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Mini chainsaws are small handheld power tools that are commonly used to cut through wood. This tool is useful for cutting firewood, trimming branches and removing tree limbs. Although they may seem like toys, mini chainsaws are actually quite powerful. If you’d rather not lug around a large chainsaw, then consider purchasing a mini chainsaw instead. It won't weigh nearly as much and it's easy to store in your car trunk.

Mini chainsaws are also a good idea if you plan on spending lots of time working in the woods. Since they’re so lightweight, you can easily carry them wherever you go. Plus, they’re compact and portable, making them convenient to transport. Read our buyers guide to learn more about mini chainsaws and how to buy the best one for you.

Husqvarna 450 Rancher w/ 20 inches Bar 50.2cc Gas Powered Chainsaw w/ Smart Start (Renewed)

Amazon Renewed

Looking for a powerful chainsaw that is easy to use? Check out the Husqvarna 450 Rancher! It features a 20-inch bar and an X-Torq 3.2-horsepower engine, making it perfect for cutting trees or other large objects. Plus, the low-vibration design protects your hands from fatigue while you're cutting, and the smart start feature makes it easy to get started. And if you want to reduce harmful exhaust emissions and improve fuel efficiency, the Husqvarna 450 Rancher is the perfect tool for you!

X-BULL 58cc 2-Cycle Full Crank Gas Chainsaw 20-Inch Gasoline Powered Chainsaw Handheld Anti-vibration System for Cutting Wood Outdoor Garden Farm Home Use with Tool Kit


Looking for an efficient and lightweight chainsaw? Look no further than the Manor Series X-BULL 58cc 2-Cycle Full Crank Gas Chainsaw! With a powerful 3.4-horsepower motor and durable polymer construction, this saw is perfect for use on both indoor and outdoor projects. Plus, the three-tier gas filter and tension adjustment make it easy to keep your engine clean and running smoothly. So why wait? Get the X-BULL 58cc 2-Cycle Full Crank Gas Chainsaw today!

Husqvarna 455R 20" Gas Chainsaw, Orange


The Husqvarna 455R 20" Gas Chainsaw is perfect for any job that requires a sharp, heavy-duty saw. This tough saw can handle anything you throw at it, from cutting through concrete to cutting through hardwood. With its powerful motor and high-quality construction, this chainsaw will last for years to come. So don't wait any longer, get your Husqvarna 455R 20" Gas Chainsaw today!

Husqvarna 440 18 Inch 40.9cc 2.4HP 2 Cycle Gas Chainsaw (Renewed)

Amazon Renewed

Clean your home thoroughly with the Husqvarna 440 18 Inch 40.9cc 2.4HP 2 Cycle Gas Chainsaw! It's a great all-around saw that can handle any job you throw at it. With its powerful motor and centrifugal air cleaning system, this saw is perfect for cutting through tough materials like concrete, metal, and wood. Plus, the x-torq delivery system means you'll use less gas and save on your next bill. So why wait? Get the Husqvarna 440 18 Inch 40.9cc 2.4HP 2 Cycle Gas Chainsaw today!

Husqvarna 445 18" Gas Chainsaw, Orange


The Husqvarna 445 18" Gas Chainsaw is perfect for any job that requires a reliable and powerful chainsaw. This saw has an orange trigger guard and comes with a premium quality all steel blade that is designed for durability and easy operation. It also features a rugged design with comfortable padded handles that allow you to make precise cuts without any fatigue. Plus, the automatic oiler ensures that your chainsaw will always be ready to go when you are. And if you're not satisfied with the performance of your chainsaw, simply return it for a no-hassle refund or replacement.

Husqvarna 460 460R 24" Gas Chainsaw, Orange


The Husqvarna 460 460R is perfect for you if you're looking for an efficient, reliable chainsaw that will make your projects easier to complete. This tough saw is made from high-quality steel and has a powerful motor that makes it easy to start. It's also got a robust design that makes it more durable than other brands on the market. Plus, the automatic oiler ensures that your saw blade will always be well-oiled. And the low-vibration system means you'll never have to worry about hearing problems due to loud noise. So why wait? Get the Husqvarna 460 460R today!

