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Cobra Security Cameras

­Cobra Security Systems offers a wide range of security cameras that are easy to install and operate. This system includes a camera, motion detector, keypad and remote monitor. It works wirelessly so you won't have to worry about running wires through walls or ceilings. If you need additional accessories such as a wall mount, alarm panel or doorbell, Cobra provides them all.

If you’re interested in installing a security system, check out our buyers guide to learn more about Cobra Security Cameras.

Camera, Night Vision, Wireless, Color

Harbor Freight

Looking for a way to improve your home security? The Harbor Freight Camera is the answer! This camera features night vision and wireless connectivity so you can view images on your phone. And it comes with a limited one year warranty for your peace of mind.


A truly innovative AI security system that protects your home while also providing peace of mind! Our AI home security system has the ability to detect and record activity in your home, including humans, pets, vehicles, etc. It is a smart home security system that will help you keep your home safe. It has a human detection feature that will automatically activate the camera when a human enters the camera’s range. It also has a motion detection feature that will automatically activate the camera when movement is detected. The AI home security system will alert you by sending push notifications to your smartphone. You can view the live video feed on your smartphone and speak with people on camera scenes. It also has a 2-way audio feature that allows you to speak with people on camera scenes. The AI home security system will alert you by sending push notifications to your smartphone. You can view the live video feed on your smartphone and speak with people on camera scenes.

My last video security system went out on me after four years, and I had shopped around and came upon this one which had great reviews. I am glad I purchased it. It features everything, including crystal clear pictures on the monitor, night vision with bright spotlights on the cameras, so that you can see the movement in color, and audible alarms also let you know when someone is moving outside. Additionally, it has AI intelligence that allows it to discern whether someone is present or not, and a twoway microphone, so you can talk outside of your own home without leaving it. It was very easy to setup because I was able to use my phone, my computer, and a remote television. I highly recommend this system to anyone in the market to buy a video security system.

This NVR system has four 3MP cameras, a 1TB drive, a twelveinch display screen, a mouse, and power supplies. The builtin screen allows it to be moved around my house to find the best location to reach all of the wireless cameras. However, sometimes I still have some drops out. I would like to purchase a repeater to see if that will solve the problem. It can record up to eight cameras, so four more can be added, but I have not been able to get it to recognize other cameras yet. These cameras feature flood lights, motion detection, and they both function to switch them on or off. They record in full color even during the day. All the cameras came paired with the NVR and began working instantly when the system and the cameras were turned on. The time you recorded is relatively easy to go through and play back the prerecorded videos. It is possible to do this from either an NVR, or via the app on the smart phone. It has human detection software that seems to minimize alarms from moving branches and other false alarms that I get on other cameras. It is so sensitive it will pick up someone walking on the sidewalk across the street from my house. You may control the area that each camera looks at, but I have not taken the time to set that up and test it yet.

I would like to take the time to rate the following, described Yeskamo product, sales, shipping and customer service. Bella, the customer service representative at Yeskamo, is very pleasant and knowledgeable. Bella provided detailed instructions on how to install the wireless connection and then worked with me until we figured it out. The wireless range with multiple walls are as advertised, and it is simple to connect a camera wired with inexpensive Cat6 cable for a very long range perfect picture. I appreciate the variety of choices I have available in this program, and would recommend a rating of five stars. I will update this rating in the future if the performance, customer service, or anything else concerning this camera system cause me to change my opinion. I base my opinions and comparisons on experiences I have had with multiple camera systems over the last five to eight years at multiple locations on my cattle producing land and land, and residence. Dan B.s

I purchased a security system from Yaskamo, it is that old and it quit working. The quality of the day and night vision with the built in spotlight is great. The only downfall that I have is that you cannot talk to someone outside via the monitor, like my old one. You need to download an app to use the app. The security system is a great choice because of the high level of performance and the quick and efficient customer service. It's five stars across the board.

YESKAMO Floodlight Wireless Security Camera System, [Super HD 3MP & 2 Way Audio] Outdoor WiFi IP Cameras 8CH Home Security Surveillance Kits, 7 Alarm Ways, Color Night Vision, H.265, 2TB Hard Drive


Protect your family and property with the DIHOOM YESKAMO Floodlight & Smart Motion Sensor Security Camera System! This top-of-the-line security camera system features a built-in smart motion sensor that is designed to detect suspicious activity, and instantly alert you via text message if anything moves in front of the camera. Plus, the included floodlight ensures that you'll always have enough light to see what's going on. Don't miss out on this must-have security tool - order your YESKAMO security camera system today!


The CasaCam VS802 Wireless Security Camera System is a true DIY DVR system that you can use to keep an eye on your home or business 24/7. With a sleek and portable design, this system is perfect for home or business use. It has a 7" touchscreen monitor that allows you to view live footage and record events. You can also see who is coming to your door and talk to them through the monitor. With the CasaCam VS802 Wireless Security Camera System, you can see and hear everything on your property from anywhere at any time. The CasaCam VS802 Wireless Security Camera System is easy to install and use. It has a powerful processor and high definition 720p HD video camera. It also has a built-in rechargeable battery and 8GB SD card. You can even record your own voice and music to play during playback. It is compatible with CasaCam Spotlights and Spotlights Plus.

