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Eufy Smart Lock

Eufy is a brand that specializes in wireless door locks. This means that you won't have to worry about carrying keys anymore. Instead, you can unlock your front door with your smartphone. Once unlocked, you can set a code so that nobody else can enter until you return. It's convenient and easy to use. But, did you know that Eufy offers other products besides the smart lock? Check out our buyers guide to learn more about Eufy and how you can start saving money with their products.

Certified Wi-Fi Bridge for eufy Security Smart Lock, Remote Wi-Fi Unlocking, Instant Notifications, Connect to The Google Assistant or Alexa, Official eufy Accessory.

eufy security

Protect your family and property with the Certified Wi-Fi Security Smart Lock! This handy device connects to your Wi-Fi network and allows you to lock and unlock your door from anywhere. Plus, it can also be used to instantly notify you when someone comes or goes. So why wait? Get the Certified Wi-Fi Security Smart Lock today!


The Wyze Lock is a WiFi and Bluetooth enabled smart lock that connects to your home WiFi network and allows you to lock and unlock your door from anywhere. It works with Alexa and Google Assistant and you can also use the Wyze Lock to lock and unlock your door using the Wyze Lock app. The Wyze Lock is designed to be simple to install and setup and requires no wiring. The Wyze Lock can be purchased as a standalone unit or as part of the Wyze Home Security Kit.

I have been slowly transforming my home into a smart home. I have always wanted to get a smart lock for my front door specifically. I have been hesitant because I assumed it would be difficult. I found the Lock on the Internet, and one of the biggest features was how easy it was to install and the price was much cheaper than I expected to pay. Everything I read about ease of installation was correct when I purchased the software. The time it took for installation, from unpacking, to testing, totaled twenty minutes. The installer was simple. The app took pictures and explained every step. The lock was everything that I had been looking for. My teenager has in the past lost her home key twice and was never able to use the front door. She requested a text message from us, and we would open our garage remotely, allowing her to enter. When she came home at night, we either manually let her in or locked the door of the house to allow her entry. The app allows me to share with anyone I choose, so now she can come and go as she pleases and, as an added bonus, the door auto locks after you come in. I highly recommend this lock, it is incredible. I recommend all individuals purchase this product because it is exceptional. Four stars I like it. However, everything should not be perfect. I would purchase it again. The rating was decent, but I would not buy it again unless I had no other choices. It is probably 2 stars. Although there may be better products out there, you will definitely find more choices. I do not like the product and wish I had not purchased it. If the above review was helpful, please click on the button below.

I read other comments, and I was very concerned about the poor auto lock features. After installing the lock, there was a firmware update immediately afterwards. The Wyze Lock auto lock and autolock features now work perfectly after the firmware update. I just purchased a second one for our front door. Other nice features include alerts when the door is slightly opened, alerts when trouble closing, and auto lock when the door is closed. I am pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend. However, the price on Amazon seems more expensive, but the cost is equal to purchasing the lock on the Wyze website if you include the shipping cost from the Wyze website. The keypad outside also works great with the lock. I was able to link it with two Wyze locks with only one Wyze gateway, the round white cube.

I received it the same day I installed it. It works great on the auto lock. I do not understand why the Auto Unlock won't work when I come home. It doesn't auto unlock my door, so I had to open the app and press the manual unlock button. However, there is still a bug for which they need to update in order to fix it. I still love receiving notifications on the door lock or unlock. I wish they had stock of good quality items. I am waiting for a doorbell camera and a home alarm for a day.

I really am enjoying this lock. I hate keys because I always lose them. I have desired a smart lock for some time. I finally paid for the one that was affordable, easy to install, and easy to set up, and I am not impressed with having to tell Alexa a code to unlock the door. The functionality should be integrated with her ability to recognize my voice. I only purchased the lock initially. I went out at night a few days ago and thought that I had turned trash mode on. I then returned to a locked door. I am standing there in a dummy position without shoes wondering how I can get back into my apartment. The leasing office had already closed. My phone was in the house. The extra keys are also inside my house and are locked in my car. My neighbor just happened to step out to walk his dog and let me use his phone to download the app and login to unlock my door. I purchased a keypad that worked perfectly, it was easy to use, and it was easy to set up. My phone has issues with Geofencing not working. I know that it is not specific to this device. I have a low cellular signal near my home and I have trouble with my location based Alexa routines only working occasionally. Now that I have the keypad, it is not a big deal.

ULTRALOQ Lever, Heavy Duty Smart Lock 5-in-1 Keyless Entry Door Locks, Fingerprint Lock with Keypads and Voice Guide, Smart Door Lock for Front Door, Home and Office


Protect your home and family with the ULTRALOQ Lever, our pick for the best smart lock! This top-of-the-line lock features five ways of unlocking, including a smartphone app, second generation fingerprint ID, anti-peep keypad, shake-to-open and mechanical key. With its superior build quality and durability, this lock is sure to last!


eufy Security is the most convenient way to protect your home. Smart Lock recognizes your fingerprint in just 0. 3 seconds and unlocks your door in 1 second. Its faster than fumbling for your keys. 4 Ways to Unlock: Open in an instant using your fingerprint unlock via the eufy Security app with Bluetooth or by using either the electronic keypad or the key. Works with Wi-Fi Bridge for remote control (sold separately). Automatic Locking: A built-in sensor detects when your door is closed and locks it automatically keeping your home secure even when you're in a hurry. All-Weather Protection: With an IP65 weatherproof rating Smart Lock is ready to protect homes in any location. It's capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -30C/-22F to 70C/158F as well as rainfall. Protecting Your Privacy:Stores your fingerprint and in-app data locally rather than on the cloud to keep your personal information safe and private.

