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Decorative Paper Shredder

If you like decorating your house with colorful papers and wrapping gifts, then you might enjoy purchasing decorative paper shredders. This handy device allows you to easily tear off pieces of paper while keeping the rest intact. It helps prevent clutter and keeps your desk clean.

Decorated gift wrap is a popular trend nowadays. Many stores sell pre-wrapped boxes of presents, so you won't have to worry about making your own. But, if you'd rather create your own wrapping paper, then you may want to consider buying a decorative paper shredder. Read our buyers guide to learn more about decorative paper shredders and how they work.

Dahle ShredMATIC SM 300 Auto-Feed Paper Shredder, 300 Sheet Locking bin, Oil-Free, Jam Protection, Security Level P-4, 3-5 Users


Looking for a paper shredder that will help you keep your office clean and safe? Look no further than the Dahle ShredMatic SM300! This tough little machine can handle up to 300 sheets at a time, making it perfect for tackling messy paperwork. Plus, the oil-free design means you'll never have to worry about cleaning. And with automatic locking protection, you'll be able to rest assured that only you or a potential intruder could ever possibly steal your precious data. So why wait? Get the Dahle ShredMatic SM300 today!


Aurora AU870MA is a high security 8 sheet micro-cut paper credit card shredder. It is black. The AU870MA is the ideal solution for destroying all types of credit cards and documents. The AU870MA shreds paper and credit cards into tiny pieces (5/32 by 15/32 inches) and is ideal for shredding documents such as receipts, bank statements, credit cards, and checks. The AU870MA shreds paper and credit cards into tiny pieces (5/32 by 15/32 inches) and is ideal for shredding documents such as receipts, bank statements, credit cards, and checks.

The price point is nice for all the items it shreds. I would really like to shred the NetGear WiFi Extender with it which was a piece of junk from Amazon and ate up my entire day with tech support. This shredder will not disappoint you, regardless of whether you are trying to avoid federal prison by dismantling incriminating treasonous documents or simply cleaning out your file cabinet. I have been having issues for eight months and there has been no jury yet to convict me.

It is rapid, efficient, and effective in shredding credit cards. Everything ends up in tiny fragments. I have read many reviews before I tried this one for my home office, and I add my praise to the other positive reviews. I have had it for around ten months. It is much more durable than those that are in the same price range at our local office depot or officemax. I do not use it everyday. However, keep a sack where I can unpack the items I need to shredded. Then I sit down and shred for approximately a half hour. Before, my previous one was constantly hot and I would have to pause it after fifteen minutes to let it cool down before it would want to work again. This one does everything smoothly and easily. I never assemble more than five sheets at a time. I want it to last and I do not have to rush.

This shredder is suitable for both home and office use. I have purchased many shredders over the years. Aurora shredders have worked well at a reasonable price. If you do not have a shredder, then having one is not acceptable. Most micro-cut shredders are either too low volume or too large for commercial use. This is a nice size for placing it under a table or desk. It is a medium volume use. It is important for the entire page to cool down for a few minutes. It's not for people who shred a lot of paper all at once. It is nice that it has a narrow basket. Most shredders have a square pull out basket, but this one has a narrow one. It makes it easy to dump the contents into a small trash bag without spilling anything. I usually dump it into a paper recycling dumpster. If you need to shred more than a ream of paper at one time, get a larger one at a local office supplier. I will also say mine stopped working after about 10 months. It stopped after a few seconds of turning on. The customer service was excellent. They shipped a new one without sending the old one back.

It is a nicer, smaller shredder. The shredded pieces are tiny. The P4 micro cut shred size is exactly what you need for security purposes. The teeth used to shredders are made of steel, and are made to last. A shredder is quiet regarding the job of shredding. Some reviewers stated it is noisy, however, I found mine to be very quiet compared to others. In a home shredder, a pull out basket is a must because it can easily move in and out. The wheels located underneath the shredder make moving a breeze. The design that is all black looks really good. It was an exceptional purchase for me. You will not be disappointed.

My previous shredder, an Aurora, was a strip type. I had already filled the basket and the bags quickly. This new machine is much more efficient in creating small pcs. It is very quick and shreds paper, credit cards, and discs very well. It makes a bit more noise, but it also works harder. I recommend this machine because I am satisfied with it.

BONSEN 10-Sheet Super Micro-Cut Paper Shredder, High-Security Level P-5 Paper/Credit Card/Staples Quiet Shredder for Home Office, 30 Mins Running Time with 5.3 Gallons Pullout Basket (S3106)


Looking for a high-quality and affordable paper shredder? Check out the BONSEN 10-sheet super micro-cut paper shredder! It can shred up to 10 sheets at a time and features a large 5.3-gallon bin that can hold up to 420 sheets of A4 paper. Plus, the BONSEN paper shredder comes with a 1-year worry-free warranty. So why wait? Get the BONSEN 10-sheet super micro-cut paper shredder today!


Amazon Basics 8-Sheet High Security Micro-Cut Shredder with Pullout Basket. Protect your privacy and your identity with the Amazon Basics 8-Sheet High Security Micro-Cut Shredder with Pullout Basket. The micro-cut shredder turns paper into tiny confetti-like pieces measuring 5/32 by 15/32 inches (4 by 12 mm) meets high security level P-4 standards shreds 6x smaller than standard cross-cut shredders (2235 pieces vs.

I needed a new shredder and my companies are getting stricter about the expense so when I saw I could get a twelve page crosscut shredder for $50 in Amazon's brand I thought it was worth a try. I then saw this unit. Having micro cut a class 4 security, but only six pages is good. It is ecofriendly, in my opinion. I plugged it in, and I had some old mortgage documents I found while cleaning the garage. I read the pages in five, seven, and eight pages while it slashed the pages out without stopping. If you are like me, and typically shred few things a day and want the security of Class 4 Confetti size shred, then you will be satisfied with this unit. If given the opportunity to purchase again, I would choose this unit especially after seeing how it handles six pages.

I was searching for a decent shredder. I found a similar one that claimed to have shredded paper cut to microcut size. I will attach a picture of the final result. All the shreds are very small, and the blue pieces in the picture was a debit card, which got completely destroyed. It is quiet, compact, and the size is perfect. I am very pleased with this purchase.