My rating has been increased to five stars. You can view my complete video review on YouTube. A search for Cinema Wireless will give you three videos to view. They explain to me after communicating with the manufacturer that the plastic housing is UV rated. It is normal for the camera to feel warm to the touch. I needed to get the camera for several days. This camera can be improved on numerous levels by choosing a combination of these options. The quality of the video is good. It is called a two camera system Night Vision and CasaCam as well as the system without the extra spotlight. I highly recommend it. The camera material feels cheaply constructed. It is made of plastic. The lens cover is plastic, not glass. It may scratch or yellow with age. The lenses on the front of the camera which turn red at night look poorly soldered. It feels warm to the touch, whether on or off. I do not know if this is normal. The power cord and the extension cable for each camera are approximately 16 feet long. It isn't long enough for most installations. The additional 15 feet of extension cable is charged a tenner fee. It is fine mounted under an overhang or eave. They should consider making a rain/weather shield. The mounting bracket is adjustable, but it would be much better if it was a ball and socket.8. The instruction manual is better than I anticipated but is not clear on every function of the camera system. It wouldn't hurt if they used a larger font. The monitor is very enjoyable. There is a small amount of weight involved. The window should be ten inches if two or more cameras are used in split screen mode. Although the kick stand on the back is nice, it feels flimsy and will likely break with a bit of pressure. The screen is a touch screen and it responds nicely but is a little awkward if you do not put your finger in the correct spot. Be sure to remove the protective film, otherwise, it will not perform well. The menu bar is quite straight forward and simple. It's easy to understand after playing with the system for a few minutes. The monitor can be unplugged and carried around. This is an extremely nice feature. The battery life varies based on the reviews I've read. I have used it for approximately one and a half hours with some charges remaining. It is good that the daytime video quality isn't that low. You will be able to recognize someone standing at your front door. You will see cars driving up and down the street. You will not be able to read a license plate unless the plate is in front of the camera. The motion detection works, is adjustable and can be turned off. I like the video of you at night. I would think it is in black and white because my blue eyes look very creepy. You might not be able to recognize someone very easily. My opinion is that The Two Way Speaker is effective, however he is not as good as I had anticipated. Its size is tiny and there is a lag between talking and listening. You must press the talk button while you are talking, and then release to listen. The playback audio in the video seems to be much better quality than the live audio. The SD card is overwritten. I use an SD card on my computer, which gives me greater control over playback options. You need Internet connectivity. I am not using that option at this time so I do not have any comments. In summary it is not a bad camera system. The video is excellent during the daytime. The camera system has features for recording times and alarms. The portability of the monitor is an excellent feature. I wish the camera was better constructed. I cannot help but wonder about the longevity of this camera. In light of the negative reviews on Amazon, the manufacturer responded to most emails, trying to work with their customers to resolve any problems that have arisen. This makes me feel that this is a good company, and improvements will hopefully be soon. I have already spent my money on a product that seems to work very well for now.

I really enjoy this camera system. We had been looking for one for a long time, and tried three different cameras before we finally found this one. We do not live close enough to the internet so we wanted a wireless TV but it had a wireless monitor. I wanted to be able to have two way communication with them. They were also used for camera equipment such as kid and dog cameras. I found this camera to be suitable for my requirements. It deserves more stars. I compared camera prices and other products that were popular, but this camera was my personal favorite. I have not had to deal with the company so far because I have not had any problems, so I don't really know how their customer service is, but I guess that's a good thing. I would recommend this to anyone

This is an inexpensive camera system that does not require WiFi, a router or internet access. The setup is simple. The cameras are very good. The monitor is good, and the video recording works as expected. The night vision is good, motion detection works but is not very long range. The audio method is good, one way or two ways. You will be able to view the camera remotely after you download the app to your phone and connect the monitor to your router. Depending on the quality of your Internet connection on both ends, you can view it remotely. Please understand that this is a basic camera system. The quality of the picture is average. It has features that are adequate but a bit limited. If you are searching for an excellent highend video system, this is not for you. At this price point, I do not think that you are able to do much better. I have owned the product for six months now and it is in continuous use 24/7. One power adapter stopped working. I promptly reached out to the company by email and they responded promptly. You may be at trouble, but quality customer service makes a product stronger.

I really like this product because it's affordable and it's very responsive. You can always use WiFi for remote viewing, which is very secure, and for DV playback. The system can be incorporated with your RV trailer lights. The camera reads 9V, but after emails with the casa team, 12V can also be used. This is very exciting because now I can use a rearview camera. I use my other camera as a baby monitor in the Buck House of the RV that has amazing video two way talking. Look at the picture, it makes sense to you that the left is the right, not the right. The update of Gone With the Millers, will allow people to reverse image.

It was nicely packed and shipped quickly. It is simple to install and setup. I do not have any problem connecting to my router. I installed and formatted a 128GB class 10 SD card with no problems. The image quality is outstanding. Since the monitor is so portable, it can be used in nearly any room. A very good security camera system at a great price. I prefer a video with some night vision. You can have up to four cameras connected to the monitor at all times. I currently have two, but I plan to obtain two more very soon.

Rraycom 1080P security cameras System Outdoor 8CH CCTV Recorder with 8pcs HD 2000TVL Home Security Surveillance Cameras for home security indoor,Night Vision Remote Access Motion Alert &1TB Hard Drive


Protect your family and property with the Rraycom 1080P security camera system! This top-of-the-line camera system features 8 HD 2.0 megapixel security cameras that deliver crystal-clear images and extended visibility up to 115 feet. Plus, the included 1 TB hard drive makes it easy to store and access footage from anywhere. And with Smart Motion Alerts, you'll be notified instantly if anything moves in front of the lens. So don't wait any longer, get the Rraycom 1080P security camera system today!


ZOSI is a new type of security camera system. It combines a 16 channel 1080P HD-TVI DVR with 2TB hard drive, which support ultra-long continuous recording and backup by USB. This security camera system is a great choice for home and business surveillance. You can also install this security camera system in outdoor or indoor place. You can expand the number of cameras by adding more 4pcs 720P or 1080P Bullet or dome cameras. It is also weatherproof. This security camera system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. You can connect the camera to a TV or monitor with HDMI port. You can view the live view and playback on smart devices with Wi-Fi anywhere anytime. This security camera system supports a free APP for live view and playback on smart devices. You can customize a specific motion detection zone in each camera to minimize false alerts.

