pedestal...
  • 【Double Drawers & Large Storage Space】Tribesigns filing cabinet features with small open storage...
  • 【Letter Size File Drawers】: Two large drawers,deep and hold plenty,which are designed to hang...
  • 【Versatile & Practical】The vertical filing cabinet with Full-extension file drawers open on...
  • 【High Quality & Stable Construction】 Made of E1 class environmental Particle board with superior...
  • 【Easy Assemble】: Every piece is labeled, all hardware, tools and clear instruction are included....
Bush Furniture Key West 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet in Washed Gray
  • File drawers accommodate letter and legal size files in 3 different ways: 2 rows of letter side by...
  • Full extension ball bearing slides on drawers provide easy access to materials
  • Dimensions: 30"W x 20"D x 30"H; Matches height of Key West collection desks for an extended work...
  • Sturdy and attractive post leg design
  • Authentic Washed Gray finish with Aged Bronze hardware accents
Bush Furniture Salinas Lateral File Cabinet in Antique White
  • Lateral File Cabinet finished in Antique White with a slightly distressed touch for a casual look
  • Elegant metal drop pull hardware finished in Tumbled Pewter
  • Drawers glide on smooth full-extension ball-bearing slides for an easy reach to the back
  • 32W x 20D x 30H filing cabinet stores letter and legal-size files
  • Three distressed finish options include Cape Cod Gray, Vintage Black or a cream colored Antique...

Buyer's Guide

How to choose the  best filing cabinets

What is the Purpose Of A File  Cabinet?

Filing cabinets are designed to store files and  documents. They are typically found in offices, libraries, and schools. There  are many different types of file cabinet available today. Some are built into  desks while others are freestanding units. Most file cabinets are constructed  using metal, plastic, or wood materials.

Benefits of  Using a File Cabinets

File cabinets are very useful tools  for storing information. They allow us to organize our paperwork and files in  a way that we can access them easily. For example, if you are trying to  locate a document related to a project, you can search through the entire  contents of the cabinet rather than going through each drawer individually.  Another benefit of using a file cabinet is that it saves valuable storage  space. With fewer drawers, there is less room for clutter. 

Types of File Cabinets

There are  several different types of file cabinets available today. Here are some  examples:

Desk top file cabinets - these are small cabinets  that sit on top of your desk. They are ideal for smaller spaces where you  don't have enough floor space to accommodate larger  cabinets.

Larger cabinets - these are perfect for large  areas where you have plenty of floor space. Larger cabinets are generally  taller and wider than desk top cabinets. They are also heavier which makes  them easier to handle.

Freestanding cabinets - these are  free standing cabinets that stand alone. Freestanding cabinets are ideal for  homes and businesses where you don't have a lot of wall space. They are also  easy to transport and set up.

How To Select A File  Cabinet

Selecting a file cabinet is simple. First decide  whether you want a desk top or freestanding unit. Next, select the size based  on the amount of space you have available. Finally, determine the material  type. Metal file cabinets are durable and long lasting. Plastic file cabinets  are lightweight and inexpensive. Wood file cabinets are beautiful and last  longer than most other options.

Where To Place Your  Files

Once you've selected a file cabinet, you must decide  where to put it. Make sure that you leave adequate space around the cabinet.  This prevents you from tripping over the cabinet and knocking it over. Also,  be careful not to block doorways or hallways. Placing the cabinet too close  to walls could restrict movement and create safety issues. 

Considerations Before

The Importance of  Purchasing Quality File Cabinets

File storage  units are essential tools for any business owner. Whether you run a small  company or large corporation, file storage units are vital to the success of  your organization. Without proper file management systems, your files could  be scattered throughout different locations making retrieval difficult. Even  worse, these files could end up being lost forever. With the right filing  cabinet, however, you can ensure that your documents remain safe and  secure.

How To Select The Right File Storage Unit For Your  Business

There are many factors to take into consideration  when selecting the perfect filing cabinet for your needs. First, you must  determine whether you require a single drawer unit or multiple drawers.  Single drawer units are ideal for storing smaller amounts of paperwork while  multi-drawer units are useful for holding larger quantities of records. Next,  you must decide between metal or plastic filing cabinets. Metal filing cabinets  are typically stronger and sturdier than plastic models. However, plastic  filing cabinets are easier to assemble and disassemble which makes them more  convenient for businesses who frequently relocate. Finally, you must select  either a traditional filing cabinet or modern filing cabinet. Traditional  filing cabinets are still widely popular among companies due to their  durability and classic appearance. Modern filing cabinets are designed  specifically for today’s busy professionals. Many modern filing cabinets  include features such as USB ports, wireless connectivity, and touch screens.  Regardless of which type of filing cabinet you choose, it is imperative that  you invest in a high quality product. Poor quality products can result in  damaged files and broken parts. Therefore, it is crucial that you shop around  for the best deal possible. Make sure to compare prices across several online  retailers before settling on a final decision.