I was not aware that I needed this product, but it is an effective way to accomplish goals in life. My residence is now in Florida. I tend to get family and friends that like to vacation. I am still working and grateful for this smart door lock. They can come to you anytime. They will provide you with the code to get in. I love the auto lock feature and the instant notifications. I have the WiMax bridge but have not tested the SD card slot. I hope that the doorbell and cameras can use the SD card for extra memory. Installation was simple. The hardest part was scanning the QR code. On the euphoric app you can find three locks. They all appear the same. If you select the wrong one, it begins with a serial number and you must enter the rest of the numbers. You will only progress towards the next step if you are unable to complete it. I was on hold with chat for fifteen minutes before I decided to select a different lock and it worked. My family consists of five people. The fingerprint reader works well, I added two sets of fingerprints for each of us. I had to add the fingerprints under my account. If I created an invite account to add each person's fingerprints, I would have to create a pin or code for each person. It would not allow me to use my code, which I created for my household. An update should allow me to add family members to a household with their names and fingerprints instead of the way it is done now. It would be easier to tell who entered or exited the house. It also includes five key encased keys in the event of a lock out. I was happy that I did not have to make copies for my family.

I installed the entire thing only to realize that my keypad is without a 0 which in turn has two twice. It still recognizes a zero, but it's sad that I paid over $100 for a defective product. The customer service person sent me a replacement keypad with the correct function.

This lock was purchased in November of this year. I updated my review in August of that year. I did not return because I became addicted to the ease of fingerprint unlocking and Eufy customer service reached out to me immediately after I left my negative review. To anyone reading this, email is the best method for receiving customer support. We used several days to locate the lock, in my opinion. They emailed me an update because we could not get it to successfully push through via the app, an update that was shortly after pushed out to all. The update addressed all of the issues I had been experiencing. They offered to send me additional products in their lineup because of my problems, but I declined. The current use and experience for this door lock. The door is located on a slightly covered porch. I would say slightly, because the ceiling is high, and the lock does get wet when we have a good afternoon storm. I have never had an issue using a fingerprint to enter day, night, rain, or sunshine. Never an issue when using a pin code. I have never reverted to scheduling overnight locking, as I am in love with the 24/7 autolock feature. I am no longer wandering the street wondering if I locked my door at any hour of the day. It does not matter, it will lock itself. I have it on a one minute schedule, and it has never failed to autolock. After we pushed through the update, I put new batteries in the lock and have not needed to change them since. I am able to see on the app that the readings are slowly draining, indicating that it is accurate, and not showing full battery power. I have another way in to my house, so I do not worry about being locked out. I carry the manual key in case. It does sometimes get stiff when you manually turn it to lock or unlock the door. This is a rare occasion, and I don't find it irritating enough to reach out to customer support. It is not stiff when locking or unlocking itself via a pin code. This is commonplace since user information usually remains in the lock. You could save an additional six pin codes and easily a dozen fingerprints. Sometimes your left finger is free, and the right thumb is free. A bonus I do not think is true applies to my situation and is that nobody can gain access to your pin code if you do not enter it. The app has become less annoying or difficult to use. You can manage users within the app. When you hire a cleaner or pet sitter, you can add their name and pin while sitting on the sofa, but they must be connected to the same Wi-Fi, before they even step foot on your property. Everyone will not need to have a fingerprint saved. You can delete their information, if you fire them. The app allows you to see when they unlock and lock the door, acting as a clock in or clock out feature. A few months ago, an update enabled access to a WiFi bridge. I do not have any experience using that feature so I cannot speak of it. In conclusion, I love this lock. I would like to replace this lock if it ever died on me. The app does not appeal and is not a straightforward task to operate. The locks event schedule was off for 24 hours. My husband works on call and he is concerned about forgetting to lock the door at the eve of the morning to go to work. This feature would therefore not work if the app thinks it's daytime and there is no need to auto lock, when in fact it's nighttime and very much needs to be auto locked. In order to work around this, I am setting it to automatic lock 24/7. It is a disappointment that a feature is sold, but it is not working. Besides, this gadget consumes batteries like potato chips due to the 24/7 automatic lock. Is it the second week of November and there will not be a firmware update necessary? Obtaining a human is impossible. On my two attempt iters dates and times, there were two people in the queue, and as long as I waited, that number did not change. I am unsure if I will lock this information indefinitely. The fingerprint is awesome, but the battery expense makes this a bigger investment than planned. The features that are not working as advertised is a huge disappointment. The lack of customer support matters greatly.

