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Dead bolts are essential security devices that protect homes against intruders. They prevent burglars from breaking into your house while you’re not home. If you live alone, having a deadbolt installed on your door may seem like a hassle. But, once you understand the benefits of installing a deadbolt, you’ll realize that it’s worth the effort.

Deadbolts work by preventing someone from entering your home unless they have the correct key. This prevents break-ins and theft. It also helps ensure that your family members feel safe when they visit. Read our buyers guide to learn more about deadbolts and how they can benefit your home.

Kwikset 258 Uptown Door Deadbolt, Square Contemporary Low Profile Keyed One Side Low Profile Deadbolt featuring SmartKey Security in Matte Black


Protect your home and family with the Kwikset 258 Uptown Door Deadbolt - a designer doorstop that features smart key security for added protection. This deadbolt is perfect for use on exterior doors where keyed entry and security are needed. The Kwikset 258 Uptown Door Deadbolt also comes with our no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure of a great buying experience or your money back. Don't miss out on this must-have home security item!

Kwikset 98160-016 Contemporary Key Control deadbolt, Matte Black


Protect your home and family with the Kwikset 98160-016 Contemporary Key Control deadbolt! This top-quality deadbolt features a concealed cylinder for one-key convenience, as well as lower-exposure cylinders for easy re-keying. Plus, it's maintenance-free and will last for years to come. So why wait? Get the Kwikset 98160-016 Contemporary Key Control deadbolt today!

Amazon Basics Modern Exterior Door Handle with Right-Hand Wave Door Lever and Deadbolt Lock Set, Satin Nickel

Amazon Basics

The modern door handle you have been looking for is now available! Check out the Amazon Basics Modern Exterior Door Handle with Right-Hand Wave Door Lever and Deadbolt Lock Set! This stylish handle features a satin nickel finish and a durable zinc alloy construction that will last for years to come. It also comes with a one year limited warranty, so you can be sure it's of the highest quality. Order your set today!

Schlage B81 Single Sided Residential Deadbolt with Thumbturn and Outside Trim Pl, Matt Black


Upgrade your home security with the Schlage B81 single-sided residential deadbolt! This tough door lock features a thumbwheel for easy operation and an outside trim to protect your door from damage. The matte black finish is perfect for any home dcor, and the metal construction ensures a great deal of durability. So don't wait any longer, get the Schlage B81 single-sided residential deadbolt today!

Amazon Basics Exterior Door Knob With Lock and Deadbolt, Oval Egg, Oil Rubbed Bronze

Amazon Basics

If you're looking for a sturdy and stylish door knob that will last for years to come, the Amazon Basics exterior door knob with lock and deadbolt is exactly what you need! This knob features a bronze finish and an oval shape, making it a great addition to any home or office. The brass body of the knob is strong and durable, while the steel internal structure is built to last. Plus, the 4 bronze keys are keyed alike, so you'll always have the right one handy when you need it. And if anything ever goes wrong with this knob, we also offer a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. So why wait? Get your Amazon Basics exterior door knob with lock and deadbolt today!

Keyless Entry Door Lock, HuTools Electric Keypad Deadbolt Lock with 20 User Codes, Auto and 1 Button Locking with Illuminated Keypad, Satin Nickel


Need a way to securely lock your door from inside? The Keyless Entry Door Lock from HuTools is the answer! This handy little device fits under the door knob and requires no key or remote to operate. Plus, it features 1 button locking for easy operation and an illuminated keypad for better viewing. Order your Keyless Entry Door Lock today!

SCHLAGE Sense Smart Deadbolt with Century Trim in Satin Nickel (BE479 CEN 619)


The SCHLAGE Sense Smart Deadbolt is a reliable and stylish smart lock for your home or office. It features hands-free voice control, free iOS and Android smartphone app, and locks and unlocks from anywhere using the Schlage Sense WiFi adapter. Plus, it comes with a door thickness of 1 3/8 to 1 3/4 inches, so you can choose to have a thicker door. Order your SCHLAGE Sense Smart Deadbolt today!

Amazon Basics Exterior Door Knob With Lock and Deadbolt, Coastal, Satin Nickel

Amazon Basics

The Amazon Basics exterior door knob with lock and deadbolt is a great way to add some security to your home or business! This stylish knob features a brass body and steel internal structure, plus it comes with four (4) brass keyed alike keys, a KW1 keyway, and a rounded steel faceplate. It also includes the assembly instructions for you to easily install it. Plus, it's backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty. So why wait? Get the Amazon Basics exterior door knob with lock and deadbolt today!

Amazon Basics Exterior Door Knob With Lock and Deadbolt, Standard Ball, Oil Rubbed Bronze

Amazon Basics

If you're looking for a sturdy and stylish door knob that will add a touch of elegance to your entryway, the Amazon Basics exterior door knob with lock and deadbolt is exactly what you need! This knob features a bronze finish and includes a 4-key design, making it easy to install and use. Plus, the 1-year limited warranty gives you peace of mind.

