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Combination Safes

Combination safes are a popular security device that combines several locking mechanisms into one safe. This allows users to lock multiple items within a single container. It’s not uncommon for people to store jewelry, cash, passports and other valuables in a combination safe.

Combination safes are easy to operate and convenient to carry. They’re compact and lightweight so you won’t feel weighed down while carrying them around. If you’re looking for a secure storage solution, then consider purchasing a combination safe. Our buyers guide explains everything you need to know before buying a combination safe.

Hollon HS-610D 2 Hour Office Safe with Dial Combination Lock

Hollon Safe

Protect your belongings and family with the Hollon HS-610D 2 Hour Office Safe! This tough safe features a combination lock for security, and interior shelves and a door tray to keep items secure and off the floor. Plus, the door dtente device automatically locks the safe when you are done using it. Don't miss out on this must-have safety tool!


The safe is the least expensive of its size, manufactured by SentrySafe. The type listed in the store SentrySafe is not waterproof, unlike a similar product offered by Master Lock Company. Fine for those on the high ground and not in danger of hurricanes or river flooding. It is easier to open the waterproof models. This comes with one flat shelf. If you have hotel safes, the owner can add two of their own fivedigit codes and change them at any time. The combination lock is powered by a battery and contains up to three working codes. The safe has batteries located externally in a hidden compartment and can be replaced to open lock if they age out. The only complaint is about the Amazon sale rather than the Safe itself. The seller ordered from Walmart to ship directly to me for a $20 price point. The experience is my first experience with in 20 plus years. The website SimplySafe provides a list of sellers of all major chains. You should look in before you make your purchase on Amazon.

I had a safe with a combination turn lock, which was a pain. This one is simple to use. The handle is more whimsical for a door that heavy but I guess that is by design, so that one cannot use force on the handle to open the safe.

Great value for the money, fast shipping, and quite sturdy. This safe fits perfectly into my closet, and holds my valuables safely. I like the storage side, especially with the additional shelf I bought which are alao sturdy enough to hold a pistol, mags and accessories. The door has space for keys and so organizes them. The door has great space for documents and small valuables organized in small compartments such as watches, jewelry, etc. Make sure to use high quality batteries that protect your keypad as the lock can be operated very easily.

I am writing this review because I have to use the safe, and it is a good product. Easy to use, with clear instructions. It did come desgraze, which is unfortunate, but it works alright. The original review is outlined below. Batteries are not the best deal braker I guess, but it would have been nice to have them included.Unimpressed. There are no batteries.

The safe that I got works great for keeping my portable storage drives. Knowing that my pictures are safe and that they will hold up to water and fire makes me feel better. I find the number combo more attractive. In my late forties, I could not do a combo.

Templeton Safes Depository Safe T866 with Internal Keyed Locking Compartment and External UL Listed Combination Lock

Templeton Safes

Keep your money safe and sound with this tough and durable Templeton Safes Depository Safe. Made from alloy steel for durability, this safe features a triple bolt action locking mechanism and an anti-fishing drawer. It also comes with a drop box for convenient storage of large bills, cash, and other valuables. Plus, our US based tech support team is available anytime you need help. So don't wait any longer, get your Templeton Safes Depository Safe today!


