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Commercial Security Cameras

Commercial security cameras are essential tools for businesses that deal with sensitive information. They protect against theft and fraud while allowing employees to monitor areas where confidential documents may be stored. If you run a business that deals with valuable items, then investing in a quality camera system is a must.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a commercial security camera. For instance, you’ll want to ensure that the camera offers clear images and provides detailed footage. Finally, you’ll want to check the warranty offered by the manufacturer. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to pay for repairs if something happens to the camera.

Read our buyers guide to learn more about commercial security cameras and how they can benefit your business.

ONWOTE 16 Channel 4K 8MP Smart AI PoE Security Camera System 4TB, Face Recognition/ Human/ Vehicle Detection, (16) Outdoor 4K 3840* 2160 PoE IP Camera, 16CH NVR 2 Storage Bays, 16-CH Synchro Playback


Protect your home and family with the ONEWOTE 16 Channel 4K 8MP Smart AI PoE Security Camera System! This system features face recognition and human/vehicle detection technology, making it perfect for use in any home or business. With its 4TB capacity, you can be sure that it will store plenty of footage for future reference. Additionally, this camera comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can rest assured that your purchase is a good one.


Onotex 16 Channel Security Camera System, 4TB AI-Human Detection System, 8MP NVR, 8K Wired Outdoor PoE IP Cameras, 2 Storage-Bay Record Audio, 16CH Synchro Playback, ON8-168D. Onotex is a professional manufacturer of surveillance products, offering top quality security camera systems, indoor/outdoor wireless cameras, outdoor IP cameras, NVRs, PIR motion sensors, fire alarm systems, and home automation systems. With over 10 years of experience in the security industry, Onotex has developed advanced security solutions for both commercial and residential customers. With our state-of-the-art technology, we are able to provide high quality products at affordable prices. We have a dedicated team of engineers, technicians, and support staff who are ready to help you with any technical questions you may have.

The original quality of the camera video. However, the viewing angle is nowhere near 105 degrees rather it is closer to 90 degrees, which has forced me to reconfigure the planned camera layout. When it arrived, everything looked great, the packaging was not damaged. I have looked for a way to get it replaced, but it appears I may have to send everything back because I am not finding the option anywhere. I have had other camera systems, but this one was significantly more expensive. I have not had it for quite some time, but I do not think that it is worth the price yet. I will be considering it when I go through settings and realize if there is true value I cannot see yet. Updated the 05/21/2020 I have been contacting the customer support team to resolve my issues and am incredibly impressed. Onwote is nothing but patient, responsive, and very active in solving the issues. They were able to send me a replacement remote, and I got in contact with the R andD team to ensure a camera with the correct viewing angle was sent. I was informed that the change in model year caused the confusion and provided me with replacement cameras for the two most important cameras in my system. They used to update the specification details on their product, so that customers aspiring to be meticulous will have no problems. Even with the hiccups, I can see myself purchasing products from this company in the future.

I purchased the Onwote 16 channel camera with eight dome domes for security and an Onwote PTZ with audio, pan, tilt, zoom, and autofocus to view my Purple Martins from my desk. All of the cameras are high quality video and very easy to play back. I can see squirrels running in the tree line 400 feet from my house. I would prefer not to install battery packs that I could not change out due to a WiFi connection. I chosen the RJ45 camera. It was very simple to install. The other one is small enough to go around in the attic. None of us have previous experience with attaching cameras or using wire. In two hours, they had the nine cameras in communication. After four months, one of the dome cameras stopped working. It was determined that the camera was not working, as the Support person suggested some things to check. I was able to install a new camera two days later and did not find any issues. All of my cameras are working well. Onwote backs up their equipment.

I have installed probably twenty to twenty or 25 video systems over the years, both on the job and at home. I do not own any stock. I am merely an humble user. The system is the easiest and best quality to install, but it has several other pluses that casual users do not see. 1) The camera is the easiest to use with a bridge communication. As long as the remote bridge is working, the unit quickly recognizes the camera and it's online. We have several bridged. It is the best Android accessible app and layout that I have ever used. Once the system is connected to a network cable, it is able to quickly access the internet. It is not required to program IP on a secure network. If you scan the barcode provided in the app, the task is done. I enjoy this awesome video. The most important element to me is that Onwete Support responds to my questions in email or call within a day with high quality answers, working and understandable. It has happened on approximately ten occasions in the last three years without failure. It is rare that professional security video companies that offer that level of expertise are worth your time and effort. I have experienced similar experiences with the big boys too. I have made myself feel like a valued customer. It's warm in the cold world of today.

The installation process was easy, you get everything you need in the package, besides maybe a screw gun, and a monitor for playback. The cables are sufficiently long to reach just about anywhere. The cameras were plug and play, had great looks and decent sound. They can be difficult to grasp. All you desire is to locate them. The second installation required a detached garage. I needed to route some of the cameras through a network switch that is connected to a router rather than directly to the NVR. The Onte support staff was extremely helpful in showing me how to connect it, and how to make the cameras recognize the system. This time we opted for the 4K version and the image is incredible. I do not have a fourK monitor to view it but it is very detailed and crisp. The audio system is good once again. This installation also had outside cameras. I was amazed at how much IR light these things emit, and incredibly light the image at night. The clarity and viewing distance are excellent. The angle in the field of view is just right. I have connected my NVR to the internet and downloaded the app, and have no problems seeing my cameras from wherever I go. I can playback video from a month ago, without even being in the same state. The cameras are easy to operate with these systems. I have not had any complaints, therefore I would recommend them to anyone looking for a simple but reliable solution.