Schlage B60 N 622 Deadbolt, Keyed 1 Side, Highest Residential Security, Matte Black


Upgrade your home's security with the Schlage B60 N 622 Deadbolt! This premium deadbolt features advanced security features that are ideal for any high-security situation. It is rated "highest residential security" by HomeGuard and can be used on entry doors with two boreholes. The hardened steel spinning pin and anti-drill plates make this deadbolt very durable, while the self-aligning screw holes make it easy to install. Plus, the included lock kit makes it even easier to secure your home. Best of all, the Schlage B60 N 622 comes with a limited lifetime mechanical and finish warranty. So why wait? Get the Schlage B60 N 622 today!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Deadbolt

A deadbolt is a locking mechanism used to secure doors. Today, deadbolts are widely available and come in various styles and sizes. This article explains what makes a good deadbolt, as well as why you might want to upgrade your current deadbolt to something better.

What Is A Deadbolt?

A deadbolt is a locking mechanism that secures doors and locksets. Deadbolts are most commonly found on entryways like front doors and garage doors. They are typically installed into the frame of a door and act as an additional security measure for homes and businesses.

Why Should I Install A Deadbolt?

Installing a deadbolt will help prevent intruders from breaking into your home or business. It is important to remember that even if someone has a key to your house, they still need to know where the key is located. If they find the key hidden somewhere else in your home, they may try to break in anyway. Installing a deadbolt will make this more difficult for burglars.

Where Should I Install My Deadbolt?

Deadbolts are generally installed at the top of the doorframe. You want to avoid installing them near windows because they could interfere with window screens.

Who Needs A Deadbolt?

Do you know someone who has trouble locking their doors? Maybe it's you. Or maybe it's one of your parents. Either way, a deadbolt can be a useful tool to protect your home. But do you really need one?

There are several reasons why you might want a deadbolt installed in your front door. First, it keeps burglars away. Second, it protects against forced entry. Third, it makes it harder for intruders to break in through windows. Fourth, it gives you peace of mind knowing that your family is protected.

But before you install a deadbolt, think carefully about whether this extra security measure is necessary. After all, it adds cost and complexity to your door. And it requires time and effort to install. Is it worth it?

If your home already has an alarm system, then a deadbolt isn't needed. An alarm sounds whenever anyone tries to enter your home. Burglars usually don't bother breaking in during the daytime. Instead, they prefer nighttime attacks. So, if you already have an alarm system, you probably don't need a deadbolt.

If you live alone, then you probably aren't worried about burglary. However, if you share your home with others, then you could be vulnerable to theft. If you're concerned about safety, then you might want to invest in a deadbolt. It provides additional protection.

If your neighborhood seems quiet and peaceful, then you probably don't need a deadbolt. On the other hand, if your street is busy and noisy, then you might want to add a deadbolt to your door. People who live near busy streets are more likely to experience crime. So, if you live in a dangerous area, you might want to install a deadbolt.

In addition to these factors, you should consider how valuable your belongings are. If you value your possessions, then you probably shouldn't install a deadbolt. Otherwise, you might end up losing everything.

The bottom line is that a deadbolt isn't required for every household. Only you can decide if it's right for you. But if you decide to install a deadbolt, here are some tips to help you avoid problems.

1. Make sure the deadbolt fits properly. Deadbolts are designed to fit snugly into the hole in your door frame. If yours doesn't fit correctly, then it won't function properly.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Deadbolt

If you've ever had a broken window, then you understand how frustrating it can be to have glass shards scattered everywhere after a breakage. Unfortunately, glass shards can do a number on your home. They can scratch floors, walls, furniture, and even injure people if they fall onto them. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent such accidents from happening. One way to protect against glass shard injuries is by installing a deadbolt lock. A deadbolt locks automatically upon closing the door so that anyone who tries to enter your home will be locked out.

A deadbolt lock is one of the most effective security devices available. Deadbolts provide protection against burglaries because they keep intruders from entering your home through unlocked doors. They also prevent children from opening doors that aren't supposed to be opened. This prevents accidental injury to kids who may find themselves inside a house where their parents think they should not be.

Deadbolts are also useful for protecting homes from fire. Firefighters often use them to secure homes that are being evacuated. When firefighters arrive at a burning building, they first try to evacuate residents. Once everyone is safely outside, they go back in to save any remaining occupants. During this time, firefighters must ensure that windows and doors remain closed. Otherwise, smoke could fill the home and suffocate those trapped inside. Deadbolts are perfect for preventing this problem.

In addition to keeping fires away, deadbolts are great for protecting homes from burglary. Burglars typically target houses with open front doors. Because deadbolts lock automatically, burglars won't be able to force entry unless they destroy the lock mechanism. This makes it difficult for them to steal anything valuable from your home.

