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Conundrum Wine

Conundrum Wines is a small winery located near Napa Valley in California. It produces a wide range of red, white and sparkling wines. Its signature product is called “Conundrum Blend”. This unique wine combines Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grown in Sonoma County with Merlot grapes grown in Mendocino County.

While the name may sound complicated, the taste is anything but. The result is a smooth and fruity wine that pairs well with almost any meal. If you’d like to try something similar, check out our buyers guide to learn more about conundrum wine.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Conundrum Wine

What Is The Purpose Of A Conundrum Wine?

The word "Conundrum" comes from the Latin words meaning "to perplex". Those who know, understand. Those who don't know, question. There are many questions we ask ourselves everyday. We wonder why something happened. We ponder the reasons behind our actions. We seek answers to questions that seem impossible to answer. But, sometimes, we must accept that we simply don't know. Sometimes, we must let go of the desire to know everything and live with uncertainty. That is where the concept of a conundrum wine comes into play.

How Does A Conundrum Blend Differ From Other Wines?

Wine has been around since ancient times. People drank wine because it tasted good. Over thousands of years, winemakers developed techniques to produce more consistent results. Today, most wine drinkers enjoy drinking wine because it tastes great. However, there are still a few wine lovers who drink wine for its health benefits. Some believe that certain types of wine contain antioxidants which fight free radicals. Others think that red wine contains resveratrol which fights cancer cells. Still others believe that white wine contains polyphenols which reduce inflammation. Regardless of whether these theories are true or false, there is no denying the fact that wine has become a part of human culture.

Is A Conundrum Wine For Me?

Some people love wine so much that they collect bottles. If you're someone who collects wine, you might want to start collecting conundrums. A conundrum wine is a bottle of wine that doesn't fit into any category. It's a wine that defies categorization. It's a wine that challenges you to decide whether it fits into the categories of red, white, sweet, dry, sparkling, or rosé. It's a wine that asks you to classify it according to its color, aroma, flavor, alcohol content, sweetness level, acidity, body, finish, and overall taste.

Are All Conundrum Wines Created Equal?

No! Not necessarily. While some conundrum blends are created equal, others aren't. Just because a label says "blend", doesn't mean it's a blended wine. Many conundrum blends are actually blends of several different varietals. So, while each individual component of the blend might be well known, the final product isn't always a perfect representation of the original components.

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking A Conundrum Wine?

While conundrum wines are fun to drink, there are definite advantages to drinking one. First, conundrum wines are unique. No matter how hard you try, you'll never find another bottle exactly like yours. Second, conundrum wines challenge you to learn more about wine. Each sip reveals a little bit more information about the wine. Third, conundrum wines are interesting.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Conundrum Wine

We've always believed that our wines should be good enough to drink now, yet we're still able to produce wines with exceptional character and complexity. Our winemaking philosophy is simple - let nature take its course while we craft the perfect balance between fruit, oak, tannin and acidity. We believe that by doing so, we create wines that are truly unique and delicious.

Wine Tasting Tips For Consumers

We know there are many different factors involved in choosing which wine to purchase. There are so many choices available today that sometimes it can seem overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help guide you towards finding the best wine for your palate.

Know your budget. But if you're willing to pay more, then choose a higher-end wine that offers complex flavors and aromas.

Try several bottles before deciding on which ones you'd like to bring home. Taste each wine individually. Don't compare them side-by-side. Instead, taste each one separately and decide which one appeals most to you.

Features To Look For When Buying A Conundrum Wine

The winery was founded by brothers Bill Wagner and David Wagner who wanted to create something special with great character and quality. Their goal was to produce wines that reflected the unique terroir of Sonoma County where they grow grapes. Today, the winery continues to be owned and operated by the Wagner Family.

The Winemaker

Bill Wagner started working at the winery in 1999. He took over as vineyard manager in 2000 and became the winemaking consultant in 2004. His wife, Mary Ann Wagner, joined the team in 2006. Together, they oversee the production of the estate grown fruit which includes Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Petite Sirah, Zinfandel, Sangiovese, Viognier, and Riesling.


Winemaker Bill Wagner says he likes to experiment with different varietals because each grape variety brings its own characteristics to the finished product. Some varieties such as Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon bring elegance while others like Petit Sirah and Zinfandel provide more structure.


In order to ensure consistency throughout the years, the winery uses only vintage designated vintages. Each year, the winery selects specific blocks of vines based on soil type, elevation, exposure, and climate conditions. The result is a consistent taste profile across the entire range of wines produced.