It is a nice product for the price. I had a SWAN system that I had purchased five years ago at Walmart. I paid for it for a hundred more but only had four cameras. Dozen cameras in HD for one cent less was an offer I couldn't pass up It took me more than one day to install. I truly enjoy the Zoom, and are very successful at night vision. The field of view is extremely vast. Set up a camera to display full screen motion updates via the app, an audible alarm on the DVR. We have it set up on our front door to alert us of someone at the door. ATM records constantly which is a nice feature. One TTB provides a large amount of storage space. I highly recommend this product.

Pruduct is used to monitor my homestead in a very rural and mountainous region of the West Coast of America. It was a simple and easy install. Both the camera and the entire system are very good quality. I can see much more clearly than what is described in the documentation or stats of the device. A reasonable price which will deliver peace of mind, both when you are local or away, via a swift, secure and a streamlined accessibility to your security DVR system. I am confident that you would not be disappointed or regretful in any manner with a purchase from ZOSI. I hope life is treating you and your loved ones well. Stay safe, secure and confident and enjoy the peaceful frame of mind you have given yourself.

I purchased the ZOSI 16CH 1080P Security Camera System with 2TB Hard Drive, H.265+ 16Channel 1080P HDTVI DVR. It is the best in the world. I have knowledge of Zosi Camesas from other people. The night vision is as good as the day vision. The ability to observe a bug from a long distance helps. Yes, you need to run wires. It is worth the time and money to conduct wires.

It is a nice product, especially for the price. The night vision is not as good as advertised but you can make adjustments to the contrast and brightness, etc., to dial it in a little better. It's a good system. I would recommend buying a CCTV power cabinet so that you do not have to have all of the power supplies plugged into a power strip.

I installed a twelve camera system on my home. After two days, one of the cameras called Night Vision went out. I emailed customer support and they got back to me immediately. After investigating common issues and attempting to correct them, I was sent a new camera to replace the old one. This product is highly recommendable.

ZOSI 16CH 1080P Security Camera System with 2TB Hard Drive,H.265+ 16Channel 1080P HD-TVI DVR with 12PCS 1080P Outdoor Indoor Surveillance Cameras, 80ft Night Vision, Motion Detection,Remote Access


Protect your home and family with the ZOSI 16CH 1080P Security Camera System! This top-of-the-line security camera system features 8 individual 1080p HD security cameras, 2-way audio, night vision, and remote access. Plus, the built-in 2TB security grade hard drive ensures that you'll always have plenty of room to store your footage. And if anything suspicious happens, we've got you covered with our free mobile app and instant alert service. So don't wait any longer, get the ZOSI 16CH 1080P Security Camera System today!


2k Auto Tracking Pan, tilt, zoom Wireless Security Camera Outdoor, floodlights3 Megapixels2. 4G WiFi CameraLight AlarmColor Night VisionPC&Mobile Remote 360 ViewingTwoWay Audio Security Camerea Product Features:Wireless security camera support pan tilt, zoom, rotate, tilt, horizontal rotation, vertical rotation, distance up to 300m. The built-in 2. 4GHz wireless module is compatible with all 802. 11b/g/n Wi-Fi network cards and devices. You can use it to monitor your home or office remotely. High quality, waterproof and shockproof, IP66 protection, 2. 4G wireless camera with high definition 1080P resolution, 2. 4G wireless camera supports pan tilt zoom, rotating, and horizontal rotation, vertical rotation, distance up to 300m. Built-in floodlights can illuminate the whole monitoring area. The night vision function can extend the range of the cameras monitoring area by up to 65 feet.

I would like to assure you that this company endeavors to provide outstanding customer service and satisfaction. I have never encountered a company that would go above and beyond for their customers. I would like that company to provide customer service. They are good at their products, but their customer service is more favorable. I love this company and will continue to use them for years to come.

I purchased the camera a few weeks ago and I am very happy with my purchase. I am a person that is afraid of the power tools, but I was able to hang the camera above my garage all by myself with no issues. I hooked it up to the internet and set up was a breeze. I enjoy a vantage point where I can view both sides of the street on a given occasion. The image is clear, and night vision is amazing. It also recognizes audio very well. I will be purchasing another for my backyard. I feel much more secure with it. I have included a photo of the camera as well as a screen shot of my driveway. I wish I had posted the video, but I am unable to figure it out. I would say that if you give a 5 star review, you get a free prize, but my review is completely legit and doesn't have anything to do with the prize, which is why I waited a few weeks to give my review.

I was quoted $1,256 for a system that included four cameras from a local dealer. It was too expensive for my budget. So I purchased the four camera expandable system they have. Before ordering I had some questions about it so I emailed Mr. Johnny from the company. He responded within an hour, and answered everything with which I had concerns. What company can reply to the email within one hour? After testing, playing and testing it, I found that it is legal Plug 'n' Play, which is the best. I ordered the Dome camera because I wanted to be able to talk to someone at my front door. I had a wonderful time with this camera. I'm able to converse with and listen to anyone from their free app. The dome camera can also be controlled and rotated automatically through the app.

We added this to our existing NVR system. This is an effective method to enhance the safety of the user by using the twoway audio. I was able to find a solution, and I liked the weight, so it took me more digging into video playback.

I have not attempted a twoway audio system with a built in siren, because I am afraid false alarms are a nuisance. I am able to mount the device so that I can see in multiple directions and see what is on front and side of the property. The camera is incredibly versatile, you can use it with the app or your NVR, if that is the right thing to do. They are prompt, courteous, and highly efficient.