I felt that shredded pieces are so small that it would be impossible to put them back together. This shredder fulfills this order and delivers. However, if you don't let it heat up, and lubricate the blades every time you empty the bin, you should not have any problem with it. I received five years of mail that I wanted to shred, and this thing formed marvelously. Four bins will fill a 13 gallon kitchen garbage bag with food. If you unload the shredder from the bin, it will shut down, purely for safety reasons. Be cautious around children, although the machine may not turn on for anything smaller than one inch. Do not worry about staples, accidents happen, no problem with that. My only problem is that you cannot shred more than six standard pages at the same time. Remember that the longer the page, the less it will be taken out of your computer. There isn't much difficulty to accomplish with the six page limit. I recommend purchasing some lubricant for the shredder to keep it running smoothly. The shredder will last for a very long time. I would purchase this shredder again for the price. It is a great product that I use every time I empty the bin. I hope that my review helped you. Enjoy what you get if you decide to buy this item.

I have been using this lightly (home office) for a few months and it has worked great. It goes through six-8 sheets with no issues. It can handle small staples easily, so there's not a need to remove them first. I have credit cards without any issue. The confetti left behind is small enough to protect personal or sensitive information. I have shredded several 35 gallon garbage bags full of old documentation, and it is still performing very well. The works became rather jammed once because a piece of plastic I did not notice damaged it. It was more the adhesive on the plastic, than the plastic itself. It has been cleaned and the batteries are charging. I did not view it negatively. I tried to put it through a CD or DVD, but it would only go into about two seconds before being stuck and having to reverse out. Offline, it was useless after that but it did not chew through the entire thing. I have tried much of what I have experienced, but it has been successful. I prefer the window view of the basket. I find that it is large enough that I am not constantly tempted to empty it. It also fits well and is of a high quality plastic for its purpose. I recommend purchasing and am happy that I paid a little extra for this model. Please let me know if this review helped you.

This replacement replaced a fifteenyearold Royal brand shredder that finally wore out. A flat slice of 1/4" by 1/4" squares, way too small to read any printing on. I spend a lot of money on an item at the warehouse club. The top end unit is 99 and I cannot get the other 49 Royal unit. In what universe does that count as shredded? I was able to read clearly the text on those strips. I researched this and discovered that with a cross cut, inch long strips are what you get. They invented a new term for shredding. This is due to the fact that most shredders are designed to shred credit cards. The better ones, like this shred CDs. The Royal might have shredded credit cards. What you are saying is that based on the comments, most of the are not real. In some comments, it broke down rather quickly and was left with long strips rather than a micro cut. I go to the local store to have a look. What does the ad in the bin have? A handful of microcut paper. A dozen large and long strips. New, right out of the box, and the thing is already broken. I found a line of AmazonBasics units while reseaching the micro cut shredders. Reading through the comments for the different shredder sizes, the number of reported problems seemed to drop the larger the shredder gets. At the 17rated pages here, the comments seemed largely positive, with the few negatives sounding like outliers. I was aware from the comments about various shredders that a shredder needs to be sold with a rated sheet capacity of two or less in order to avoid marketing. A number of eight should be in the text. Eight sounds like the stiffness of a credit card. Use a 2/3 metric, which is approximately the stiffness of a CD. I ordered the shredder and found an interesting fact at the onset. On the right side of the page, you will find the option for a two or three year extended warranty. You cannot buy those if you have to buy a shredder. I didn't want to buy them until I knew if it worked. I could return it for free to Amazon, then rebuy it with the warranty. But no, I am not going to do that. Next up is the packaging. The outer box is barely bigger than the shredder's box, large enough to allow two cats to play in at once. Old television repairman's trick for dealing with large heavy items in boxes. Remove the shredder box, do not take it out. Open the box lid, turn it upside down, the top has protective foam around the top of the shredder, then pull the box off the shredder. Then turn it around. The shredder is equipped with the wheels. The shredder works well. The shredded paper resembles the royal. The confetti has sixty degrees in the middle. For some reason, all of the microcut shredders seem to do that now. The former royal left all the pieces in an unflattering fashion. It shreds credit cards beautifully. The only thing I did slow down the speed was shredding a few papers. I could not distinguish between the plastic and the paper. I have not attempted to shred a CD yet. I have to work up to the first process of inserting a CD into a paper shredder. I am going to compare this shredder to the $99 Royal from a warehouse club. Turn it on and stick the paper in the slot. My design philosophy is to not stick my fingers into a paper shredder. One or two commenters noted the paper has to go in the slot three or four inches to start the motor. I was in the Royal family. There is a security feature, no separate slot for credit cards and CDs, there is just a marked section in the middle of the one slot. The warehouse club shredder had two slots very close to each other. I did not see the shredder from the dimly lit room. The time when I was a Royal was when it was quiet, but fifteen years later it was likely enough to wake the neighbors. It did not wake the cat sleeping nearby. The automatic shutoff of my older royal used to be the same. I have been turning it off and on if needed. It would be great to have one with the automatic shutoff working again. I see comments that small pieces of paper do not auto start the shredder. The sensor is located in the middle of the slot. It is marked in the manual. If you are shredding something short, or small, whatever you are, feed it right in the middle of the slot. My previous Royal was the same way. The bin is in front. I have seen a picture of a shredder pulling the bin out. What was the manufacturer smoking? Shredders are used to cut into tight spaces under desks. It is designed for shredder bags and contains a few bits of wisdom from the instruction manual. My old Royal didn't have shredder bags or micro cuts. The bin is a mess if they stick to it. That is like static electricity. There is not a word in the Amazon description about shredder bags but there is on page 9 of the manual. The top front of the bin has a hook to hook up the bag, the back of the bin has a special slot to fill any bag excess. They have a picture that gives it all the information it requires. The largest retailer of office supplies in which I looked has shredder bags. They should be oiled every month. On page eight, it mentions oiling and states failure to do so will void the warranty. Another omission from the Amanzon description. It seems like common sense, the blades in any shredder will last longer and stay rust free with occasional oil. I rubbed my 15yearold royal once a month. Box Office Supply Stores have official shredder oil in a bottle. This is what the instruction manual says on this unit. I would never do it in a kitchen. I am sure that it will be a pain. Utilize the correct ingredients. The same big box office store that had the shredder bags also has a package of preoiled sheets that you can run through shredders. The easy and easy way. If using oil in a bottle, the instructions say to run a bead right across the paper input slot, then put it in reverse for three seconds. It has the typical door open, overheat, overload, power on LEDs and shuts itself off after five minutes as an energy saving auto power off. Whenever you see the words "energy saving" or "ECO" on something you will find that is the poor performance mode that the device was never really designed for. In this case however, it is likely a good thing. You will have to hit the "on" button at the beginning of each shredding session. It answers your question, have you had a problem leaving it on last time? When you load a large amount in, the light that reflects on top of the load comes on, which causes the light to drain. That is probably a good thing. What happened because you put such a large amount of paper in it? Adding paper, humidity, or a voltage other than rated wall socket voltage may decrease shredding capacity. It is just basic common sense. A yellow piece of paper inserted in the manual states as part of AmazonBasics quality inspections, we test every shredder before shipping. Because of this, you may see paper shards in the bin from the testing. Good work Amazon. If this is true. Reading the comments for the various shredder models and types, it sounds like the out of the box failure rate is over 20% either immediately or within a few hours or days. Have you ever purchased aftermarket parts for your car? I have discovered that over 50% of these items are brand new. If you are lucky, they will last one year. For this reason, attending the dealer is worth paying the cost. I am not sure what will happen over the long term with reliability. I expect it to be awful, however I am so happy at that point just to find one that shreds properly, I guess I don't mind if I have to repurchase it in a year. I cannot purchase any more because I have an extended warranty. If you return the shredder, ask Amazon if they will refund the warranties. You should sign up for the extended warranty for a three year period. If you do not like the shredder then return it and the extended warranty. If you are looking at smaller Amazon Basics shredders, then do yourself a favor and get this one. I know that any six sheet shredder of any brand will most likely load down after three sheets because the motor belongs in a pencil sharpener. Why should you do that to yourself? Buy a shredder, to increase the strength and be happy.''

