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Detachable Camera Flash

Detachable cameras are becoming increasingly popular. This trend began back in the 1980s when digital photography took off. People realized that having a separate camera meant that they could carry fewer items while traveling. Today, detachable cameras are still considered a must-have item for anyone interested in taking pictures.

Detachable flashes are a convenient way to attach your camera to other objects such as sunglasses, hats, umbrellas and so on. If you’re not familiar with detachable flashes, then you may think that they’re bulky and inconvenient. But, once you try one, you’ll quickly realize that they’re actually quite easy to use. Read our buyers guide to learn more about detachable flashes and how they work.

Detachable Loop String Connector Lanyard / Key Ring Adapter for USB Flash Drive, Cell Phone, Small Camera by Specialist ID

Specialist ID

Keep your devices close at hand with this handy detachable loop connector! It can be attached to your lanyard or keychain so you can easily reach for them when needed. Plus, it is tiny and lightweight so you can wear it comfortably all day long.

3Pcs Detachable Cell Phone Neck Lanyard Strap - Ideal for Cellphone,ID Card Badge,Camera,iPod,Mp3,PSP,USB Flash Drive and Any Other Electronic Devices with a Lanyard Hole-White+pink

If you're in need of a new cellphone case, consider the 3Pcs Detachable Cell Phone Necklace! This tough case features multiple protection layers, including an outer shell and an inner lining, making it perfect for all types of environments. The light but sturdy design is perfect for everyday use, and the removable nature means you can change your jewelry whenever you want. So why wait? Get your 3Pcs Detachable Cell Phone Necklace today!

3Pcs Detachable Cell Phone Neck Lanyard Strap - Ideal for Cellphone,ID Card Badge,Camera,iPod,Mp3,PSP,USB Flash Drive and Any Other Electronic Devices with a Lanyard Hole-Black

If you're in need of a new cellphone case, consider the 3Pcs Detachable Cell Phone Necklace! This tough case features multiple protection layers, including an outer shell, dual side guards, and a shockproof bumper, making it perfect for any occasion. The removable design makes it easy to switch between cases, and the lightweight and durable construction ensures long-lasting use. With a variety of models to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your needs. So why wait? Get your 3Pcs Detachable Cell Phone Necklace today!

Powerextra Flash Speedlite with LCD Display, GN38 Off-Camera Zoom Flash for CA Nikon Pentax Panasonic Olympus and Sony DSLR Camera, Digital Cameras with Standard Hot Shoe


If you're in need of a powerful and fast flash, look no further than the Powerextra Flash Speedlite! This light but mighty strobe is perfect for any shooting situation, from sports to portraits to night shots. With a high guide number of 38 and a long flash time of up to 3 seconds, this flash is sure to illuminate your subject. And if you're not satisfied with its performance, simply change out the batteries once a month. So why wait? Make your photos brighter today with the Powerextra Flash Speedlite!

Tronixpro Digital Camera Flash with Shoe Bracket for Sony, Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Olympus & More Cameras & Camcorders


If you're looking for a way to extend your camera's battery life, look no further than the TRONIXPRO DC Camera Flash with Shoe Bracket! This external battery pack is perfect for any digital or SLR camera, and it can even be used in an emergency when the main battery is dead. It features a lightweight and compact design that uses two AA batteries, so you'll have plenty of time to take photos before the battery is completely drained.

yueton Pack of 5 Detachable Neck Strap Band Lanyard for Cell Phone Camera iPod Mp3 Mp4 USB Flash Drive ID Card Badge Other Electronic Devices


Need a way to carry all your stuff? Check out this pack of 5 detachable neck straps! Made of lightweight but sturdy plastic, these straps are perfect for carrying everything from cameras to mp3 players, headphones, and even keys. Plus, they're easy to connect and disconnect, so you can switch between different accessories whenever you need to. Don't miss out on this must-have item!

Neewer 2-in-1 Rolling Camera Backpack Trolley Case - Anti-Shock Detachable Padded Compartment, Hidden Pull Bar, Durable, Waterproof for Camera,Tripod,Flash Light,Lens,Laptop for Air Travelling(Black)


Looking for an easy way to carry your camera, lenses, and other equipment? Check out the Neewer 2-in-1 Rolling Camera Backpack! This backpack has everything you need in one place, including plenty of room for your laptop and tablet. With its quick conversion from backpack to trolley case, it's perfect for traveling. And because it's made of high quality materials, it's sure to last. So roll your way into adventure with the Neewer 2-in-1 Rolling Camera Backpack!

