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Comic Books For Kids

Graphic novels are becoming increasingly popular among children. This trend started several years ago when parents began buying graphic novels for their children instead of reading bedtime stories. Nowadays, comics are so popular that they’re sold everywhere from grocery stores to bookstores.

Graphic novels are a unique medium that combines art and literature into one package. Children enjoy reading these books because they contain exciting adventures and action scenes. Kids also like the fact that they can draw pictures while they’re reading. If you’d like to introduce your child to graphic novels, check out our buyers guide to learn more about comic books for kids.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Comic Books For Kids

What is the Purpose Of A Comic Books For Kids?

Comics are stories told by pictures. Comics are printed pages filled with words and images. Although comics are primarily read by adults, they've become increasingly popular among younger readers. Children enjoy reading comics because they contain exciting adventures, action scenes, funny characters, and colorful illustrations.

Why Are Comics Good For Kids?

Reading comics has been shown to improve literacy skills in young children. Reading comics teaches children to recognize familiar patterns and symbols. It's also important to note that comics teach children to follow directions and complete tasks. Additionally, comics encourage children to develop critical thinking skills. All of these qualities are essential for success later in life.

Is it Safe to Read Comics With My Child?

Yes! If you choose to read comics with your child, it's safe to do so. Second, ensure that the content of each page does not contain inappropriate language or violence. Third, supervise your child closely during his/her reading sessions. Make sure he/she doesn't skip pages or turn the pages too quickly. Fourth, limit the amount of time your child spends reading comics. Lastly, discuss the themes and messages found within each story with him/her.

Can I Give My Kid Comics Instead Of Other Kinds Of Media?

Absolutely! While it's true that comics are great fun for kids, they're also excellent educational tools. Studies show that children learn faster when they read text along side visual information. Therefore, it makes sense to give your kid comics alongside other media forms. For instance, you might read a chapter book together before turning on the TV. Or perhaps you'd watch a cartoon before playing video games. Whatever works best for your family, remember to always stay consistent.

The Importance of Purchasing Quality Comic Books for Kids

Comics are great fun for kids. But it's important to purchase quality comics for kids so that they enjoy reading them. If you choose poorly, you might end up spending money on something that doesn't really interest your child. Or worse yet, you might wind up wasting your time trying to read a series that isn't worth reading.

Quality Comics Are Worth Buying

There are two main reasons why you should invest in quality comics for kids. First, you'll ensure that your kid enjoys reading comics. Second, you'll reduce the risk of damaging his eyesight by choosing wisely. Let's start with the latter point.

Avoid Damaging Their Eyes With Poorly Made Comics

Kids' eyesight is developing rapidly during childhood. That's why it's crucial to limit exposure to harmful light. Unfortunately, cheap paperbacks and magazines contain lots of bright lights which can cause permanent eye damage. Fortunately, good quality comics are printed on matte paper which reduces glare. Furthermore, they're bound together tightly so that they stay flat and lie flatter on shelves. All of these factors contribute towards reducing the chances of your child suffering from poor vision later in life.

Choose Good Looking Comics

Another reason why you should invest in quality comics for kids is that they'll look nice too! Cheap comics are usually cheaply produced. Consequently, they lack color and detail. Even though they're cheaper, they're likely to be low quality. Instead, opt for well-made comics which are colorful and detailed.

Read Together

Reading comics together is another way to encourage your child to enjoy reading. Reading aloud is a wonderful bonding experience between parent and child. Plus, it encourages your child to practice listening skills. Try reading a few pages each day. Then, ask him questions about what he reads. Ask him whether he likes certain characters or stories. Encourage him to share his opinions. He'll learn a lot from doing this.

Buy New Issues Only

It's tempting to buy old issues of comics for kids. After all, they're inexpensive. However, this approach has its drawbacks. Firstly, you run the risk of getting stuck with unwanted material. Secondly, you'll miss out on future releases. Thirdly, you'll never know if the story line is complete. Lastly, you'll lose track of where you left off.

Don't Be Afraid To Experiment

Sometimes, kids love comics that you wouldn't expect. Don't worry if your son loves Spiderman despite being a girl. Likewise, don't force your daughter into liking Batman simply because she wants to wear a cape. Allow her to explore whatever interests her.