Defender PHOENIXM2 Plug-In Power Security Cameras- for Home & Business Surveillance Indoor & Outdoor Bullet Cameras with 7 Inch LCD Display Monitor No Wi-Fi Needed Free 32 GB SD Card Included (4 Pack)


Protect your family and property with the Defender PHOENIXM2 Plug-in Power Security Camera! This top-of-the-line camera features long-range, automatic infrared night vision, making it perfect for monitoring outdoor activity even when the sun is down. Plus, our 7-inch LCD display allows you to view up to four cameras at once. And our weather-resistant construction can withstand the elements year-round. So don’t wait any longer, get the Defender PHOENIXM2 today!
The Night Owl 8 channel Bluetooth video home security camera system includes (4) Wired 4K UHD indoor/outdoor spotlight cameras with Audio, and an 1TB hard drive (Expandable up to 8 cameras). The Night Owl 8 channel video home security camera system allows you to keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world.

CasaCam VS802 Wireless Security Camera System with 7" Touchscreen and HD Nightvision Cameras, AC Powered (2-cam kit)


Protect your home and family with the CasaCam VS802 Wireless Security Camera System. This system comes with two cameras that you can use independently or in combination with a 7" touch screen monitor. The portable 7" monitor is perfect for outdoor usage, while the fixed mount indoor camera is suitable for use in any room. Plus, the rechargeable battery ensures that you'll have plenty of footage for future use. Don't miss out on this must-have home security tool!


8CH 1080P DVR + 4Pcs 1080P Waterproof Cameras - Meet your need to monitor more areas. Get a sharp and crisp image day or night with the cameras automatic IR-cut filter. Up to 64ft night vision. Aluminum weatherproof housing cameras can be used indoors and outdoors. Plug & Play and Remote ViewingReal Plug and play All you need to do is connect the camera to the DVR through the BNC cable then connect the DVR to your monitor with the HDMI cable in the package and then get the clear 1080P image. Connect the DVR to your router with an Ethernet cable. After that you can get real-time video or playback videos via free XMEye Pro App on iOS & Android devices through free PC Client software on Windows or Mac.

I wanted to put up some security cameras to add some protection. Overall, the system works great. I get a great picture during the day and another great picture during the night. It was simple to install, but there will always be an issue with finding a hole to run the cable. It was turned on when it was ready. There are only a few problems with the picture being too bright or fuzzy. I went through the menus, and found various settings that I could manipulate. After a few days and nights of adjusting, and some online reading, I was able to get the quality up to the high level of 1080p. The only complaint I would have is that it does not come with a book telling you what all of the settings do. There are some that I am unable to locate. I have set it up to continuously record, and I am not using any online streaming programs, or the motion detection program. I recently purchased two additional cameras to add to the system. I am really happy with it. You will not find a better price elsewhere so I purchased it only after reading some reviews. I had found them to be not very good, however I decided to purchase them. Most people who complain about the rebooting never find the setting to disable auto reboot maintenance. Syncing files with flash drives gives you much freedom. The updates can be performed via USB or flash drives. If you purchase this or another system, keep in mind you should always clean the lens of your camera to maintain good quality pictures. I clean two times a month unless we get very much rain and windy weeks. I have already recommended this system to two of my friends. After about a month I began having issues with the video player. The hard drive began to show errors. The playback was freezing and everything was running slowly. I immediately called Hiseeu and was immediately assisted. They immediately sent out another video player, and even gave me a free upgrade to an 8ch digital video player. It was placed on my computer and I formatted it. It functions well but I will have to order a few more camera. Hiseu's customer service was very pleasant. I had my replacement on Saturday after discussing my problems with them on Thursday.

I was not expecting very much from this product based on the price. However, after using it for a time I found this product to be of excellent quality. It exceeded my expectations and had many features and abilities. I had it for a short time then I experienced a problem with the hard drive. I called the vendor and they responded promptly and professionally. I have been using and enjoying this product, and they sent me a new hard drive. It's priced very reasonably and it is of very high quality. Based on my experience with this vendor, I would have to say that it is a very high quality company. You should understand.

This system is great. Not true, the cost is not high, but the system is comparable to the best for your money. No, the video is not 1080p, however, the video description states 1080N. A very crisp video, nonetheless. I have a fantastic digital video recorder and camera. Have I mentioned that their customer service and support is excellent? I called them and they want to make sure I am happy with the purchase.

I love how the performance of this product exceeded beyond my highest expectations It is as stated in the description, you get more value for your money. In addition, you will receive excellent customer service and are stress free. You will receive a replacement item without any questions asked.

This is an excellent product. I am impressed by the value for money, especially considering the abundance of features this system offers, and the picture and video quality is exceptional. I researched several other alternatives before making my decision to make this purchase and I am a 100% satisfied customer. It is extremely simple to setup and connect with the correct software and allows for quick and easy instructions to complete the task. The hardware is good and the software is quite detailed, but it is still easy to learn and operate. You won't find a better value for your money. I can assure you that if you purchase this item, you will not be disappointed. Thank you for providing such a great system at a truly affordable price.

[8CH Expandable] Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System with 10.1" LCD 2K Monitor, 4Pcs 1296P Outdoor Indoor Cameras with One-Way Audio, Night Vision, Waterproof, Motion Detection, 1TB Hard Drive


Protect your home and family with the SEECLOUD 8CH expandable wireless security camera system! With 9 total channel capacity, this system is perfect for any home security needs. Featuring 1080p HD recording, night vision up to 15m, and remote access via mobile phone or tablet, this system is sure to keep you safe and protect your property.


The Cobra smart dash cam with interior cam, (SC 201) is the next generation of car security technology. It is designed to provide complete coverage of the road ahead and behind with Full HD (front) and infrared LED interior camera video quality to capture all of the details during daylight or nighttime and a 2" LCD display.