Altura Photo AP-305C Canon Flash Light with Manual Trigger - Camera Flash for Canon R, RP, 90D, 80D, 70D, SL2, T7I, T6, T6I, 5D, 6D, 7D, M6, M50, 2.4GHz TTL Speedlite for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras

Altura Photo

Looking for an external flash that can provide consistent, quality lighting? Look no further than the Altura Photo AP-305C! This unit is perfect for use with your camera, and is also great for off-camera shots. With its wide range of features, the Altura Photo AP-305C is sure to suit your needs. So why wait? Get the Altura Photo AP-305C today!

Powerextra LCD Display Flash Speedlite, 2.4G Wireless Flash Trigger Transmitter Kit for CA Nikon Pentax Panasonic Olympus and Sony DSLR Camera, Digital Cameras with Standard Hot Shoe


Capture those precious moments in life and love with quality photos that will last! Our team of photographers are passionate about capturing real moments in all their glory, and we work hard to make sure our customers get only the best images possible. With our fast photo processing time, you'll be able to view your pictures instantly. And our customer service is available 24/7 to help with any questions or concerns. So why wait? Order your Powerextra LCD Display Flash Speedlite today!

Office Lanyard, Wisdompro Adjustable Polyester Neck Strap Keychain with Detachable Buckle for Keys, Camera, Cell Phone Case, USB Flash Drive, Wallet, Name Tag, ID Card Badge Holder - Blue and Black


Looking for a long-lasting and durable lanyard? Look no further than the Office Lanyard from Wisdom Products! This polyester lanyard is perfect for your keys, camera, cell phone case, USB flash drive, wallet, name tag, and ID card holder. Plus, it's easy to wash and replace, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Detachable Camera Flash

A good quality camera flash is essential for taking great photos. If you have ever taken a photo using a smartphone, then you already know what a difference a well-lit picture makes. However, not everyone has access to a professional photographer, and even those who do may not always have the means to purchase a dedicated camera flash. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable options available, and they come in various shapes and sizes. This guide will help you decide which type of flash would work best for you.

What Is A Detachable Camera Flash?

A detachable camera flash is a type of accessory for cameras that allows you to attach an additional light source to your main flash unit. The most common types of detachable flashes include studio lights, softboxes, umbrellas, and reflectors. These accessories allow photographers to add more lighting power to their existing equipment without having to buy new gear.

Why Would I Need A Detachable Camera Flash?

Detachable flashes offer many advantages over fixed-lens flashes. For example, they can help you create better portraits because they provide extra light at different distances than your main flash. They can also make your photos look more natural because they give off softer shadows. Finally, they can help you shoot faster because you don't have to wait for your main flash to recharge between shots.

Where Should I Get My Detachable Flash?

There are several places where you can find detachable flashes. If you want to save money, you can also check local photography stores like Walgreens and CVS.

Who Needs A Detachable Camera Flash?

Detachable camera flashes are useful tools for photographers. But did you know that they're also handy for other types of photography?

They can be attached to any type of camera. And since they're designed to attach easily, they're perfect for use with DSLR cameras. They can also be used with point & shoot cameras. And they're ideal for taking photos of things that require a bright light source.

In addition to being versatile, detachables are compact and lightweight. They're also affordable. So, whether you're a professional photographer or someone who wants to take better pictures of family events, a detachable camera flash could be exactly what you need.

There are several brands of detachable flashes. Some are made specifically for Canon cameras. Others are compatible with Nikon and Pentax models. Still others are compatible with most digital SLRs.

The best thing about detachable flashes is that they're very portable. You can carry one around with you wherever you go. This makes them ideal for travel photography. And they're also great for outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. Since they're so compact, you can pack them away quickly after each photo session.

Another advantage of using a detachable flash is that you can experiment with various settings. You can adjust the power level and exposure time. Then, you can move the flash unit closer or farther away from your subject. This lets you create unique images.

Finally, detachable flashes are simple to operate. All you do is turn the switch on and off. No batteries required.

So, if you're interested in learning how to take better photographs, a detachable camera flash could be just what you need.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Detachable Camera Flash

If you want to take great photos, then you'll need to have a quality camera. A quality camera will provide you with better pictures, especially if you use it often. When you purchase a quality camera, you should expect to pay a bit more up front. However, you'll save money in the long run because you won't have to replace your camera so frequently. You may even find that you enjoy taking photographs more after buying a quality camera.

To ensure that you buy a quality camera, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Look for a camera that offers interchangeable lenses. This allows you to change the focal length of your lens depending on the subject matter. For example, if you're photographing people, you might want a wide angle lens. On the other hand, if you're photographing landscapes, you might prefer a telephoto lens. Having multiple lenses means that you can switch between them quickly and easily.

