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Electronic Door Locks

An electronic lock is a convenient way to secure your home while letting you enter and exit quickly. This type of lock is easy to install and operate, making it a popular choice for homeowners. If you live alone, you may not want to leave your house unlocked all the time. But if you share your home with others, you might consider leaving the door locked so that everyone knows where they stand. Either way, you can rest assured knowing that your home is safe.

Electronic door locks work by sending signals through the walls of your home. Once the signal reaches the receiver, the door unlocks automatically. Some locks can be operated remotely, allowing you to open the door from anywhere in the world. Other locks can be controlled via smartphone app. Regardless of the method you choose, you can rest assured knowing that your home is protected. Read our buyers guide to learn more about electronic door locks and how they can benefit your security.

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Protect your home and family with the OLUMAT Smart Door Lock! This lock features keyless entry, app control, and monitoring capabilities, making it perfect for any home security needs. Plus, it comes with a one-year limited warranty. Order your lock today!


The ADVANDCED KEYPAD LEVER LOCK is a high quality and durable keypad lock that can be used in many different places. It is a high quality electronic lock that is ideal for use in offices, computer rooms, bedrooms, home offices, and many other places. It has a deadbolt lock that can be locked from both sides and can be unlocked by entering a unique password or a series of numbers. The deadbolt lock is very secure and can only be unlocked by the correct code. It also has a latchbolt lock that can be used to prevent unwanted entry. The latchbolt lock can be set to be either on or off and can be activated by entering a unique password or a series of numbers. It also has a low battery alarm that will go off if the batteries are running low. The lock is very easy to program and can be programmed to have multiple codes. The lock has a low battery indicator so you know when the batteries need to be changed.

I have been using digital locks for over five years. I purchased this product because it has high ratings and the requirement that the handles must be manufactured in a lever. I would have preferred that the manufacturer had shown that the back side of the lock is possible to be installed in a downward or upward orientation, but I did not think the installation was difficult. I have a deadbold above my door knob. The deadbolt prevented installation of Signtek lock in upright position. The inside portion was mounted in a downward orientation. It would have been helpful if manufacturers would have arranged this with the instructions.

The program started after I had started waiting for the light.

I installed the door knob and lock by myself about a month ago. It was replacing an older keyed lock that we had. I would say that there were already all the holes. It is very easy to program by following the instructions that come with it. I absolutely love this thing You are able to unlock the doors to inside the house by simply turning the door lever upwards. I do not have to search and fumble with a key. I wish I had bought it a long time ago. I have only had it for four to six weeks so I am not sure how long the battery will last, but for now, I love it'

It was simple to install but some doors require drilling the holes in order for that to work. Both of my four doors required this hole. Once installed, they all work well. We never forget to lock the doors due to the auto lock feature.

I unpacked the product, and then had to review all components and read the instructions a few times. It was fairly simple to install. The instructions for changing the master code and adding user codes were very simple and I am pleased with the product. This smart lock works as intended, and I have customized it to suit my needs. I am very pleased with it.

Keyless Entry Door Lock - Smart Deadbolt Lock with Bluetooth App, Electronic Keypad, IC Card, Spare Keys, Security Waterproof Smart Lock Easy Install USB Ideal for Home Use, Apartment, Office, Hotel


Protect your family and property with the GEONFINO Keyless Entry Door Lock! It's easy to install and provides ample security. This lock features a 4-in-1 electronic smartlock, making it perfect for use in both residential and commercial settings. Plus, it comes with a 12-month quality guarantee, so you can be sure that you're getting a high-quality product.


The MiLocks TKK-02SN Tkk-Sn Digital Door Knob Lock with Electronic Keypad for Interior Doors is a high quality digital lock that provides secure access to your home. The lock has a sleek design and is made of durable materials. It comes with a keypad that can be programmed easily. It also has a glow in the dark keypad for better visibility in the dark. The lock is suitable for use on interior doors. It meets or exceeds ANSI Grade 3 requirements.

We have had them for almost a year. We have two and I will most likely receive another one in the near future. They were very easy to install and work well. The batteries last for a long time. It depends on how often you use the mechanism to lock and unlock the door rather than the key. The years we have had them, we needed to replace the batteries one on the one that gets more use but not the other. There has been a certain amount of positive reviews that this door was not unlocked. It is not locked all the way, it does not unlock or unlock. Because of the age of my two year old, I have had the problem twice. The beeping is quiet however, the mechanism that unlocks the door is loud. You can turn the auto lock function off or on depending on your preference. It takes some seconds before the door locks itself, so if you are trying to be quiet, simply lock it manually before the door locks itself. The only problem apart from the mechanism being loud is that some numbers will register that they were pressed twice when you try to put in your code so be deliberate when you put in your code and you will not have a problem. You will be happier if you keep it to four digits.