I received a replacement about the ninth or tenth of this year and have not had any problems for about a week. I believe I received a defective unit. I'm still enjoying The Lock. The door locks were not opening when they were locked. I checked to make sure the striker plate was correct. I had the same problem when using lock and unlock with the door open. I recently found out that some lock are sensitive to how tightly the front and back mounting plate should be. The lock was professionally installed with my new door, but I took off the battery assembly and adjusted the tightness of the back plate though, I found the tightness to be sufficient. I tried the lock, and have the same issue. I was not happy about this. I called Amazon and will get a replacement. The customer service was excellent. If you have the same issue, do not bother with tech help. If you have followed the steps I took, it is because the unit was the issue, and not the installation. I will update again on the new Unit after I saw that another reviewer had the same issue. I resolved it but they did not update the reviews from one star. When I researched the other Smart locks, I was going to buy the lock before it was released and then discovered that it didn't have wifi, which initially was a deal breaker for me. I did much research and comparisons to other locks with similar features, such as locksley and the U-bolt. Also, I looked at old technology such as the Nest Yale lock. I consider buying the Kwickset Halo, because the only key unlocked all doors. I purchased this lock for a new door and window that I recently purchased. The lock is very nice and the wiring is easy to reach when opening and using the key. Finger prints are quieter and faster than other brands. The auto lock system is especially magical because the lock only knows when the door is shut. I wish it was visible when the door was open or closed in the app, but I think the mechanism is merely using the vibration when opening the door. I was able to fool it a couple of times, by partially closing the door, to catch the door lever but not align with the deadbolt striker. Pin works as expected, key (special key) works as expected. The lock is beautiful, the build quality is excellent (might I say the best, but that's speculation because I have not touched all the locks in the comparison), works smooth, the app is intuitive, and looks really good beside my euphoric doorbell. I have not missed the WiFi connection as the last Smart Lock I had did not have this feature. My next need is a bluetooth dongle that allows for remotely unlocking and unlocking doors and providing an external camera with backlit screen. In addition, Eufy's wireless dongle also allows for locking and unlocking doors in the video doorbell view. They believe this is the best smart lock on the market. I believe Eufy is currently selling a Bluetooth model with wifi bridge for a whopping $169. I still feel like I received value, even though I paid more than I paid for. This is a must buy if you are in the market for a smart lock.

ROOK 5-in-1 Smart Lock for Front Door with Backlit Keypad and Fingerprint Scanner for Keyless Entry - Electronic Smart Door Lock Deadbolt - Heavy Duty IP65 Weatherproofing - (Gunmetal)


Protect your home and family with the ROOK 5-in-1 Smart Lock! This stylish and sturdy lock is perfect for any door including those with glass panels. It features a backlit keyboard for easy entry, a fingerprint scanner for added security, and an upgradeable smart lock system. Plus, our team at Rooker & Co. provide a lifetime warranty. So why wait? Get the ROOK 5-in-1 Smart Lock today!
3-in-1 smart lock fingerprint door lock: Fingerprint + Anti-peeping Touch Keypad + Mechanical Keys(2 included). The biometric door lock will bring you higher security since each fingerprint is unique in the world. USB + Backup key Double AssuranceWith a low battery the indicator of the smart lock turns red and there are 50 times maximum to unlock. When the battery of the keyless entry door lock is powered off use the backup key or micro USB power bank to open the electronic door locks with deadbolt. Never Be locked Out. Easier to installThe set of the fingerprint door lock includes all the necessary hardware components you need for an easy installation of the front door lock with key. Easier to install compared with other door locks with deadbolt. Replace your current deadbolt with just a screwdriver. The whole process only takes you several minutes by following a short installation video. Fingerprint recognition technology optimized to identify dry wet fingerprints suitable for ALL GROUP.

Smart Lock,SMONET Fingerprint Door Lock with Keypad,Keyless Entry Door Lock with Handle,Wireless Electronic Bluetooth Digital Auto Door Lock with Free APP Key Fob Passcode,Smart Locks for Front Door


The SMONET Smart Lock is finally here to provide you with the peace of mind that comes with a money-back guarantee! This lock features fingerprint recognition technology and can be opened with either a key or a smartphone. It also comes with a one-year warranty. Don't miss out on this must-have security solution!


The deadbolt is available in two types: standard and high security. The standard type has the capacity of locking and unlocking 10 times, while the high security type has the capacity of locking and unlocking 20 times. The standard type has the capacity of locking and unlocking 10 times, while the high security type has the capacity of locking and unlocking 20 times. The deadbolt is available in two types: standard and high security. The standard type has the capacity of locking and unlocking 10 times, while the high security type has the capacity of locking and unlocking 20 times.

I gave them enough time to respond before I did anything.

I had a door lock with a keypad when it failed and I was looking for a similar one. I found this one by chance and noticed that it even comes with an app, so I thought I would try it. The very comprehensive and sophisticated features and the sturdy build really blew me away. Everything is well built, everything is protected with good insulation and a water seal, so I don't have to worry that it will fail anytime soon. The emergency charge from outside is exceptional. Also, the extra safety measures for the battery cover and the keyhole outside with the small bolts are well elaborated. It definitely was a good decision to purchase it.

This is the greatest invention. I have always had keysless entry from my time in the military. I was able to give out a door code for me if I needed someone to check on my pets. It is easy to give out a code and then change it every few months for security. Imagine my excitement when I read that it is now Bluetooth enabled with an enhanced fingerprint sensor. We wish we could find this soon. This one carries temporary codes. There will be no more need to change the codes after they are released. You can give someone temporary access with a temporary code for as long or short as you would like. My husband only took eight minutes to install it. It has eKeys and codes. We are able to control it on our iPhones. We lock the door off of the bed overnight. My grandmother is 95 years old who loves this and can use it easily, then you can as well.

I ordered this item in order to replace an old standard keyed front door deadbolt. I found the installation simple, and that it fit the door perfectly, without drilling. I have used it for about a month and I love it. I like that you can make different codes for friends and family, and have it automatically lock behind you. I have not been able to get it to work with my Apple Watch, because it states that it requires an ekey. This implies you can not be an administrator and need to create a separate account, which does not make sense. If anything else, I am very happy with it. You can search at the hardware store for a passage doorknob, commonly sold for closets and hallway doors. I obtained one for around $20 and, you can see from the photo, it matches the deadbolt perfectly.

eufy Security Smart Lock Touch, Remotely Control with Wi-Fi Bridge, Fingerprint Keyless Entry Door Lock, Bluetooth Electronic Deadbolt, Touchscreen Keypad, BHMA Certified, IP65 Weatherproof

eufy security

Protect your family and property with the eufy Security Smart Lock! This easy-to-use device can be controlled remotely or unlocked instantly by fingerprint, and features all-weather protection. Plus, the new Wi-Fi bridge makes it possible to lock and unlock from anywhere. Order your Security Smart Lock today!