Consider how many megapixels your camera has. More megapixels mean that you can capture more detail in your images. However, higher megapixel counts also increase the size of your files. Make sure that you have plenty of storage space available on your computer or device.

Check the warranty period. Warranties vary by model. Check the warranty period to see whether it covers accidental damage such as dropping your camera. If your warranty doesn't cover accidental damage, you could end up paying thousands of dollars to fix your camera.

Make sure that your camera has a built-in flash. Without a flash, you'll have trouble capturing those special moments. Consider investing in a separate flash unit to attach to your camera.

Take advantage of free photo editing software. Free programs like Photoshop Elements and Picasa offer powerful tools that enable you to edit your images. These programs let you crop, resize, rotate, and enhance your images. They also let you add text and borders to your images.

Features To Consider When Buying A Detachable Camera Flash

Lighting options. When you're shooting photos, you may want to take advantage of the lighting available. For example, if you're using natural light, you might want to attach a flash to your camera to add more light. But, if you're using artificial light, you might want to remove the flash to let the ambient light do its job.

Portability. When you're traveling, you may want to pack a few accessories along with your main camera body. This way, you can easily switch between your camera and other items such as lenses, memory cards, batteries, chargers, etc.

Accessories. Many cameras now feature built-in flash units. These flash units usually work well enough for most situations. However, they don't always give you the flexibility you'd expect from a separate unit. That's why many photographers prefer to use a dedicated flash unit instead.

Flexibility. Some models allow you to detach the flash unit from the camera and then reattach it later. Others allow you to change the angle of the flash head. Still others allow you to move the flash head closer or farther away from the lens.

Size. The larger the size of the flash unit, the easier it is to carry around. Smaller flash units tend to weigh less than their bigger counterparts. They also fit into smaller spaces, making them ideal for travel photography.

Battery life. Flash units typically run off AA batteries. Battery life varies depending on the model. Some flash units only hold two sets of batteries while others can hold four or six. Check the specifications before purchasing.

Power supply. Others connect via USB cable. Make sure you know which type of connection your flash unit uses before you purchase.

Different Types Of Detachable Camera Flash

There are two main types of detachable camera flashes; those that attach to the lens and those that attach to the body of the camera. Both types offer advantages and disadvantages depending on what kind of photography you plan on doing. We will now look at each type individually.

Lens Attachments. Lens attachments are attached to the front of the lens. These are useful for close up shots and portraits. These are also good for low light situations since they don’t block any light coming through the lens.

Body Attachments. Body attachments are attached to the top of the camera. Detachable Camera Flashs are useful for shooting landscapes and wide angle photos. Detachable Camera Flashs are also good for capturing action shots since they don’t obstruct the viewfinder.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Detachable Camera Flash

What is a detachable camera flash?

A detachable camera flash is a type of accessory that attaches to your camera's hot shoe. When attached, the flash will fire when you press the shutter button.

How Do I Attach/Detach My Camera Flash?

To detach your camera flash, simply pull out the tab located at the top of the flash. To reattach the flash, push the tab back into its slot.

How Far Away Should I Stand From My Subject When Taking Pictures With My Camera Flash?

You should always use a safe distance between yourself and your subjects when using a detachable camera flash. If you're too close to your subject, they'll appear larger than normal in your photos.

How Much Light Does My Camera Flash Produce?

That means that you won't get bright enough light to illuminate a large area unless you have a lot of ambient light around you.

Does My Camera Flash Have A Built-In Timer?

No, but most cameras with a detachable camera flash include a manual mode where you can set how long you want the flash to stay on after you take the picture.

If you're having problems attaching/detaching your camera flash, try turning off all power to the flash first. Then turn the power back on again and try attaching/detaching the flash once more.

Make sure that the battery is fully charged. Also make sure that the flash is plugged into a wall outlet. If neither of those things fix the problem, then check to make sure that the flash isn't blocked by anything.

How Do I Know If My Camera Flash Has Been Damaged?

Check to make sure that the flash hasn't been dropped. If it looks like it was dropped, then you probably don't need to worry about repairing it.

Where Can I Buy Replacement Batteries For My Camera Flash?

Most camera stores sell replacement batteries for your camera flash. They're often sold separately from the rest of your camera equipment.

Can I Use My Camera Flash As A Regular Flash Instead Of A Detachable Camera Flash?

Not really. A standard flash uses a different kind of bulb than a detachable camera flash. So even though they look similar, they aren't compatible with each other.

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