I am a first time owner of a dash camera. I've decided this model is the best value after researching the item. I just received my Dash cam this past week and it did not disappoint. It has amazing video quality and I found it very easy to setup. There are several settings that I have not attempted yet. It seemed to work well out of the box. The large display size is nice and I have it monitoring my rear camera. I would like to mention that I found the Quick Start Guide on Cobra's website to contain more useful information then the document I had originally ordered. I would prefer to use the voice commands feature, I use both Take Photo and Lock Video frequently. There are two apps that will work with this camera: Cobra iRadar and Drive Smarter. The second one is more often used and I have found it useful. I was able to easily connect my iPhone to my dashcam and update the camera's firmware. I have been using it to share videos. It is extremely convenient to not have to remove the camera from my vehicle or pop out the SD card. Two stars, overwhelmingly for me

I believe finding the right dash camera to be installed with all of the selection available today can be daunting. I will explain my experience and why we chose the SC 201 from Cobra. I also added some unboxing images, as that is important to me. Shape/Size, video quality, forward facing and in cab facing, and brand recognition were key factors when making our decision. There are many shapes and sizes out there at this time. First, you should be able to have a sleek, small profile, that does not block visibility. We have young children and if you do, you know that the best things that ever come out of their mouths are in the car. When else are we in one place, without electronic distractions, and have time to have conversation? We could not pronounce all of the brands that were available so we couldn't trust them. My husband has had many Cobra cruisers on his trucks over the years as well as their marine radios on our boat. We have never had any issues so we began and ended here because they have been around forever and there is no reason why they will not be around for a while. I found that they possess every type or use case dash cam you might desire. The product itself came with everything we needed, including the SD card. We are pleased with the size. I will update with the mounting location in our truck later. Additionally, the mounting bracket provides flexibility and is small when you are not mounting the camera. I watched it as an on a couple of my first trips around town and was surprised by the quality of the video. He provided the mediation in a dispute that I won.

I have been looking for a dashcam for a few weeks. I want something that is simple, easy to use, and have simple features. This dashcam goes above and beyond. It possesses a frontal video and rear video, both in day and night driving. The front dashcam is good size, takes up minimal windshield space, and the HD video display covers the entire backside of the unit. It is not wasted space. The rear dashcam is comparable to a small size dashcam. It is not in the way when I look out the rearview mirror. The rear cam picture is also HD Video. If you want, it appears on the front screen. You can also turn it on with a different setting. The dashcam features a Forward Collision Warning System and Lane Departure Warning. It is like upgrading my car. The dashcam is a notification program that allows you to be alerted to alerts for red light cameras and road hazards. I downloaded the app and did not even have to call customer service because it is very simple to setup and understand. I am delighted with the price it carries.

This camera is a replacement of an older camera of a different brand. I really enjoy that you can see the symbols on the screen, to let you know what the buttons are for. It is easy to configure with your phone and you can change the settings for the camera or your phone. It came with an adhesive stick mount. It would not last very long. I used a stick mount camera mount, and I purchased a rear view mirror mount that swivels. My old camera had a suction mount that would fall off about every month. The camera believed it was in a crash and stopped recording. This camera includes a separate file for events similar to this. Also, I appreciate that you can easily remove the camera through the magnetic connection for the mount. I have not used the camera option yet. I do not use that option on my phone either. The camera quality is very good but has a little weight. The night vision is excellent on the rear camera and I have a tinted rear window. The picture quality is also great. I liked this camera enough that I bought one for my truck. I downloaded the IRadar app that works with the camera, but I have found out that it has a subscription that I do not really need. I believe it may be worth it if I travel a lot.

I have both versions. The older system did not have Go's built in. I am disappointed with their distribution of cable. I inserted this in my new bodystyle Impala. It's very nice, and the app works great. I would say that it is worth it, it is simple.

[8CH Expandable, 2K] Hiseeu All in one with 12" LCD Monitor 3TB Hard Drive, Wireless Security Camera System, Home Business 8CH 1296P NVR Kit 4pcs 3MP Outdoor Bullet IP Cameras Night Vision Waterproof


Protect your home and family with the Hiseeu 1080p Home Security Camera System! Featuring 8CH expandability, this system can accommodate up to 8 cameras at most. Plus, with its remote access feature, you can check in on your home whenever and wherever you want.


The TIGERSECU Super HD 1080P Hybrid 4-in-1 Dome Security Camera is a must have security camera for any home or business. This camera has a wide viewing angle of 81 degrees, 1080p HD resolution, IR cut filter for powerful night vision, and comes with everything you need to mount and install. It also comes with a lifetime support and 1 year warranty provided by TIGERSECU.

My dome camera looks nice at night but does not look very nice during the day. My system contains 16 cameras.

Hiseeu 2K Wireless Security Camera System Outdoor/Indoor 8 CH NVR kit 8Pcs Cameras 3MP WiFi Surveillance Camera for Home Night Vision,Bullet Camera Waterproof, Motion Detection, 3TB Hard Drive


Protect your family and property with the Hiseeu 3MP NVR Kit! This external storage device is perfect for storing and backing up footage from your security cameras. It features a large capacity of 32 GB and supports both recording directly to the card and saving to an external hard drive. Plus, it's easy to use - just plug it into your computer and start capturing!


This PhoenixM2 wireless outdoor security camera combines ease of use with a professional-quality video to secure your home. This camera is equipped with long-range automatic infrared night vision. It also features a 7-inch LCD screen, which you can view up to 4 cameras at one time in full split or quad view. The camera is weather-resistant and requires no internet or Wi-Fi connection.