Lorex 4KMPX1616-2 4K MPX Analog Surveillance System Featuring D861A63B 4K 3TB 16Ch DVR and 16 C861MB 4K Audio Bullet Cameras


Protect your home and family with the Lorex 4KMPX1616-2 4K MPX Analog Surveillance Camera featuring D861A63B 4K 3TB 16Ch DVR and 16 C861MB 4K Audio Bulldog Camera! This top-of-the-line camera features Smart Motion Detection, Receive notifications when a person or vehicle is detected on your property, and also comes with a local built-in 3TB security grade hard drive for easy storage of your footage. With its high quality and advanced features, the Lorex 4KMPX1616-2 4K MPX Analogue Surveillance Camera is a must-have for any serious home security enthusiast or business owner.


This wireless 5-in-1 camera system consists of 5 waterproof IP66-rated 1080p wired cameras and 1 TB hard drive. Each camera has a 5MP lens, 2. 4G wireless receiver, and 1/4" thread for mounting on the ceiling, wall, or pole. With built-in night vision, the system can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. The 5-in-1 5MP Lite DVR works with TVI AHD CVI CVBS & IP cameras. 1080p Live View at 30fps & Up to 100ft Night Vision The advanced sensor & smart IR help capture clear images without noise. The 5-in-1 5MP Lite DVR works with TVI AHD CVI CVBS & IP cameras. The built-in 1 TB HDD is tailored for professional video surveillance systems. It provides fast read & write speed even after the long-time operation. Record Longer Videos & Consume Less Bandwidth with H.

This was a replacement for a webcam that I had running through a computer with software. The computer went down and I was looking for a more stable system with more cameras and of course inexpensive. I have had this system running for nearly two months. I have a one TB drive and I believe it provides enough space for my needs. At the moment I have five cameras on it. Four are included with the program and my previous webcam. I am running only motion detection and not constant recording. I still have half the drive space left after two months. The motion sensitivity is still very sensitive, even at the lowest setting. I think it is just constantly recording. At the time of purchase the cameras were 900TVL and now they are 720p. The cameras I own are not high enough quality to capture a license plate number beyond 30 feet. The new 720P cameras they offer may be better. IR range is decent, but when the lights are on they attract insects during warmer weather. I really like it but it's better than the previous model it's great for entry level. Therefore you will be given a lot of recordings of bugs if you are doing motion detection. It is a learning curve. Whether a foreign company translated your translation is accurate or not. If you play with it enough, then hopefully the bell will light up in your head and you will know exactly what each setting does and how to set it up to your liking. I have found that in order to install the software from their website and to set up the motion area when setting up motion detection you have to run IE as administrator. You can usually do that by right clicking or by shifting to the right or left or clicking on the Internet Explorer icon. If your camera is pointed at a street light, it may never go to black and white IR mode at night. An inconvenience is that my cameras are 900TVL and have a four:3. The web interface defaults to 16:9, so I often have to change it back to 4:3. You can take a snapshot and save it as a bitmap as you examine a recording in a 4:3 ratio. The snapshot is sixteen. In my opinion, the recording will be in a sixteenbit format, which will result in a conversion to four and three while viewing. It should not be an issue with 720p cameras because daylight saving time is necessary each year. You will have to enter the date and time each year. There is no option to synchronize to an external time server. The time has drifted by one to two minutes now. The configuration GUI is very dated but it works and the smartphone app is a battery hog on one of my Android devices. This is a decent starter package that has everything you need however if you are not technically inclined you will need some assistance to get it set up and get all of the features out of it, especially with the newer cameras.

I got this unit and installed it because I am disabled, and want to be able to see around the house instead of getting up every time the dogs barked. I believe it is a good night vision, as well as a lovely color.

Make sure that you go through every menu option. This is in 960 H instead of 720 P. I am not able to read plates across the street, however I can quickly identify my neighbors when they come on the screen. This connector consists of a BNC connector that can be used for each one. The application is easy to install and setup, however it tends to time out a lot. My only argument is that you cannot change the actual DVR settings via the app. I do have an app on my tablet that allows me to change these settings. I don't know who the guy in the Dodge is, but he decided my driveway was as good as any to spend time in. Then we all get to see how the cameras are. This picture is slightly zoomed in via the phone viewer. I parked my Jeep during a normal day. If someone returns, you would see their plate 100%. It was an excellent job for the cost. This system does support 1080P cameras but I have not purchased any yet to test that function. Annke advised me that you can also connect newer IP cameras to the system. I cannot verify it, but I did go through the setup in the menus and it appears very straight forward.