If you are like me, you have debated buying a safe home for some time. You researched the subject. I passed them and tested handles at the store. I looked at the price. I looked at the price, and decide to wait. I have done that for too many years and finally decided to go ahead and spend the money and buy one. People who are spending money to obtain the safe realize they did get the safe. I do not like reviews that long, but this one will be a little longer. Please view all of the photographs I attached to the review. This guide will help you gauge the size of this safe and some great features which you will be getting for your money. The safe arrived in a box containing three pieces of cushioning material. They are one on the bottom and two on the top on each side. The owners manual and other documentation were tucked down alongside the unit. The keys for double locking the safe are inside the safe. Please be mindful of the fact that this baby is heavy. Around 90 pounds. Upon opening the doors I immediately noticed a nasty dent. I did not damage the packaging. I am not sure if it was a damaged item repackaged or if somehow it got dropped onto the corner of something and the box sprung back afterwards. I cannot give such a negative review. If the shell isnt punctured then it will not affect the fire/water rating of the safe. I contacted Amazon Customer Service and they offered to replace the unit immediately at their expense, refund my money or give me a discount for keeping the safe. I chose to keep the safe. I am now ready to go on to the fun part. You will need four AAA batteries. Keep your documentation away from the safe. Do not be tempted to place them inside it and close it. You can lock the documents in the event of a loss of control by putting your key code on the documents. You will be set up in no time if you follow the instructions in the owners manual from here. My safe came with a lock that allowed lag bolts to bolt down to the floor. If you choose to bolt this safe down, you are immediately voiding the water part of the warranty. I was unaware of that fact. Im sure that with some high quality silicone, a person can still make sure that water wont get into. Im doubting that Sentry would recommend this. I do not live in a flood prone state or area therefore that is the least of my worries. There is one lock box included. I absolutely adore it. It helped me organize my life. I have just ordered another one. Enter Safe Locking Drawer. I have included pictures to help you get an idea how big the drawer is. The drawer locks into the grooves while the top locks when you turn the key. Im the only one who uses the safe. Im only leaving the key inside. In an emergency, one drawer is my grab and go drawer. It contained important documents such as emergency funds and others. The LED lights that come on when you open the safe are awesome. They illuminate the inside of the safe in such a way that you can see everything inside. The program you select allows the item to remain off or on for 30 or 60 seconds. The manual states that if you set them to 60 seconds it will drain batteries faster. I want the light on. The manual says that you should never use rechargeable batteries. I am not sure why, but the keypad is nice and big. There is an audible beep for each key pressed. You may turn the beep off. I recommend reading the owners manual for instructions on how to do this. If you take too long to send the code in, it automatically resets itself and you have to start over. You can program two additional codes that unlock the safe but the factory code cannot be changed. The door opens and closes easily and locks and unlocks flawlessly. The handle is easy to turn, and you need to turn it about an inch or so to lock and unlock. There are a couple of small bins inside the door for small items, such as rings, thumb drives and so forth, and there are key hooks. The safe is much bigger inside then I imagined. It is easy to keep eight"x10" paper inside. A regular size manila folder will work fine. In conclusion, I am really pleased with this safe. I wish I had not waited too long to acquire one. There is no 100% risk free with regards to valuables. The key is minimizing the risk of any items being stolen from us. The safe is bolted to the floor, filled to the top with things. If a burglar was in a hurry to grab and go it would be a pain. It is heavy and awkward. It would most likely take two people to get it out of the house after they removed it from the floor, etc. Prying the door open does not seem to be an option. It would take a torch or a C4 to open it. The $200 or more you spend may well save you thousands if some crazy loon burglarizes your home or if you have shady family members that like to borrow without asking. If you have any questions about my experience with this unit please feel free to contact me. Thank you for reading my lengthy review.

I was skeptical of the product after reading the negative reviews. I took a chance and was surprised. Safe arrived in perfect condition. There is not a dent, bump, or scratch. The item is locked with the keys, mounting screws, and an inner shelf. Manuel used code in the box and safe. It meets all of my needs. My only complaint is that the handle is plastic. The shelf and drawer is not very sturdy. To literally lock into a safe via lock and key, store things internally, and act as a shelf. I would suggest a chest if you are interested in a go box. I am only happy. It is very safe for the price.

The safe gives me money, so I can keep all my documents and items safe from fire and water. I know that being a professional thief would be slow. However, due to its already huge weight, and the fact that it was being lagging on the floor with the kit supplied, it would be difficult for an average thief to simply take it. This unit also includes a key, for added security, which can be used to disable the combo function. I would rather have them break the handle than it being hammered open by the thief. You will have to pay more money to get a theftproof safe. I am satisfied with this safe for the average homeowner. It was delivered to you by UPS. There were no flaws or holes.

Ignore the reviews from four years ago. It is 2020, and this is the best affordable Fire Safe on the market. It was delivered without incident. This type of care and service ensured that there was no damage during shipment. I really enjoy the options and key functions. It will protect my family's important items and documents in case of a fire or flood.