Our teenage son enjoys entering into our things. We knew we had to get a lock on our bedroom door. I did not want to experience having to carry a key around in order to get into my room. I believe this is the perfect solution. It is very easy to setup and works great. It has an autolock feature so things are always safe from sticky fingers.

I think it's a nice product. It turned out that my doors had the basic measurements so I did not have to do any adjusting. So, I cannot speak to non standard cutouts. Great instructions and easy to accomplish. It isn't stated that you need to level the rear and front plate. If you slanted and dropped them, they will not look ideal. It works really well, again. My contractor installed Schlange locks on me, and I found them superior. When entering the code, it is quiet and quick.

I use this locking door knob to keep a child out of the room. It is very well made, and the satin nickel finish is a good match. It's basically the same one at Lowe's, but $20 less on Amazon. The motor inside is noisy, but lasts one second while it is working. I would buy this lock again, and my friend is buying the same lock because they liked it as well. I used Duracell for the lock. It lasted three weeks.

I have been able to keep my children out of my bedroom. Just change the lock to automatic lock and then manually lock the key. It is extremely easy to install. There will be no more children getting into mom's room in order to borrow it, and not return it. I feel much better knowing that my room will be the same manner I left it, clean. You will have emergency keys to keep at hand in the event the batteries run out. When the kids tried to go into my room while I was cooking, they could not go in. Since the little thing began to beep loudly, it scared them away. Reset it from within and change the password easily whenever you would like. I think that all parents need this. Great for front door security, too. You do not need to carry keys around. It helps improve my life.

Smart Door Lock, SMONET WiFi Smart Locks Keyless Entry Door Lock Digital Electronic Keypad Deadbolt Bluetooth Touchscreen Auto Lock with Gateway Hub Work with Alexa for Home Security


Protect your home and family with the SMONET Smart Door Lock! This lock is easy to use and install, but also provides many features that make it a great choice for any home owner looking for an extra layer of security. The keyless entry feature makes it easy to open and close the door without having to worry about getting stuck. Plus, the Alexa compatibility allows you to easily open and lock the door with voice commands. And if you're not happy with the performance of this lock, we offer a 365-day return policy. So why wait? Get the SMONET Smart Door Lock today!


This deadbolt lock is the perfect way to secure your home when you are away from home. The keypad door lock has a maximum capacity of 20 user codes and it can be programmed with up to 99 seconds. It has a high response rate, easy installation and simple programming. It is suitable for both interior and exterior doors. The deadbolt lock is designed to fit standard thicknesses of wood and metal doors. The deadbolt lock is backed by a 2 year warranty and it comes with a keypad lock box and a manual.

Without a solid core door or door with no glass, that has a commercial grade lock set that locks in more than one place in the door frame, none of the residential locks will truly keep the bad guys from breaking in. It provides a deterrent for potential opportunists, and a buffer of time for the owner to prepare and respond accordingly. The Schlage lasted for some years before the gearing mechanism began to wear down. I made this decision based on reviews and based on the simplicity of use and installation. I do not recall the last time I thought to myself I wish I had the ability to unlock my house so I can let someone in while I am away. This lock is simple to install. Because I'm a man, I was not reading instructions about this topic, and therefore, had to reset it. Once the lock was programmed correctly with a new Master Pin Code and an alternative, it worked flawlessly. My strike plate was not set in the door jam, but a few mm off from allowing the lock to freely open and close. After a bit of wood chiseling, the lock now works as it should - and now I know why my Schlage was stripped out. The locking feature is wonderful. The lock is simple to install and easy to program.

It was safely packed in a sturdy, undetected plastic case. Are you ready for this? We offer instruction in English. The instructions are simple to follow, so installation is smooth, and painless. The beep and the green light flashes confirm it is locked. It is a surprise when you return. The motor that propels the cylinder is quite strong, so if it does not extend the first time it has to retry before it does a job and fails it will give you an alert. There are many features. For example, extra codes, vacation mode, and alerts. I am impressed with this deadbolt after browsing for almost every lock on Amazon. I am satisfied with my decision.

I was interested in a few of the negative reviews and wanted to address some of the issues. One, it's made primarily of plastic, and probably isn't suitable for a business. In any case, for less than fifty dollars, is a great deal. Three last points, you need the key to unlock it from the outside. I suppose this is to save power for unlocking. Even with that limitation, I have already found it to be much easier for me, especially when carrying groceries. This lock definite gets five stars from me, although I had a couple minor problems that I will describe. The biggest advantage of this lock over traditional deadbolts is that it is programmable without using expensive house wiring. It works with four AAA alkaline batteries. They are easily replaceable. I already had the holes cut from a lock that fell apart after too many years. The first minor problem is that although the instructions are well written, sometimes the font is so small that I had to use a lighted magnifying page reader to read them. The second problem is the battery plate is so tight that I was afraid I would use too much pressure to get it loose and break it. If you do not perform the steps correctly, the lock will not work. I enjoy having a backup key that I have already inserted into my keychain, and being able to open the door with both hands free, as long as I have one finger free, if I had an older deadbolt I would not have a choice. You should review this product in order to get an inexpensive dead bolt that you can program.