The Ultraloq is a smart door lock that is a 5-in-1 keyless entry smart door lock with Bluetooth and Keypad. It is compatible with Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets. It can be controlled by a smartphone app, including iOS and Android. It also has a unique auto-unlock feature that can unlock the door automatically when you enter or leave. You can also set up an auto-lock timer, which allows you to specify a time period when the door should automatically lock. You can also add a random number to the password to prevent someone from guessing it. The Ultraloq has a strong anti-peeping feature that allows you to view the status of the door lock through the app. It also has a built-in speaker that can be used to play music.

I really like this lock. This is a must have for anyone interested in smart home. It is very practical. When using a bridge, anyone who utilizes the door can give a bridge into contact with friends and family from any location in the world. The automatic lock means that you never wonder if you have locked the door. It is virtually easy to install.

I installed Lock. My door opener replaced a standard mechanical deadbolt. I did not want to use a finger print reader type. I have had too many issues with them on other devices, work with my hands frequently, and that may affect my finger prints occasionally. It was easy to install, it took approximately 10 minutes. The setup process for installing and setting up the App was simple. I had no issues and the gateway was the same as others have stated. I was a bit confused about the gateway after connecting the lock to the app. The first box displayed a blank box with a new password below and there was no label. The instructions I came across on the internet were identical to the lock. Their report noted that you would have an issue if your router did not advertise both the 2.5 and 5Ghz SSIDs separately, which is what my router does. I turned off the auto lock feature due to concerns I have about locking myself out. I have not linked it to my Alexa yet but plan to. I will update this if I have any issues or have the short battery life some have noted. However, so far it has worked as advertised.

I bought this lock in December of 2019 and procrastinated a little bit having it installed. Finally in April of 2020, I had a professional lock professionally installed at my home. The lock was exactly as advertised. It was simple to program and any questions I had were quickly answered by the customer service team. I was surprised at how responsive they were. The lock had excellent features and were easy to use, especially when it came to programming, such as temporary codes for contractors, etc. Then, this past January, the lock suddenly did not have power. I reached out to the company in early February and explained that although I had not installed the lock until April and the lock was over a year after purchase. It was very convenient because I was guided through several steps for troubleshooting. They sent me a new lock that was simple to put in place of the old one and I was unable to get things moving again. The new lock works great and we are once again secure. The Lock is a great company, but the level of service makes them unique. They stand behind the product and will help you through any issues you may have.

I purchased this device to use in our second home. I wanted a system that worked with Alexa and that enabled me to program codes for family and friends, monitor their entry, and lock the door. I absolutely love the device. It integrates easily with my Echo device, and I can readily see its status on my cellphone. I almost did not give it 5 stars due to some challenges I had with the wifi and application, specifically the bridge and wireless adapter sometimes loses connectivity. It is located less than 12 feet from the door and 10 feet from the WiFi router. Often, I still have connectivity problems due to the functions not working on the application. I have not been able to get the Auto Unlock feature that is supposed to sense the presence of my cellphone to function properly. Some of these may be issues that I have. However, it is a great device and a welcomed addition to my smart home.

It was easy to install, took my husband around fifteen minutes. The setup is really simple. Adding people is easy. There are three options admin, standard, and temporary. You can set it up to notify you of every open lock or close lock. You can choose to be notified when a particular individual opens with code or manually opens or locks. I got the black one. You can also connect the app to the Google Home and tell it to open or close the deadbolt. You select the four digit code that is used by others on the account. You can delete the other users or set a time limit on access according to the minutes, hours or days guests have access to enter. The individual will be here to feed the dog, and I had to pick the dates in my calendar. I purchased the set with the bridge, and I can open it from anywhere. I linked it to Google Home, and I was like an idiot I did not get the fingerprint. But you do not need it. When my phone arrives near the locked door, it unlocks automatically.

eufy Security Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi, Fingerprint Scanner, Keyless Entry Door Lock, Smart Wi-Fi Lock, Bluetooth Electronic Deadbolt, Touchscreen Keypad, BHMA Certified, IP65 Weatherproofing

eufy security

Protect your family and property with the eufy Security Smart Lock! This lock features a fingerprint scanner for quick and easy identification, as well as a built-in Wi-Fi connection so you can control it from anywhere. Plus, it's BHMA certified and rated IP67 making it completely water resistant. Don't miss out on this must-have home security tool!


UltraLOQ Lever Smart Lock is a high quality and high performance smart lock that combines the convenience of keyless entry with the security of a digital lock. The UltraLOQ Smart Lock is equipped with a biometric fingerprint reader and voice recognition technology that allows you to unlock your door in less than a second. The UltraLOQ Smart Lock comes with a convenient and intuitive app that allows you to control the lock from anywhere. It also allows you to set up a code for temporary access or schedule a time to open the door. The UltraLOQ Smart Lock is also equipped with a high quality anti-peep keypad and a key fob. The UltraLOQ Smart Lock is built to withstand the elements and can be used in all weather conditions. The UltraLOQ Smart Lock has a sleek and modern design that fits perfectly with any decor. The UltraLOQ Smart Lock is compatible with all US standard interior and exterior doors. No drilling and no wiring required.

The installation was the hardest. The strike has a square plastic insert which inserts behind the metal portion. It took several minutes to square off the hole with a wood chisel. It should not take ten minutes to install the strike. The app is easy to use. The bridge should be installed within ten feet, and I had it installed about six feet away but it did not work. I moved it to another outlet approximately three feet away and it worked great. If you want to register, you must first install an admin code. It is easy to program the fingerprint function. I had sent an invitation to my spouse and she placed the app on her phone. Careful as you tighten the back plate. The elastic should be stretched a quarter turn past the last point where it feels firm. Otherwise, the handle may jam.