These Sentry Safes are definitely aesthetically pleasing and have a solid look of security until they appear at your house. The MasterCard is working, however the green light indicates that I have four seconds left to open the safe. However, the handle will not turn without significant force, as instructed by the instructions manual. After that the tension on the handle will release allowing the handle to turn without affecting the locking bolts. It amazes me that an important and expensive product as this one seems to have absolutely no quality control. All they had to do was enter the code one time to see it does not work, before sending a broken product all the way here just to go back. After a few phone calls and a little research, I was able to get the safe working and it is a great safe. The most expensive model I selected included a lock box within the safe that provided an extra level of security. The lockbox itself is visible in all of the pictures of the safe. It appears exactly like it is represented in the pictures. It is a small, lockable lockbox inside of a safe with its own keylock mechanism. The only problem is the lock on the lockbox does not lock the lockbox, it instead secures it in the safe, which technically is a good thing. I'm happy with this purchase, if you lock the lock box in the highest position inside the safe, it can't be opened and the lock prevents it from being pulled out.

Biometric Safe Box for Home with Fireproof Bag, Fingerprint Safe with Digital Combination Lock Spare External Battery Box and Emergency Key for money Jewelry Guns(1.2, Fingerprint Lock) (White)


The Biometric Safe Box is a home security safe box that can protect all your most prized possessions against theft or fire. It features a digital combination lock for added security, and comes with an external battery charger and emergency key in case of power outages. Plus, it's fingerprint-safe with the latest in technology. Get yours today!


I really like the ease of the numeric pad, not the dial style. There is enough space for anything that I need to protect. The package is solid and sturdy. If you have to confiscate the gaming unit for a long time, frustrated parents of teenagers can fit the XBox One into it.

I went to these safes for about an hour, then gave up. There are often a few bad ratings that scare you. I chose this option. The size is appropriate for adults, though the majority are smaller than they appear. Will the Oceans 11 team or Pink Panther breach it? Sure, it is safe enough to keep kids out or slow down a thief. It is approximately forty pounds, which is not too heavy or too light. If you would like, you can mount it. It is loud beeping sound when you enter password, but not as annoying as I feared. I have a 4-digit code. I keep a key hidden in case I forget the passcode, or it runs out of batteries. Please if you forget where it is, you will remember.

The door fits nicely into the frame and the work seems admirable. The door is about one inch thick and the rest of the steel box itself might be one and a quarter inch thick. It isn't going to survive a tank driving over it, but if someone wanted to open it without the code, they would need significant power tools and some time to do it. It has a nice powder coating but there are some rough spots in the inside, below and above the door, inside metal folds. The pictures confirm that the parts are not powder coated. Due to the geometry, the powder was unable to reach these parts during the coating process. This may cause rust. If it could be a problem due to wet climate, then use a brush and paint it over with some varnish. Overall, compared to what else it is out there, and given that Stalwart is a somewhat known brand, it is nice value for the money.

If you compare the quality and cost of a product you can see it is a very good purchase. This has two stages of action. One is the primary one for everyday access. The second backup is intended for the owner of this vault, in the event the first is forgotten or lost so a resetting of the primary can be accomplished. The numbers are large and clear, and easy to depress. An alert of low battery is in place. Two keys are provided if the battery goes completely dead in order to gain access.

It was very good in a low price box. Combination is self set, the only complaint about that is that it has loud beeps. I just used the key they gave you to open it. They have small holes in the back and bottom to screw it in the wall. I do not like that because people could look inside potential. It is not fireproof then.

DNYKER Safe Box, 2.05 Cubic Feet Digital Keypad Combination Lock Cabinet with Two Ways to Open, Black Anchoring Security Safe for Home Office Hotel


Looking for a security safe that's both stylish and sturdy? Check out the DNYKER Safe Box! Made from durable metal, this safe features six 1.1-inch latches for easy access, plus an interior partition that can be removed or adjusted to fit your needs. Plus, it comes with a battery-operated LED light that'll illuminate when the batteries are low. Don't miss out on this must-have security tool!