It is one of the easiest security camera systems I have ever used. I like the fact that the system is a stand alone system resulting in no need for extensive connections to the internet. I am setting motion detection on a 32GB SD card which allows me to record without limitation. On my first day, I was able to locate a random elderly lady. The video is clear and has an outstanding sound. The monitor settings were fairly easy to navigate through and setup was a breeze. I ordered a third camera to add to my collection. I highly recommend this system for anyone looking for a stand alone system. Defender is an excellent answer to your questions. They are a great company and have quality products. I am still pleased with this system. I have caught students from high school lingering on my porch waiting for the bus despite I putting out a note stating to stay off. I caught them in the act and told them to leave. I have proof in the video to show that anyone does not believe me right. I enjoy the clarity of the video and audio recordings. It will give me the evidence I need if I have to continue to chase these unintelligent individuals off my property. I would love to show it to their parents so they can see how lacking they are in the parenting department. I have a twostory house that has 3200 square feet and there have been no issues with the monitor connection to the cameras inside and out. I am ordering a fourth camera for my back porch. I can talk to the person using the in ear shot of the camera. I use a 32g SD card and can retrieve well over a week worth of footage with the motion detection set. My camera in my house is very accurate and the memory is engrossed in the card. Once full, it is set to override. I do not bother to check it unless we notice something unusual has happened. I did a great job when a cat attacked my parrot and jumped on my back. My husband did not believe me, until I played the footage back.

We have had a similar system from Lorex. It has served us well for almost ten years, but something happened to the monitor so we bought this system. The cameras are very nice and they feel like quality camera. I believe they are made from aluminum. No pairing is required. I like the image quality and its clear. It also features a zoom button, and twoway audio, which is a nice feature to have. It is true that some similar units have one way audio. If you desire this, you cannot use it over the internet. I have one of the cameras in my workshop that is about 120 feet from my house, I see no issues with connectivity or picture quality. This is a very nice home security system that requires no skill level to hook up. You can hook it up if you open the box.

I bought my Defender Phoenix M2 on a whim, only because it did not require WIFI. It came with two cameras. It was difficult for me to choose the correct camera angle. The features are very impressive. It has even a zoom function. The color is spectacular and the night vision is wonderful. I purchased a night vision system for over 700, and that is only half as good as Defender. The best feature is a twoway intercom system. The volume could be louder but, for what you get for the price, you cannot complain. This system is good when you are sitting on your sofa and someone rings the doorbell. You can converse with them over the intercom. I am thinking of buying another one for my daughter's house. I rate this system a ten on a scale of one to 10. You should probably possess some skills in the area of running power lines, but that is all. My expensive system took two days to configure, so you will not have any problems synchronizing it to your internet. If you want an inexpensive wireless system with tons of great features that will not slow down your internet speed, then this is the one for you. I have added a side by side daytime screen picture and two single full screen night vision pictures.

I have had this security system for almost four months. I generally wait before I review the books. This system is wonderful. People who complain about it either do not know how to use it, or are not happy. I am very impressed by the signal. I had to review the monitor every day, but now I don't bother with it. The picture quality is good, but remember, it is not HD. The SD card that came with it is sufficient because it simply overwrites one. This is not a wifi system. I do not enjoy WiFi. I am glad that the camera is self contained. I have had this camera for four years and it is still great. Customer service was extremely good. One of the cameras stopped working, and the manufacturer replaced it during the warranty period. The AC adapter to the other one broke and they replaced it. It happened approximately three years ago during the warranty period. I think they are excellent for the price, if they break, I will buy a true HD system.

I have been using the Defender system for around six months, and I am fully satisfied with the product. The item has been ready to use via plug and play and has continued to function flawlessly. Two cameras, which was all that I needed, but you can expand it with two more cameras purchased separately. I spent days researching all the security cameras offered by Amazon and other online shopping vendors. Most of the offerings were for security cameras, which relied on a cloud storage to store the recordings and a cell phone app to access them. I drilled a small hole through a wall and plugged in the power cord. The power cord is divided into two sections, so you do not need to drill a hole as large as the wall plug. I use an appliance surge protector for both the camera and the mini computer. It analyzes the pixels, and will begin recording if there is enough pixel changes to activate a motion hit. You can control the sensitivity. It picks up bushes moving in a light breeze on the highest sensitivity. The sensitivity settings are camera specific. They take pictures of small animals moving in the yard, and the images are clear and crisp. You can hear any conversation they have, the cameras also have a mic to record sounds. In addition, you have the option to speak to someone outside via a speaker built into the camera. It comes with an SD memory card, which is adequate but I ordered an additional memory card in case I had to turn over one to the police for evidence. You might want to consider getting a larger SD memory card if you use the continuous recording option. I review every recording daily and delete them if they show nothing worth keeping. The memory card can hold eight gigabytes, or 700 minutes. The WIFI was not affected by walls, floors, or ceilings. It was stable for 150 feet. The mini computer was located anywhere in my three story, basement 5,000sq ft house. You can record on demand using motion detection, scheduled recording periods, constant recording and it overwrites oldest recordings automatically. You can control how long it will record, from fifteen seconds to one minute, for the motion detection recording. You can set each camera up separately. Choose by day, date, and time range. You can turn the camera on and off, adjust the brightness, and adjust the resolution. It is possible to monitor cameras individually, with split screens, or by rotation. You also have a Sleep mode, which turns the display on only when it goes into recording mode. The recordings file screen appears as a calendar with days and recordings marked in blue. You can filter the calendar by all cameras or just one camera and search previous months. If you select a day, all recordings of that day will appear in a list to view, select, and delete. This system is extremely well designed with all the features anyone could want. They are easy to understand and use.

XVIM 8CH 1080P Wired Security Camera System Outdoor with 1TB Hard Drive Pre-Install CCTV Recorder 8pcs HD 1920TVL Outdoor Home Surveillance Cameras Night Vision Easy Remote Access Motion Alert


Protect your home and family with the XVIM 8CH 1080p Wired Security Camera System Outdoor! This system comes with 8 HD 1080p outdoor security cameras that are perfect for capturing footage of events happening around your home. The built-in 1 TB HDD makes it easy to store and share footage. Plus, the included IR cut filter protects you from unwanted infrared (IR) signals. Get yours today and start protecting your home today!