I would like to begin by composing a compliment to the customer service team of this company. They offer the most courteous, helpful, and pleasant customer service I have ever encountered. I received an email from a CS representative two days after the item arrived. Halfway through the installation, I realized that the interior assembly screws are a bit long for my door (1" 3/8 thick). Therefore, I could not secure the mounting plate against the door. I alerted the company, and it responded timely. As a workaround, I went out and bought two similar screws, but 1/2" shorter, for a couple of dollars, and used these instead. The supplied screws are only intended for doors up to two inches thick. It is the lock if buyers have the same issue. It is both nice and compact. The process of programming is very simple. My previous Kwikset PowerBolt2 died after two years. I hope that this lock will last longer. However, I will buy anything from this seller again. They will stand behind their products. I purchased another lock. I think it is better than my previous Kwikset for half the price.

WiFi Smart Locks Deadbolt with Keypad, Hornbill Keyless Entry Digital Front Door Lock with Gateway Hub, Bluetooth Electronic Touchscreen Auto Code Lock Work with Alexa,Free App Control for Home Office


Looking for a way to make your home safer? Check out the WiFi Smart Locks Deadbolt! This smart lock uses Wi-Fi to connect to the internet, so you can easily unlock it with your smartphone. It also features Bluetooth technology for remote control and comes with a one-year warranty.


This electronic digital lock lever set is programmable through the keypad for 100 user entry codes for secure keyless entry. The cylindrical lock mechanism has a fixed 6-pin key cylinder with SC1 keyway for key override. The lever handle is reversible for right- or left-hand operation. The door thickness range is 1 5/8" to 1 7/8".

The Trilogy series locks are the only way to go if you want commercial grade, rugged, durable, and high security for your site. This lock series is constructed from highquality materials, that cannot be compared to traditional retail outlets. This is not a 'consumer grade' lock set it is rated 'Grade One' and carries ISO ratings which are recognized worldwide. This locks is a more cost effective option than the current industry standard chain locks. It also comes with a template showing how to drill the door. This lock can be installed by anyone who is comfortable with a drill, has the correct bits, and is adept at measuring. If not hiring a locksmith to do the install would be wise. This requires only a working key and the pin type tool that comes with the lock set. I highly recommend that Trilogy is the leading brand in commercial security.

We are professional door and hardware installers. The item is above par in quality for its price point. It is a simple operation. You will feel happy if you take your time in programming, and understand the optional access code level.

I have seen these locks being used for commercial applications at chain drugstores, hardware stores and in other locations. Due to the amount of drilling, installation may take between two to four hours. The template supplied with the lock is accurate, and if you follow the instructions it is not a big deal. That is a great and secure lock.

The second in a trilogy I have purchased. There are a lot of alternative films in the industry. I hire a locksmith to install it both times. It cost only $150, and is beyond my ability to install this. After the installation, my office turned out very nice.

Smart Lock, hornbill Fingerprint Deadbolt Lock with Touchscreen Keypad, Keyless Entry Front Door Lock, Bluetooth Electronic Digital Lock with App Control, Auto Lock, Keys, IC Cards and Code for Homes


Upgrade your home security with the Smart Lock from hornbill! This 6-in-1 smart lock is compatible with both traditional and modern locking systems, and features a touchscreen keypad for quick and easy operation. Plus, the included wireless key fob lets you easily open the door from anywhere. Get yours today and enjoy 30 days of free return and exchange!


A great looking door hardware that is durable and long lasting. The oil rubbed bronze finish is scratch resistant and will not rust. The door handle has a 6-way adjustable latch to fit any 2-3/8" or 2-3/4" backset. The deadbolt has a 1/2" x 1/2" steel shackle and is compatible with all standard locks. Includes one (1) set of screws.

I purchased the deadbolt and the matching entry door handle to replace the old brass on my basement door. I had never installed a lock set before. I was a little concerned that this was a too good to be true price and either the lock would not be of very good quality or it would be difficult to install. It was great to see very detailed installation instructions, and the lock is very good quality. I installed it with no problems in less than ten minutes. It is a good buy on a budget. It's square and contemporary style looks fantastic.

I have bought this for my bedroom door to provide some security until my roommates figure out how to actually lock the apartment door. I originally purchased a cheaper Honeywell lock, but something went wrong with the installation and the bolt would pull out of the door.

I purchased one brass and one satin nickel finish, both in used condition. Brass is a replacement for a lock that is not working and Satin Nickel is for a new door without a lock. During the brass installation, I discovered the one of the two screws to the cylinder would not go all the way in, and must be the reason it was returned. I ended up using old cylinders and keys so I now have a working lock. I will try a nickel lock later this week and if it is identical, I will order a new one in good condition.