WOLVERINE 8-Sheet Super Micro Cut High Security Level P-5 Ultra Quiet Paper/Credit Card Home Office Shredder with 4.5 gallons Pullout Waste Bin SD9101 (White)


Secure your documents and personal information with the Wolverine Rover 8-Sheet Super Micro Cut High Security Level P-5 Ultra Quiet Paper/Credit Card Home Office Shredder. This powerful paper shredder is perfect for securely shredding any type of paper, including paper money, legal documents, business proposals and more. With a continuous working time of 10 minutes, this shredder can handle up to 500 sheets of paper at a time. The super alloy steel cutter is built to shred any type of paper, including paper money, legal documents, business proposals and more. Plus, the dual thermal protector protects your shredder against overheating and damage. Don't miss out on this must-have office equipment!


The Fellowes LX22M Powershred Micro Cut 20 Sheet Paper Shredder is a 100% jam proof paper shredder with IntelliBar patented responsive technology shreds up to 20 sheets of paper per pass into 5/32" x 1-3/8" micro-cut particles for superior security. The shredder is designed to shred up to 20 sheets of paper per pass, and the shredding action is interrupted when hands or paws touch the paper entry. The shredder has a built-in safety feature that prevents shredding when the shredder is in use. A red indicator light alerts users when the bin is approaching capacity. The LX22M has a safety cover that is easily removable to prevent fingers or paws from getting caught in the shredder. The LX22M shreds paper in 5/32" x 1-3/8" micro-cut particles for superior security.

I used a Fellowes shredder years ago and it was great. In order to save some money, I purchased a cheap one from Amazon Basics. After a month it overheated and began to stop working. I am grateful I did not spend the extra money and invested in a heavy duty shredder. I really like this shredder. I look forward to shredding my junk mail. The screen will continue to shred after about four seconds. It will do this when the hand or finger touches the slot. That is awesome and cool, but if you place a large amount of papers in at one time, an red light around the entrance will come on and will not shred. Sometimes the light that appears around the entrance to the paper will stop and go in reverse, pushing the paper out, as it is a little too thick. You will be able to see the entrance of the paper when you go inside. I tried to put the three thicknesses in the shredder at the same time, and all three lights lit up in the corresponding areas. Awesome.C. Fellowes recommends oiling the shredder after you empty the paper bin each time. The shredder is very quiet on YouTube. There is an instructional video on how to oil it. It is a triple A for me. It comes with clear instructions on how to follow a small bottle of oil and three small trash bags to put your paper in.

This shredder is about the size of a carryon suitcase. It cuts the paper in a way that is extremely secure and nonidentifiable. It has a spectacular safety feature that stops shredding after your hand gets too close to the paper feeding entrance. The system may be able to easily devour multiple sheets at one time. It is also acceptablely quiet. The technique requires shredding paper and expect to hear it. It has several indicators that tell you if the machine needs a rest, if the bin is full, too much paper at one time, etc. Overall, a spectacular purchase, the only negative is that the inside gets dusty, like a lot, but that is to be expected.

It has features that other shredders lack. It is important to know when a bag is close to full and when you are preparing for a cooling period. I have had it about a week and shredded a few thousand pages without any problem. It never reaches the cooling down phase. It just continued to work. Your safety is assured with the shredded pieces.

The shredder is a good choice for homes and light business use. It is solidly constructed, sleek, and hides nicely inside a corner. The bin is easy to find, and empty. Safety features and light indicators during shredding are great features. I have had other shredders for a hundred dollars less, but they are not as strong and sound a lot louder. You may be aware that Fellowes also makes them. I believe this product will be of good quality, not loud, and lasts a very long time. After several months of moderate use, I am very pleased with it.

I quickly became frustrated with the fact that if I put thirteen pages in by mistake, the shredder would be fighting with the shredder for hours trying to free the paper jam. It would heat up the basket in 20 minutes because I would have to wait 20 minutes for it to cool down. I should have ordered this one from the beginning. It is not jammed, can handle twenty sheets and has a place for a liner so you can avoid making a mess if you change it before it fills up too much. It can hold a decent amount of shredded paper before you need to change it. It is a much quieter unit than the cheap one.

BONSEN 18-Sheet Heavy Duty Paper Shredder, 30 Mins Nonstop Shredding, Mail, CD and Credit Card Cross-Cut Shredder for Office, Ultra Quiet Home Office Shredder with 6.6 Gals Pullout Basket (S3104)


If you're on the hunt for a powerful and dependable paper shredder that can handle any job, the BONSEEN 18-sheet heavy-duty paper shredder is your best bet! With its large capacity and high security level, this shredder is perfect for office use or home archival purposes. Plus, the BONSEEN paper shredder comes with a 1-year worry-free warranty, so you can rest assured that your purchase is of the highest quality. Order your BONSEEN 18-sheet heavy-duty paper shredder today!


Fellowes Powershred 225ci shredder is designed to meet the needs of busy office environments. This unit is a high performance shredder that cuts, shreds, staples, and staples with one pass. It has a continuous duty motor for non-stop shredding and a high volume 16-gallon removable basket with LED bin-full indicator. Safe Sense Technology stops shredding when hands touch the paper opening.

I have tried numerous store bought shredders and we have killed each one of them seeing that we had years of tax and military documents piled up. Some of these were only for a week. We are finally tired of it and purchased the Powershred 225 Ci. When Fellows say 100% duty cycle they mean it. We did not quit after a three to four hour shred session. It simply stopped backing up and regenerated when we overfed it to its capacity of 22 sheets. It would continue that until everything was gone. We no longer open junk mail, we simply forward it to the shredder. That is amazing. I am okay with the price. Residue can be recycled or burnt without any worries about data theft. It was, in my opinion, worth it. I am very happy with this shredder.