I am not a paid reviewer, so this is gaining value. This is a great system for a great price. If you're attempting to decide between a wireless camera system and a wired camera system, remember that the wireless cameras still require you to run power wires to each camera. This system provides power to the cameras through the video cable you run, so there is a trade off. I use the Four Camera System. It is quite a bit of work to mount four cameras and run cable to them, but by going with the cable cameras instead of the wireless cameras you get a much better system for a much lower price. I received excellent equipment. After much research and comparing reviews, I have found that the majority of the reviews were written by people who were not familiar with the system's options yet. You will require a small LCD monitor for this system, but you can usually obtain it at a thrift store for 5 or 10 dollars. You need to use the monitor to communicate with the video recorder so you can choose the settings that you would like. The recorder comes with both a mouse and a remote control. You can't go wrong by plugging the cameras into the recorder. If you attach your monitor and the camera, you will see all four cameras on the screen. You will have an option to choose from, using a right click of the mouse button. There are many of them. The video recorder offers many features. Some technical knowledge is required to use the more exotic options such as email notification. Most people want to be able to see their cameras on their cell phones. To locate the right setup would require patience and a bit of trial and error. Firstly, your cell phone needs to have QR scanner software installed in order to load the right security camera program. It is free to download QR scanning software onto your phone. If you would like to see that on your phone, you should check Google. You may be able to get QR scanning software for Android or Iphone, which is dependent on what phone you have. You should select the Google QR Scanner Software for your phone, then download it. Once the program has downloaded and installed, your phone will now be able to read barcodes. The configuration window should appear when you turn the video recorder on. It will eventually show you pictures of barcodes, and ask you to scan one on your cell phone. You should not do that. The barcodes will load a video camera program onto your phone. The programs are continually being upgraded, so you need to have the latest program. The one on your new digital recorder may not work. Navigate to yourhome computer> instead. Near the top right corner of the XMeye home page, you will see an APP download link which will show you two barcodes that contain the latest version of the software you need. Find the new scanner icon on your cell phone and press it. When the cell phone camera turns on, scan the XMeye barecode on the XMeye home page. Your phone will ask if you want to install the new program. Now put your cellphone aside and set up your new account with XMeye. The information form will ask you for your address. That is not your residential address. The IP address is the IP address of your new digital recorder. Click on the new digital recorder and choose System and Network. Also, you will need your digital recorder serial number. Find what you are looking for, by right clicking on the main menu to 'Info,' then 'Version'. You will also be asked for a name when entering the serial number. You are the one to make that fateful decision. With the information above, you should be able to proceed with the procedure of setting up your cell phone so you can view your home cameras. If you need more help with this, I recommend using Google Search to look for XMeye Setup. There is quite a bit on the internet.

I purchased the Annke security system to install it in an area that does not have available internet or a network to connect to. I enjoy these systems. They seem to have several features that make them exceptional. The setup was very easy and straight forward. It may have been a little more challenging to connect to a network or an IP camera if one is not familiar with the ins and outs of the process. I did not rate the Tech Support because I have not had the opportunity to contact them, although on their website the contact information is readily available, both phone number and email. I tested the night vision and motion by performing the initial setup on my work bench before placing it where it was intended. I highly recommend working on it on a bench to do the initial setup. In my experience, you will find that if you are talking to tech support they may want information off the system, so if you have it just in front of you then it is easier to do and support will be more likely to be helpful.

ONWOTE 16 Channel 4K NVR PoE IP Security Camera System 4TB, Color Night Vision, Smart Human Detection, 16CH 4K NVR, 16x Wide Angle 5MP PoE Camera, 2-Storage -Bay, 16CH Synchro Playback


Protect your home and family with the ONEWOTE 16 Channel 4K NVR PoE IP Security Camera System! This system comes with everything you need for a complete surveillance solution, including 16 channel 4K recording, smart human detection, and two storage bays. The powerful 5M pixel lens delivers superior quality while also providing wide viewing angles and a diagonal angle of 110 degrees. Plus, the built-in 4TB HDD ensures that your footage is always available for playback. And because it's powered by ethernet, you can easily extend this camera system to any other devices on your network. So don't wait any longer, get the ONEWOTE 16 Channel 4K NVR PoE IP Security Camera System today!


Onolot has designed a new kind of home security system that provides excellent quality and ease of use. Onolot NVR series is designed to be an ideal solution for homeowners who are looking for a low cost, high quality, easy to install, expandable, reliable and professional security solution. It is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a reliable and professional home security solution. Onolot NVR series offers you a full range of solutions to meet your needs, from basic monitoring to advanced applications like alarm triggering, event recording, video archiving, live streaming, cloud storage, etc. Onolot NVR series supports multiple functions including motion detection, audio detection, camera control, live streaming, video archiving, etc. All Onolot NVR series products are compatible with Apple iOS and Android devices. The NVR series also supports remote viewing, live streaming, and event recording.

I was frustrated by a great system and great support. When I emailed support, they called me home and set up a meeting the next morning. They were there to support us with everything. Serina was extremely helpful. I spent over six thousand dollars on a professional installation for work, but I thought I would try it myself. I believe it is a better system. I do not know why anyone would complain about the resolution. They do not know how to correct it in settings. I enjoy this system.

Installing is very simple in relation to the structure. Mine is a major pain in the buttocks. After the troubleshooting of running cables, the NVR setup was a breeze. The NVR software is easy to navigate and the support from Onwote is amazing. The bullet camera had an issue with the IR. I sent Onwote and an email. They responded overnight and sent a new camera.

It looks fantastic that the hard drive started to malfunction overnight. The tech support reacted rapidly via email with good advice, and troubleshooting the problem. The result was a hard drive that had no quality and passed the one year warranty. Onwote stood behind their product and sent me a new hard drive for free within 24 hours of my first email.

We bought this product a few months ago and have slowly added more cameras. It is a great system with clarity and night vision works well. It was well handled even though I had to reset my master password. I highly recommend this product.

I would highly recommend this product. Customer support is excellent. I experienced issues with an IP address conflict and sent an email that addressed the issue with the product. The company introduced me to Bella, my CSR, as she contacted me and called until everything worked as intended. I would recommend James for this product.

