Circle Bed Frames

Product Description

After using the Circle Bed Frames Art Deco bed for a few months, I am delighted to share my experience. This bed's elegant design is an instant eye-catcher with its electroplated gold finish and velvet-wrapped headboard and footboard. The art deco style adds a touch of class to any room, and my partner and I appreciate the sophistication it brings.

One aspect that stands out about this bed is its build quality. The stainless steel frame is incredibly robust, providing stable support for the entire structure. The 12 solid wood slats enhance stability further while improving weight distribution, reducing motion transfer between partners during the night for a more peaceful sleep. The three center support legs are another bonus, making this bed durable and long-lasting without concerns about swaying or movement over time.

The assembly process was manageable thanks to clear instructions and all necessary tools provided by the manufacturer; it took us around 90 minutes to complete the task. Compatibility with adjustable beds adds convenience for those who prefer flexibility in how they use their mattress – though we used our existing one so can’t comment on its compatibility specifically. One potential drawback is that there could be different levels of noise or creaking based on individual experiences when sitting or leaning against the bed; unfortunately, this isn't something I can speak to personally as we haven't encountered any such issues yet with our setup but it might be worth considering when comparing options available within similar price ranges if you’re sensitive towards these kinds of noises at night time before making your purchase decision!

Overall, though minor inconveniences may arise depending upon personal preference(s), I highly recommend purchasing this product given its versatile design suitable across various decor styles coupled alongside excellent build quality leading towards comfortable rest every night!

Product Features
  • Box Spring Required - No

  • Center Support Legs - Yes

  • Footboard Included - No

  • Frame Material - Solid Wood

  • Headboard Included - Yes

  • Legs - Yes

  • Mattress Included - No

  • Mattress Size - King

  • Number Of Center Support Legs - 6

  • Number Of Slats Included - 12

  • Slat Material - Manufactured Wood

  • Upholstered - Yes

  • Upholstery Coverage - Fully Upholstered

  • Upholstery Material - Velvet

Product Description

The Disc-O-Bed XL Cam-O-Bunk Cot is a fantastic addition to any camping trip or guest situation at home. Its sturdy construction and easy setup make it a breeze to use, while the contouring sleep system provides a comfortable night's rest. The versatility of having two separate cots or bunking them together caters to different camping needs, with the extra 21 inches of headroom in the lower bunk being particularly helpful for taller individuals.

The included hanging organizers are a great touch, keeping personal items and gear within reach. My family thoroughly enjoyed using this cot during our camping adventures, with my kids preferring it over their own beds at home – it truly feels like you're sleeping on a bed rather than a traditional camping cot.

On the downside, I would have appreciated additional storage options for larger items. However, this minor issue does not take away from the overall quality and comfort provided by this cot. If you're in search of a compact yet cozy sleep solution for your next camping trip or hosting event, look no further than the Disc-O-Bed XL Cam-O-Bunk Cot!

Product Features
  • Assembled Product Dimensions L X W X H - 81.75 x 36.50 x 39.50 Inches

  • Assembled Product Weight - 63 Pounds

  • Carry Bag Dimensions - 39.5 x 15.5 x 4.5 inches

  • Dimensions Outer - 82 x 39.5 x 36 inches

  • Dimensions Sleeping Area - 79 x 35 inches

  • User Weight Capacity - 500 pounds per cot

Product Description

I recently purchased the Brookside Molly Platform Bed Frame for my bedroom, and I couldn't be happier with the results. The modern, sleek design perfectly complements my existing decor, while the curved linen-like upholstered headboard adds a touch of elegance to the room.

Setting up this bed frame was incredibly easy thanks to its simple design and clear assembly instructions. The black metal frame paired with the wood slat roll provides reliable support for my mattress, without requiring a box spring. What's more, it's available in three colors for added versatility.

One standout feature is how quick and easy it is to assemble - something that can be quite challenging for other models. Its quality build also ensures stability even after months of use. However, due to its metal construction, there is some noise level when shifting my body on the mattress or sitting up against the headboard; it isn't too significant but worth noting as a slight downside.

Overall, I am pleased with my purchase of the Brookside Molly Platform Bed Frame and would definitely recommend it to others who are looking for an attractive yet affordable bed frame that offers excellent support without requiring a box spring.

