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Cold Smoker

Cold smokers are devices that heat meat slowly so that it stays moist while retaining its flavor. This process allows the meat to cook evenly and retain moisture, making it tender and juicy. It’s not uncommon for restaurants to serve cold smoked meats such as ham, bacon and sausage. But, did you know that you can enjoy cold smoked meats at home? If you’d like to try it yourself, then check out our buyers guide to learn more about cold smoking and how to set up your own cold smoker.

Smoke Daddy Magnum P.I.G. Cold Smoke Generator with Ceramic Grill Adapter

Smoke Daddy Inc.

The Smoke Daddy Magnum P.I.G. is the perfect solution for those who want to smoke meat, fish, or other foods. This cold smoke generator works in both cold and hot temperatures, making it perfect for use with any type of grill. Plus, its built to last with a ceramic grill adapter and heavy-duty aluminum construction. With a high volume output of 250+ cubic feet per hour, this smoke machine is perfect for large cookouts or unattended smoking.

MIJIG Western BBQ Premium‎ Wood Smoking Chips Variety (Pack of 6) Bundled with ProGrilla Smoker Box

If you're looking for an easy way to smoke meat without any hassle, look no further than MIJIG's premium wood smoking chips! With its variety of options, you can choose the perfect chip for your needs. Whether you prefer cherry or hickory, we've got you covered. So why wait? Get your MIJIG Western BBQ Premium wood smoking chips today!

Bella's Cold Smoke Generator


If you're looking for a reliable and durable cold smoke generator that can withstand the elements, look no further than the Smokin-it Bella's Cold Smoke Generator. This tough little smoker is made of stainless steel and can resist wear and corrosion from long term exposure to moisture and sunlight. With its true cold smoking ability and its ability to generate high quality smoke, this little smoker is sure to become a favorite among serious smokers!

Foneta Smoking Gun Cocktail Smoker Kit with Wood Chips, Dome & Cup Lid, Portable Indoor Smoke Infuser for Food Cooking, Cocktail Drinks, Whiskey, Steak, Salmon, Cheese, BBQ and Pizza


The Foneta Smoking Gun Cocktail Smoker Kit is perfect for adding real smoked flavor to your food. With this kit, you'll be able to smoke meat, fish, and veggies, as well as cook your favorite meals. The portable design makes it easy to use, and the included accessories help ensure that you have everything you need. So why wait? Get the Foneta Smoking Gun Cocktail Smoker Kit today!

Smoke Daddy Magnum P.I.G. Cold Smoke Generator

Smoke Daddy Inc.

The Smoke Daddy Magnum P.I.G. Cold Smoke Generator is perfect for those who want to add a touch of class and style to their cooking. This unique device works in both cold and hot temperatures, making it versatile and easy to use. It attaches to your grill or smoker, pumping out high-quality smoke and getting that extra smoky flavor. Made from heavy gauge stainless steel for durability and longevity, this cold smoke generator is built to last. So don't wait any longer, make your Smoke Daddy proud today!

Smoke Daddy Big Kahuna Cold Smoke Generator

Smoke Daddy Inc.

The Smoke Daddy Big Kahuna Cold Smoker is perfect for those who want to add a touch of class and style to their cooking. With its sleek design and high-quality construction, this cold smoke generator will last for years to come. This unit features a cold smoking function that allows you to smoke meat, fish, and poultry. It also attaches to your existing grill or smoker to provide a high volume of smoke and get that extra smoky flavor. Plus, it comes with a built-in cleaning brush that makes it easy to keep clean. Don't miss out on this must-have kitchen appliance!

TMKEFFC Smoking Gun Food Smoker and Tools Set, Portable Hand-held Smoke Infuser for Cocktails Drinks, Resin Dome Cloche Cover, Cup Cover, DIY Flat Drill Bit and Rubber Ports Included, Black


If you're looking for an easy way to add a touch of authenticity to your cooking, the TMKEFFC Smoking Gun is the perfect solution! This hand-held electric smoker features a stainless steel bowl and a resin dome cover, making it perfect for cooking ribs, burgers, fish, and more. With a battery-operated design and a wide range of uses, this smoker is sure to become a staple in any kitchen.

Smokehouse Products 9500-000-0000 Smoke Chief Cold Smoke Generator


Upgrade your kitchen gadgets with this handy cold smoke generator from Smokehouse Products! This small device produces enough smoke to flavor your food, but not so much that it will hurt the taste. With a compact design and easy operation, this cold smoke generator is perfect for use at home or on the go. Plus, it can be easily connected to any gas or electric stove.

TMKEFFC Smoking Gun Portable Smoker Infuser, Handheld Cocktail Smoke Food Smoker for Meat, Sous Vide, Drinks, Cheese, Cup Cover and Wood Chips Included, Black


The TMKEFFC Smoking Gun is perfect for adding a touch of smoke to your cooking or drinking. Made with real wood chips and tea, this slow cooker will give you a rich, full flavor every time. Plus, our battery-operated design makes it easy to use even when you're not near a power outlet. So why wait? Get the TMKEFFC Smoking Gun today!