The safe is great because it has plenty of space. You can program two codes and it comes with two keys. It looks and feels strong, but it is not easy to open as some people show on Youtube how to crack open safe. You can't simply place a coat hanger through the back hole and press the reset button for the code. I really like this product and I would buy it again. I took this safe apart only for curiosity. The spring that holds locking mechanics is strong and it holds locking mechanism well. If you press the control button from the top, you can not break it open or infringe. Buy it, and you will like it.

This is a very solid safe. It is not heavy and easy to fit into small spaces. Setting up the code was simple. I have not seen any issues yet.

I gave them as gifts to my grandsons. They loved having their own personal treasure box. Holds their videogame controllers, birthday money, gift cards, jewelry, and treasures.

For the cost, this is a wonderful safe. You are able to use between three and eight digit codes for the safe. You also get two master keys for the safe. I will keep one in the safe, and the other I will hide in case the batteries die or some other unexpected reason. Everything is running great and the safe batteries are charging perfectly. In my opinion, a big plus is the ability to insert the reset button through screw holes in the back of the safe, if I did not have it screwed into the wall, preventing anyone from attempting it without a pen or another type of pen, and then opening it. I highly recommend that you attach this item to a wall. I am impressed with the quality and price of the safe. It has enough space for a home protection package, ammunition, important documents and other items. The instructions that come with are very easy to understand and help you to get your safe operating properly. You are recommending it if you want to keep your possessions from unwanted persons.

Arrived nicely packed and unarmed. If this safe is bolted to the floor or wall, it will be safe. This safe is superior considering the price, and I would purchase a hundred. The locking mechanism is supposed to work. It is large enough to store approximately all small items needed. This comes with quality sleeved bolts that secure it in the location that you want to. The lock comes with four batteries so it can be placed into use. That is a very good safe.

Fortress Fireproof Safe with Combination Lock, Black | 14-Gun with Combination Lock


Keep your valuables safe and sound with the Fortress Fireproof Safe! This tough safe is made of 30 minutes fire-retardant steel construction and features an external hinge for easy access, plus it comes equipped with three 1"-locking bolts, two dead bolts and our patented notch bolt for added security. Plus, it has a gray interior that's perfect for protecting your most valued items.


I had a two week family vacation and needed a safe and affordable. The individual pictured was appropriate for the occasion. I would not call it fireproof or waterproof, but I am sure that it would withstand a small fire in a house. The reason I'm denying it's waterproof, is that holes exist in it so it can be mounted. I needed a place to store some valuables while we were away, as I had people coming in to check on the house. It did take me a second to locate the keyhole, which is why I took a picture of it. It hinges open when pushing on the left side. This makes the face of the safe look very neat. Do not discard the instructions, and other pertinent information. You will need them to remember how to set the passcodes. In summary, it was very simple to setup and light enough for one person to move around, and it will certainly keep my things a little safe. It worked for two weeks and I am confident it will work for a longer period. I am glad I found this rather than spending five or six hundred dollars on another safe locally.

It is heavy and sturdy, and the size seemed accurate. You may place documents and jewelry in there without any trouble. I opened it first with a key. Insert the key, turn the clockwise direction, and then rotate the dial to open it up. The instruction booklet provides instructions for how to set the code and use the digital battery powered keypad. I am grateful it has backup keys just in case.

For a small safe, this is extremely valuable. It also has bolt holes for anchoring to the floor and two for anchoring to the wall. The safe can accommodate multiple pistols and revolvers, depending on size. It is excellent for jewelry. I'm very impressed with the customer service.

This safe is perfect in size and holds a little more than my bank box. You can drill into the floor, but it does not make it waterproof. It's very easy to lock.

FIRST ALERT FATS2092FBD 2092F-BD Combination Safe, 20.3in x 19.3in x 18in, Gray


The FIRST ALERT Fats2092FBD is a stylish and sturdy addition to any home d�cor! This tough little guy can resist even the most determined thieves, with its 4-number combination lock and 2 emergency override keys. Plus, it comes with all the other standard features you would expect from a quality security product - like a chamber width of 18 inches and a material that resists heat and damage, making it perfect for any room in your house. Don't miss out on this great security solution - order your copy today!


