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Chunky Wool Blankets

Chunky knits are a popular trend in the fashion industry. This cozy fabric is easy to care for and looks great in almost any setting. It’s not surprising that knit blankets are so popular given their versatility and affordability. If you’re interested in adding a touch of warmth to your bedroom or living room, then a blanket made from chunky yarn is the perfect solution. Some of the most popular designs include stripes, plaids, polka dots and floral motifs. Our buyers guide explains how to select the perfect size and pattern for you. Read our buyers guide to learn more about chunky knit blankets and how they can enhance your decor!

KALEKI Merino Chunky Knit Blanket Bulky Bed Throw Hand-Made Supre Large Chair Mat Rug Home Decor Ivory White 32"×40"


The Kaleki Merino Chunky Knitting Project Blanket is perfect for anyone looking for a cozy, handcrafted blanket! Made with 100% natural cotton, this blanket is both comfortable and durable. It also features a unique pattern and texture that will make it a prized piece in any room. Order yours today and experience the ultimate in luxury and quality!

Chunky Hand-Knitted Throw Blanket, Soft and Warm, Tightly Woven Chenille Yarn, Suitable for Sofas, beds, Gifts and Home Decorations. (Beige, 40''x60'')


Looking for a cozy and warm throw blanket? The Teamoonmy Chunky Hand-Knitted Throw Blanket is exactly what you need! Made from soft and comfortable linen blend fabric, this blanket is sure to provide you with plenty of comfort whether you're working on your laptop or watching tv. With its thick and luxurious fabric, it also makes a great gift for anyone on your list. Order yours today and experience the ultimate in luxury!

Mansmerton Weighted Chunky Knit Throw Blanket 50"x60" for Bed, Sofa,Couch,Baby. Thick Knit Blanket for Home&Bedroom Decor, Large Knit Blanket Chunky Yarn. Gift for her&mom.Warm Home Decor,White


Looking for an impressive, luxurious weighted blanket that will help you sleep soundly through the night? Look no further than the Mansmerton Weighted Blanket! Made with high-quality materials and filled with premium micro glass beads, this blanket provides firm, consistent pressure that will help you achieve deep sleep and restful dreams.

APIXO Chunky Knit Blanket Chenille Throw 40''x 40''- Tight Braided Thick Cable Knit Throw for Sofa or Bed - 100% Hand Made Chenille Weighted Blanket, Ginger-100x100 cm


The APIXO Chunky Knit Blanket is perfect for those who want a cozy, weighted blanket that is both warm and comfortable and features 100% handcrafted chenille. This heavy blanket is made with thick, soft fabric and filled with premium micro glass beads to ensure a firm and consistent pressure simulating the feeling of being hugged. It also has a zipper and is easily removed and replaced if necessary. Plus, it's machine-washable for convenience. Don't miss out on this must-have bedding item!

Chunky Knit Blanket 48"x72" Handwoven Interior Decoration for Large Sofas and Beds Beige


Looking for an elegant and cozy bedding option? Check out this handmade Chunky Knit Blanket! This soft and comfortable blanket is sure to provide you with a warm and welcoming sleep every night. Made from high-quality merino wool, this blanket is sure to keep you warm and take the chill off even on cold nights. With its intricate pattern and smooth surface, this blanket is sure to add a touch of style to any room. So why wait? Get your INNDUN Chunky Knit Blanket today!

techcity Chunky Knit Blanket Handmade Knitting Premium Soft Giant Chenille Throw for Bed Sofa Home Decor Super Large Mat Rug (Beige, 40x60 inches)


Looking for a cozy and warm bedding option? Check out our Techcity Chunky Knit Blanket! Made with 100% polyester chenille yarn, this blanket is perfect for any room in your house. It's also super easy to care for, just wash it once a week and let it dry naturally. Plus, our 100% satisfaction guarantee means you can sleep soundly knowing that your purchase is of the highest quality.

Chenille Chunky Knit Blanket Super Soft Chunky Knit Throw Blanket for Bed (48x60) Chunky Knit Throw Blanket Blankets and Throws for Sofa Large Throw Blanket White


The Chenille Chunky Knit Blanket is perfect for those who want a super-soft and cozy blanket. Made with 100% cotton, this blanket is sure to provide you with a comfortable night's sleep. With a variety of colors available, this blanket is versatile enough to use in any room in your home. Don't miss out on this must-have item!