This thing is a monster. The shredder opens from the front and uses bags. It's easier to dispose of, and certainly a less messy job. Of all the shredding purchases I have made over my fifty years in business, FS seems to just tick. The thing is on wheels, so the job can go to the desk instead of the Monster. There is no need to be lazy. This shredder will last longer and is worth every penny.

We needed a shredder for our office. It offered cross cut shredding and was able to keep up with multiple users. The old shredder we had, we had to remove it frequently daily because it was loud enough that it would not turn off on its own. You also had to stand on your head and stand on the floor to use it. We had it setting on the floor to free up precious counter space. This shredder is a game changer We can shred more pages at a time and it is much quieter. The height is comfortable to use. I will provide you with a supply of oil and bags to get you started. The waste bin is made of cardboard, which was disappointing. The cardboard is very sturdy but I would assume that the money spent would have contained a plastic bin for sustainability purposes. Do not let this small item prevent you from buying. We are happy with the machine in it's entirety.

Our special education class started a work based learning program that includes creating a recycling route for teachers and shredding all of the school papers with names, addresses, and identification numbers on them. Some of my students who are not able to perform independent tasks, have relied on this shredder. That will require CD's, staples, and twenty sheets at a time. It is quiet and turns on automatically when you hold it up. It is very big, to catch the shredded material.

I wish that I would have bought one sooner. I chose this one up front because of its weight. This is a good piece of equipment, that is very fast and efficient. It was a wonderful experience. I couldn't be happier.

BONSEN Paper Shredder for Home Use, 12-Sheet Credit Card Crosscut Shredder for Home Office, 6 Gallons Large Wastebasket with Transparent Window, High Security Level P-4, Black (S3103)


Reliable and easy to use, the BONSEN Paper Shredler is perfect for your needs! With its continuous feed design and large capacity, it's perfect for tackling messes of all sizes. This tough little shredder can handle paper of all types, including legal documents, invoices, and more. Plus, it comes with a 1-year worry-free warranty, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your investment in quality products and services is protected. So why wait? Get the BONSEN Paper Shredler today!


Bonsaii crosscut paper shredder is a great paper shredder for home use, business use, and small office. It is a high quality and reliable paper shredder with cutting and a 3. 4 gallon wastebasket. It is a very convenient paper shredder that can shred up to 6 sheets of paper at one time (Max 36 Sheets in one minutes). It is also a perfect choice for office, home, and small office. The home paper shredder is made of ABS plastic material and has a compact size of 14. 1 x 11. 8 x 7 inches. The portable handle design allows you to easily carry it anywhere. The home paper shredder is easy to operate and safe to use. The auto start/stop and manual-reverse function protect the paper shredder from the frustration of paper jams. The document shredder will stop working once you lift the head keeping you safe. The crosscut paper shredder with 3.

I received the product a day earlier than I anticipated, and immediately took it out of the box and began shredding it. I spent more time opening and destroying my mail, destroying documents, and shredding in order to spend more time without getting attractive. Additionally, I was not doing six sheets at once, but rather randomly. I have sat my mail under the chair table beside the front door in order to relieve the need for mail back up. I open the mail, shred it, and walk away. It would be nice if it had a nice blue color, it would blend in beautifully.

I purchased the paper shredder on Amazon. I normally obtain my previous shredders at Staples. They were all expensive, except for the rare occasions when I saw a specific model being discounted. I went with the Bonsaii shredder because there was no sale at Staples. It is performing fairly well to the purpose I require it to. I am happy that I made the purchase because it is smaller than my previous shredder.

I have shredded credit cards, staples, and multiple pages and it works perfectly. I own one that is quieter than the one I owned. The handle lifts it off to empty. I am satisfied with the result.

This shredder has about the same speed and noise level as my previous shredder, but it's better built. My previous shredder finally quit due to the bent cutter blades in the center where envelopes go through. I sent it envelopes that were more than six pages in length. The cutting wheels on this model are much beefier than my previous one. I believe the motor would stall, and then these cutting wheels could be damaged. I like the large window that tells you the amount of paper that's in the bin.

I purchased this a month ago. I needed a new shredder for the Amazon shredder because my older one broke down. The item that I received from three different apartments while cleaning my apartment prior to May 1st, is included. The shredder arrived early and it never stopped working. I shred five large garbage bags without it jamming, stopping, or overheating. It is a bit loud. Make sure you do not have babies or pets sensitive to loud sounds around it. There was not a lot of reviews on this shredder, so I was hesitant at first. I am pleased that I purchased the shredder.

Fellowes Powershred 125Ci 100% Jam Proof 20 -Sheet Cross-Cut Commercial Grade Paper Shredder


If you're in need of a reliable and affordable paper shredder that can handle any job, the Fellowes Powershred 125Ci is exactly what you're looking for! It can shred up to 20 sheets of paper at a time, making it perfect for handling large volumes of documents. Plus, its 100% jam proof system means you won't have to worry about paper jams. And with the safe sense technology, you'll know if your hands are actually touching the paper or not. So why wait? Get the Fellowes Powershred 125Ci today!


The Aurora AU1220XA is a 12 sheet crosscut paper and credit card shredder with a 5. 2 gallon wastebasket. It has a durable steel housing and a heavy-duty blade that will cut through any paper, including plastic, cardboard, and metal. It is equipped with a security level P-3, which means it is suitable for shredding documents containing sensitive information. The shredder is also equipped with a nonstop 3-minute continuous run timer, overload and thermal protection, and a 4-mode power switch. The Aurora AU1220XA is backed by a 2-year warranty.

I have difficulty with shredders, so I was searching for one to replace my recently deceased Staples shredder. I shred the portions of mail that include my name and credit card checks they send you. After reading reviews and checking price and features, I decided on this model. I am happy with the outcome so far. The method was tested by going through and shredding about three months of back up mail which is usually junk. Shredding is the next best option because ink rollers that are supposed to block your personal information are no longer effective. I found this shredder very useful for the price. It can handle up to 12 pages at a time. I created a few credit card similar to pieces address labels. I used card stock paper and glossy paper. There are no problems. Not with any noise, but not the growling monster of my previous shredder. I was not going to lose my hearing, and my dog did not move from his nap. The actual shredder top that has the motor is heavy so be careful when lifting it to position it and empty it. I hope this one lasts some years.