Masterbuilt MB20040220 Gravity Series 560 Digital Charcoal Grill and Smoker Combo, Square inches, Black


The Masterbuilt MB20040220 Gravity Series is a versatile and affordable option for those looking for an electric grill that can smoke, grill, and warm up their food quickly. With its stainless steel construction and digital control panel, this grill is perfect for any occasion. Plus, the included fan makes it easy to control the temperature, and the built-in temperature gauge and meat probe make for accurate cooking. So why wait? Get your Masterbuilt MB20040220 today!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Cold Smoker

Cold smoking is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people discover its benefits. If you're thinking of getting into cold smoking, then you might be wondering what kind of equipment you need to get started. This article will help you decide whether a cold smoker is right for you.

What Is A Cold Smoker?

Cold smoking is a method of cooking food without using heat. Cold smoking uses steam instead of hot air to cook foods. This process allows for more flavor to come through than traditional methods because the meat cooks slowly over time. It is similar to slow cooker cooking but does not require constant attention. The best part about this type of cooking is that it doesn't take up much space and requires no electricity.

Why Should I Buy A Cold Smoker?

If you want to learn how to make delicious smoked meats at home, then a cold smoker is an excellent choice. You don't need any special equipment to get started; all you will need is some wood chips and a few tools. If you enjoy making homemade jerky, then you may find that a cold smoker makes it easier to produce high quality jerky. There are many benefits to buying a cold smoker. For example, it is easy to transport and set up. Also, there is less mess involved since you won't have to worry about cleaning up after yourself. Finally, if you live in an apartment, then a cold smoker is perfect for small spaces.

Who Needs A Cold Smoker?

Cold smoking is one of the most exciting new trends in food preparation. Cold smoking involves cooking meat and fish over smouldering wood chips, which creates a unique flavor profile. But how does this process actually work? What happens during the smoking process? How do you use a cold smoker? Are there any benefits to using a cold smoker?

The answer to these questions lies within the science behind cold smoking. Let's take a look at the basics of cold smoking.

Cold smoking is a method of preserving meats and seafood through the use of heat-free techniques such as smoking, brining, marinating, and curing. These methods preserve the natural flavors of the food while allowing its moisture content to remain intact. Cold smoking uses smoke to impart a subtle smoky flavor to the food being smoked. Unlike traditional hot smoking, cold smoking doesn't involve direct contact with flames or open fires. Instead, it relies on indirect heat sources such as charcoal briquettes, gas logs, electric grills, or other similar devices.

When you cook meat or fish with a grill, it heats the surface of the food. As the temperature rises, proteins begin to break down and release water vapor. Crosslinking occurs when two amino acids join together to create a chemical bond. This causes the proteins to become stiffer and harder, resulting in tougher cuts of meat. By contrast, cold smoking preserves the integrity of the proteins by preventing the formation of crosslinks. This allows the proteins to retain their original structure and softness.

There are several reasons why you'd want to use a cold smoker. First, it produces a milder flavor than traditional hot smoking. Second, it requires less time to complete. Third, it's safer than traditional hot smoking. Fourth, it doesn't require a large amount of space. Finally, it's versatile. You can use a cold smoker to smoke almost anything, including poultry, pork, beef, lamb, salmon, shrimp, scallops, squid, clams, mussels, oysters, and more.

Yes. While cold smoking has many advantages, it also comes with a few disadvantages. One drawback is that it takes longer to prepare. Another disadvantage is that it can cause the food to dry out. However, this isn't necessarily a problem. Some types of fish and shellfish can withstand drying out. Also, cold smoking works best with lean cuts of meat.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Cold Smoker

Cold smoking is one of those things that people tend to take for granted. After all, we've been enjoying smoked foods since the beginning of time. And yet, many people have never tried cold smoking. Cold smoking is different than traditional smoking because it doesn't involve heat. Instead, cold smokers use wood pellets to create smoke. This method produces less smoke, so you won't smell like a chimney. Plus, cold smoking allows you to enjoy smoked meats year round. You'll find that cold smoking makes food taste better than ever before!

If you want to try cold smoking, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Buy a quality cold smoker. There are several types of cold smokers available. Each type of cold smoker has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, electric cold smokers are great if you live in an apartment complex where space is limited. They are compact, easy to clean, and they produce very little smoke. On the other hand, gas cold smokers are larger and heavier. They also generate more smoke. When you're looking for a cold smoker, make sure you buy one that meets your needs.

Look for a cold smoker that offers temperature control. A cold smoker with temperature control lets you set the desired temperature. Once you do this, you can easily maintain the proper temperature by adjusting the vents. Without temperature control, you may end up having to open the vents every hour or two just to adjust the temperature. Temperature control saves you time and effort.

Consider buying a cold smoker that features automatic feeders. Automatic feeders let you load meat into the cold smoker quickly and efficiently. This means you can start cooking immediately after loading the cold smoker. Manual feeders work fine, but automatic feeders save time and prevent mistakes.

Purchase a cold smoker that includes a grilling rack. Grilling racks enable you to grill items such as burgers, steaks, chicken breasts, and fish. These racks come in handy when you want to cook multiple items at once. They also make cleanup easier.