This bundle is only for the security camera system and not the cameras themselves. Product Type: Bundle Product Name: BNCCAM1B1 Product Attributes: 4x 100 feet all-in-one video and power security camera cable includes 100 pcs cable clips and 4 BNC to RCA and 4 BNC Female Connectors to extend cable length. The black cable is made of pure copper material PVC-45P Molding Weatherproof Cable Allows for Use Indoors and Outdoors Transmit video signals and supply DC power for security cameras. Fit for All CCTV Surveillance DVR Camera System 960H / 720P / 960P / 1080P 3MP / 4MP / 5MP AHD / CVI / TVI HD-CVI / HD-TVI / HD-SDI. Compatible with all ANNKE Amcrest Night Owl Q-see Samsung Swann Zmodo ZOSI Kguard and any other CCTV brand.

I did not need to buy the adapter as it comes with the box. After taking the thin clear plastic wrap off, you can find the cord coming from the center of the coils, and pull that. If the cord is woven from the middle of the coil, it will dig into the outermost coils and cause problems. In addition, ensure you choose the longest that you are likely to need. Most cameras will send the signal if a distance of 300 feet or more is needed but you can add another extension to one you already have, that will degrade the signal. I had a 60 foot cable that was working. I was running it to a DVR 75' away. I added a 25' extension and the top of the video image was distorted. The rest of the screen was a little fuzzy. I reconnected the camera with a 100 foot continuous wire and I noticed improved signals similar to being directly connected to the DVR.

I was able to contact the seller and they are shipping out a replacement cord. I purchased the four pack. They all got hooked up easily. If only one of the four is defective I do not want to go up to the attic, unhook it, and return the others.

I have a mouse that smacked through one of my Amcrest camera cables. I purchased a set of four and used one as a replacement. It is somewhat larger diameter then the original, but it seems to work well with a crisp picture. We will see if the mice attack the new one.

When Mother Nature decided to damage our security system, we spent a day pulling cables, replacing cameras, and hooked up monitors. I wanted to install two cameras in new locations, but the cables that came with the new system were not long enough. I saw a nice package of four hundred feet extension that came with a very reasonable price. I have been very pleased with my purchase. The picture quality is ten times better than an older, more expensive system. I would highly recommend them. They are good quality and inexpensive.

I am having trouble with the Qsee system and I needed to replace the four cables that got cut. I think the Hisvision cable is a direct replacement for the original cables. There is a significant savings of $. I installed them a couple of days after they arrived as they were delivered quickly. The cables measure 100 feet long, and the original cables were 60 feet long. I was able to move some cameras to better positions. The video quality is as good as with the 60 foot cable. It's an outstanding value

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Cobra Security Cameras

Cobra cameras have been around since the early 2000s, but they haven't always had the reputation they deserve. They were once considered cheap and unreliable, but now their quality has improved significantly. This article will help you understand what makes Cobra products stand out from the crowd, as well as give you tips on choosing the right camera for your needs.

What Is A Cobra Security Cameras?

Cobra Security cameras are small, easy to install, affordable video surveillance systems that provide excellent quality images at an economical price. Cobras come in many different models and sizes, including dome, bullet, fixed, and pan/tilt units. They are available for indoor or outdoor applications. The camera heads are weatherproofed and include night vision capability. Most Cobra Security cameras offer motion detection capabilities, allowing you to view only those areas where there has been movement since the last time you viewed the area. You can set up multiple zones within each camera, making it possible to monitor several rooms simultaneously. Cobra Security cameras are very versatile and can be mounted almost anywhere. They can even be placed inside walls or ceilings!

Where Should I Mount My Cobra Security Camera?

The best places to mount your Cobra Security cameras are high traffic areas like hallways, stairwells, entrances, and exits. These locations will allow you to see what happens around your home without having to look directly into the eyes of people who may be watching you. If you want to watch your children while they play outside, consider mounting a Cobra Security camera near the front door.

Who Needs A Cobra Security Cameras?

Cobra Security Systems has been providing home security systems since 1989. Their products are designed to protect homes, businesses, and communities against theft, fire, and other emergencies. These days, they offer several types of cameras and accessories to fit any budget.

The most common type of camera offered by Cobra is the IP Camera. An IP camera records video footage using digital technology. It uses infrared light to capture images. This makes it possible to see in complete darkness. It also allows you to record video footage 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

IP cameras are ideal for use inside and outside of your home. They are compact and lightweight. They can easily be mounted on walls, ceilings, windows, doors, and fences. They also allow you to monitor activity remotely via the internet. This feature is perfect for parents who want to check on their children while they sleep.

Another type of camera offered by Cobra is the Dome Camera. Dome cameras are similar to IP cameras. However, they are larger and heavier. They are typically installed outdoors. They are best suited for monitoring large areas such as parking lots, garages, warehouses, and outdoor patios.

Dome cameras are also useful for recording events such as concerts, sporting events, and parties. They are particularly effective for capturing action shots during these events.

Cobra offers two types of motion sensors. One is the Passive Infrared Sensor. It detects movement within its range. It does this by sensing heat emitted by moving objects. The second sensor is called the Active Infrared Sensor. It emits infrared beams which bounce off objects. When the beam hits an object, it reflects back to the sensor. The sensor then determines whether the object is moving.

Both types of sensors can detect movement over long distances. They are ideal for detecting intruders entering or leaving your property.

In addition to these three main categories, Cobra also sells Wireless Keyless Entry Door Locks. These locks connect directly to your existing door lock. Once connected, they open automatically whenever someone approaches the door. They close again after a set period of time.

These locks are ideal for securing entrances to offices, garages, and sheds. They can also be used to secure outdoor spaces such as swimming pools, tennis courts, and playgrounds.