I used an older Aurora 5 Sheet, which I have used for years. I have never had any problems with it, despite the fact that I have never lubricated it. I do not recall receiving a manual with the purchase at the local store. I am undergoing a pandemic, and decided that we should spend a great deal of time in my own residence cleaning up decades of personal files. It appeared the Aurora AU1460XA model met that need. I checked local shredding services, and at a dollar a pound, I knew this shredder would pay for itself and I would not have to worry about security. The AU1460XA shredder is much quieter than my old one, and can easily chew up 12-14 sheets without hesitation. It has nice features. I do not have to remove the motor unit in order to empty anything. I shred both CDs and cards but the latter does not serve me well. That is not a significant matter to me so far because I probably have done more than 200 pounds of documents through this without a hitch. There are six tall lawn waste bags and I'm very happy with this shredder I do not wait for the cooling, and it handles everything perfectly without worry for security. I have a manual on how to lubricate. This has already paid for itself, and I am certain it will last for years.

I am a mobile notary. I use a shredder every day. I order a new one. I ordered a replacement. It is the same moderately priced range that the other two. I would like to find something that is reliable, not too loud, and sturdy. I could not be happier.

I think it shreds paper. It is longer lasting than the POS that I purchased at Staples for the same price. Noise level, maneuverability, safety features, and other factors? Yes, if it is not attached to the can, it will not go. The machine is nearly as noisy as a paper shredder. Yes, you can move it if you pick it up. If you don't, it's seated there. It is not on wheels and does not have trans. It's somewhere between the grace of a ballerina and a mountain.

I have had severing mail in the past and I genuinely enjoy the shredder. This is a surprise because it is heavy. I needed to adjust in order to retrieve the box from the delivery. I would estimate around 20 pounds. You will see why when you take it out of the box. My first photographs indicated it was covered in metal. You will see my small pieces, which are quite nice. I handled them without a single difficulty. I do not believe I will have an issue with this one.

Powershred 14C10 14-Sheet Cross-Cutt Home Office Paper Shredder


Protect your home or business today with the Fellowes Powershred 14C10 14-sheet paper shredder! This machine can shred up to 14 sheets of paper at a time, and it features a patented safety lock that prevents unintended actuation. Plus, it comes with staple remover and paper clip cutter capabilities, so you can easily dispose of any remaining waste. Order your Fellowes Powershred 14C10 today!


bonsaii cross cut paper shredder is designed for home office and small office use it can shred up to 14 sheets of paper in one go and can shred paper up to 1 inch thick. Paper shredder for office heavy duty is made of durable steel and comes with 4. 8 gallon wastebasket and transparent window to make it easy to see when the bin is full of paper scraps. This paper shredder for office heavy duty is quiet and energy saving machine it only consumes 3 watts power. It has built-in jam proof system and easy to operate. It also comes with LED indicator to show the status of the machine.

After spending the last three days shredding documents with sensitive information on them for my family, I highly recommend this shredder With the 30 minute run time, I was able to empty 10+ boxes of old bank medical and credit card records at a regular pace. I never had to wait through the ten minute cool down as I turned it off while I sorted more files, answered calls, and did household chores. I am thrilled with its performance right out of the box and how much storage space it quickly freed up. The pieces are small and look good. I will use five thirteen gallon trash bags for the cat's litter box. Upon his completion of the project, anyone who tries to reassemble it will be very distressed. I will update this review if there are any issues.

I received the shredder, however, it was badly damaged during shipping. It was still wrapped, but broken. I received the email from Amazon in just a few minutes. It took just 20 seconds to return it at the Up's store. I scant the code and was done. The replacement arrived two days after the return. It is much quieter than my previous one. At ten feet away, 51 dB of noise is echoed into my office due to a 40 dB basement noise due to a washing machine and dryer running. Shredding is performed at 67 dB. That was an amazing performance. I used it to shred a long list of bills and marketing mail. It has worked for four hours. I had mail piled up in boxes, it did not really get much rest but never overheated. There were instances where I placed envelopes that were too thick. Once the sensor sensed the thickness, it reversed direction automatically. I just opened these letters and fed half of the papers. They are very easily chewed. I shredded letters and cards. There is no problem. I believe the good is that there is no stop and go. It is an attractive bin, but the negative is that it feels unsupported. The sensors are in strange locations. If you put a regular envelope to the left it will stop because there is no sensor there but if you put two letters side by side it will work. It is by far the best shredder I have come across. I highly recommend it. I will post an update in a few months.

I have owned the Bonsaii EverShred C149C for about a week and in that time have only used it once. I am already able to tell it is an upgrade to the Bonsaii EverShred C169 B it replaced. The wheels allow it to be more portable, which I initially did not care about until I had to move it, and the bigger basket means I will be able to empty it less. I will reassess further product description, because this review will focus on Bonsaiis customer service more than the Bonsaii EverShred C149C. As previously mentioned, I owned two C169s over the last couple of years. They both were great but unfortunately the fate was similar. Normally I would terminate a relationship with a brand or company. I decided to reach out to them because Bonsaii provided such exceptional customer service the first time I needed a replacement. I received a prompt response to my email to the company and even had the pleasure of working with the same Bonsaii Customer Support rep that helped me previously. The second shredder was no longer under warranty. They could not simply offer a replacement. I understood and I was expecting it. I did not expect the Bonsaii Customer Support Rep to be genuinely empathetic to my situation and actively seek a positive outcome for me. As I previously stated, business provides excellent customer service when things go perfectly. I was even offered suggestions of their shredders which might better fit my needs. However, it is a true testament to a business character to continue to do so when things go wrong, especially if they went wrong again.

It is a nice shredder. We use it for a small contracting business and shred paperwork daily, but not much of it. This man has kept up nicely for the last month, but is still relatively quiet. I enjoy the drawer pull out feature, which allows you to empty the container with less effort than taking the lid off and having to dump it. It seems foolish not to have it the other way. The shredder components remain exactly where they are on the drawer. You are simply moving the basket to empty, and then bringing it back to the shredder. When we had our old basket dumped, it was difficult to remove the top and get the stringys out. It never failed that when I placed the shredder top back on, there was always a mess wherever I had let it sit. I did not realize how annoying that was until I stopped having it. My best advice is to reconsider and look at this shredder.

