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Cold Saw

Cold saws are tools that cut wood into smaller pieces. Although they may seem like a simple tool, cold saws are actually quite useful. For instance, they can be used to create custom furniture and other items. This means that you can customize your living space according to your preferences. Cold saws are also excellent for cutting firewood. If you live in colder climates, then cold saws are essential.

Cold saws are easy to operate and maintain. All you have to do is attach the blade to the handle and press the trigger button. Once activated, the blades spin rapidly and quickly slice through the wood. It takes approximately 10 seconds to complete a single cut.

If you’re interested in purchasing a cold saw, then check out our buyers guide to learn everything you need to know before making a purchase.

Jet HVBS-712 7"x12" Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw


If you're looking for a bandsaw that's easy to use and has a high quality blade, the Jet HVBS-712 is a great option! This tough little saw is perfect for cutting wood, metal, and other hard materials. With its improved design, it's easy to use and provides high-quality performance. Plus, it comes with a storage cabinet and chip tray for safe and convenient storage. So why wait? Get the Jet HVBS-712 today!

Grizzly G9742 Metal-Cutting Bandsaw with Swivel Head, 5 x 6-Inch


Do you need a new saw to cut metal? Check out the Grizzly G9742 Metal-Cutting Bandsaw! With its high-speed blade and powerful motor, this tool is perfect for cutting metal. Plus, the swivel head allows you to switch directions freely. Get it today and start making your projects more readable and portable!

Jet HVBS-712D 7"x12" Deluxe Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw (414560)


The Jet HVBS-712D is perfect for those who want an easy way to cut wood. With its large 9" x 12" infeed table, it can handle any piece of wood you can throw at it. Plus, the micro-adjustable tool-less material stop ensures repeatability. And the base contains a cooling system that will help to increase your blade's lifespan. So why wait? Get the Jet HVBS-712D today!

Grizzly G0561 Metal Cutting Bandsaw, 7 x 12-Inch


The Grizzly G0561 Metal Cutting Bandsaw is a powerful and versatile metal cutting tool that can handle any project you throw at it! It's easy to use and has a lot of great features, including automatic shutoff, hydraulic feed control, quick positioning vise and the coolant system. Plus, it comes with 24 teeth for cutting and piercing. So why wait? Get the Grizzly G0561 Metal Cutting Bandsaw today!

MK Morse 101172-MKM 050326101172, Multicolor, 14 Inches


If you're looking for a way to cut through steel with ease, the MK Morse 101172-MKM 05036 is the perfect solution! This tough little saw has 72 teeth and can cut through 6 inches of steel in just 12 seconds. Plus, it features a unique metal devil cutting system that makes it even quicker to cut through metal. So why wait? Get the MK Morse 101172-MKM 05036 today!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Cold Saw

A cold saw is a tool used to cut metals such as aluminium, brass, copper, iron, etc. They come in various sizes, shapes, and power levels. If you have never bought a cold saw before, then this article will help you understand what they are, why you might need one, and where to get the best ones available.

What Is A Cold Saw?

Cold saws are very similar to regular hand held power tools like drills and screwdrivers. They work just like those tools except that they cut through materials using a rotating blade instead of a drill bit. Cold saws come in many different sizes and shapes depending on what type of material you want to cut. The most common types of cold saws include circular saws, jigsaws, reciprocating saws, and saber saws. Circular saws are ideal for cutting wood, plastic, foam, cardboard, and even sheet rock. Jigsaw saws are good for cutting plywood, particle board, and hardwoods. Reciprocating saws are best for cutting metals, plastics, and some woods. Saber saws are made specifically for cutting paper, cardboard, and thin sheets of wood. All these saws are powered by electricity and require an electric cord to operate. You will need to purchase a battery charger if you plan to use your cold saw outside.

Who Needs A Cold Saw?

Cold saws are useful tools for woodworkers. But did you know that they can also be very dangerous? Cold saws are designed to cut through hard materials such as stone, concrete, brick, and tile. Unfortunately, this makes them perfect for cutting through human flesh.

The blades on cold saws are made of hardened steel. These blades are extremely sharp. When you use a cold saw, you must wear protective clothing. Gloves and eye protection are recommended. Also, never let anyone else hold the tool while you're using it. This includes children. Even adults shouldn't handle cold saws unless they're trained in how to do so safely.

When buying a cold saw, look for one that has been properly maintained. Look for rust around the blade and along the teeth. If these areas are rusty, then the saw isn't likely to last long. Also, check the condition of the guard. If the guard looks worn, replace it before using the saw.

Always wear gloves when working with cold saws. Use only one hand at a time. Keep the other hand free to stop the saw if necessary. Never let someone else hold the saw while you're operating it.

Keep the area where you plan to operate the saw clear of debris. Make sure that any nails or screws holding the material down are removed. Then, cover the area with plastic sheeting or cardboard.

Never use a cold saw near water. Water could cause the blade to freeze. To avoid this problem, move the saw away from the wall whenever possible.

Finally, store cold saws carefully. Don't place them on top of anything that could fall over. Store them upright and away from heat sources and moisture.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Cold Saw

Cold saws are used by carpenters, woodworkers, hobbyists, and homeowners alike. Cold saws come in many different sizes, shapes, and materials. Choosing the best cold saw for your needs can be difficult. This guide will help you find the perfect cold saw for your home improvement projects.