Benefits of  Using High Quality File Cabinets

High quality file  cabinets are built using sturdy materials and durable hardware. As a result,  they are able to withstand heavy loads and extreme temperatures.  Additionally, they are easy to maintain and repair. Furthermore, most manufacturers  offer warranties on their products ensuring that you receive top notch  customer service. Lastly, high quality file cabinets are available in  numerous styles and colors. This gives you plenty of options when designing  your own custom filing cabinet. No matter what kind of filing cabinet you  choose, you can rest assured knowing that you are investing in a long lasting  piece of equipment.

Filing cabinets are an integral part of  any successful business. Without proper filing methods, your documents could  become inaccessible and therefore useless. Investing in a quality filing  cabinet ensures that your files remain safe and secure. Moreover, you can  enjoy years of reliable performance and dependable service. So, 

Features To Look For When Buying A File Cabinets 

File cabinet storage units are designed to hold files and  folders. There are many different types of file cabinets available today.  Each type has its own unique features and benefits. Some file cabinets are  built specifically for holding documents while others are meant for storing  small appliances and tools. Before purchasing a file cabinet, there are  several factors to take into  consideration.


The size of your  file cabinet is determined by the amount of space you require. Small file  cabinets are perfect for smaller offices where you need to store paperwork  and records. Larger file cabinets are ideal for larger offices where you need  to store large amounts of paper and equipment. Make sure you measure the room  you plan to put your file cabinet in before making a final  decision.


There are two main  materials used to build file cabinets - metal and plastic. Metal file  cabinets are sturdy and durable. However, these cabinets are heavier and  harder to transport. Plastic file cabinets are lighter weight and easier to  carry around. Depending on your needs, either material could be right for you.


Cabinets  come in many styles including traditional, modern, contemporary, etc.  Traditional file cabinets are typically made of dark woods and heavy metals.  Modern file cabinets are sleek and light weight. Contemporary file cabinets  combine both traditional and modern design elements. Whatever style you  decide upon, make sure it matches your overall  décor.


Some file cabinets  include accessories such as drawers, shelves, locks, handles, etc.  Accessories give your file cabinet a finished appearance and increase  functionality. Drawers allow you to store additional supplies inside the  cabinet. Shelves let you create custom storage areas within the cabinet.  Handles enable you to pull the drawer out and access contents without opening  the entire unit.


Many file  cabinets include security devices such as locks. Most locks are keyed which  requires a special key to unlock the lock. Other locks are combination based  which means you must enter a specific code to gain  entry.

Most file cabinets last between 10 and 20 years.  However, depending on

Filing cabinets are essential tools  for organizing documents and files. There are many different styles  available, each designed to meet specific needs. Some file cabinets are built  into desks while others stand alone. Most file cabinets include drawers and  shelves. Drawers allow you to store paper neatly and access materials  quickly. Shelves give you additional storage space and make finding material  easier.

Types of File Cabinets

There  are several different kinds of file cabinets available. Each type has its own  advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the most common  options:

Desk Top - Built directly into a desk, these units  are perfect for small offices where there isn't room for a full size cabinet.  However, desk top cabinets aren't very stable and can be difficult to adjust. 

Locker Style - Locker style cabinets are ideal for larger  offices. They are typically taller and wider than desk top models. Locker  style cabinets are generally more stable and easier to adjust. 

Rolltop - Rolltops are another popular option. Like locker  cabinets, roll tops are tall and wide. Unlike locker cabinets however,  rolltops fold flat for easy transport.

Credenza -  Credenzas are large cabinets that sit on wheels. They are especially useful  for storing long term records.

Benefits of Using File  Cabinets

File cabinets are extremely helpful for  organization. They can hold everything from legal documents to business  cards. Many businesses use filing systems to manage information flow  throughout the company. For example, sales staff could put customer contact  info in a file cabinet near the front door. Then, when someone calls, the  receptionist can pull the appropriate document and answer questions. 

Drawbacks of using File Cabinets

While  file cabinets are convenient, they can become overwhelming. With too many  folders and files, it becomes hard to locate anything. To avoid this problem,  create categories and sub-categories within each folder. Use labels to  identify contents and group related documents together. 

How to Select the Right File  Cabinet

Selecting the right file cabinet depends on the  amount of space you have available. Smaller spaces require smaller cabinets.  Larger spaces call for bigger cabinets. Look around your house and think  about which areas would benefit from a filing cabinet. Do you have lots of  paperwork stored away

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