Is it possible that I am allowing my shredding to take place so I can write a review on my computer? This unit is impressing me. I have replaced a Fellowes DS-3 shredder. The DS-3 broke when one of the plastic gears in the drive train shed a gear, a tiny piece of plastic snaps, and the whole thing went into the trash. I considered searching more than I could to select this Bonsaii shredder, which I selected. The features I liked in the listing are its fourteen sheet capacity (the DS-3 claimed 10 sheets, but no way), and its quieter operation. My wife strongly disliked the sound of the DS-3, which was an appealing feature. It arrived quickly and I connected it. I will have that light on constantly, as it is a bright red LED. You may have to put electrical tape over it. I put in my first sheet to test it. It is quieter than the DS-3. The car is two thirds as fast, pulling the paper through the drivetrain. Perhaps my rate of completion is same, since I have the ability to process more sheets at once. I gave it its first major run. He seems to be unstoppable. Yes, it feeds slowly and carefully. It does not slow down when you feed it a few sheets. The Fellowes is constantly straining, it just maintains its constant speed. I plopped fifteen sheets in it and it took it like a champ, without breaking much of a sweat. 15 sheets is a good handful of paper. So, I have been feeding it gobs of paper. The book is probably over fourteen pages sometimes but without any worry it will just plow through it all. It was always suspenseful with the fellows. Is it possible? Can I take the paper out again? The Friends of Little Drama Queen. When the Bonsaii bin filled up, I slid out the drawer, mashed the shreds down a bit, and got a bunch more papers through before I had to dump it. I had to collect the entire bucket, leaving paper dangling, and set it on the floor, paper dust going everywhere. Pulling out a tray when the paper shreds are stacked higher than the top of the door will probably scrape a pile of paper shreds into the inside of the machine. I am very pleased with this purchase. Strong, steady, not jamming yet. I have not attempted to abuse it (shoving in ten sheets cockeyed so they buckle and bend), but I am certain that will happen. If something untoward happens, I will update this review. I'm very pleased so far. I did have a problem, though. It might have resulted from the way things got stuck inside the unit. The reason is because the grinding teeth are all metal, but underneath they have a plastic part which helps clear the failed teeth. It shrank, but didn't sound good. I thought it was crippled after nine months. I contacted their customer service through the link on their website and it is apparent that someone returned my call within hours on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. They were completely loyal to their product, and I'm back on track. I have never had customer service that smashed into my expectations. I was ecstatic, and very pleased. If that was a contributing factor, I would be mindful of emptying the bin more frequently. As I have stated, it is a very effective performer, it can handle thick bundles of paper, so send them straight through to avoid folds. When it begins to heat up, a small fan comes on to help cool it down. I have never had a jam in all of this time, but it seems very obvious that if you treat it well, do not shove a phone book in there, and empty the bin, then it should go well for you. The customer support provided was excellent.

Woolsche CD222P 8-Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder with 3.43-Gallon Visible Bin,P-4 Security Level, 3-Mode Design Shred CD and Credit Card Paper Shredder for Home Use


Looking for an easy way to shred your old papers? The Woolsche CD222P 8-Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder with 3.43-gallon visible bin is perfect for you! This tough little shredder can handle anything you throw at it, including staples and credit cards. Plus, the built-in overheat protection means you don't have to worry about burning down your house. Get yours today and see how easy it is to use!


Boonsen 18 Sheet Paper Shredder The Boonsen 18 sheet paper shredder is designed for shredding office documents and confidential papers. It has a pull-out bin that holds 6. 6 pounds of paper. The shredder has a power on/off button, a forward/reverse button, and a bin full indicator. It is equipped with a nonstop 30-minute running time, and an advanced cooling system. The cross-cut shredder can continuously run up to 30 minutes without waiting for cooling. The durable cutting blade allows you to complete shredding in just one setting. Super Quiet Shredder The Boonsen 18 sheet paper shredder is equipped with a 58 dB low noise level, which will give you a quiet and smooth shredding experience. The paper shredder is user-friendly, with convenient buttons (power on/off, forward/reverse, and bin full indicator). Large Bin Capacity The Boonsen 18 sheet paper shredder has a 6.

I am able to send most mail by putting it through my mailer's envelope. I have not read that it will do CD's anywhere, but I just sent one through it a minute ago, and it ate it without any problems. The front light is a nice blue color and its design allows the light to illuminate the inside of the basket providing better visibility on shredding and how full the bin is. The wheels are nice and make it move very easy on my tile floors. This shredder is the quietest that I have ever owned.

I did some research. This shredder is replacing our previous one, which is constantly jamming. The motor drive in this Bonsen unit is virtually silent. The basket is large and easy to remove in order to dispose of. The fan uses automatic cycles to cool the unit when a fan is required. I am going to oil the blades after each session. If the shredder needs to be replaced, I would purchase it.

I am very pleased with the new shredder that I purchased for my office. It is very quiet and very powerful. It is quite heavy, and the large shred bin can be cumbersome if emptying into a garbage bin. I would purchase this product again.

It is my fourth paper shredder and it is the quietest. It also handles more than three papers at the same time. That basket also has a large capacity.

BONSEN 15-Sheet Heavy Duty Paper Shredder for Office, 30-Minute Running Time Cross-Cut Shredder with 5.3-Gallon Pull Out Basket, Anti-Jam & Quiet Shredder for Home Office (S3102)


Looking for an affordable and reliable way to destroy unwanted documents? Check out the BONSEN 15-sheet heavy-duty paper shredder! This machine can handle up to 15 sheets at a time, making it perfect for destroying junk mail, credit card statements, and other unneeded paperwork. With a one-year warranty, you can be sure that the BONSEN 15-sheet paper shredder is a great investment for your home or business.


The Powershred W11C 11 Sheet Cross Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder with Safety Lock. This items packaging will indicate what is inside and cannot be hidden. Product Features: Shreds 11 sheets of paper per pass into 431 (5/32 x1-3/8" Security Level P-4) cross-cut particles shreds staples credit cards Run for up to 5 minutes before a cool down period is needed Patented SafetyLock disables the shredder for added safety protection Provides reliable medium duty shredding and is ideal for deskside use. 4. 75- gallon lift-off head w/ handle. Amps 5 This item's packaging will indicate what is inside and cannot be hidden.

I previously owned a Flower Paper Shredder that had a cross cut style and had been attached to its own bin or basket. It was a medium duty, medium price item that overheated after 15 solid minutes of use. It would initially accept two sheets of paper, but it stopped accepting paper after ten years. So now I am here, after purchasing a new model. The model caught my attention after reading reviews that say it lasted more than ten years and shredded an entire filing drawer without stopping. I had a large amount of paperwork to shred in my grocery bag. I would usually save up and then do all at once. It seemed that this machine was ready for the challenge. After an hour and a half of continuous shredding, the machine finally went into overheat mode and cut off the motor one hour later. It had evaporated and was ready to go. I adore how the bin slides easily in and out, I emptied it into a thirty gallon size bag. The shredding blades and motor are not operable as a built in safety measure when the bin is removed. The wheels move smoothly. They also have a lock-in position. The shred size is literally smaller than a pea. The next smallest size is used by the government for the shredding of their sensitive documents. If the piece of paper has even a slightly pulled edge or if the paper bunches up upon entering the feeding slot the shred size is more like that of a crosscut. It does not occur often nor does it concern me, but it is merely a good tip. The machine is very quiet and could be used in the next room from a sleeping person. I fed no more than three sheets of paper at a time to prevent the motor from being overworked and thus lasting for the long term. It depends on the weight of the item, but the quantity of material in the bin can greatly affect it. The machine overheated one time after I filled the bin three or four times consecutively. I believe the cool off time is approximately thirty minutes.