I feel bad about the UPS man's delivery but I wonder how nice it would be to have a safe delivered to your house as part of your Prime membership? It does not come with the floor installation bolts because they have to be customized to your surface, but a trip to Home Depot is not a difficult thing. The safety of the safe is mandatory. It is not an empty wall safe. Someone will be able to carry it. Our selection is very sturdy, and features a deep set door bolts which increase security. The safe is large inside. We were surprised to find that it was even bigger than we expected. When you open the safe you may see gray powder. Dust from the concrete seals the inside and makes it fireproof. The combination lock does not work like the one on your high school locker, so make sure you read the directions. It takes a few extra turns to open it because they help keep your belongings more secure.

I received it a few days ago. The safe itself was in the same condition, the packaging was pristine there was no mark on it. Thank you for considering Amazon shipping, it is quite heavy. Cavernous space inside. It is simple to use combination lock with no batteries. It came with a desiccant, and instructions on how to keep it fresh. I suspect that buyers who did not follow these instructions ended up with mildew. It makes sense since the safe is waterproof and therefore does not let air leave it. I am very happy with the purchase, especially for the amount I paid for it.

I have not tried this on water and fire protection, and hope that I never will. The safe is adequate in size for family documents and small valuables. It's easy to use the dial to open.

Good value for the money. I have purchased this primarily for the one hour fire rating and water resistance. It is heavy enough to discourage all but the strongest and most determined thief. I felt very sorry for the UPS man.

Everything is as described. I received it promptly, and it was in very good condition. I am pleased with the purchase.

Fortress Gun Fireproof Safe with Combination Lock


Keep your belongings safe and sound with the Fortress Gun Fireproof Safe! This tough safe is made from alloy steel for superior durability and features an external hinge for easy access, plus it comes equipped with 3 - 1" active locking bolts and two dead bolts for added security. Plus, the gray interior with outside lever handle makes it easy to find the right combination lock for you. Don't miss out on this must-have gun safe!


The capacity and quality of safe are amazing. I would really like to purchase another. However, the product is not available. Please bring this product back at a low price.

I have to say that this is a good deal for the money. This is very strong and someone might be able to break into it if they took it somewhere. They would look pretty guilty walking down the street carrying a safe with the alarm going off.

I was unable to open it as soon as I received it. I opened it the other day. It seems to be working. It is a reasonable product for its price.

Safes Fireproof Waterproof,Safe Box for Money , Electronic Safe with Key ,Fire Proof Locked Safe Box with LCD Digital Screen,Gun Safe for Home Office Cash Jewelry Passport Hotel Documents (1.0cub)


Protect your family and belongings with the Kkoutoo Safes Fireproof Waterproof, Safe Box! This tough little safe is built to withstand even the most extreme conditions. It features a waterproof/fire-resistant design and comes with a sensitive alarm system that will immediately alert you if anything goes wrong. Plus, our 100% risk-free purchase guarantee means you can shop with confidence.


It is a little expensive but it is adequate for stores that include drugstores and liquor stores. It has two compartments. It makes work easier. Sometimes it is very difficult to place the battery inside the keypad. I have ordered six so far and I am ordering one more for my other liquor store.

We use it in our bar and our bartenders have access to upper section by key for change and they drop their bank each night in drop box for us.

It was bigger than I thought. But so far, it has worked perfectly for what I need it for.

US STOCK-Fireproof and Waterproof Safe Cabinet Security Box, Digital Combination Lock Safe with Keypad LED Indicator, for Cash Money Jewelry Guns Cabinet (Black) (0.8cub)


Protect your family and personal belongings with this US STOCK-Fireproof and Waterproof Safe Cabinet Security Box! This tough little box is built to last and features a triple-lock core, making it even harder to crack open. Plus, it's easy to install and comes with four mounting bolts for easy installation on the floor, shelf or wall. Don't miss out on this must-have security tool - order yours today!