Tasting Notes

Each wine comes with tasting notes so you know exactly what you're getting before you open the bottle. The notes include information about the varietal, alcohol level, acidity, tannins, and other important factors.


Conundrum Wines offers three price points for their wines. All prices listed here reflect current pricing.

Where To Find Them

, Total Wine & More, and many more. If you live near a store that carries Conundrum Wines, check there first. Otherwise, visit to locate a retailer near you.

About Conundrum Wines

Conundrum Wines is located in the heart of California's beautiful Russian River Valley. The winery sits atop rolling hills overlooking picturesque Lake Mendocino.

Different Types of Conundrum Wine

Conundrum blends are unique because they combine two different grape varieties into one bottle. The result is a complex flavor profile with notes of blackberry, plum, cherry, raspberry, and spice. Each varietal has its own characteristics and flavors, so blending these together creates something entirely new.

Wine Varieties

The most common type of conundrum wine is called a "blend" which combines grapes from multiple regions. For example, a California-based winery might create a blended wine by combining Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grown in Napa Valley with Merlot grapes grown in Sonoma County. In addition, there are other variations of conundrum wine including "single variety", "varietals", "hybrids", and "regional". Single variety wines are created using only one grape variety, while hybrids are produced by mixing several grapes together. Regional wines are based on specific growing areas within a country. Finally, varietals are blends of more than one grape variety.

How Do Blend Wines Taste?

Blending grapes from different parts of the world gives each region its own distinct character.

"Varietal": One grape variety is chosen to represent the entire country where it was grown.

Which Is Better - Blended Or Single Vintages?

There are pros and cons to both options. If you're interested in trying a new wine, then purchasing a single vintage could be easier since you know exactly what you're getting. However, if you prefer consistency, then purchasing a blended wine could be ideal. There are many factors that determine whether a wine tastes good or bad. For instance, weather conditions during harvest play a huge role in determining the quality of the resulting wine. Also, aging plays a big part in creating a great tasting wine. So, if you plan on drinking your wine soon, then you'd probably enjoy a single vintage. But if you plan on enjoying your wine years down the road, then you'd likely benefit from a blended wine.

Where To Find Conundrum Wines

Most conundrum wines are available online. Many websites sell blended wines, however, you can also purchase single vintages. Check out our favorite sites below!

: Wagner Family Winemakers offers a wide selection of blended and single varietal wines. Their website features reviews, ratings, and information about their products.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Conundrum Wine

What is conundrum wine?

Conundrum wine is a blended red wine that uses grapes grown in three regions of California—the Central Coast, Napa Valley, and Sonoma County. Each region has its own unique characteristics, resulting in a wine that is unlike anything else out there.

Where Did Conundrum Wine Get Its Name?

The word “conundrum” comes from the Latin word “cuneus, ” meaning “wedge.” When mixed together, the grape varieties create a wine that resembles a wedge shape.

What Makes Conundrum Wine Special?

Each year, winemaker David Lettiere selects grapes from each of the three growing regions to make his Conundrum Wine Blend. He then blends those grapes into a single bottle of wine.

Who Drinks Conundrum Wine?

Conundrum wine is perfect for anyone looking for something new and exciting. It's great for pairing with food, but it's equally good when enjoyed alone.

What is the difference between conundrum wine and other blended wines?

Blended wines use multiple varietals to achieve their flavor profile. But conundrum wine is all about blending grapes from three distinct areas of California into one bottle.

How Much Should I Drink Per Day?

One glass of conundrum wine contains approximately 12 grams of carbohydrates. That means one glass will provide you with roughly half your daily carb intake. So, if you're trying to lose weight, drinking one glass of conundrum wine every day could be part of your plan.

What Are Some Ways To Enjoy Conundrum Wine?

You can serve conundrum wine at room temperature or chilled. It pairs well with spicy foods like Mexican cuisine, Asian dishes, and Indian curries.

What are some tips for enjoying conundrum wine?

Keep in mind that conundrum wine isn't meant to replace other types of wine. Instead, it's meant to complement them.

What Are Some Things Not To Do While Drinking Conundrum Wine?

Don't drink too fast. If you want to enjoy conundrum wine, take your time. And don't mix it with hard liquor.

What Are Some Health Benefits Of Conundrum Wine?

While we haven't conducted any studies on conundrum wine, we know that it's rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants protect our cells against free radicals, which can harm us. Free radicals are created during normal metabolism, but they can also form when certain chemicals react with oxygen molecules.

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