Trunkor Blankets & Throws Home Outfitters Room Decor Chunky Knit Blanket Throw for Bed, Sofa, Bedroom, Living Room ,Home Decor, 50X60 Inches, Dark Gray Chunky Blanket 100% Hand Made


Looking for a way to add some style and comfort to your living space? Check out our collection of stylish and comfortable throws! Made from soft and durable fabric, these throws are sure to give you a warm and cozy feeling no matter where you sit. Plus, they'll look great tossed onto a couch or bed, or even hung up as a curtain. Best of all, our 100% hand-crafted quality ensures that each one is unique. Give the gift of warmth and coziness this holiday season with the Trunkor Blanket Company!

DIRUNEN Chunky Knit Blanket Handmade by Soft Knitting Throw Bed Bedroom Decor Bulky Sofa Ivory White 40"×59"


Looking for a cozy and comfortable throw blanket? Look no further than our handmade chunky knit blanket! Made with super soft and durable fabric, this blanket is sure to provide you with a good night's sleep. Plus, it's machine-washable for easy care. Give the gift of warmth and comfort this holiday season with our handcrafted heavy duty blanket. We've been making blankets for over 30 years and have finally found a way to combine durability with quality and ease of use. With our patented stitch pattern and high grade fabric, this blanket will last for seasons to come.

Kaffrey - Chenille Chunky Knit Blanket, Luxury Hand-Knitted Yarn Throw Blanket, Soft Throw Blanket, Knitted Blankets, Cozy, Machine-Washable, and Non-Shedding, 50 x 60 Inches, Sapphire


The Kaffrey collection of soft, cozy and fashionable throws and blankets is sure to suit your needs! Made with 100% cotton and machine-washable for easy care, these blankets are sure to become a staple in your home. So why wait? Get yours today!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Chunky Wool Blankets

Wool is a wonderful material to use as a bedding item because it keeps you warm without weighing you down. However, choosing the right type of wool can be tricky - not only does it have to keep you warm but also be soft enough to snuggle up against. This article will help you decide what kind of wool you'd prefer, whether you want something thick and cozy or light and fluffy.

What Are Chunky Wool Blankets?

Chunky wool blankets are made using thick yarns and large stitches. They are typically knitted into squares or rectangles, but some are crocheted. Chunky wool blankets are warm and cozy because they trap air inside the fabric, making them insulating. They are perfect for snuggling up under during cold weather.

How Do You Use Chunky Wool Blankets?

You can wrap yourself in a chunky wool blanket while watching TV, reading a book, or just relaxing after a long day. It will help keep you warm even if you don't need extra warmth. If you're feeling chilly, you can remove the coverlet and cuddle underneath it. The softness of the blanket makes it easy to fall asleep. You can also use a chunky wool blanket as an accent pillow. Just make sure to choose a color that matches your decorating scheme. This will give your bedding a cohesive look.

Who Needs Chunky Wool Blankets?

Wool blankets are warm and cozy. But did you know that they can also be stylish? Wool blankets can add a touch of luxury to any space. Whether you use one as a bedspread or throw, these soft, thick blankets are sure to become a favorite piece of furniture.

Wool blankets are made from 100% pure New Zealand merino wool. Today, this natural fiber is still considered the best material for creating durable clothing and accessories. Because of its unique properties, wool is perfect for keeping you warm while providing maximum comfort.

The beauty of wool blankets is that they can take on whatever shape you desire. From traditional rectangular shapes to modern geometric patterns, there are countless designs to choose from. These blankets are also machine washable, which makes cleaning them simple.

When choosing a wool blanket, look for one that feels smooth against your skin. Choose a thicker blanket if you prefer a warmer sensation. Also, avoid blankets that are overly scratchy. Instead, opt for a softer fabric that provides a plush surface.

To create a beautiful design, start with a blank canvas. Then, carefully cut pieces of wool yarn according to your pattern. Next, place each section of yarn over a knitting needle and begin stitching through the center of each piece. When finished, gently pull the threads to remove excess thread and knot the ends. Finally, press down firmly on the blanket to flatten it.

Once complete, you can either hang the blanket on a wall hook or lay it flat to dry. Once completely dry, iron the blanket using a medium heat setting.

Now that you have a gorgeous wool blanket, you can use it every day. Use it as a coverlet under your comforter or toss it around during cold weather. No matter how you decide to use it, you'll love the luxurious feel of a wool blanket.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Chunky Wool Blankets

Chunky wool blankets are great because they provide warmth without being bulky. They're perfect for those cold winter nights. You'll find them in every color imaginable. Chunky wool blankets are available in many different styles including afghans, throws, and shawls. These blankets are very versatile and can be used year round. They're also easy to care for and machine washable. So if you want to add a cozy touch to any space in your home, then purchase a quality chunky wool blanket.