I wanted a smart lock to lock my back door for awhile. We usually dine there together since we live near my sisters and brothers in law, and I frequent visit the back door. It is frustrating when we forget to bring the key and they force us to find a spare key. The lock is very easy to access and came with a good box. It was well packaged and shipped from Amazon as is, without putting it in a separate box. The lock is heavy and has very high quality. The door is heavy and not cheap. It has a template that will guide you to the correct hole in the installation if your door is not predrilled. My door was predrilled, and I had to remove the previous door knob. The fit perfectly. The best part was that there was no extra drilling required. I was very impressed with the instruction manual. Most often the instructions have a few sections that are not explained very well and it requires some trial and error to figure it out. The installation instructions were clear and concise. If you are one of the few people who do not actually have any tools around, then you should not fret about it. It comes with a screwdriver that has one end as a Phillip and one end as a flat head. I enjoy the screwdriver so much that I will keep it on my computer desk for small jobs. Installing the lock by app was easy. It took me fifteen minutes to install. There are four tabs lock status, users, logs, and settings. It took me a short amount of time to set up the multiple user program. I had them set up their Fingerprints and Access codes. Once this was established, we were able to use our fingerprints and codes without any issue. The finger printer scanner has been very responsive. My sister in law is impressed, and will also have one for her back door. The applications have a lock feature that allows you to set when the lock will lock itself. This is helpful for me, because I forgot to lock the door quite often, only to wake up to realize that my back door were unlock all night. Other features such as smart notification and controlling the lock remotely require a bridge Wi-Fi adapter. Without the adapter, you will be able to connect to the lock via Bluetooth, which limits the smart feature of the lock. If you were to buy the smart lock with the bridge, you would pay a $20 additional, but if you were to buy it separately, the bridge would cost you $50. I was able to email Customer Service to ask if I still can get the bridge at a discounted price. I was skeptical that they would do anything about it, but I received a response from Customer Service with a promo code to buy the bridge at the discounted bundled price. Great customer service deserves a strong accolade. I suggest obtaining the bridge adapter if you intend to purchase a smart lock.

I purchased this unit because it does not have to spend energy to throw the deadbolt, so the batteries should last quite a long time. I also need remote access, and that comes with the wifi bridge. The keypad is cleverly hidden until you approach. Tap, then it lights up. The unit inside is not staying level, it twists a little after opening. I will attempt to tighten it up, to see if that is a fix. I cannot set a temp user start and end date for VRBO. When you do this before, it will not unlock, and it will repeat Passage mode when you attempt to unlock.

I got it with Bridge, it works flawlessly. I've been using it for six months now and can unlock my office from anywhere in the world. The installer provided one time pass for maintenance, and a time frame in which maintenance could be performed once. The installation process was quick and completed in twenty minutes. Registration is as simple as possible. If the portable device needs to be replaced, it comes with two keys. I keep them in my closet outside of the office just in case it ever happens. The microUSB port comes with the device, but in the event the battery drains out when you leave, this feature is unique. All you have to do is connect a power bank or an external battery and you will be good to go. It looks very good and you could open the door again and replace the batteries from inside. It works very quickly to read fingerprints. It is extremely advanced to unlock using a smartphone app, especially if you have an Apple Watch, which opens automatically when you are in close proximity to it. I would not recommend this feature, because anyone can listen to it and then open the door from the outside. I use Alexa to unlock via their app. It can also be done through their own app, and their customer service is great. I had issues with the bridge device that was shipped, and they sent me a new one for free, even before I had to return the old one. I was needing assistance setting up the computer and I upgraded it remotely to the latest firmware. If you ask me, I would recommend them to anyone. They have outstanding customer service.

eufy Security Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi, Fingerprint Scan, Keyless Entry Door Lock, Smart Wi-Fi Lock, Bluetooth Electronic Deadbolt, Touchscreen Keypad, BHMA Certified, IP65 Weatherproof, Silver Color

eufy security

Protect your family and property with the eufy Security Smart Lock! This lock features fingerprint recognition, WiFi connection, and a built-in sensor that makes it easy to use from anywhere. Plus, the sleek silver color option is sure to complement any d�cor. Order your Smart Lock today!


Smart Home Solutions Hornbill is a complete smart home solutions. It includes 5-in-1 smart deadbolt >>Passcode + APP control+ Fingerprint + IC card + Key. Support wi-fi remote control work with Alexa and smart watch (need a gateway sold separately). Great smart home devices for hotel apartment smart utilities for every homeStable & Solid Quality >> enter your home within 0. 3s just a fingerprint unlocks and security with automatic lock. No more fumbling around for keys. Intuitive OLED display zinc alloy body long battery life smart lock front door can provide 5000 openings (approx. 6 months). Perfect apartment essentials for first apartment. Smarter & More Convenient>>You could check all Lock operation records in real time for home security system. This door lock with keypad allows you Generate Permanent One-time or Customized passcode for guests friends housekeepers. home essentials you could authorize multiple administrators for better management.