Product Features
  • Assembly Required - Assembly Required

  • Bed Frame Material - Metal

  • Box Spring Required - Box Spring Not Required

  • Furniture Features - Upholstered

  • Headboard Mount Type - Bed Frame Mounted

  • Interior Furniture Type - Platform Bed

  • Number Of Pieces - 1

  • Platform Height In - 12 in

  • Product Width In - 39 in

  • Total Weight Capacity Lb - 800 lb

  • Upholstery Material - Polyester

Product Description

I was pleasantly surprised by the remarkable design and construction of this round velvet twin size bed. The deep button tufting on the headboard, footboard, and side rails adds an elegant touch to the overall look. The nailhead trim on both sides of the tall headboard also gives it a modern yet classic feel.

The ample storage and seating provided by the footboard and side rails are definitely one of my favorite features as they allow me to comfortably put on pants or shoes while sitting down.

In terms of performance, I found that this bed is well-built with a sturdy frame that provides adequate support while sitting or lying down on it without any movement. Furthermore, assembly was relatively easy for two people with some time needed for completion. Although there isn't much information about potential drawbacks or areas where improvements could be made, so far I haven't encountered any significant issues with this product since purchasing it for my own home use.

Product Features
Product Description

As a reviewer, I had a delightful experience using the Meridian Furniture Luxus Cream Velvet Full Size Bed. The bed's visually stunning design with exquisite buttons adorning the headboard and side rails adds an impressive touch, while the elegant nailhead trim effortlessly elevates its sophisticated appearance.

Assembling the bed was relatively easy, taking around two hours with another person's help. One standout feature of this product is the footboard and side rail storage option, which makes it incredibly convenient to put on shoes or pants while sitting comfortably on the bed.

However, there were some issues worth noting. The side pieces lack hydraulics like the footboard does, making them susceptible to flipping over when leaned or sat upon incorrectly. Additionally, users should consider its width before bringing it inside as delivery personnel may face difficulty maneuvering it into tight spaces due to its size. Lastly, some reviewers reported damage upon delivery, which affected their overall satisfaction with the product.

Despite these cons, this beautiful bed frame offers both functionality and fashionable style without compromise. It provides much-needed storage space and adds a striking statement piece to any bedroom. Overall rating: 4/5 stars due to some minor drawbacks but still worth considering for those seeking a statement-making bedroom furniture piece!

Product Features
Product Description

I had the opportunity to test out the Mercury Row Teen platform bed, and I was impressed by its solid wood construction and velvet upholstery that gave it a luxurious feel. The scooped headboard and footboard with vertical channel-tufting made it an eye-catching addition to my room.

The assembly was relatively straightforward and took about 2 hours, with most parts clearly labeled. The bed stood firmly on its rounded, tapered feet with center support legs that provided added stability. What I appreciated was that it didn't require a box spring; the mattress sat comfortably on the slats without any issues.

In terms of comfort, I found the bed incredibly supportive for a good night's sleep. The reasonable price point compared to other similar options on the market also made it an excellent investment. Overall, this platform bed has become a staple piece in my home decor that I would gladly recommend to others looking for a practical yet stylish furniture piece.

Product Features
  • Clearance Floor To Bottom - 6'' H

  • Distance Between Slats - 3

  • Foot Board Attachment Type - Bolt-On

  • Frame Material - Solid Wood; Fabric

  • Hardware Material - Iron

  • Headboard - 32'' H

  • Height Profile - Standard Profile

  • Legs - Yes

  • Mattress Size - Queen

  • Overall Product Weight - 90.4 lb

  • Recommended Mattress Thickness - 10''

  • Slat Material - Manufactured Wood

Product Description

The George Oliver platform bed is a stylish and practical addition to any bedroom, with its contemporary-cool design made from solid pine wood. The low-profile footboard and sideboards provide an understated appeal, while the tapered dowel feet add a mid-century touch.

Assembling the bed was relatively easy thanks to the included tools and clear instructions, taking about an hour to put everything together. The twelve slats included in the package eliminate the need for a box spring, making it more budget-friendly for those looking for a complete bed setup.

Both comfortability and supportive qualities of this bed have been excellent during our weeks of use, with no noise or wobbling issues experienced. Additionally, several friends have complimented its attractive appearance when visiting our home. However, there wasn't much space between the mattress and headboard/footboard when attaching them, making putting on fitted sheets more difficult than usual but not impossible.

Overall highly recommend this product if you are looking for something stylish yet practical at an affordable price point!