When we were moving to a new kitchen, we came across these. Those are not true fears. I ordered three and each of them was very easy to install it took me about fifteen minutes per door to change out four hinges, a deadbolt, and a door knob purchased from this same Amazon series. Additionally, I was impressed by the look and feel of the deadbolts. The components worked perfectly, and the finish did not appear to be prone to wear or chipping off. The only thing I will add is that it is not a major concern nor something I know all that much about. I do not have a realistic basis to judge how secure these are. In another review I have seen that the locks used here are very simple. If security is the primary concern, you may want to investigate the problem further. If, like myself, you are looking to match other features of your home with a secure feeling lock that is easy to install, look no further. It was a wonderful purchase.

I purchased this item. My new office door had both a hole for a door handle and a dead bolt. I encountered the issue when needing to fill the deadbolt hole using my existing keypad door handle. I searched all over the internet and finally decided on this one. Even though I really will not use it, it is more to fill the hole. So I cannot speak on how the function, durability, or longevity of this deadbolt will be, but I give it five stars. Perhaps one day I will actively use it, but for now, it is just a hole filler.

Revolo Electronic Keypad Deadbolt, Keyless Entry Door Lock,Keyed Entry,Auto Lock, Door Lock with Handle, Front Door Handle Sets, Anti-Peeking Password


Protect your home and family with the Revolo Electronic Keypad Deadbolt! It's easy to install and offers plenty of features. This deadbolt features 20 access codes for family use and an available temporary code for the single guest entry. The anti-peek feature protects your home security, while the automatic door lock or one-touch auto-lock prevents gaps in your door. The easy installation and high quality design make this deadbolt a great choice for any home owner.


This smart lock has a keypad fingerprint recognition function, which can unlock the door with your fingerprint, and the APP code fingerprint recognition function, which can unlock the door with your APP code. The lock also has a Bluetooth connection function, which can connect with the APP to unlock the door.

I always wanted a password lock. After watching it for a long time, I chose it. I will not forget to bring a key in the future. The quality is very good and heavy.

Please note that if you have a two hole door, this will only fit in the upper hole, in the lower position it will partially cover the upper hole. Additionally, there is a locator pin positioned above the hole. You should drill a hole in the door to locate the pin.

I can give the housekeeper a temporary code, or restrict the times certain people can be in the house. That is nice because you can use both a fingerprint and a code. I noticed that the fingerprint will not read if your finger is slightly cold.

I am still trying to program, because I do not have time to sit still, but I love the way it works with the phone.

I received an email informing me that the unit stopped working and that it will be returning. The unit performed as expected and was installed in a new version. I will update the information if I did not see any problems, if this does not help.

Signstek Electronic Keypad Door Knob Lock with Encryption Function, Satin Nickel


If you're looking for a reliable and easy-to-use door lock, look no further than the Signstek Electronic Keypad Door Knob Lock with Encryption Function! This lock features 1 master code and 9 access codes, plus the ability to set the password to any length you wish. Plus, it's designed with a mute function so you can protect your privacy when entering your home or office.


This LaView keypad door lock is a high quality, easy to install, and durable lock that will keep your home safe. It is compatible with both interior and exterior doors. The keypad lock has 20 user codes and 1-time code, which makes it easy to manage access for multiple people. You can also set up different codes for different family members and friends. This keypad door lock is easy to install and set up. You can watch the video tutorial to learn how to install it. This keypad door lock has an IP54 waterproof rating, which means it can be used in indoor and outdoor environments. It is also protected against peeping and prying eyes. This keypad door lock has a low battery indicator, which will alert you when the battery runs out. The keypad door lock has a deadbolt lock core, which means it can withstand any impact. This keypad door lock has a metal frame, which is durable and long lasting.

It was a straight forward setup and the quality was surprisingly high for the price paid easily on par with name brand locks.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this product. It was fairly easy to install and there were no major issues. It does not come with batteries. I was expecting that it would. The only complaint I have is that the material is not very strong. I think someone could break it off with a baseball bat. I assume the same might apply to a doorknob. I will most likely have to purchase a door handle.

Everything worked well, and it was extremely easy to install. I find this software to be great. I haven't yet tested the Auto Lock feature, but I do intend to in the future.

It accomplishes what it says it will do by both cost and quality. Set up was quick and easy. I am impressed with its quality. The finish is lovely. I highly recommend it.

Keyless Entry Door Lock Deadbolt, HuTools Gate Locks with Keypads, Electronic Keyed Lock with 20 User Codes, Auto Lock, 1 Time Code, 1 Button Locking, Oil Rubbed Bronze


Protect your home and family with the Keyless Entry Door Lock from HuTools! This door lock is easy to install and use, and it's a great way to protect your home or business while you're away. With this electronic keypad lock, you can easily open and close the door without ever having to worry about a thing. Plus, the oil rubbed bronze finish will give your door a nice look. So why wait? Get the Keyless Entry Door Lock today!