I purchased this item in order to replace my level lock because I was staying locked out of my house. The level lock requires either a key or your phone to unlock the door. I took my dog Marley for a walk. I'm not happy. The auto lock feature locked the door when I left my phone and key inside. I needed a key and a phone that contained other options. I love the pin pad and fingerprint feature, and also that I can easily change the code to the door whenever I want. My neighbor had her watch Marley when we were on a vacation. I was able to set a pin code so that she did not need a key to enter. The fingerprint feature is also a cool idea I had a program to program my girlfriend's fingerprint so she can open the door whenever she comes over without me having to answer it. I have been extremely convenient when I have been in the bathroom or have my hands full in the kitchen. The only small problem I experienced was the installation. In the end I reached out to Customer Service. They were very pleasant. They assisted me in activating the additional year of warranty. This lock comes with two IC cards and several keys. I have not had any issues since installing it. I highly recommend this lock, especially if you are considering getting a smart one.

I really enjoyed this lock because of the lock unlocking and lock locking abilities. Allow me to declare that you need a gateway to lock it remotely. Furthermore, I had to actually redrill the mounting plate because it was drilled to the improper sized holes. The printed instructions are insufficient. If you choose this lock please be honest and watch the installation video or it will not make much sense. The locks itself didn't fit with my deadlock installed and I had to switch the placing of the two, because my door is older and is predrilled. The last point I would like to make is that it is not possible to fully lock this gate from the inside. You must use the app on your smartphone. Do not check if the door is locked from the inside because the handle always turned as if it was unlocked and would let me out even if it was locked from the outside portion of the house. It is fine if you do not have children visiting your home. Be sure to also make sure there is another lock on the door. I am returning the dead bold because it must be moved to my lower mounting hole and in reach of a child. After writing this review and returning my product, the company that sells this item reached out to me and has attempted to help me find a lock that works both for my home and my lifestyle. I have spoken with Melody, Kelly, and both of them have been as helpful as I could ever ask. I initially rated this lock with two stars, but I am updating the record based on the amount of effort these two wonderful women have put in to ensure I had every need met. There is no question that if you are unhappy, both Kelly and Melody will make whatever issues that exist right.

I was a little intimidated to do so but it was easy to install. The cost is very reasonable and a great deal. I rang customer service and the most excellent service representative spoke. Louise took great care of me. She truly genuinely cares about her customers. It would be more pleasant for the elderly if everyone was as good as Louise. Thank you, Louise, for spectacular customer service.

The door lock is outstanding. The quality is good and the price is affordable. The installation process is incredibly simple and the installation instructions are also very easy to understand. It can choose between fingerprint, digital lock, key or remote control keys. I mostly utilize fingerprints, and it works well. My husband likes to use passwords. I have cold hands in the winter months, which may discourage me from taking my fingerprints. I can use the password to open it as well. The key will be used to enter even if there is no electricity. This is my favorite place.

It is worth every penny for the price. I enjoy the ability to open or close this from your phone. Also, the auto lock is awesome and you will not have to worry about Did I lock the front door? I would recommend that you replace your door lockout. Melody is quick and helpful with her answers to questions and concerns, and they have excellent customer service.

eufy Security Smart Lock Touch, Fingerprint Keyless Entry Door Lock, Bluetooth Electronic Deadbolt, Touchscreen Keypad, IP65 Weatherproofing, Compatible with Wi-Fi Bridge (Sold Separately)

eufy security

Keep your home or business safe and sound with the eufy Security Smart Lock! This lock uses fingerprint identification to instantly recognize your print and opens your door in less than a second. Plus, it's waterproof and can withstand temperatures from -30 to +70 degrees. Don't miss out on this must-have security tool!
4 ways Keyless Entry Smart Lock for Front Door -- Open the smart biometric lock in an instant using your fingerprint unlock via ZK SmartKey APP with Bluetooth unlock by using the electronic touchscreen keypad passcode or the Mechanical key which not only brings you security and trust but also brings you a brand-new smart home. Perfect choice for private houses superior apartments and Airbnb short-term rental. Capacitive Fingerprint Identification Sensor Keyless Entry deadbolt: Smart lock deadbolt recognizes your fingerprint in just 0. 3 seconds and unlocks with one touch making it much easier and faster to open the door than fumbling with your keys. Store up to 100 fingerprints and check the fingerprinting unlock log record via APP. So youll always know who and when opens your door via this biometric door lock. Always Open & Lockout Mode: The fingerprint door lock has a lockout mode that when the lockout mode is set only the administrator can open the door from outside.

Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock, Keypad Door Lock, Keyless Door Lock, Fingerprint Door Lock, Biometric Door Lock, Keypad Entry Door Lock, Passcode Code Door Lock, Digital Smart Door Lock (Smart Lock)


The Sifely keyless entry door lock is perfect for Airbnb hosts who want to protect their rentals from thieves and guests who want to be sure that only they have easy access to the home. This lock features fingerprint recognition, code generation, and remote control capabilities, making it easy to use and install. Plus, it comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure that you're getting the best quality product.


The Loq is the first smart deadbolt that has been designed to be key free. The Loq has a touchscreen keypad that allows you to create and store up to 500 unique passcodes that you can share with your guests friends housekeepers and employees. The Loq also has an Alexa compatible feature that allows you to open the door with your voice.

I received my package in a flash with Prime Shipping. It was exactly what I needed. I am able to install this lock easily and it looks great on my door. This lock will allow me to unlock the door for my guests, even when I am away. I am renting short term properties.

August Wi-Fi, (4th Generation) Smart Lock – Fits Your Existing Deadbolt in Minutes, Matte Black

August Home

The August Home WiFi Smart Lock is now available! This easy-to-use device can be used to securely unlock and then automatically lock your door from anywhere. It also works with your favorite voice assistants, including Amazon Alexa, Google, Apple Homekit, Samsung Smartthings and more. And it looks great too - we love the matte black finish!