Features To Consider When Buying A Cold Smoker

Smoke flavor. The first thing you'll notice about a cold smoker is how smoky it smells. That's normal. Cold smokers typically produce more smoke than traditional grills. But if you prefer less smoke, there are ways to dial down the amount of smoke produced.

Temperature control. Many cold smokers operate between 150°F and 250°F. This means they can handle food temperatures ranging from room temperature to well above boiling point. Some models even feature thermostats that allow you to set specific temperatures for cooking and smoking.

Easy cleanup. Cleanup shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes. Most cold smokers are equipped with removable racks that allow you to easily remove meat and other items from the unit once they've finished smoking.

Portability. Cold smokers are great for tailgates, picnics, camping trips, and outdoor parties. They're compact enough to fit into most vehicles and trailers.

Versatility. Cold smokers are versatile. They can be used for smoking meats, vegetables, fish, poultry, and seafood. Plus, many models can be converted into ovens, griddles, or pizza makers.

Different Types Of Cold Smoker

Cold Smokers are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to create amazing flavors without any heat. Cold Smoke uses pellets instead of wood chips to produce its flavor. Pellets are small pieces of compressed sawdust that are heated up by hot air. When the pellets reach a certain temperature, they release a burst of smoke. Cold Smoke produces a milder version of traditional smoking techniques. It does not use any real wood and therefore cannot produce the same smoky flavors that traditional smokers can. Cold Smoke is perfect for those who love the idea of cold smoking meats but don't want to deal with the hassle of having to light fires.

The main difference between a cold smoker and a regular smoker is that a cold smoker doesn't use firewood. A cold smoker works by heating the pellets until they reach a specific temperature. At this point, the pellets start releasing smoke. The smoke is then drawn through the meat and flavored with herbs and spices. Cold Smoker's are perfect for making smoked salmon, chicken wings, ribs, brisket, and anything else that needs a little extra smoke.

A cold smoker is also known as a "cold smoke". Cold Smoke is the official name of the company behind the technology. Their website states that it was founded in 2009 and currently operates out of California.

If you are thinking about getting a cold smoker, make sure you check out our guide on how to choose the right model for you.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Cold Smoker

What is a cold smoker?

Cold smokers use pellets instead of wood chips or chunks to provide heat, which makes them more efficient than traditional smokers.

Where Did They First Appear?

Cold smokers were invented in the 1970s by two brothers named Bill and Jim Williams. They created their first cold smoker in 1978.

What Types Of Foods Can I Cook In A Cold Smoker?

You can cook almost anything in a cold smoker. However, meats like beef brisket, pork ribs, lamb chops, chicken breasts, turkey breast, and fish fillets tend to taste best when cooked in a hot smoker.

Does A Cold Smoker Have Temperature Controls?

No, cold smokers don't have temperature controls. Instead, they rely on the quality of the fuel being used to create enough heat to maintain the desired cooking temperature.

What Kind Of Fuel Should I Use In My Cold Smoker?

Pellets are the most popular type of fuel used in cold smokers. Pellets are compressed sawdust-like particles that burn slowly and evenly without producing large amounts of smoke.

How Much Charcoal Will I Need To Start A Cold Smoker?

To get started, you'll need about 1 pound of pellets per hour. Once your cold smoker has reached its target temperature, you won't need to add additional pellets.

How Long Will It Take To Reach The Target Temperature?

This depends on how big your cold smoker is and what type of fuel you're using. A typical cold smoker takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours to reach its target temperature.

How Often Should I Clean My Cold Smoker?

If you plan to keep your cold smoker outside, you shouldn't need to clean it too frequently. If you want to store your cold smoker inside, you should clean it every day. To clean your cold smoker, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Should I Use A Cold Smoker Indoors Or Outdoors?

Both options have advantages and disadvantages. An indoor cold smoker gives off less odors than an outdoor model, but it's harder to control the temperature. Outdoor models allow you to set the temperature precisely, but they produce more smoke.

Which Side Of The Grill Should I Put My Cold Smoker On?

Most cold smokers are designed to sit directly on top of the grates of a gas or electric grill. However, you can also use a cold smoker on the bottom rack of a conventional oven.

How Do I Make Sure My Cold Smoker Stays Cool?

Many cold smokers include a fan to circulate air through the unit. Make sure this fan isn't blowing into your face.

How Do I Know When My Cold Smoker Is Done?

Once your cold smoker reaches its target temperature, you'll hear a hissing sound coming out of the vents. When this happens, turn off the burner and let the cold smoker rest for 10 minutes.

How Do I Clean My Cold Smoker After I'M Finished Using It?

Wipe down your cold smoker with a damp cloth. Then, rinse it thoroughly under running water.

Can I Use A Cold Smoker To Smoke Meat?

Yes, you can use a cold smoker to smoke meat. Simply follow the same instructions listed above.

Can I Use A Cold Smoker To Smoke Cheese?

Yes, you can use a cold smoker to smoke cheese. Follow the same instructions listed above.

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