Camlots Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt with Built In Alarm. Works with Alexa for voice control (hub required Alexa device and hub sold separately). Touch screen keypad and lock cylinder on exterior and thumb turn interior. Door thickness range is 1. 37 to 1. 75 standard. Stores up to 30 personalized user codes at a time. Built in alarm with 3 alert settings. Battery Uses 4 AA alkaline batteries. Exterior Dimensions 3 x 5 x 1 inches. Interior Dimensions 3 x 8 x 2 inches. Z wave technology connects to your home automation system and lets you lock or unlock your door remotely via the web or smartphone.

The battery problem is that the lock has two modes of motorized operation: low energy and high energy. This is clearly described in the manual. When you install the lock you need to make sure that the hole for the deadbolt is big enough to align it correctly and leaves room for expansion from heat. The lock will use low energy, and your battery usage will be low if everything is right. How can you tell whether or not you are using low or high energy? After you initial setup the lock, the lock will try low energy first, then if it cannot move the bolt then it will go to high energy. It will do this three times you open or close it. This is all in the manual. Each try is a pair of sounds. So if it sounds 'brrrrrr [pause] brrrr, that is one try. With that in mind, you need a lot of batteries. As for all other things, there are ample reviews out there. It is of very good quality, and it works as advertised. If you do not already have a deadbolt, or do not trust it, you can get a smoke motion for the bolt spring for a professional installation. It's worth it, because it will not be costly.

It functions well with SmartThings, however, I had a bit of trouble reversing the lock to a left handed door, viewed from the outside. To proceed after it is installed, make sure the lock is in the unlock position. Remove the back unit from the door, and then twist the knob 360 degrees to line up with the metal indentation. Although the machine will spin, it would require some pushing to spin. If you do not have your programming code, grab them now. You will need them later. The sticker is located on the back of the unit. Reconnect the battery and wait until the Schlage button is no longer lit. You will need to press the Schlage button on the front, and type in one of your default user codes within ten seconds. There should be two of them. It should now go through the initial setup again and this time it should not fail as it did previously. I didn't see anyone post all of these steps, although it seemed many others had similar problems.

The lock itself is excellent. It is simple to install, with a touchscreen, and all feeling very high quality. I purchased a SmartThings hub to control my three Schlage Connects, and it has been excellent. To use advanced lock management, such as scheduled codes, a third party app is required. I use the pay for Rboy app that is seamless, intuitive and well worth the money. SmartThings itself is not ready for prime time yet. It is not helpful since you can only lock and unlock the door. If you are willing to do the legwork to get the third party app, figure out how to install it via the SmartThings developer interface, then figure out how to get around all the bugs in SmartThings' developer interface, then you will enjoy the setup. If you want something that plugs and plays with the Schlage Connect then that is not the system for you. My one complaint with the lock itself is that the Schlage installation manual does not provide a sufficient explanation as to the speed and type of the lock, depending on the kind of door. I found in another Amazon review, hours of research later, that it will detect bolt direction upon start up. If you have a right hand door, ignore the section where the manual says that you need to throw the bolt manually to test alignment. You will save yourself hours of searching on Google about how to change the orientation.

This lock is outstanding, apart from some faulty units.

I am quite happy with this purchase. It is not as easy as other products, but it is likely more secure. I believe that I read on another product that it would unlock as you approached your cell phone in your pocket but I do not think that is very safe because what if someone pushes you into your home? I wish that I could do more from an app, but you have to manually enter and delete the codes for different people. If you want someone to come weekly on Mondays, but you do not want them to come every other day, then you need to manually delete their code after they leave, and then reenter it the day they are coming back. It is not a big problem since I don't have a lot extra people visiting so it depends on your needs. I purchased a home hub so I can use this remotely, but I do not always use it. It is very pretty and easy to use when you are coming in and going. Set the door to lock automatically after thirty seconds for situations when many people do not remember to lock the door. Another added safety feature is a loud alarm for people who try to lock themselves in or input incorrect codes multiple times. I think I feel less anxious with this. However, if you want to have many features from within an app, this is not for you.

Smart Lock Keyless Entry Deadbolt Door Locks,hornbill Smart Lock Front Door,Digital Electronic Bluetooth Deadbolt Door Lock Works with APP,Code Auto Lock for Hotel Airbnb Home(Not included G2 Gateway)


Keep your home or business secure and protected with the Hornbill Smart Lock! This easy-to-use and reliable lock features voice control, so you can easily open and close the door with the command "Alexa, open the door", "Hey Google, open the door", or "OK Google, say goodbye to trouble-free opening and closing". The sleek and stylish design complements any d�cor, and the durable construction ensures long-lasting service. Don't miss out on this must-have home security solution!