Lorex 4K Ultra HD 8-Channel Fusion NVR System with 4 Smart Deterrence IP Audio Dome Cameras and Two-Way Talk


Protect your home and family with the Lorex 4K Ultra HD 8-channel Fusion NVR system! This easy-to-use device features 4 high-resolution video capture channels, plus two high-quality audio input channels for a two-way conversation with any nearby speakers. Plus, it comes with a smart motion detection feature that turns on the alarm if someone or something moves into the frame. And it's compatible with any other Lorex surveillance equipment. Get yours today!


GW Security Smart AI 32 Channel HD.

It was working great It was crystal clear throughout the day and night.

GW Security 16 Channel H.265 PoE NVR Ultra-HD 4K (3840x2160) Video & Audio Security Camera System with 16 x 4K (8MP) 2160P Face Recognition/Human/Vehicle Detection Microphone Outdoor Indoor IP Camera

GW Security

Protect your home and family with the GW Security 16 Channel H.265+ PoE NVR Ultra-HD 4K (3840x2160) Video & Audio Security Camera System with 16 x 4K (8MP) 2160P face recognition/human/vehicle detection microphone outdoor/indoor installation camera system from GW Security. This top-of-the-line security camera system features 16 HD/1080p night vision, 16 channel audio, 1 TB of storage space, and a 2 year warranty. Plus, our US-based tech support is always available to help you with any questions or concerns. So why wait? Get the GW Security 16 Channel H.265+ PoE NVR Ultra-HD 4K (3840x2160) Video & Audio Security Camera System today!


This HDView 8 Channel Security NVR 8 PoE Ports with Night Vision Network Security Camera Kit Facial Time Attendance System Video Analytics Commercial Grade comes with 8 Channel NVR with 8 Channel PoE Ports, 4 x 4MP Infrared Metal H.

For you to know, it is very effective and detects facial expressions very well. It is relatively simple operation. It looks good. Cameras have good quality and finish.

GW Security 8 Channel Smart AI PoE NVR Ultra-HD 4K (3840x2160) Security Camera System with 8 x 4K (8MP) 2160P Face Recognition/Human/Vehicle Detection Waterproof Microphone IP Dome Camera

GW Security

Protect your home and family with the GW Security 8 Channel Smart AI PoE NVR Ultra-HD 4K (3840x2160) Security Camera System with 8 x 4K (8MP) 2160P Face Recognition/Human/Vehicle Detection Waterproof Microphone IP Dome Camera. This system comes with everything you need for a complete surveillance solution, including 8 waterproof and weather-resistant cameras, a 2TB hard drive, and a two-year warranty. With its powerful features and seamless installation, this camera system is sure to keep you and your family safe and secure.


This Bullet Camera System is the ideal security solution for your home or business. The camera is weatherproof and waterproof and is equipped with a 6MP super high definition (1080p) lens, making it perfect for recording high quality images in any environment. It also has a built-in 5MP color night vision camera, allowing you to see in the dark. Additionally, it has a 2TB hard drive for storing recorded videos and a powerful H. 265+ encoding chip for recording long-lasting videos. You can also remotely access and monitor your camera via the free ANNKE Vision app, which is compatible with iOS and Android. It’s easy to install and set up, and it’s also extremely affordable.

This CCTV set is fairly well constructed for the price of this product. The data compression really helps with the 8 channel feed and allows you to forget about it for a while. Pros of inexpensive 8 channel digital setup, good PTZ capabilities, fair storage cap, and good data compression. Night vision is fine, but lacking some depth. For those with larger area to be covered, an option of cable or with it, is best for a small store or home but for a business, it is not the best option. This set of CCTV would cost thousands of dollars per year. However, if you desire longterm solutions and high quality products, then invest in a professional grade video surveillance set. This item is intended for small operations, and is not suitable for professional use.

The Ankle Support team helped me reach them. I now have the eighth camera. The picture attached is of the view on my phone. We reserve the eighth one when we go on trips, and use it inside the house. The system also has a camera system, which is useful when the alarm goes off. It will be simple to tell false alarms, and reset the alarm system without returning home.

The installation was effortless. The setup appears to be a little overly complicated, but everything works as it is supposed to. Super clear pictures on the monitor, television or cable that the system is connected to. The picture quality on the phone through the app is acceptable. I have not contacted tech support yet. It's been running for two weeks and it's running now hoped that it will continue to do so in the long run.

We will need to obtain additional information on these matters first. First, we had a previous camera at our barn it is 310 feet from house it did not work. The installation took some time, but the system has been stable for a month. The second benefit for their products is water tight connections. You can wire yourself a wireless system, it is great, and night vision is very good. They have two small leds that you can see at night. The customer service work great. I had a new camera and it was mounted on my home and the lens broke somehow. I contacted them on a Saturday, and now it's Wednesday and they have a new camera coming. I think this is a great company to work with, they did not wait 2 weeks to contact back.

Lorex N4K3-1616WB 16 Channel 4K Surveillance System with N862A63B 3TB 4K Fusion NVR and 16 E841CA-E 8MP White Bullet Cameras


Protect your home and family with the Lorex N4K3-1616WB 16 Channel 4K Surveillance Camera System! This security-grade camera system features a wide-angle lens for an enhanced viewing experience, and is equipped with a powerful 8TB hard drive for storing your footage. The Lorex N4K3-1616WB also comes with two HD hard drive bays for additional storage. With a 120Hz refresh rate, you'll be able to capture every moment clearly and quickly. Get the Lorex N4K3-1616WB today and protect your home and family!