There are several reasons why you might want to install one of Cobra's security cameras. Here are four of the top reasons:

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Cobra Security Cameras

Cobra Security Systems offers a wide variety of products including cameras, video recorders, alarm systems, access control, and other accessories. When it comes to security camera systems, Cobra Security offers two main types of models. These include dome cameras and bullet cameras. Dome cameras offer excellent visibility because they have a 360 degree view of their surroundings. Bullet cameras provide a clear picture even if the subject is behind obstacles such as walls or trees. Both types of cameras come in many different sizes, colors, and features. For example, dome cameras are available in black, white, silver, red, blue, yellow, and pink. Bullet cameras are available in black, gray, brown, tan, and white.

In addition to offering great value, Cobra Security also provides exceptional customer service. They offer free installation services, 24/7 emergency response, and a lifetime warranty. All Cobra Security products are backed by a one year limited warranty. This means that any product manufactured after January 1st, 2014 is covered under the original manufacturers' warranty. Cobra Security also offers discounts for multiple purchases and bulk orders. So whether you want to purchase several cameras or just one, Cobra Security makes it easy to do so.

Wireless technology. Wireless cameras are convenient because they eliminate the need for wires. They also allow you to place them where you want them without having to worry about running cables through walls or ceilings. And if you ever decide to move your camera, you can easily take it with you.

Motion detection. Motion detection allows you to set the camera to automatically turn itself on whenever movement is detected. This feature saves battery power and prevents unwanted recording of events such as pets walking across the room.

Night vision. Most wireless cameras have night vision capabilities. This means you can record images even during low light conditions. Night vision also makes it easier to monitor activity in rooms that are poorly lit.

Remote viewing. Remote viewing lets you view live video footage from anywhere using a computer connected to the Internet. This feature eliminates the need to stay close to the camera while watching recorded footage.

Pan/tilt head. The pan/tilt head function allows you to tilt the camera left or right to follow moving objects. This feature is especially useful for monitoring large areas.

Video storage. Video storage lets you store recordings on a hard drive instead of relying on memory cards. This feature reduces the chance of losing important footage due to lost or damaged memory cards.

Recording time. Many wireless cameras let you adjust how long they record. Some models have a 30 minute setting, while others let you select between 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, or 48 hours.

Storage capacity. Storage capacity refers to the amount of space available on the memory card. Some models have a 32GB card, while others have 64GB cards. This number indicates how many photos or videos you can capture before needing to replace the card.

Different Types Of Cobra Security Cameras

Cobra Security Systems offer a wide variety of cameras ranging from small covert cameras to large outdoor models. Each camera offers its own set of features and benefits. Here we will look at what each model offers and how they compare to each other.

Covert Cameras. Covert cameras are small devices that are placed inconspicuously. Cobra Security Cameras are commonly used by law enforcement agencies to monitor areas without raising suspicion. These are also useful for monitoring homes and businesses. A typical covert camera looks something like a pen or pencil case. Cobra Security Cameras are battery operated and run off AA batteries. These are inexpensive and easy to use.

Channel Wireless Cameras. Channel wireless cameras are larger units that are meant to be mounted outdoors. These are designed to cover large spaces and are capable of recording video footage. They are also weatherproofed and waterproof. These are typically installed outside of buildings and are connected to a power source through a cable. These are also known as dome cameras.

Surveillance Cameras. Surveillance cameras are large units that are meant to be mounted indoors. Cobra Security Cameras are designed to record video footage and are usually equipped with zoom capabilities. They are also capable of taking pictures.

The main difference between covert cameras and surveillance cameras is size. Covert cameras are smaller and less noticeable. Surveillance cameras are larger and harder to hide. Both types of cameras are effective tools for home and business owners. Make sure you choose the right camera for your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Cobra Security Cameras

What is a Cobra Security Camera?

Cobra Security Cameras are compact, affordable cameras designed specifically for use inside your home or business. They feature high-quality optics, easy installation, and advanced features like motion detection and night vision.

What's included with my Cobra Security Camera?

Each Cobra includes everything necessary to get started right out of the box. These include batteries, mounting hardware, wall mounts, and even a remote control.

How do I install a Cobra Security Camera?

Installing a Cobra Security Camera is simple. Simply follow the instructions provided with your order and you'll be ready to go in no time!

Can I Mount My Cobra Security Camera Anywhere?

Absolutely! Cobras are designed to be mounted almost anywhere. Use our mounting guide to choose the best location for your Cobra.

Can I Add Accessories To My Cobra Security Camera?

Sure thing! We've got plenty of options available to customize your Cobra. Check out all of our accessories here.

Can I use my Cobra Security Camera underwater?

Yes, Cobras have been tested successfully under water. Make sure to keep your camera dry when operating it under water.

Can I Use My Cobra Security Camera In Direct Sunlight?

Yes, Cobras have been tested successfully in direct sunlight. Keep in mind that the camera will likely require additional protection against UV rays.

Can I Use My Cobra Security Camera In Rain?

Yes, Cobras have been tested successfully in heavy rainfall. Make sure to keep your camera protected from moisture.

Can I Use My Cobra Security Camera In Windy Weather?

Yes, Cobras have been tested successfully in strong winds. Be sure to secure your camera securely to avoid being blown away.

Can I Use My Cobra Security Camera In Dusty Environments?

Yes, Cobras have been tested successfully in dust. If needed, make sure to clean off the camera after each use.

Can I Use My Cobra Security Camera In Extreme Cold?

Yes, Cobras have been tested successfully in extremely cold temperatures. Make sure to protect your camera from freezing.

Can I Use My Cobra Security Camera In Hot Environments?

Yes, Cobras have been tested successfully in warm temperatures. Make sure to protect your camera from overheating.

Can I Use My Cobra Security Camera In Humid Environments?

Yes, Cobras have been tested successfully in moist environments. Make sure to protect your camera from condensation.

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