It is the ideal solution for home, hotel, office, business and commercial application. The Door Lock has many advantages, such as, fingerprint recognition, high security, reliable, safe, easy to use, etc. It can also be used as a safety device to prevent people from breaking into your house or office. You can set the time to lock and unlock the door. It can also be used as a door bell.

I find this door handle very attractive. My husband and I placed the item on our garage door for easy access. We have not found the direction to be a good match for our needs, but we enjoy the possibility of fingerprint technology being used to unlock the door.

It is a great purchase. This handle is very attractive and an excellent choice as a door knob. I replaced the rear door handle on our house, which is our main entrance. I love that you could add several finger prints and pass codes. This is extremely useful in the event we go on a vacation, or for a day, our children or grandchildren can enter without worrying about the keys. The instructions for programming are a bit vague, and we struggled a little bit, but we figured it out. One recommendation is that a passcode must be at least six digits when programming. The strike plate on the latch is stainless steel color. It is not compatible with the door knob. Additionally, it comes with two master keys just in case. All in all, this is a great addition to our home. I am glad that we decided to get it.

It was simple to install but I wasn't sure if it would work well. It was easy to install and it works great. It is nice not having to dig in my purse for my keys.

I was a bit scared at first, but I was so happy that I did. It was easy to put up and is so convenient, if you are not used to having your keys with you or you keep losing them. It is a very attractive color and looks very formal.

MiLocks DKK-02SN Indoor Electronic Touchpad Keyless Entry Door Lock, Satin Nickel


Keep your home safe and secure with the MiLocks DKL-02SN indoor electronic touchpad keyless entry door lock! This sleek and stylish lock features a satin nickel finish and comes with a premium quality made in Germany construction. The MiLocks DKL-02SN also comes with an intruder alarm that will be triggered if there is any sign of intrusion. Plus, the security code length of 2 to 8 digits allows you to have multiple passwords in case one gets lost. Don't miss out on this must-have home security solution!


Designed for your modern lifestyle, the Yale Assure Lock is the smart way to protect your home and keep your valuables safe. The Assure Lock connects to your smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch via the Yale Access app. Once connected, you can unlock your door from anywhere in the world using your smartphone, Apple Watch or the Yale Access app. Its also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and IFTTT. The Assure Lock can be controlled with your voice through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. With built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, you can also connect your Assure Lock to other smart home systems like Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, and more. The Assure Lock comes with a Keypad, which allows you to enter a passcode to manually unlock your door. When paired with the Yale Access app, you can use the app to remotely lock and unlock your door.

I purchased this digital door lock because it was the only one on the market that had: 1) Has a key backup (electronics can fail and being the only entrance to my condo I could not afford to risk not being able to get into. If you live in a home that has an alternate door, you may want to consider getting a keyless door. I am using bluetooth in my car to make it work. It is not required to open up the application. If I close the door, it locks automatically. When I arrive home, it locks automatically as soon as it is near it. I do not have to pull my phone out of my pocket or worry about the application being running. It's not at all difficult. I would like to be notified on a device connected to the internet whenever anyone enters or exits my condo. I would also like to be notified of my neighbors, for use in emergency situations. I may permit a repairman to enter the call when they're in touch simply by clicking on a button in the application in my phone. Keypad for people to enter code, either permanently or temporarily. There is no need to be obnoxious looking for a dual electronic and key lock. Some are overly industrial or unattractive. I see other's stated things such as that it does not work or is broken. I had a problem that was selfinflicted. After installation, things seemed not to work consistently. I could lock the door with a key but I found the auto lock and unlock to be unreasonable. I noticed, too, that the privacy button would not work. The deadbolt could not extend fully due to the level of depth of the door jam about one eighth inch. Everything worked perfectly as soon as I chiselled it out. That part of the problem could have been troubleshooted better. It loves to talk and tell you what status it is in (I turned this off in the advanced settings as it is annoying after the first time) but it does not tell you anything is wrong. The only other item that may turn people off is that you have a 'jumper' plugged into an electrical wall outlet to manage the lock via Wi-Fi and Internet. I think Bluetooth is energy efficient, and Wi-Fi is not. Imagine running electricity through your door or replacing your batteries every day. I have been using this for three months and I cannot be happier. I would definitely purchase this again.

This product has saved me quite a bit of time and trouble. This is for our apartment on Airbnb in our Inlaw Suite. But I am considering purchasing one for my own front door. It was a breeze to install. The software is very intuitive. The Airbnb integration is incredibly streamlined and efficient. Once I'm linked to my Airbnb account, it automatically creates temporary pin codes for the specific days that guests booked for. The pin no longer functions on the day they leave. There is no need to worry about keys. Lockboxes are where the code never changes. It does everything for you. The email gives the guest their code and instructions as soon as they book. It updates automatically when guests change their dates. The only improvement I would make to the app is to automatically delete the code after the guests last day. However, it is a very minor criticism. Guests will be informed when they depart and come on Airbnb. If you have cleaners, dog walkers, handymen and others coming and going from your home.