XVIM is a global leading manufacturer of high quality digital surveillance products.

A nicely packaged system for the price. Purchased this to keep an eye on my beach house while I'm not there. The cameras are of excellent quality, and they come with many wires to outfit your house. Just be sure to plan out where you setup the DVR because everything must be routed there. I will not comment yet because it hasn't been out for a full season, even though our treacherous winters. To have peace of mind, it is well worth the cost. The DVR system was easy to setup, but the hardest part was concealing all the wires. If you are not comfortable doing this, you should expect to pay a small amount to wire the Internet. Overall, I'm satisfied with purchase.

My neighborhood is not safe, and there are very bad things happening here. Items in my backyard have been stolen quite often. I have decided to invest money in buying a decent security system to keep my family safe. I bought an XVIM 8 cam security system because of its camera and 2TB of storage. I'm not a tech man. I like to DIY. It was quick and easy to install. It took me 30 minutes to complete this task. These eight camera are durable and weatherproof for outdoor use. The video footage has been clear and smooth so far. I actually enjoy being able to check my house on my mobile device when I am away. I feel much more confident after setting the motion detection and it will send me an alert and an email when triggered. The night vision recording works, but I would recommend getting a motion trigger lamp.

I own a restaurant in a small town, and would like to install a security camera system to ensure that my business is safe. Find a two thousand dollar company. It is too expensive for me. I searched online to locate it. You should compare that to numerous other options. The price/performance ratio is acceptable. The equipment received quickly including eight lenses, all the wiring. The installation process is relatively simple. I installed it at night, the effect is good but it also has night vision function. Thank the seller, I saved a lot of money.

It is a great security system with four camera. On the surface, it is well constructed with a nice exterior finish. The box contained a DVR base station, four cameras, a mouse, an HDMI cable, an Ethernet cable, one external power supply for the DVR, external power supplies for the cameras, and mounting hardware. Installation is relatively straightforward. One of the primary tasks is to test the system. You will need to connect the DVR to the television, connect the cameras, power it up, follow instructions to format the hard drive, set it to record, and watch it work. It takes between twenty and ten minutes and you will understand how to configure the system afterwards. I followed the instructions from YouTube, but after two hours they were placed in various locations throughout my home. It's not bad considering it costs around $1,000 for a professional to install this system around your home.

Lorex 4k Wired Security Camera System, Ultra HD Cameras with Motion Detection Surveillance, Active Deterrence and Smart Home Compatibility, 3TB 16 Channel DVR, 8 Bullet Cameras, 4 Dome Cameras


Protect your family and property with the Lorex 4k Wired Security Camera System! This complete security camera system comes with a DVR and 12 x 4k UHD quality security cameras, plus the ability to connect to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control. Plus, it features smart motion detection and color night vision, making it perfect for any home security needs.


The Lorex 1080p HD wire-free security system with six battery-operated active deterrence cameras and person detection is the ideal solution for your home or business. The system includes six 1080p HD cameras that are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. These cameras come with an IR night vision function and a motion-activated LED warning light. A remote-triggered siren is also included to provide added security. The cameras are equipped with an internal microphone and speaker, which allows you to communicate with the camera from anywhere in the world. Additionally, the cameras are compatible with the Lorex Cirrus app, which allows you to monitor your home or business from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. The Lorex Cirrus app also has a two-way talk function, which allows you to talk directly to the camera. The cameras are powered by three AAA batteries, which can be replaced easily and without tools. The included 1TB SATA HDD local storage means no monthly fees!

I cannot compare this system to other systems, because it is my first and only experience with security cameras. I was surprised to be able to do as well. I had no desire to explore the expense and complexity of a security system, but my wife was totally convinced we should have one. We completed our homework. The long term contracts and the cost of commercial systems are not acceptable. We would need to purchase and install a system ourselves. It was time to leave wireless systems. We discovered quickly that every camera made by our search had a monthly storage fee. The Lorex system we purchased included a storage device that communicated with our internet and our smartphones via a hardwired connection to our router and a Lorex app on our phones. Installation The instructions were not perfect, however, internet searches gave us missing or incorrect information that allowed us to continue. Installation and pairing of the cameras was simple. There are only two things that could be improved. There is a time lag between motion sensing and beginning of recording. I'm unsure if this can be improved. In addition, the quality of night and infrared pictures is not as good as the quality of full light photographs. After considering all the issues, the system complies with our requirements and our expectations. I cannot do anything better than that.

You can see that they are small enough to hide the eaves. They are wireless so that you do not have to cut holes in your siding. In order to be economical, these are the best choices.

The cameras are working wirelessly extremely well. The image quality is excellent.

It would be nice if the batteries lasted longer between charges, but overall the quality is exceptional.

This camera system is simple and doesn't require any wiring.

PTZ Camera Outdoor, Super FHD 5MP 5.0 Megapixel, Wireless WiFi Connection, 20X Optical Zoom Security Camera, Auto Tracking, AI Human Detection, Auto Focus, 328ft IR Night Vision, 2 Way Audio


Protect your home and family with the Gastview Outdoor Security Camera! This top-of-the-line security camera features super full HD 5 megapixels, infrared LED lighting, and human detection/motion detection/auto tracking. Plus, the included 3 year warranty gives you peace of mind. So why wait? Get the Gastview Outdoor Security Camera today!