Look for a cold saw that is easy to use. A cold saw should have a handle that allows you to easily hold and maneuver the tool. You'll want to purchase a cold saw that has a trigger switch so that you won't accidentally activate the blade. Make sure that the cold saw has a guard that protects your hand from being injured if the blade slips off the table.

Consider how often you plan on using the cold saw. Do you plan on using it every day? Or do you plan on using it once or twice a month? When you're buying a cold saw, think about how often you plan on using it. Will you be using it daily? Once a week? Every other week?

If you plan on using the cold saw frequently, then you may want to invest in a higher quality cold saw. Higher quality cold saws tend to cost more, but they offer better performance. They usually feature a hardened steel blade that makes them stronger and less likely to break. These tools are built to withstand frequent use.

If you plan on using the cold saw infrequently, then you may want to opt for a lower priced cold saw. Lower price cold saws are typically weaker and may not perform as well as their higher end counterparts. However, they may be easier to maintain and operate.

Make sure that the cold saw you buy is backed by a warranty. Warranties ensure that you'll receive replacement parts if something goes wrong with the cold saw. Check the product manual to see whether or not the cold saw you've chosen offers any type of warranty.

Features To Consider When Buying A Cold Saw

Safety features. Before you start using a cold saw, make sure it has safety features that protect you while you work. These features could include guards to prevent injury, adjustable speeds, and automatic shutoff mechanisms.

Blade sharpness. Cold saw blades tend to dull more quickly than other types of tools, so you'll want to make sure they stay sharp. Look for cold saw blades that feature replaceable tips.

Powerful motor. The power of a cold saw's motor determines how well it cuts through materials. Look for cold saw motors that deliver powerful performance.

Stainless steel construction. Stainless steel is strong and durable, so it makes sense to select a cold saw made of this material. However, stainless steel tends to rust over time, so you'll want to make sure you clean your cold saw regularly.

Versatile. Cold saws are versatile tools that can cut wood, plastic, and even sheet metal. They can be used for many applications, including cutting firewood, building furniture, and repairing vehicles.

Accessories. Accessories can make your cold saw easier to use and maintain. Some accessories may include a dust collection system, guard attachments, and storage bags.

Tool care. After you've finished working with your cold saw, make sure you clean it properly. This means cleaning off the blade, removing debris stuck between the teeth, and wiping down the handle. Cleaning your cold saw regularly will ensure its longevity.

Different Types Of Cold Saw

Cold Saws are tools used by woodworkers to cut through large pieces of wood. Cold saws are essentially power driven hand held circular blades that are attached to a motorized shaft. These are commonly used to cut lumber into smaller pieces. Cold saws are useful for making cuts in wood without burning the wood. Cold Saws are also useful for cutting metals and plastics.

Band Saw. A Band Saw is a tool that uses a rotating blade to cut material. The blade rotates at speeds up to 10, 000 RPM. This allows the user to quickly cut materials that are larger than what could normally fit in a table saw. Band saws are used for cutting plywood, particle board, MDF, plastic sheeting, and various other materials. They are also used to rip boards apart.

Table Saw. Table saws are stationary devices that use a spinning blade to cut material. They are used to cut material that is wider than what can be cut with a band saw. Cold Saws are also used to rip boards apart. Table saws are useful for cutting plywood, particle board, MDF, and various other materials.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Cold Saw

What is a cold saw?

A cold saw is a tool that cuts through materials like wood, plastic, and foam. Cold saws cut without heat, unlike traditional power tools, such as circular saws and jigsaws.

What Types Of Cold Saws Exist?

Cold saws come in two main varieties: reciprocating and orbital. Reciprocating cold saws move back and forth across their blades, making straight lines when they cut. Orbital cold saws spin around their blades, creating circles when they cut.

How Much Force Does A Cold Saw Use?

Cold saws use less than half the amount of force required by conventional power tools, such as circular saws and jigsaw machines.

How fast can a cold saw cut?

Cold saws cut at speeds comparable to conventional power tools, but they require more effort to operate.

What Kinds Of Materials Can I Cut With A Cold Saw?

You can cut most materials with cold saws, including wood, plastics, metals, and even concrete.

How Hot Will My Hands Get During A Cold Sawing Session?

Cold saws aren't as dangerous as other power tools, but they can still burn your skin if you touch them too close to the blade.

What kind of maintenance should I perform on a cold saw?

Clean the blade regularly to keep it working well. If the blade becomes dull, replace it.

Can I cut with a cold saw while holding something else?

Yes, you can use a cold saw while holding another object. Just make sure that whatever you're holding doesn't interfere with the blade.

Can I Cut With A Cold Saw While Standing?

Yes, you can cut with a cold saw while standing. Just make sure that whatever you're holding won't fall off.

What Happens If I Accidentally Hit The Trigger On A Cold Saw?

If you accidentally press the trigger on a cold saw, the blade will stop spinning immediately. Don't worry -- this isn't harmful.

Can I Use A Cold Saw To Cut Through Steel?

Yes, you can use a cold saw to cut through steel. Just be careful not to let anything drop onto the blade.

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