Connect your August smart lock to Alexa to Lock unlock and check lock status. Alexa can also provide notifications when your batteries are running low so you can proactively replace them or you can set up smart reorders to make sure you always have replacement batteries when you need them.

Our front door has had a deadbolt mounted in the first generation, nearly a year That unit was adequate in performance, however, it was imperfect. They released a second generation with support for HomeKit. For a time I did not see any value in upgrading, but eventually decided to. We were happy that we did it, but I am not aware of how they created the new system, which allows it to work much more easily and reliably. It also has a ridge that serves as an easy to see indicator of the state of the lock but also makes for an easier surface to grip very helpful for my wife who has arthritis. The new one also seems to not shift around having been mounted, as it keeps a better grip on the door. Lastly the battery cover is much easier to remove and reinstall. The magnet is simply pushing on the bottom edge pops it out. The HomeKit ID label is mounted on the inside of the cover. It is easy to get to and unlikely to be lost. The August Connect is not necessary to have a HomeKit if you have an AppleTV or an iPad serving as a home hub. We can control our lock remotely from afar. Use the August app or the Home app. 'August's app does a better job at managing guest access than 'HomeKit'. It has always been used to grant access, on a temporary basis, to pet sitters and the like. When you're gone, you can get a home app that open doors for one or more people.

It works as advertised. I have read other reviews that said the autolock feature either does not work or works intermittently but so far, that has not been a problem for me. It works every time I leave and when I arrive home. I receive notifications that the door is locking or unlocking. It is connected to the Apple HomeKit, and my surprise is that it works great. It works every time I ask Siri to unlock or lock the door to see if it is locked or unlocked. I did not buy the August Connect device because it works with HomeKit. I purchased a keypad. I like the keypad, but I don't have one. That's especially true if you use the Auto Lock feature. I always step outside without my phone. The keypad works great.

I attempted to install it myself and it did not work. I gave up. Now I put it in the box for return. The motor rotated incorrectly due to a misalignment of August lock. The alignment was too tight for the hand to lock and unlock. I decided to contact my contractor and request that he drop me in the morning to correct the mess I created. I explained the installation to my contractor that week and showed him a YouTube video on August. He put the August in the correct position, and fixed the wall plate. Afterward it had some difficulties acknowledging it is open or closed, but it worked. I assume most people do not read the manual at the moment and I am an information manager. So, I checked the phone app settings and then went to the Calibrate option to recalibrate, and I was amazed. Also, everyone's door has its own unique features. Try on your own, but be prepared to call a locksmith or a contractor. The door may have many variations of locks and fittings which might require an expert installation, but it is a welldesigned product that works well in itself.

The August smart lock has saved a lot of life. The teenager forgets to lock his door frequently. The August Connect WiFi Bridge is nice for me because it allows me to remotely lock the door from anywhere. When my son leaves the house, I get an alert that the door was manually unlocked. Sometimes, I don't receive an alert that my door has been locked manually due solely to my son forgetting to lock the door. I have no worries, simply tap the indicator on my phone screen and I get a green open circle which means the door is unlocked. I tap on the green circle only once, and within seconds, I receive a full red circle indicator which means the door is locked. I also enjoy the lock, since I set it to unlock the door when I approach home. A few feet away, I can hear the unlocking indicator as I approach the door. It is very helpful when I am carrying groceries or other packages. It was the smartest purchase I've ever made.

I had attempted to make as much research possible before purchasing a smart lock, but I failed.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Eufy Smart Lock

Eufy has been making locks since 1999, and they have become a household name over the years. They make their products available across multiple markets, but their smart locks are what really set them apart from other companies. If you're looking for a smart lock that works well, looks good and doesn't cost too much, then read our review of the Eufy Security Smart Lock.

What Is A Eufy Smart Lock?

Eufy has been making home automation products for over 20 years. Their first product was an outdoor light switch called "The Switch". Since then, they've expanded into many different categories including door locks, window locks, thermostats, motion sensors, lighting controls, and more! They recently introduced their new line of smart locks, which include both keyless entry and traditional keyed models.

Why Should I Buy This Product?

You're probably wondering why you would want to purchase a smart lock. Well, there are several reasons. First, if you already own a smart lock, you may find yourself wanting to add some extra features to your existing device. For example, you might want to integrate your smart lock with your Nest Thermostat, or maybe you'd like to control your lights using your phone instead of having to get up off the couch every time you need to turn them on/off. Second, if you don't currently own any smart devices, now is the perfect time to start getting involved.

Who Needs A Eufy Smart Lock?

Smart locks are becoming increasingly common these days. But do you know which one is right for you? Here are three things to think about before buying.

The answers to these questions will help determine whether a traditional deadbolt or a smart lock is best for you.

These locks usually require a key to unlock and close the door. However, they can be opened remotely using a special code. Traditional deadbolts are ideal for homes where residents share access to the same space.

Smart locks are designed specifically for residential applications. Most of these devices connect to smartphones via Bluetooth technology. Users can program the device to automatically unlock when they enter their home or away from home. Some models allow users to set time limits for how long the device remains unlocked.

These locks are generally recommended for homeowners who live alone or who plan to install them on interior doors only. Because they rely on wireless technology, they cannot be locked from the outside. Instead, they must be programmed to accept remote access.

Some smart locks can be accessed through apps on mobile phones. Others can be controlled directly from the smartphone itself. Either way, most smart locks offer additional features such as motion sensors, tamper detection, and other safety measures.

Which type of lock is right for you depends on your lifestyle and budget. If you live in a larger apartment building, a traditional deadbolt could be better suited for you. On the other hand, if you live in a small townhouse, a smart lock may be a better fit. Remember to take advantage of any discounts offered by manufacturers.