My only complaint about this safe is that the keypad is battery operated. I am at fault for installing used batteries, so brand new may be better. However, luckily this safe comes with keys that help when the batteries do die because then I am still able to open my safe without the keypad. The lock for the keys is hidden behind a plate near the keypad in the front. I have adapted a keypad number to this and was able to set it to a combination that you will remember. Although the safe has some weight to it, I initially did not care for the holes in the back, however this helped me to screw it to my wall, which helps keep it secure. The locking bars inside of the safe are really thick and strong. No matter how much you tug on that door, this safe will not open unless you have the key or know the combination. The walls are very thick and that shows how much protection this safe provides. Make sure to install brand new batteries rather than the older ones that have the highest quality. Be sure that the keys are in a safe place, not inside of the safe.

It came quickly, with the safe. You can open the file either via your code or the key. The code is easy to set. It's an ideal size to place in the storeroom. It is an appealing size to hide and it has two levels so you can place a file on the bottom. Or you can take the level plate out and use it to make one large safe. I really like the fact that you are able to move it easily and hide it somewhere in your home. You may want to install the screws into the wall, so nobody can steal it. At the moment this appears to be a great safe at a great value.

It would be perfect for my office in my home.

The interior is ideal, there is room for multiple items that need some additional security.

First Alert 2087F Safe with Combination Lock, 0.94 Cubic Foot, Grey


Protect your home and family with the FIRST ALERT 2087F Safe! This tough safe features double construction for added durability, four live door bolts and a pry-resistant concealed hinge. Plus, it comes with an adjustable shelf and one removable/adjustable curtain to make sure every inch of the safe is covered. Don't miss out on this must-have home security product!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Combination Safes

Today, they are still incredibly useful, as they provide security against both pickpockets and burglars. This article explains what makes a good combination safe, and gives advice on how to buy the best combination safe for your needs.

What Are Combination Safes?

Combination safes are a type of safe that uses a series of numbers to open the door. The combination is typically set at the factory, but some safes allow for changing the combination after purchase. Combination safes are commonly found in homes, offices, banks, and businesses. They are very secure because there is no key needed to open the safe. There are many different types of combination safes available, including electronic combination locks, mechanical combination locks, and digital combination locks.

Who Needs Combination Safes?

Combination safes are useful for storing things like cash, jewelry, and other valuables. But did you know that they can also be very handy for keeping track of combinations?

Most combination locks use numbers or letters to create a unique code. These codes are usually printed on the outside of the safe. When you open the safe, you enter this number or letter combination into the keypad inside the safe. Then, the door opens.

This makes it possible to store items in a secure place while still being able to access them easily. Of course, you can also use these safes to hide things like money or jewelry.

But how do you know which combination safe is right for you? Here are a few factors to think about before buying one.

Size. Safes come in several sizes. Some are large enough to hold everything from laptops to guns. Others are smaller and only big enough to fit a wallet or two.

Security. How secure does the combination lock protect your belongings? Many safes offer a variety of security features. These range from electronic alarms to sensors that detect motion.

Accessories. Combination safes come with various accessories. Some models feature built-in lights, speakers, and alarm systems. Others have wheels for moving around the house.

Price. Price isn't necessarily a factor when choosing a combination safe. However, it can be a deciding factor if you plan to move the safe from place to place.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Combination Safes

Combination locks have become increasingly popular among homeowners because they offer added security. They provide peace of mind by allowing people to keep their valuables secure even if they forget where they left them. Unfortunately, many people purchase cheap combination safes instead of buying a quality one. This is a big mistake. Here are three reasons why you should buy a quality combination safe:

Cheap safes tend to crack easily. When you invest in a quality safe, you'll never worry about whether or not it will survive a flood or fire.

A quality safe will resist tampering attempts such as drilling through the door or cutting off the locking mechanism. You won't have to worry about losing your belongings if you leave your home unattended.

Poor quality safes may break down after just a couple years. Buyers who want to ensure that their safes will function properly for several decades should opt for a quality safe.