This is my second purchase of this model shredder, after the first one died after five years and eleven months. My belief was that I was shredding a credit card by inserting it alone directly over the safety tab or switch inside the paper slot. I have used and looked at many shredders. The shredders that take only single sheets are ineffective because they take jam or just create strips. For me, the shredder has to be powerful enough to shred multiple sheets with staples. It must be quickly used and empty. It has a good capacity for home use and is easy to empty. For cleaning, you need to remove the top and place it on the floor. In less than thirty seconds, I empty this thing without having to worry about throwing away several paper pieces when emptying it into another container. This is why I purchased this shredder again.

If the sensor is covered in paper dust, simply take a cotton swab, dip it in a small amount of alcohol, and rub the sensor clean. I started using shredders and Sharpening and lubricant sheets rather than oiling. I am extremely grateful to Amazon customer reviews for providing valuable information. If you follow the recommended shredding time the machine will perform well. The shredding time for this machine is 5 minutes per continuous cycle. You can fill the shredder bin in five minutes. After five minutes of shredding you will have to allow a minimum of twenty minutes to cool down.

It is quiet and looks powerful. Shreds the paper to tiny pieces. I lined the basket with a clear, transparent, 10 gallon trash bag. It is available from Costco, so when emptying these tiny pieces do not fly all over the place. I did not buy the Fellows canola oil bottle for $9. Instead, I use a small syringe, and bought a small bottle of plain canola oil at the supermarket for $2, and now I can also fry some eggs for much lower costs.

Identity thieves recommend the use of cross cut, shred, or similar techniques to protect sensitive documents. I run anything that has my name on it through a shredder. I purchased this unit nine years ago and it never failed me. I also purchased a bottle of Fellowes Performance Oil for shredders. If I changed the hopper bag, I simply sprayed oil over the feed slot, fed one sheet of paper forwards, and then reversed the blades for three seconds. I have never experienced anything similar. When the motor overheats, the problem is temporary and should be contained. If the hopper is too full to shred, if it has paper pressing against the units it will refuse to shred and you should dump the hopper. It is meant to be used in an office or household setting, rather than permanent use. If you try to feed them through they will do a number on the blades. To destroy one call the credit card company, they will send you a postpaid envelope so that you can return it, and they will run it through their industrial shredder so that you do not have to destroy yours.

EZBASICS 5-Sheet Cross-Cut (Lubricant is not Needed) Paper and Credit Card Shredder with Pullout Basket, 58 dB, White


Protect your privacy and personal information with the EZBASICS 5-sheet cross-cut shredder. This powerful machine can handle any type of document, including credit cards, clips, and staples. Plus, the exclusive cutter design makes it easy to destroy any confidential documents you might have been thinking about shredding. With its compact and stylish design, the EZBASICS 5-sheet cross-cut shredder is a great addition to any home or office.


This credit card and paper shredder has 8-sheet capacity and 8. 7-inch throat width. It also has a sturdy metal frame and a high quality motor that can shred paper and credit cards. This credit card and paper shredder can be used for both personal and business purposes. It can also be used to shred documents and credit cards.

I have been trying to declutter my house but I did not feel comfortable disposing paper with important or private information, so I decided to purchase a Shredder. I purchased this in 2013 and I still own it five years later. I have shrunk credit and paper. I have suffered only twice in my lifetime. It continued to work until I was able to fix it.

It is a great value for money especially if you are looking for protection for your personal information. It is robust but lightweight. It has two parts, the shredder on top and a plastic waste basket on the bottom. It is extremely crosscutting. Small enough to be placed in a corner. It is the perfect shredder for your home. You can shred both paper and heavier materials such as credit cards. It has three buttons - auto, off, and reverse. I keep it plugged in, but only turn it on when I need it. It can hold 100 sheets or less at a time, however I would recommend emptying it out before it gets full.

The shredder is a powerhouse. This method is fast and efficient. If you shred the capacity of eight sheets it shreds at a slower pace. One full bin of shredded paper will easily fill a plastic grocery bag. It is not large, it can be easily tucked away without it being a sight for sore eyes. It is quite cute, and powerful.

I'm very fond of this shredder, however the basket on which the head is seated is smaller than I would have liked. It easily shreds eight sheets, but I prefer no more than six. I tear a 9X11 sheet in half so that the shreds do not collect at the edges. I also had an Aurora Shredder before, but it finally gave up the ghost after seventeen years. It was more than it was, but that is no longer affordable for home use. I would purchase from the same company again.

I use this shredder almost every day for the purpose of shredding paper that I would not normally throw away in the garbage. It is still working flawlessly after eating up hundreds of pounds of papers and going through two out of state moves. I have used the credit card shredding features a few times and there was no issue. It will shred approximately five to six sheets of paper comfortably at once. However, be careful if shredding a whole envelope, such as credit card offers, because these might get stuck. You will be better off opening the envelope and shredding the papers individually. It is not a heavy duty product but it gets the job done for regular daily use.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Decorative Paper Shredder

Paper shredding has become increasingly important as more sensitive information comes into our lives. This means that shredding paper is becoming a necessity rather than a luxury.

What Is A Decorative Paper Shredder?

Decorative paper shredders are small devices that help people destroy papers without having to tear up the papers first. These paper shredders come in many different shapes and sizes, but all work similarly. They cut through the paper into tiny pieces, making it easier for you to throw away any unwanted documents. The best part about these paper shredders is that they look like regular office equipment, so no one will even know what you're doing!

Where Should I Buy A Decorative Paper Shredder?

You can find decorative paper shredders at most office supply stores, including Staples, Office Depot, and Walgreens. There are several types of decorative paper shredders available, each with its own unique features. For example, some models include a built-in printer, while others have an LCD screen where you can watch videos or play music while you shred. If you're looking for something specific, make sure to shop around before buying.

Who Needs A Decorative Paper Shredder?

Paper shredders aren't just useful for keeping sensitive documents private. They're also perfect for creating beautiful gifts. From wrapping paper to holiday cards, a decorative paper shredder makes any occasion special.