When shopping for a new lock, look for a model that offers the following features:

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Eufy Smart Lock

Eufy Security & Locksmiths offers many different types of locks for homes, businesses, and cars. One of their most popular products is the Eufy Smart Lock. This product allows users to easily control access to their home or business by simply pressing a button on their smartphone. Users can unlock their door remotely if they forget their keys or if they want to let others inside. They can even set up schedules so that certain people have access to their property at specific times.

Compare that to other locks that cost hundreds of dollars. No more fumbling through your pockets looking for your keys. Simply press a button on your phone and your door unlocks automatically. When you install a quality Eufy Smart Lock, you'll never worry about leaving your house or office unlocked again. You won't have to worry about losing your keys or having them stolen. Instead of letting strangers see who enters your home or office, you can keep your personal life private. Plus, you can use your Eufy Smart Lock to secure your car.

Features To Consider When Buying A Eufy Smart Lock

Easy setup. The first time you set up a new door lock, it may seem complicated. But once you've done it once, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. With a few simple steps, you'll be able to install your new Eufy Smart Lock in minutes. And if you ever forget something, just press the button on your keychain remote control and your door will unlock.

Remote access. Once you've installed your new Eufy Smart Lock, you'll be able to remotely monitor its status using the free app available for both iOS and Android devices. This means you can check to make sure your kids haven't left their keys inside, or even turn off your alarm system while you're away.

Keyless entry. Your new Eufy Smart Lock allows you to create multiple codes for each person who has access to your house. That way, no matter where you leave your keys, they'll still work. Plus, you can program your code into your smartphone, tablet, or computer, so you never lose track of them again.

Smartphone compatibility. Since your new Eufy Smart Lock connects wirelessly, you can easily add it to your existing wireless network. No more fumbling through your phone to find the right passcode!

Security. Thanks to the built-in fingerprint scanner, your new Eufy Smart Lock lets you quickly and securely log in to your home whenever you enter. Even if someone else tries to break in, they won't be able to gain access unless they know your fingerprint.

Peace of mind. Because your new Eufy Smart Lock uses Bluetooth technology, it automatically pairs with your compatible mobile device. That means you can always stay connected to your home wherever you are. And since it's powered by batteries, there's nothing to worry about when you run low on power.

Ease of installation. Installing a new door lock isn't hard, but it does take a little bit of patience. Fortunately, our experts were here to walk you through the process step by step.

Different Types Of Eufy Smart Lock

Eufy Security Systems offers a wide variety of locks including deadbolt locks, keyless entry systems, and electronic locks. Each system includes a wireless remote control that allows users to open and close doors remotely. All of these locks are compatible with each other allowing you to easily add extra layers of protection to your home without having to replace any existing hardware.

Keyless Entry Locks. Keyless entry locks are the simplest of all locks. They don’t include keys and instead use radio frequency technology to communicate with the doorbells. When someone presses the button on the remote, the door unlocks automatically. A few models offer biometric identification meaning that they can recognize fingerprints or retinal scans to verify identity.

Deadbolts. Deadbolts are traditional locks that require a key to unlock. These are the most secure locks available. These are also the heaviest and therefore the hardest to move. They are also the most expensive.

Electronic Locks. Electronic locks are becoming increasingly popular. They are typically battery powered and can be controlled by a smartphone app. Eufy Smart Locks are also cheaper than deadbolts and can be opened from anywhere in the house.

Smartlock. The newest addition to the Eufy line is the SmartLock. This model features a touchscreen display that lets you see what’s going on behind the scenes. It also provides access to live video feeds showing who is at the front door and whether anyone is attempting to break in.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Eufy Smart Lock

What is an Eufy Smart Lock?

Eufy Smart Locks are electronic locks that use Bluetooth technology to connect to your smartphone. They allow you to control access to your home through your phone's mobile app.

How Much Does An Eufy Smart Lock Cost?

Prices vary depending on whether you want to add additional features like keyless entry, motion detection, and more.

Does My Existing Deadbolt Have To Be Replaced When I Install An Eufy Smart Lock?

No. An Eufy Smart Lock will work with most standard deadbolts. If you already own a deadbolt, you don't need to replace it.

How do I set up my Eufy Smart Lock?

You'll first download the free Eufy App onto your iPhone or Android device. Then, follow the instructions provided in the app to pair your device with your new Eufy Smart Lock. Once paired, you'll be prompted to enter your code into the lock itself. After entering your code, you're ready to go!

Can I Use My Eufy Smart Lock Without Being Connected To Wi-Fi?

Yes, but you won't be able to remotely unlock your door unless you're connected to Wi-Fi. To make this happen, simply turn off Wi-Fi on your router and then re-enable it once you've entered your code.

If you're experiencing problems connecting your Eufy Smart Lock to your Wi-Fi network, try restarting your router. If that doesn't work, check to make sure that your router has been turned on and that its power cord isn't damaged.

This issue occurs when you attempt to log back into your account after changing your password. Your old password was stored in memory, and now your new password needs to overwrite what was previously saved. Unfortunately, sometimes this process fails, resulting in the lock prompting you for your current password again.

Sometimes pressing the button on your Eufy Smart Lock causes the screen to flash briefly. This is normal behavior and shouldn't cause concern.

Try turning off your Wi-Fi and then re-enabling it. Sometimes, this fixes issues with connectivity.

To change your PIN, tap the lock icon located near the top right corner of your screen. Tap the menu icon next to the lock icon and select Settings. From here, scroll down until you reach Change Pin Number. Enter your desired pin number and tap Save Changes.

We'd love to help you get started with your Eufy Smart Lock. Please visit our support page to learn how to troubleshoot your problem.

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