If you're looking for a quality combination safe, visit . We carry a wide variety of safes including combination safes, keyed safes, padlocks, deadbolts, and other types of safes.

Features To Consider When Buying Combination Safes

Security features. The most important feature of a combination safe is its security. Make sure the combination lock has a strong code that's hard to guess. And if you're concerned about someone breaking into your safe, look for locks that are tamper-proof.

Locking mechanism. Another important consideration is how well the locking mechanism works. Look for a locking mechanism that's sturdy enough to withstand repeated attempts to pick it. And if you're worried about losing the key, look for a locking mechanism that requires no keys.

How big do you want your combination safe? Do you plan to store jewelry inside? If so, you may want to opt for a larger safe. But if you only plan to store cash and other valuables, then you might prefer a smaller safe.

Some combination safes come with additional accessories such as a flashlight, alarm clock, or even a digital camera. These extras can add convenience and peace of mind while protecting your belongings.

Look for a combination safe that meets your needs. Shop online or visit local stores to compare prices on different models and styles.

Different Types Of Combination Safes

Combination locks are a staple of any home security system. Combination Safes are inexpensive and offer a simple solution to protecting valuable items. Unfortunately, they are also easily defeated by thieves. Combination locks are easy to pick and open due to the fact that they use a series of numbers instead of a combination. A thief simply needs to guess the correct number sequence to gain access to the contents of the safe.

The good news is that there are now a variety of different types of combination safes available. Each offers its own advantages and disadvantages. We will look at each of these below.

Safes With Numbers. Safes with numbers are the simplest type of combination safe. They consist of a small box with a keypad on the front. When the user enters the correct combination, the door opens. Safes with numbers are cheap and easy to install. Combination Safes are also fairly secure since the combination cannot be guessed. The downside to safes with numbers is that they are not very attractive. Also, they are not suitable for storing large amounts of valuables.

Safes With Keys. Safes with keys are slightly better than safes with numbers. They are more secure since the combination cannot be guessed. They are also more attractive than safes with numbers. The problem with safes with keys is that they are more complicated to install. They also cost more than safes with numbers. Finally, they are less secure than safes with numbers since anyone could potentially steal the key.

Safes With Locks. Safes with locks are the ultimate combination safe. They are extremely secure since the combination cannot be guessed. They are also incredibly complex to install. They are also quite expensive. The main drawback of safes with locks is that they are rather bulky. Combination Safes are also not practical for smaller spaces.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Combination Safes

What are combination safes?

A combination safe is a type of safe that uses a combination lock to secure its contents. These locks have three parts: a keypad, a dial, and a tumbler.

Where Did They First Appear?

Combination safes were invented in 1884 by Charles Litton, a watchmaker. He created his first model after he was unable to open a safe at home.

What Makes Them Unique?

Unlike most safes, combination safes require a person to enter their code into a keypad rather than turning a dial. This allows the owner to use the same combination safely across multiple locations.

How Do They Work?

To access the safe's interior, a user enters a four-digit number into the keypad. Once this number has been entered correctly, the dial spins until it lands on the correct position. Then, the user turns the dial clockwise to unlock the safe.

Will it take me forever to learn how to operate it?

No. Most safes include instructions that teach users how to operate the safe. They're easy enough to figure out even without those instructions.

Should I Buy A New Safe Instead Of Making My Own?

If you already know how to build a safe, then go ahead and give it a try. Otherwise, you should consider buying a prebuilt safe.

What are some advantages of having a combination safe?

Having a combination safe means that no one else but you can access the contents inside. That way, you don't have to worry about leaving valuables unattended.

What Are Some Disadvantages Of Having A Combination Safe?

While it's great that no one else can get into your safe, it's important to remember that anyone could potentially break into your safe. So, keep all of your valuable items locked away when you aren't around.

What Are Some Things I Should Look For When Purchasing A Safe?

• Size matters. Safes come in various sizes, ranging from tiny travel models to large industrial units. Choose a size that fits your needs.

• Durability. Look for safes that feature steel construction and high-quality materials. Also, make sure that the manufacturer offers a warranty.

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