8MP 8CH NVR supports 4K Ultra HD live viewing and recording 8 cameras can be play and plug synchronously. Powered over Ethernet with a single cable connecting each lP camera to the NVR for both power supply and video signal transmission. It reduces the need to install cables simplifies installation and lowers costs. Featuring advanced H. 265 compression which allows you to save up to 50% more storage space and pre-install 2TB HDD for 7/24 recording. 5MP Weatherproof PoE IP Dome Camera with Audio5MP high resolution and equipped with 2. 8mm lens which will provide you with a super-wide 108 viewing angle and allow you to cover more areas and get clearer details. IR range up to 98ft help you capture clear pictures even in low-light conditionHigh quality aluminium alloy housing enables the camera to withstand rain snow wind and temperatures ranging from -22F--140F. And with microphone you can listen what happen outsides.

I paid for the product I am reviewing. I purchased this product for an installation in a client's small business. I enjoy the fact that it is a eight channel NVR. After receiving and installing the four - five-megapixel cameras that came with the product, it leaves room for expansion. The kit includes premade four to hundred foot cat-5 cables, power supply, and internet cable. Since the NVR is POE, both power and video are on the Cat-5 cable. The NVR is excellent, the image quality is fantastic and the resolution of the screen is five megapixels. It also has excellent sound quality and also has audio. The kit also includes a very nice quick setup guide that covers both local and remote viewing, as well as a CD Install the cameras using the supplied mounting hardware, connect the cat5 cable to the NVR, connect the NVR to a power outlet, and then connect a monitor to an HDMI cable if you desire the best viewing experience. I am sure you will find the photos you need. In single picture mode, the best picture will always be. If you need it, the support is outstanding and they respond quickly. Due to the current pandemic, I have yet to install the kit, so I set it up in my office to facilitate the writing of this review. In my opinion, this kit is well worth the price.

I was looking to replace my dad's security cameras with higher quality, easier to use cameras. For the price, it was an excellent purchase. It amazed me the ease with which setting up the cameras was accomplished when other security cameras I have previously used did not have an adequate set of instructions. The instructions for these cameras were two pages. The camera is extremely well made and the view is superb. I love the fact that I can zoom in and get great pictures. If you are not a pro, the recording software is very easy to use. My father, aged 70, can use the interface with ease. I would like to remind you that this camera is the best in its class. I was surprised at how clear everything was at night. The ability to watch the cameras on your phone is a major advantage because it is easy to use and connect with the app. My parents feel very safe because whenever they go anywhere they can easily bring up the cameras on their android devices. The sound recording on these security cameras is very high quality. I am very pleased with my purchase and I have zero complaints as we are able to hear noises near our house. I will be buying more in the future.

The first and foremost features are superb picture quality and the wide angle of the camera is excellent in the HD quality, secondly, the system that installs video to cameras is an easy to use selfexplanatory system. When opening each camera to view individually, it switches to high quality, clean picture and records in high quality. Mobile is a key factor when traveling on the phone. It is much more difficult when you can watch anything on the screen at once. It is probably possible that there is a resolution setting on the television that I did not know of. A commercial grade system for eight systems runs over 900, but a commercial grade system is well worth it. I have never had any issues since I installed it, because it was a great choice for my company.

I had some issues with delivery the first time, but amazon helped me. This is my first 8ch NVr. I had a DVR with 2MP bullets before this. I decided to try an NVR instead of replacing the bullets, since they died. That is amazing the quality upgrade. Video is amazing because it is very clear. Nightvision is superior to my previous setup and lacks noise. A bonus feature is a sound recording. The bullet is compatible but I can use other compatible bullets as well. We'll see. I am very happy with this kit. The NVR interface is easy to navigate.

VOSKER V150-V | LTE Cellular Security Camera, No Wi-Fi Needed | Security Pack | Solar-Powered Wireless Outdoor Surveillance Camera | Receive Photos on Your Mobile App from Virtually Anywhere (V150-V)


Protect your family and property with the VOSKER V150-V! It's perfect for any outdoor activity, whether that be fishing, hiking, or just enjoying the great outdoors. With its powerful zoom lens and high-quality image capture, this camera is sure to provide you with the best footage possible. Plus, it comes with a 2-year limited warranty, so you can rest assured that your purchase is of the highest quality.


Anysun 50M/165Ft Waterproof IP68 Plumbing, camera with DVR Recorder Pipeline Drain Industrial Endoscope Snake Cam with 7 Inch LCD Monitor 1000TVL (Include 8GB SD Card) This sewer camera comes with digital video recording (DVR) function. Whenever you are working on a project you have the capability to record your video onto an SD card (this system can handle up to 16GB). In the front of the camera there are 12pcs of adjustable LEDs and you can view your clear recording on the 1000TVL color monitor. 50M/164ft CABLE & IP68 WATERPROOF- This sewer inspection camera comes with rugged 50m / 164ft of cable. In order to be able to maneuver in tight spots we have integrated a flexible spring towards the end of the camera to get through bent pipes& drain.

Most complaints are negative in the direction of improving the product. In the future, the best outcome will be to be benefitted by the improvement. It did not take long after I complained that there was a problem renaming the camera head by adding a steel cable. They are kind enough to gift me with the newly designed camera after one year and a half long after the warranty expiration. The customer service is exceptional of an uncommon company. I used the Anysun 30M/100Ft Waterproof IP68 twice, and it worked well the first time, but I did not finish using it the second time. It's obviously not a big deal, if you can fix it much worse if you have lost half of the equipment value and have to order a new camera head.