Decorating presents isn't just limited to holidays. It's a wonderful way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and other occasions. But, before you start decorating, you need to know how to use a paper shredder safely. Here are three things you need to know:

When using a paper shredder, never touch the blades. Even though the blades are covered, they still pose a risk of injury. To avoid this danger, place the shredder away from where you plan to cut papers. Also, keep your hands far enough away from the machine so that you don't accidentally hit one of the blades.

The blades inside a paper shredder are designed to cut through paper quickly. However, they can easily slice fingers and hands. When cutting paper, hold the paper firmly against the feeder tray. Then slowly pull it through the shredding mechanism until the entire sheet has been shredded. Don't let the paper slip off the tray while pulling it through.

Before starting to shred, check the blade area for debris. Remove any pieces of paper that could cause problems. After cleaning the blade area, wipe down the rest of the machine with a damp cloth. Doing this will prevent dust particles from getting stuck in the rollers and causing jams.

With these tips in mind, you can create beautiful gifts that will last forever. Now, open your present and see what kind of beauty awaits you!

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Decorative Paper Shredder

They are also useful for disposing of old papers and other materials that may otherwise clutter up offices and homes. While many people use regular office shredders, others prefer to purchase special shredders designed specifically for home use. These shredders come in various sizes and shapes, so it's important to find one that suits your needs.

Before buying a shredder, think about how often you plan to use it. Will you be shredding large quantities of paper? Or do you just want to dispose of small amounts of sensitive paperwork? Do you plan to shred paper frequently or infrequently? You'll probably want to buy a shredder that is easy to operate. This means having a simple control panel that allows you to select the type of material you wish to shred and then pressing a button to begin the shredding process.

If you plan to shred paper frequently, you should buy a shredder that has a larger capacity. For example, if you plan to shred several sheets of paper every week, you might want to invest in a model that holds 100 sheets of paper. On the other hand, if you simply want to shred a couple of pieces of paper once a year, you might opt for a smaller shredder that holds 10 sheets of paper.

You'll also want to consider whether you'd like a manual or automatic shredder. Manual models usually cost less than automatic ones, but they tend to be slower to operate. Automatic models are generally easier to use, but they typically cost more than their manual counterparts. If you plan to shred paper occasionally, you might want to go with an automatic model.

Finally, you'll want to decide between a flatbed or upright shredder. Flatbed models hold items such as CDs and DVDs vertically, making them ideal for shredding items that are taller than the shredder itself. Upright models hold items horizontally, allowing you to easily shred stacks of paper.

Features To Consider When Buying A Decorative Paper Shredder

Decorations. Whether you're wrapping gifts or decorating a party, you'll want to use decorations that add color and style to your event. But if you've got a lot of papers to shred, you may not want to spend time cutting them into strips. That's where a decorative paper shredder comes in handy. These machines cut sheets of paper into strips, leaving behind colorful pieces of shredded paper.

Easy cleanup. Most decorative paper shredders feature a built-in trash bin. This makes it easier to clean up messes than having to sort through piles of shredded paper. And since most models are cordless, they're convenient to store away when not in use.

Versatility. Many decorative paper shredders can handle regular office paper, as well as envelopes and other types of paper. Some even work with credit cards, checks, and receipts.

Safety. Since these machines are used to shred paper, they must be kept locked when not in use. Make sure you lock them up when not using them, and always unplug them when finished.

Storage space. Because decorative paper shredders take up quite a bit of room, you may want to invest in a model that has a storage compartment. This way, you can easily store unused shredding supplies inside.

Value. When you're shopping for a decorative paper shredder, you'll want to compare prices on different models. Look for deals on refurbished units, and check clearance racks to find great buys. You might also want to look for sales or coupons to help you save money.

Different Types Of Decorative Paper Shredder

Paper shredding machines are becoming increasingly popular among businesses. They offer a convenient solution to destroying confidential documents. A typical paper shredder consists of two parts; a cutting mechanism and a container. When activated, the cutting mechanism cuts through the document and sends it into the container. The shredded pieces fall down into the container below.

The main benefit of a paper shredder is that it allows companies to destroy sensitive information without having to worry about someone stealing it. The problem with paper shredders is that they are bulky and heavy. They also cost quite a bit of money. For this reason, many small business owners choose to use a paper shredder instead of hiring professional shredders.

Decorative Paper Shredders. Decorative paper shredders are smaller and lighter than traditional paper shredders. Decorative Paper Shredders are also less expensive. They consist of a plastic housing that holds a blade. When activated, the blade slices through the paper and drops it into a container below. The blades are sharp enough to cut through any kind of paper including envelopes, magazines, and credit cards.

This makes them perfect for home use. Decorative Paper Shredders are compact and lightweight making them easy to transport. They are also affordable.

Wrapping Paper Shredders. Wrapping paper shredders are similar to decorative paper shredders except that they are specifically designed to shred wrapping paper. They are also cheaper than regular paper shredders. These are also much smaller. Decorative Paper Shredders are perfect for those who don't want to spend a lot of money on a large machine.

Wrapping paper shredders are also known as "paper cutter" or "wrapping paper cutter". Decorative Paper Shredders are commonly seen in office supply stores and department stores. They are perfect for those who want to keep their wrapping paper organized.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Decorative Paper Shredder

What is a decorative paper shredder?

A decorative paper shredder is a tool that allows you to easily destroy pieces of paper without having to use scissors or a knife. These tools look like regular paper shredders but have extra features that make them more useful than standard paper shredders.

Where Can I Get A Decorative Paper Shredder?

You can purchase decorative paper shredders at most office supply stores. They will often carry multiple models of decorative paper shredders.

What Types Of Papers Can Be Shredded With A Decorative Paper Shredder?

Decorative paper shredders can shred all kinds of paper, including envelopes, credit cards, checks, photographs, and even documents that contain personal information.

Does A Decorative Paper Shredder Cut Through Staples?

No, they don't cut through staples. Instead, they simply break apart the paper into smaller pieces.

Will A Decorative Paper Shredder Tear My Clothes When I'M Shredding?

Most decorative paper shredders have a safety feature that makes it impossible to accidentally pull out your clothing during the shredding process.

Can I Shred Confidential Documents With A Decorative Paper Shredder?

Yes, you can shred confidential documents with a decorative paper shredder. Just be careful not to leave any evidence behind after destroying the document.

Can I Shred Sensitive Documents With A Decorative Paper Shredder?

Yes, you can shred sensitive documents with a decorative paper shredder. Just be aware that this type of shredder isn't designed to handle anything too delicate.

Can I Shred Documents With A Decorative Paper Shredder?

Yes, you can shred documents with a decorative paper shredder. Just remember to keep the documents together so that you won't lose any important information.

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