Finally, deadbolts are helpful for protecting homes from vandalism. Vandals often damage property by breaking windows. While criminals might want to take items from your home, they usually don't intend to harm your belongings. Deadbolts prevent this type of crime by locking up your home whenever you leave.

Features To Consider When Buying A Deadbolt

Safety features. When you're thinking about purchasing a new deadbolt, you'll want to make sure it has safety features. These features may include tamper-proof locks, keyless entry systems, panic alarms, and other security measures.

Easy installation. Deadbolts are typically installed into existing holes in your doors. This makes them easier to install than installing a brand new hole in your door. However, if you do decide to replace your current deadbolt, you'll want to make sure it's easy to install.

Keyless entry system. Keyless entry systems allow you to unlock your door using a remote control instead of having to enter a code. They're convenient, especially if you live alone. But they can also be expensive, depending on how many keys you need to program.

Security. Some deadbolts have built-in security features, such as peepholes or motion sensors. Others have additional security options, including alarm systems.

Accessories. Many deadbolts come with accessories, such as screws, washers, and caps. Make sure these items are included in the package.

Quality. When you're shopping for a deadbolt, you'll want to make sure it's made well. Look for bolts that are sturdy and durable.

Cost. The price of a deadbolt depends on its materials, design, and quality. You'll want to compare prices on different models to determine what fits your needs and your budget.

Different Types Of Deadbolt

Dead bolts are a vital part of any home security system. Dead bolts are installed on doors to keep intruders out of your house. These are also useful for locking up valuables and securing areas of your home. We will now look at some of the different types of dead bolts available on the market today.

Sliding Dead Bolts. Sliding dead bolts slide horizontally across the face of the door instead of vertically. This makes them less noticeable and allows them to fit in smaller spaces. They are also more affordable than traditional dead bolts.

Latch Dead Bolt. Latch dead bolts are the standard style of dead bolt. Deadbolts are installed vertically and are the easiest to install. They are also the cheapest type of dead bolt. These are also the most commonly seen dead bolt.

Electronic Dead Bolts. Electronic dead bolts use sensors to detect movement. When someone tries to open the door, the sensor sends a signal to the control panel. The control panel locks the door automatically.

Keyless Entry Dead Bolts. Keyless entry dead bolts are becoming increasingly popular. They eliminate the need for keys and make opening the door simple. Deadbolts are also cheaper than traditional keyed dead bolts.

Push Button Dead Bolts. Push button dead bolts are the newest innovation in home security. Deadbolts are activated by pushing a button located next to the door handle. Deadbolts are highly secure and offer excellent protection against unwanted visitors.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Deadbolt

What is a deadbolt?

A deadbolt is a type of locking mechanism found on most doors. Deadbolts have been around since the 1800s, but they were originally designed to keep out burglars.

Where Did The Term "Deadbolt" Originate?

The term "deadbolt" was first coined in 1892 when a New York City police officer named John C. Hays wrote about his experiences protecting homes against burglary. He described how he would use a heavy metal bar attached to the inside of a home's front door to stop intruders.

Does Everyone Need A Deadbolt?

Not necessarily. Many homeowners choose to install a deadbolt instead of installing an expensive electronic security system. If your home has a window that cannot be locked, then you should consider installing a deadbolt.

What Are Some Benefits Of Having A Deadbolt Installed?

Installing a deadbolt provides peace of mind. A burglar will often try to force their way into a house through a side door rather than trying to break through a front door. Installing a deadbolt makes this much more difficult.

What Are Some Disadvantages Of Having A Deadbolt Installed?

One disadvantage of having a deadbolt is that it can make it harder to open the door from the outside. Another drawback is that a deadbolt requires a key to unlock it from the inside.

Should I Replace My Existing Deadbolt With An Electronic Deadbolt?

Electronic deadbolts provide better protection than traditional ones. They're easier to operate, too. Plus, they are less likely to jam during inclement weather.

How Do Electronic Deadbolts Work?

Most modern deadbolts contain a sensor that detects motion near the door. When the sensor senses movement, the deadbolt unlocks automatically.

How Do Electronic Deadbolts Differ From Regular Deadbolts?

Many electronic deadbolts include a keypad that allows you to enter a code to unlock the deadbolt. These codes must be set prior to installation.

How Do I Know If My Current Deadbolt Needs Replacing?

If you notice that your deadbolt is sticking or doesn't move freely when you press it, then it probably needs replacing.

How Do I Determine Whether My Deadbolt Needs Replacing?

You'll want to check the manufacturer's instructions to learn how to test your deadbolt. Most manufacturers recommend testing your deadbolt every six months.

How Do I Tell If My Deadbolt Is Working Correctly?

When you push the button on your deadbolt, it should spring back after being pressed.

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