If you have allergies, then you may want to steer clear of chunky wool blankets. Wool fibers are known to irritate sensitive skin. This includes people who suffer from eczema and other types of dermatitis. If you do have sensitive skin, then you should stick to lighter weights such as merino wool blankets. Merino wool is hypoallergenic so it won't aggravate your skin. Another option would be to buy a fleece blanket instead of a chunky wool blanket. Fleece blankets are usually less expensive than chunky wool blankets. Plus, they're easier to clean and maintain.

Wool blankets are extremely durable. They can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh conditions. For example, they're ideal for camping trips. They can even stand up to snow and rain. When you go camping, bring along a quality chunky wool blanket. It will keep you warm and dry during those chilly evenings.

Features To Consider When Buying Chunky Wool Blankets

Wool. Wool is a natural material that provides warmth while remaining soft against your skin. This makes it perfect for bedding and clothing. But did you know that wool is also great for creating cozy accessories?

Cozy. The softer the fabric, the more comfortable it feels. That's why chunky wool blankets are such a popular choice. They're made from thick yarns that create a warm, fuzzy feeling against your body. And they're usually available in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes, so you can pick the right fit for your space.

Easy care. Unlike cotton, wool doesn't shrink or pill over time. In fact, it actually grows stronger with wear. This means you can wash your wool blankets frequently and they'll still hold their shape and color.

Comfortable. Chunky wool blankets are known for being extremely soft. Because of this, they can sometimes cause itchiness if you sleep directly against them. However, there are ways to prevent this problem. First, check the tag on your blanket to ensure it's hypoallergenic. Then, apply lotion to your skin before sleeping to prevent irritation.

Versatile. Did you know that you can use chunky wool blankets for everything from snuggling under during winter months to keeping your feet warm during cold weather? Just remember to treat your new blanket gently. Don't pull off the covers until they've been washed and dry.

Value. As mentioned above, chunky wool blankets are versatile. They work well for many purposes, including cuddling, snuggling and warming your feet. Plus, they tend to cost less than other types of blankets.

Different Types Of Chunky Wool Blankets

Chunky Wool Blankets are a wonderful alternative to traditional down filled blankets. Chunky Wool Blankets are soft, warm, durable, and affordable. Chunky wool blankets are perfect for snuggling up under on cold winter nights. These are also great for keeping babies cozy during nap times.

There are two main types of chunky wool blankets. One is called a knitted blanket and the other is called a crocheted blanket. Knit blankets are created by knitting individual yarns together. Crochet blankets are created by working loops through each stitch individually. Both types of blankets are incredibly versatile. They can be worn alone or layered with other items. They can also be machine washed and dried without shrinking or losing any shape.

Knit blankets are usually constructed with 100% pure wool. These are also commonly referred to as "woolies". A woolie is simply a blanket that is made entirely of wool. They are great for those who love the feel of wool but don't want to deal with the hassle of washing it every day. Chunky Wool Blankets are also great for allergy sufferers since they are hypoallergenic.

Crocheted blankets are usually constructed with acrylic yarn. These are also known as "acrylicies" or "crochties". Acrylics are softer than wool and therefore better suited for children. They are also less likely to shrink and retain their shape. Chunky Wool Blankets are also machine washable and dry quickly.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Chunky Wool Blankets

What are chunky wool blankets?

Chunky wool blankets are knitted sweaters that have thick yarns. They tend to be soft and warm, but they can get bulky when you wrap yourself in them.

Where Did Chunky Wool Blankets Originate?

They originated in England during the 19th century. People started knitting thicker yarns into their sweaters to keep themselves warmer during cold weather.

Who Makes Chunky Wool Blankets?

You can buy chunky wool blankets at most craft stores. Many companies make them, including , and .

What size should I order my chunky wool blanket?

If you're planning on wrapping yourself in your chunky wool blanket, then you'll probably want to go with a large size. That way, you won't feel too cramped inside.

Will Chunky Wool Blankets Shrink After Washing?

No, chunky wool blankets will stay the same size no matter how much you wash them. Be careful though -- some brands of chunky wool blankets contain chemicals that could stain clothes.

Does Chunky Wool Blankets Smell Bad?

Some people say that chunky wool blankets smell like dirty socks. But this isn't true. Chunky wool blankets don't smell like anything.

Can I use chunky wool blankets as blankets?

Yes, you can use chunky wool blankets as blankets. Just make sure that you wash them well before doing so.

Can I Use Chunky Wool Blankets As Rugs?

Yes, you can use chunky wool blankets as rugs. Just make sure that you clean them thoroughly before doing so.

Can I Use Chunky Wool Blankets As Curtains?

Yes, you can use chunky wool blankets as curtains. Just make sure that you wash them thoroughly before doing so.

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