Features to Look For When Buying a Comic Books for Kids

Comics are great fun for kids. But before you purchase a box full of comics for your child, it's important to know which ones are appropriate for him/her. This is a voluntary organization that rates video games according to their level of violence, language, sexual references, etc. Words are rated differently depending on where they appear in the story. Generally speaking, the higher the number of words, the older the audience. For instance, a PG13 movie has fewer than 15, 000 words whereas a R rating contains more than 100, 000 words. Be aware that certain words carry specific meanings within the context of the story. Although violent images are rarely found in comic books, there are exceptions. For instance, Spiderman 2 includes several instances of gunplay and bloodletting. Other examples include Batman Begins, Superman Returns, and Xmen Origins Wolverine. Even though these films are rated PG 13, parents should be wary of exposing young children to these kinds of scenes. Instead, choose titles that are rated G or PG. Remember, however, that the ratings only apply to the main characters; secondary characters may behave far worse! Unfortunately, sexism is commonplace in today's society. While women are portrayed positively in some stories, they are frequently depicted as sex objects. Additionally, female superheroes are often treated unfairly by male villains. Parents should be careful to ensure that their children are exposed to positive representations of women. Characters in comic books consume drugs and alcohol throughout the course of the story. Sometimes, drug use leads to death. Because of this, parents must be vigilant when purchasing comic books for their children. Fortunately, there are plenty of good choices available. Just remember that each title carries its own unique set of rules and regulations.

Different Types of Comic Books for Kids

Comics are fun! Comics are great! But sometimes it's hard to know which ones are right for your child. That's why we've put together this list of different kinds of comics so you can choose the perfect type of comic for your kid. We hope you enjoy our selection!


These are the classic superheroes everyone knows and loves. Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Iron Man, Captain all here! If you love superheros, then you'll definitely love superhero comics. Superheroes are full of action, adventure, and excitement. They're always saving the day and fighting evil villains.


This category includes stories where the main character goes on adventures. Adventure comics are filled with exciting situations and thrilling events. Sometimes the hero has to overcome obstacles and dangers along the way. Other times he might go into battle with monsters and aliens. Adventures are packed with suspense and thrills.


Some of the funniest comics around are humor comics. Humorous comics are funny because they poke fun at everyday problems. Instead of being serious, humorous comics are lighthearted and silly. They're meant to entertain us.


The fantasy genre is another favorite among readers. Fantasy comics are set in magical worlds where heroes fight dragons and wizards. Magic spells and mystical creatures abound. Fantasy comics are known for their imaginative storylines and beautiful artwork.

Science Fiction

Science fiction is a subgenre of science fiction. Science fiction is based on futuristic technology and scientific discoveries. Sci fi characters travel across galaxies and encounter strange alien beings. Science fiction is a fantastic read for anyone interested in exploring the future.


The western genre is a staple in American culture. Western comics tell stories about cowboys riding horses and shooting guns. Cowboys ride fast, shoot faster, and drink whiskey. Their lives revolve around cattle ranching and horseback riding. Western comics are a must for fans of cowboy boots and hats.


Horror comics are scary! Horror comics are dark and creepy. They're filled with blood, gore, and violence. Characters face gruesome deaths and terrifying supernatural forces. Horror comics are great for horror movie buffs.


Mystery comics are detective dramas. Mystery comics involve solving crimes and mysteries. Detective comics are filled with clues and puzzles. Mysteries are great for detectives and crime scene investigators. Thrillers are mystery comics with lots of action and drama.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Comic Books For Kids

What are comic books?

Comic books are stories told through pictures rather than words. They often feature superheroes and villains, but they can also include more realistic characters like detectives and spies.

Where Did Comic Books Originate?

Comic books were originally created in the 1930s. However, they didn't really take off until the 1950s when Superman became popular.

Who Was Stan Lee?

Stan Lee was the creator of Marvel Comics. He wrote most of their early issues and helped create Spiderman and Iron Man.

What Kinds Of Things Can I Read About In Comic Books?

You can learn about anything from science fiction to history. There are even comic book versions of classic literature, like Romeo & Juliet.

What's The Difference Between Comic Books And Graphic Novels?

Graphic novels are similar to comic books, but they're longer and have illustrations instead of text.

What Kind Of Art Goes Into Making Comic Books?

A lot of artists draw the images. Then writers write the story. Finally, editors make sure everything fits together correctly.

What Makes A Good Comic Book?

Good comic books should tell a clear story. They shouldn't leave too much room for interpretation. And they should always end on a cliff hanger.

What's The Best Part Of Reading Comic Books?

Reading comic books lets you travel anywhere in the world! You don't have to worry about where you live or what language you speak. All you need is your imagination.

What's The Worst Part Of Reading Comic Books?

Some comic books aren't written well enough. Or they contain violence or sex that isn't appropriate for young readers.

What's The Best Way To Enjoy Comic Books?

Read them at home with your family. That way you'll get to know each character better. Plus, you won't miss out on any jokes.

What's The Best Thing About Being A Superhero?

Superheroes save lives every day. But sometimes they have to fight bad guys. Sometimes they have to deal with problems like bullies or loneliness.

What's The Worst Thing About Being A Superhero?

Being a hero means having to put yourself in danger. Sooner or later, you could lose your life.

What's The Best Thing About Being A Villain?

Villains are evil. But they love power. So they try to steal all the money they can. They want to destroy the heroes' families.

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