Product Features
  • Frame Material - Manufactured Wood; Solid Wood

  • Headboard Width Side To Side - 59.6'' W

  • Legs - Yes

  • Overall Product Weight - 90 lb

  • Slat Material - Manufactured Wood

  • Warranty Length - 5 Years

Product Description

The Ophelia bed from Rove Concepts has transformed my bedroom into a haven of elegance and comfort. The moment it arrived at my doorstep, I couldn't wait to put it together with its clear instructions and sturdy materials. My partner and I assembled the Grey Ice fabric bed in less than an hour, which added a beautiful neutral tone to our room.

One of my favorite features of this bed is the cloud-like sensation when lying down on the plush cushioning – not to mention, the rounded edges add extra comfort when snuggling up against them. Despite its low profile look, we haven't experienced any noise level issues or concerns about support, making it a comfortable yet solid base for our mattress.

Overall, we are thrilled with the quality build and have already recommended it to friends looking for updates to their own bedrooms. The smooth upholstery, plush cushioning, and elegant design make this modern contemporary low-profile frame a dream come true in our home!

Product Features
Product Description

As a reviewer, I had the pleasure of using the Macie Platform Bed in my bedroom. The setup was quick and easy, thanks to the clear instructions and sturdy wooden slats. I appreciated how this bed eliminated the need for a box spring as it provides ample support for my memory foam mattress.

The appearance of Macie is sleek and elegant, with its tapered wood legs and stylish headboard. It adds a modern touch to my bedroom decor without being too overwhelming or out-of-place. The vinyl upholstery not only looks attractive but also feels comfortable when sitting on the edge of the bed.

One minor issue I faced was that upon first use, there were some creaking noises from the wooden frame when moving around on it—this could be due to new parts settling into place or perhaps just minor manufacturing imperfections; however, after a few days of use these noises subsided and haven't returned since then.. Overall though, these small issues didn't detract much from my positive experience with this product so far!

Product Features
Product Description

After using the Circle Bed Frames in my home, I can confidently say that they've improved my bedroom experience significantly. The sturdy frame is expertly crafted and provides a solid base for the bed, ensuring no noise or wobbling while in use. Additionally, the extra-strength cushioned slats provide excellent support for your mattress and reduce noise when moving around on the bed.

One of my favorite aspects of this product is its ease of assembly - thanks to straightforward instructions and video guide, it took me only about five minutes to put together (excluding unpacking time). This was a welcome change from previous bed frames that required more tools and time to assemble.

Another great feature is the high-quality wood material used in these frames, which is sustainably sourced. While some may not like the finger-joined design, I appreciate how this approach helps keep costs down without compromising on stability or durability. In fact, even during vigorous activities or when sitting on its edges, this frame has remained rock solid without any issues.

On the plus side: 1) Effortless assembly; 2) High-quality wood construction; 3) Solid build with no noise or wobbling; however, there are some concerns regarding substandard finishes at some corners reported by other users despite its higher price point compared to similar products from other brands like IKEA. Overall though? It's definitely worth considering if you're looking for a sleek yet practical platform bed at an affordable price range!

Product Features
Product Description

As someone who has used this Luxus velvet king size bed in their daily life, I must say that the beauty and graceful lines of this bed is something to marvel at. The deep button tufting on the headboard, footboard, and side rails adds an elegant touch that complements any room's decor.

One feature that stood out to me is the ample storage and seating provided by the footboard and side rails. It was very convenient to be able to sit down comfortably while putting on my pants or shoes without having to balance awkwardly on a regular bed frame or chair. This made getting ready much more relaxed than usual.

Another positive aspect of this product is its overall sturdiness; it feels like a solid piece of furniture that can withstand years of wear-and-tear. On the other hand, one negative point worth mentioning is how long it took to assemble initially, although once completed it did stay put together nicely over time so there was no need for reassembling afterwards which can be quite annoying sometimes when dealing with larger pieces such as this one..

So overall, if you are looking for an attractive round king size bed with plenty of storage/seating options then I would certainly recommend giving this product some serious consideration due especially if you don’t mind spending extra time during assembly process since results speak louder than words!

Product Features
Product Description

I'm absolutely thrilled with my purchase of this platform bed! From its sturdy construction and beautiful wood grain design to its convenient height adjustment feature, everything about it exudes quality. The assembly process was a breeze, thanks to the clear instructions and detailed pictures. It took me less than an hour to have it set up and ready for use.