These cameras have a price tag of a few thousand dollars for a basic set up or approximately ten thousand dollars for a full set up. I was skeptical about this relatively low cost setup. My friend recommended this camera to me. I opened the box and noticed the professional protective packaging. I turned the light on, and the picture looks good. It is simple to use. I tested it on my own pipes at my house. I would definitely purchase another if I need to. Also, it comes with a 12 month unlimited refund guarantee. This is an awesome camera. For me, 1.5 jobs are worth it. I'm impressed.

We purchase many rental properties and this camera has been nice to have with us to scope the lines for any major issues before purchasing. We used to pay a plumber $350 for this service and it was never easy to schedule and coordinate. After a couple of uses, it does pay for itself. It is great to record what we see, which can then be used as negotiations to purchase. I would highly recommend.

It is not designed as a primary camera for a full time plumber but it will fit through smaller pipes. Based on current prices, this camera will pay for itself the first time you use it instead of calling someone else.

I was looking for something like this. It is long enough at 100. Everything is in the case that it came with. The picture is clear and the product appears well constructed. I was unfamiliar with this type of equipment, but the first time I was able to use it, it was simple.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Commercial Security Cameras

If you own a business, then you probably have a lot of things to worry about. You have employees who could steal company secrets, customers who may try to rip you off, and even criminals who might break into your premises. Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself against all of these threats. This article will show you what you need to look for in a good commercial security system, as well as how to install one.

What Is A Commercial Security Cameras?

Commercial security cameras are small devices that are placed throughout a business to help protect against theft and vandalism. They may be installed at entrances, exits, inside offices, and even in parking lots. These cameras record video footage of people who enter or leave the building, and if someone tries to steal something, these cameras will capture images of the thief. The footage can be reviewed later to see what happened during the time period covered by the camera.

How Do You Install A Commercial Security Cameras?

The first step in installing a commercial security camera system is determining where you want to place the cameras. Next, you'll need to decide what type of cameras you'd like to purchase. There are many different types of cameras available, including dome cameras, bullet cameras, fixed cameras, pan/tilt cameras, and more. Each type of camera offers its own advantages and disadvantages. Dome cameras offer excellent visibility but are large and bulky, while bullet cameras are smaller and easier to hide.

Who Needs A Commercial Security Cameras?

Commercial security cameras are useful tools for businesses. They can help prevent theft, monitor employees, and deter crime. But they aren't cheap. Fortunately, there are several types of commercial security cameras that offer affordable solutions.

The most common type of commercial security camera is called a dome camera. These cameras are ideal for indoor use. Dome cameras usually mount on walls or ceilings. They are designed to cover large areas. They can see everything within their range of vision. Dome cameras are inexpensive and easy to install. However, they do require power.

Another type of commercial security camera is called a bullet camera. Bullet cameras look similar to dome cameras. They are smaller and cheaper than dome cameras. They are perfect for outdoor use. Bullet cameras are battery operated. They can be mounted anywhere. They are also very portable. They are best suited for monitoring entrances and exits.

Bullet cameras are typically connected to motion detectors. When someone enters or leaves a monitored area, the camera sends a signal to the detector. Then, the alarm sounds.

Dome cameras are another type of commercial security camera. They are similar to bullet cameras. However, they are larger and heavier. They are intended for outdoor use. They are also equipped with infrared lights. These lights allow the camera to see better in dark conditions.

Finally, there are night vision cameras. Night vision cameras operate using thermal imaging technology. They detect heat emitted by objects. They can see things that other cameras cannot. They are expensive. They are best suited for outdoor use.

No matter which type of commercial security camera you decide to purchase, you can rest assured knowing that you made the right decision. All three types of cameras mentioned above are effective. They can protect your business against theft, vandalism, and fire.

However, only one type of commercial security camera offers video recording capabilities. Video recording allows you to review footage after the event has occurred. This feature makes it possible to identify suspects and take action.

Video recording also lets you share information with law enforcement officials. You can send a copy of the recorded footage to police officers. This could prove invaluable during investigations.

In addition to these benefits, video recording provides peace of mind. After the incident occurs, you can watch the footage over and over again. You can also replay the footage to remind yourself of what happened.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Commercial Security Cameras

If you have ever had to deal with a break-in, then you understand how valuable security cameras can be. When it comes to protecting your business, nothing beats having a reliable system of security cameras installed. A security camera system provides peace of mind by allowing you to monitor activity in your establishment 24/7. This allows you to catch potential thieves in the act. You'll never have to worry about being robbed again if you invest in a quality security camera system.

Here are three reasons why investing in a quality security camera system is so beneficial:

There are many different types of security cameras available. Each type offers unique features and advantages. For example, video recording capabilities vary greatly between models. Some security cameras record everything that happens in front of them, while others only capture images when they detect movement. Regardless of the model, most security cameras offer excellent value for money. They are affordable and easy to install. All you need is a standard wall mount and power supply.

Whether you want to protect your home, office, warehouse, retail location, or any other place where you conduct business, you can easily install a security camera anywhere. Simply purchase a mounting bracket, attach the camera to the bracket, and plug it into a power source. Then, simply position the camera wherever you'd like.

