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Dry Wine

Dry wines are becoming increasingly popular. This trend started in France where winemakers began making sweeter varieties in order to appeal to consumers who preferred sweet flavors. Now, dry wines are gaining popularity worldwide. If you enjoy drinking sweet wines, then you may want to consider purchasing a bottle of dry wine instead.

Dry wines tend to be lower in alcohol content and contain fewer sugars. Because of this, they’re not as sweet as other types of wine. Additionally, dry wines are generally lighter bodied and fruitier compared to sweeter wines. Read our buyers guide to learn more about dry wine and how it differs from sweet wine.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Dry Wine

Where did dry wine originate?

Wine was originally produced primarily as a way to preserve grapes during times when they were scarce. During this time, winemakers would make wine without adding extra sugars or acids to balance out the acidity of the grape juice. As a result, most early wines were naturally tart and acidic.

Does All Wine Contain Alcohol?

No, not necessarily. Wine contains two main components - alcohol and water. While alcohol makes up about 85% of the total weight of wine, the remaining 15% consists of water.

What's The Difference Between Red Wine And White Wine?

Red wine refers to the color of the liquid inside the bottle. White wine has no color at all. Red wines generally have higher levels of tannins, whereas whites often have lower amounts of tannins.

What's The Difference Between Table Wine And Dessert Wine?

Table wine is meant to be served chilled. Dessert wines are intended to be enjoyed warm. They're often fortified with additional ingredients, such as brandy, sherry, port, or Madeira.

What's The Difference Between Sparkling Wine And Non-Sparkling Wine?

Sparkling wine is carbonated through the addition of CO2 gas. Non-sparkling wine doesn't get fizzy like champagne.

What's The Difference Between Rosé Wine And Pink Wine?

Rosé wine is simply red wine that has been colored slightly pink due to the presence of anthocyanin pigments. Pink wine is actually a type of white wine.

What's The Difference Between Vintage And Modern Wine?

Vintage wine is wine that comes from a specific year. Modern wine is wine that isn't bottled until after the year in question.

What's The Difference Between Varietal Wine And Generic Wine?

Varietals refer to the type of grapes used to produce the wine. Generic wine is wine that uses a blend of various grapes.

What's The Difference Between French Wine And Italian Wine?

French wine tends to be lighter bodied and fruity, whereas Italian wine is heavier and richer. Both styles of wine are available in a wide range of flavors and price points.

What's The Difference Between Spanish Wine And Portuguese Wine?

Spanish wine is light bodied and citrusy, while Portuguese wine is full bodied and rich.

What's The Difference Between Champagne And Sparkling Wine?

Champagne is traditionally produced in France, but now you'll find sparkling wine being produced throughout Europe. Sparkling wine is essentially Champagne that has had its bubbles removed.

What's The Difference Between Sweet Wine And Dessert Wine?

Sweet wine is meant to accompany desserts. Dessert wine is meant to be enjoyed alone.

What's The Difference Between White Wine And Red Wine?

White wine is meant to complement seafood dishes, while red wine is best paired with meat dishes.

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