As a daily user, I can confidently say that this platform bed provides excellent support and comfort. Made from solid wood slats and steel framework, it has held up well against sagging for months now, ensuring restful nights. Additionally, the efficient space usage is a big plus for anyone with a smaller bedroom like mine.

However, there were some minor hiccups along the way. While most of the parts fit together perfectly during assembly, some required extra effort due to not fitting properly initially. There were also occasional squeaks when shifting positions on the bed; these issues were quickly resolved by tightening loose screws or adding additional reinforcements where necessary.

Despite these minor concerns, I still highly recommend this platform bed for its timeless design and durability at an affordable price point. It has truly earned its place as an excellent addition to any setting – stealing attention wherever it goes!

Product Features
Product Description

I recently purchased this platform bed frame with steel slats and have been very pleased with its performance. The heavy-duty steel construction is incredibly sturdy and noise-free, making it perfect for people who toss and turn or need a solid foundation for their mattress. The lower profile design is both aesthetically pleasing and provides even support and comfort.

The hinged corners make assembly easy, even if you're not particularly handy, like me. Plus, all the required tools come included, so you can assemble the frame in minutes using the quick-lock directions provided by the manufacturer. I also appreciate that no box spring is needed since it helps save space and money.

Many user reviews speak highly of this product's quality build and attractive design. Some users have mentioned that their mattresses had tendency to slide while using this frame, which can be addressed by adding an area rug or adhesive plywood if necessary. However, these cases seem to be isolated incidents rather than being widespread issues affecting most users.

Overall, I am happy with my purchase of this platform bed frame with steel slats as it has improved my sleep experience without breaking the bank or taking up too much space in my room. Additionally, its attractive design means it seamlessly blends in with any home decor style making it a versatile option for anyone looking to upgrade their bedroom furniture without sacrificing comfort or support.

Product Features
Product Description

I recently purchased a bed from Mountain Mule Hardwoods and I am beyond thrilled with my purchase. The quality of the craftsmanship is impeccable, and the attention to detail in every aspect of the build is evident. The wood grain patterns are unique and stunning, adding a touch of warmth and natural beauty to my bedroom.

One of the standout features for me was the ease of assembly. The instructions provided were clear and concise, making it a relatively simple process to put together myself. Additionally, the customer service I received throughout the entire process was exceptional - Megan was attentive and responsive to all my queries, ensuring that I received exactly what I wanted.

Overall, this bed has exceeded all expectations; it's sturdy, beautifully made, and adds a luxurious yet organic feel to my space. It's an investment piece that will last for years, making it well worth every penny spent on it. Highly recommended!

Product Features
Product Description

I recently purchased the HOMELIFE Classic Design Linen Studded Platform Bed in Queen size and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations. The construction of this bed is top-notch, with a sturdy frame made from high-quality materials that provide both comfort and durability. The linen upholstery adds a touch of elegance to the overall design while being soft to the touch.

The assembly process was straightforward and did not take more than an hour. Even though the provided instructions were not as detailed as I would've liked, they were still helpful enough for me to figure out how to attach the slats to the bed frame. A minor issue I encountered was a small dirt spot on one corner, but this was easily removed with a bit of soap and water.

This platform bed truly stands out visually while also being very functional, fitting perfectly in my bedroom's decor. It has been extremely comfortable to sleep on every night since I brought it home - making it difficult to get out of bed each morning! Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase and would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an affordable yet stylish addition to their home furnishings collection.

Product Features
  • Assembled Product Dimensions L X W X H - 84.00 x 64.00 x 51.00 Inches

  • Assembled Product Weight - 95 lbs

  • Bed Size - Queen

  • Bed Type - Platform Beds

  • Finish - Gray

  • Recommended Location - Indoor

Product Description

After using this bed frame for several months, I've found it to be a great addition to my daily routine. The heavy-duty steel construction ensures stability and durability, while the noise-free operation allows for a peaceful night's sleep. The modern low profile design adds a sleek touch to any bedroom, and the rounded corners provide an extra layer of safety when getting out of bed.

The ease of assembly was impressive, taking less than an hour to complete. Features like noise-free operation and attractive design elements like rounded corners make this product stand out. Based on my experience with this bed frame, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for value and superior performance from their home furnishings.

Product Features