Having a security camera system installed means that you won't have to worry about being burglarized. Thieves rarely target businesses that have a security camera system because they know that their crimes will be caught on tape. Plus, burglars usually leave behind evidence such as fingerprints, DNA, and even stolen items. These things can be used against them in court.

Features To Consider When Buying A Commercial Security Cameras

Security features. When you're thinking about investing in a new business, you'll want to think about how well your investment protects itself against theft and vandalism. This means finding a system that has built-in security features such as motion sensors, alarm bells, and video recording capabilities.

Easy installation. Security cameras are often installed in hard-to-reach places where thieves would otherwise easily steal them. Make sure the system is easy to install so you don't have to hire someone else to do it.

Reliable service. The last thing you want is to invest in a great security system only to have it fail to work properly. Look for a company that provides reliable service. Ask friends and neighbors if they've had experience with their services. You may even want to check online reviews.

Affordable price. While you want a quality security system, you don't want to spend more than necessary. Look for a system that fits within your budget.

Quality equipment. Quality equipment is important when you're installing a security system. Look for a system that uses top-of-the-line components. These include professional grade lenses, durable housings, and powerful batteries.

Extended warranty. Many companies offer extended warranties on their products. Check with the manufacturer to see if there's an option available. Some manufacturers offer free upgrades while others charge fees for these options.

Remote viewing. Remote viewing allows you to view live footage from anywhere in the world using your computer or smartphone. This feature lets you monitor activity in real time and gives you peace of mind knowing that no matter where you are, you can still watch over your property.

Video recording. Video recording allows you to record events on your property. This could be used to document suspicious behavior or events that occur outside of normal working hours.

Motion detection. Motion detection alerts you whenever movement is detected on your property. This could be anything from footsteps to vehicles driving past.

Different Types Of Commercial Security Cameras

There are many different types of security cameras available on the market. Each type offers its own advantages and disadvantages. Below we will go through each type and explain what makes them stand out.

Cameras. Cameras are by far the cheapest and easiest way to monitor areas. Commercial Security Cameras are small enough to fit anywhere and can easily be hidden. These are also cheap enough to use multiple units in various locations throughout your business. Cameras are useful for monitoring things like doorways, hallways, parking lots, etc.

Security DVRs. These are also capable of recording footage for longer periods of time. Commercial Security Cameras are also more expensive than cameras. They are also capable of storing large amounts of data. For example, a 1080p HD security DVR could hold up to 1TB of storage space.

IP Cameras. IP cameras are the newest technology on the market. Commercial Security Cameras are smaller than traditional CCTV cameras and can be placed almost anywhere. These are also cheaper than traditional CCTV cameras. These are also capable of streaming live feeds to remote servers allowing you to view the feed remotely. They are also capable of taking pictures and videos.

Network Video Recorders. Network video recorders are essentially networked computers that capture images and/or sound. Commercial Security Cameras are capable of capturing images and audio from any device connected to the network. These are also capable of saving those recordings to local drives or cloud services.

Video Analytics. Video analytics are software programs that analyze recorded footage to detect suspicious activity. They are capable of detecting things like people entering and leaving buildings, vehicles moving erratically, etc. They are also capable of alerting you to potential problems.

Remote Monitoring Systems. Remote monitoring systems are capable of sending alerts to your phone or computer whenever something happens. Commercial Security Cameras are also capable of providing realtime updates on conditions like temperature, humidity, etc. They are also capable of controlling lights, doors, alarms, etc.

Motion Detection. Motion detection is a feature offered by some security cameras. When motion is detected, the camera automatically turns on and begins recording.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Commercial Security Cameras

What exactly is a commercial security camera?

A commercial security camera is a type of video recording device designed specifically for use in businesses. These devices record images continuously, 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year. They have been around since the early 1980s, but they have recently gained popularity due to their affordability and ease of installation.

What types of commercial security cameras exist?

Commercial security cameras fall into two categories: fixed-location and mobile. Fixed-location cameras are stationary units that remain in one location throughout the entire day. Mobile security cameras are portable units that move throughout your business or home, capturing footage whenever motion is detected.

What kind of warranty comes with a commercial security camera?

All commercial security cameras come with a limited manufacturer's warranty. Most manufacturers offer a 90-day warranty, although some companies offer longer warranties.

Will My Commercial Security Camera Break After A Certain Amount Of Time?

No, all commercial security cameras should last indefinitely. If yours breaks, simply replace it with another unit.

How Often Should I Change The Batteries In My Commercial Security Camera?

If you're unsure about how often you should change the battery in your commercial security camera, check out our guide here: How Often Should I Change My Camera Batteries?

Before installing a commercial security camera, make sure to read this short tutorial: Installing Your First Commercial Security Camera System

Night vision allows you to view what's happening outside during the nighttime hours. Night vision is useful for keeping track of cars driving past your store, for instance.

Weatherproofing refers to whether or not the commercial security camera has built-in protection against rain, snow, sleet, wind, dust, dirt, humidity, heat, cold, and more. Weatherproofed models tend to be more expensive than non-weatherproofed ones.

Remote control means being able to watch live footage from anywhere else in the world via a smartphone app or computer program. Remote viewing is particularly helpful if you're away from your business or home.

Audio capability means that the commercial security camera records sound along with its image footage. Audio recordings are great for catching burglars trying to sneak into your business or home.

Easy setup means that you don't need to spend hours fiddling with wires and cables. Easy setup makes setting up a commercial security camera quick and simple.

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