This lock is finally correct. This Yale Lock solves the problem by making great hardware. A combination lock to Yale Lock standards. It has a slot to plug in your choice of software compatibility. I chose August because it was one of the first applications I used. The module handles the connection to August's app and service. It connects to the WiFi network for remote control and has Bluetooth connectivity. The program handles the autoopen process well. It is optional. So you can turn it on only if you are in a safe place. It uses geofencing to detect location and will open when you come home. This solves the problem with most Bluetooth locks where they sometimes do not detect your phone. The most recent addition is August's full suite of app capabilities allowing you to add guests, temporary codes, and even Alexa as well. Yale and August have the ability to make great choices.

I received two of these about a week ago, and recently my friend came over to set both of them up. This is the reason why people have problems with smart device installation, because they do not switch or simply do not know the difference between the two bands. The auto unlock feature that I have read has not worked for others, but it worked amazing for me. Just last night, I arrived home from my companion's Thanksgiving party, and when I was about three or four feet from my door, coming up the hallway from the parking garage, I heard the lock unlock, and I was about to walk right in. I truly enjoy that moment.

I picked this up in order to replace a Kwikset Premis that had a mechanical failure. Although the Premis has a warranty, I was frustrated by the slow and problematic service, and decided to switch. I purchased the version with Connected by August, and it is a refurbished or at the very least, previously opened, unit through Amazon Warehouse Deals. The only thing that was strange was that there were fingerprints all over it I assume it is because it came through Warehouse Deals. The package was intact and thoroughly inspected. I found it to be very easy to install, and if you purchase the Prames, this is a great unit In addition to making sure my existing strike plate was good, I wasn't forced to change it. It was a quick install and the app you are given to follow with instructions is excellent. You have to use a separate app to make the August unit work, it is irritating. I had some trouble getting the August unit to work with HomeKit until I rebooted my phone, then it worked beautifully. I suggest you watch out in the box for the very small Doorsense module. It was very good. I did not even need to use mounting tape, because it is magnetic. The keys that come with it say Yale, but they are identical to Kwikset KW1. They look more bulky than Kwiksets. If you have Kwikset locks on your other doors and they have the SmartKey feature, you can rekey them yourself to take the Yale keys so all of your locks will have the same keys.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Electronic Door Locks

Electronic door locks have become increasingly common over recent years. They offer convenience and security benefits, but they also come with their own set of problems. This article explains what to look for when choosing an electronic lock, as well as how to install and use them effectively.

What Are Electronic Door Locks?

An electronic door lock is an electronic device that allows people to open and close doors without using keys. An electronic door lock works like a traditional mechanical door lock but instead of turning a key to unlock the door, you press buttons on the outside of the door to open and close it. This makes it easier for children to operate because they don't need to carry around a key.

Why Would I Want An Electronic Door Lock?

Electronic door locks make it easy for people to get into your home even if you're not there. If someone breaks into your house while you're at work, they won't know where all the keys are located. They will only find the ones hidden inside the house, making it harder for them to break in. You'll also save money since you no longer need to buy new keys every time you move.

Who Needs Electronic Door Locks?

Electronic door locks are becoming increasingly common. But do you know how they work? How do they compare to traditional locks? What are the benefits and drawbacks of each type of lock?

Traditional locks require keys. These locks use pins and tumblers to secure doors. Traditional locks are simple and reliable. However, they aren't very secure. Anyone could easily open these locks using a credit card or other thin object.

On the other hand, electronic locks are far more complex. They use sensors and electronics to detect motion and sound. When someone tries to enter a locked area, the sensor detects this movement and triggers the alarm system. Most modern electronic locks are highly secure.

The main drawback of electronic locks is cost. Many homeowners opt for traditional locks because they're cheaper. However, most experts agree that electronic locks offer better security. Plus, they're usually easier to install. With traditional locks, you must drill holes in walls and ceilings. With electronic locks, you simply plug them into electrical outlets.

However, electronic locks aren't perfect either. Some models are expensive. Others are difficult to program and set up. Still others are prone to malfunctioning.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Electronic Door Locks

If you've ever had a broken lock, then you know how frustrating it can be. You have to find a way to fix it, and sometimes you just want to throw up your hands and say "screw it!" Fortunately, there are many ways to keep your doors locked securely. These days, most homes use electronic locks instead of traditional keys. This means that you won't have to worry about losing your keys anymore. Instead, you'll simply press a button to open the door.

However, if you're like me, you may occasionally forget to turn off your alarm system. Or maybe you accidentally leave your house unlocked one night after everyone else goes to bed. No matter what happens, you don't want to end up being stuck outside your home because you forgot to set your alarm clock. Luckily, there are several things you can do to prevent this situation from happening. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of electronic locks available and how they work.

A keyless entry lock allows you to unlock your front door by pressing a button located near the handle. A keyless entry lock usually includes a small window where you can see who is trying to enter your home. When you push the button, the light turns red, letting you know someone is inside. Once the person presses the button again, the light turns green, allowing them access to the home.

A smart lock works similarly to a keyless entry lock. Smart locks include a sensor that detects whether anyone is present in the area. If nobody is detected, the lock automatically unlocks. Otherwise, the lock remains locked until somebody pushes the button.

This type of lock uses fingerprints, retinas, or other unique characteristics to identify people. Biometric locks are the newest technology used in security systems. They are very accurate and reliable, making them ideal for residential applications.

Features To Consider When Buying Electronic Door Locks

Security features. The first step toward securing your home is locking your doors. But if you've got a deadbolt lock, there are other ways to secure your home besides just using a physical key. One way is through the use of an electronic door lock. These locks allow you to control who has access to your home via an app on their smartphone.

Smartphone compatibility. Many smartphones now support apps that let you remotely unlock your front door or turn off your alarm system. This means you no longer have to carry a spare set of keys. That may seem expensive, but they do add security and convenience.

Keyless entry. Some newer models of cars feature keyless entry. This allows you to start your car without having to insert a key into the ignition. While this makes starting your vehicle easier, it does mean someone else could easily steal your car while you're away from your house.

Remote control. With remote controls, you can program your lights, garage door opener, and more. This lets you control them from anywhere in the world. Remote controls work well for homes where you only have one person living there. They're less useful for families with multiple members.

Battery backup. Most remote controls run on batteries. If yours runs low, you'll need to replace it. Batteries typically last about three years. If you plan on replacing your battery regularly, you'll want to invest in rechargeable ones.

Wireless technology. Wireless technology uses radio waves instead of wires to transmit signals between devices. This eliminates the need for cables. Unfortunately, wireless technology isn't always reliable. In fact, many experts say it's unreliable enough that it shouldn't be used for critical systems such as your home security system.

Cost. There are two main types of electronic door locks: mechanical and digital. Mechanical locks are cheaper than digital locks, but they tend to break down over time. Digital locks are more durable, but they're usually pricier.

Different Types Of Electronic Door Locks

Electronic door locks are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience and ease of use. With traditional keys, locking mechanisms, and deadbolts, finding the right lock for your home can be quite challenging. Luckily, modern technology has created a wide variety of locks that offer security without having to go through the hassle of carrying a key around.

Keyless Entry Locks. Keyless entry locks are the simplest type of electronic door lock. All you need to do is press a button and open the door. A keyless entry system works by sending a signal to the lock. When the correct signal is received, the lock unlocks and opens the door. This makes it convenient for anyone to access your house.

Smart Locks. Smart locks are slightly more complicated than keyless entry systems. These are essentially a combination between a keyed lock and a keyless entry lock. These are connected to a central hub that allows you to control multiple doors throughout your home. You can program each door to unlock automatically when someone enters the room or manually unlock the door yourself.

Biometric Locks. Biometrics are the newest type of electronic door lock. They rely on fingerprints, facial recognition, retinal scans, and voice recognition to identify users. Because biometric locks are so secure, they are commonly used in government buildings and military bases.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Electronic Door Locks

What are electronic door locks?

Electronic door locks are devices that allow you to lock your doors without having to use a physical key. These types of locks have been around since the 1950s, but they were originally designed to keep out burglars.

Where Did Electronic Door Locks Originate?

In the 1960s, inventors began developing electronic door locks that could open and close automatically when a person approached the door. They would then remain locked until the owner returned home.

Who Invented Electronic Door Locks?

Many inventors worked on this technology throughout the 1970s and 1980s. One of the most famous inventors was George de Mestral, who created the first commercially available electronic door lock in 1974.

What Makes Electronic Door Locks More Secure Than Traditional Keys?

Traditional keys require you to carry them with you at all times. If you lose your keys, you will no longer be able to unlock your door. With electronic door locks, however, you don't even need to remember where you put them.

Does Everyone Need An Electronic Door Lock?

No. Many homes already have a deadbolt installed on their front door. An electronic door lock simply adds another layer of security.

Will My Neighbors Think I'M Weird If I Install An Electronic Door Lock?

Most people won't notice anything unusual about an electronic door lock. However, if you live in a neighborhood with older residents, you should probably ask permission before installing one.

If I Install An Electronic Door Lock, How Often Must I Check It?

You'll need to check your electronic door lock every day. That way, you'll know whether anyone has entered your house.

Not necessarily. Most manufacturers offer discounts for bulk purchases. Also, you can save money by purchasing a wireless model instead of a wired version.

Can I Control My Electronic Door Lock Remotely?

Some models let you do this. However, you'll need to purchase a special device that connects to your existing phone line.

Can I Add Extra Features To My Electronic Door Lock?

Sure! There's nothing stopping you from adding additional functions to your electronic door lock. For instance, you could create a motion sensor that opens your door whenever someone approaches.

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