Husqvarna 120 II 16" Gas Chainsaws, Orange


The Husqvarna 120 II 16" Gas Chainsaw is perfect for all your cutting needs! With its powerful engine and high-quality design, it's sure to make a difference in your projects. This tough saw is equipped with a 38cc X-Torq engine that consumes less fuel and produces fewer harmful emissions than other gas engines on the market. Plus, the low-vibration design makes it easier to operate, and the simple tensioning system allows for quick adjustment. So whether you're cutting down trees or firewood, the Husqvarna 120 II has you covered.

DEREAL Pro 5820H 58CC-2-Cycle Updated Version Gas-Chainsaw, 18-Inch Gas Powered Chainsaw, Cordless Petrol Gasoline Chain Saw for Trees Farm, Garden and Ranch Cutting


Looking for a powerful and super-quality chainsaw? Check out the DEREAL Pro 5820H! It's powered by a three-cylinder, two-stroke cycle engine that delivers high performance and durability. With its lightweight, polycarbonate construction, it's easy to carry from job site to job site. And the best part? Our 1-year limited warranty ensures that your DEREAL Pro 5820H will be a lasting addition to your tool kit. So why wait? Get the DEREAL Pro 5820H today!

Husqvarna 16 Inch 130 Gas Chainsaw,Orange


The Husqvarna 16 Inch 130 Gas Chainsaw is perfect for cutting trees and other large plants. With its lightweight design and powerful engine, this saw is perfect for use around the home or in the garden. It comes with a guide bar and chain, so you can easily cut even thick trees. Plus, it has an orange bar cover and 2. 6 ounce 2 cycle fuel included, so you can use it even if there's no gas available. And it features an automatic chain oiler that keeps your chainsaw clean and ready to use. So why wait? Get the Husqvarna 16 Inch 130 Gas Chainsaw today!

SKILSAW SPT55-11 16 In. Worm Drive SAWSQUATCH Carpentry Chainsaw


The SKILSAW Spt55-11 carpenter's chainsaw is a reliable and powerful tool that can handle any job. It features a worm drive system for smooth and quiet operation, as well as a self-locking tension knob for easy use. Plus, the all-magnum construction ensures durability and reliability. So why wait? Get the SKILSAW Spt55-11 today!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Chainsaw

Choosing a chainsaw is not as easy as it may seem. You have to take into account several things before making your purchase, such as the type of wood you intend to cut, the size of the tree you plan to fell, and the amount of power you require. This article explains what you need to think about when choosing a chainsaw, and gives you tips on where to get the best deals.

What Is A Chainsaw?

Chainsaws are tools for cutting wood. They work by using an electric motor to spin a circular saw blade at high speed. The spinning blade cuts through the wood, making it easier to cut into smaller pieces. Chainsaws come in many different sizes and shapes, but most people think of them as having two main parts: the handle and the chain saw blade. The chain saw blade is attached to the end of the handle. It has teeth along its edge that catch the wood and pull it towards the blade. This action makes the blade rotate around the center point of the handle.

Who Needs A Chainsaw?

Chainsaws are useful tools. But sometimes, they can be dangerous. Chainsaws are heavy pieces of equipment. When you use one, you could hurt yourself. Even worse, you could hurt someone else.

That's why it's important to know how to safely operate a chainsaw. Learning these skills can save lives.

The best place to learn how to operate a chainsaw is at a local hardware store. But, if you'd rather learn online, here are three tips to follow:

Safety goggles protect your eyes from flying debris. They also prevent dirt and grime from getting into your eyes.

Your hand movements can cause injury. Also, avoid reaching over your head while operating a chainsaw. Instead, stand behind the saw. Then, hold it close to your chest.

These safety precautions will ensure that you're using a chainsaw correctly. After learning how to properly operate a chainsaw, you'll never look back.

When you're ready to start cutting wood, check out our selection of chainsaws. We carry everything from entry level models to professional grade saws. All of our chainsaws are made right here in America.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Chainsaw

Chainsaws are one of those tools that everyone should have in their toolbox. They come in handy for so many different tasks. Whether you use them to trim trees, prune bushes, chop wood, or even saw through concrete, they're indispensable. So how do you find the best chainsaw? Read on to learn about the features to look for when buying a chainsaw.

Look for a chainsaw that has a chain brake. This feature stops the chain if it gets caught on something. Chainsaws without brakes can damage your property or injure you if they accidentally hit you. A chainsaw with a chain brake is less likely to hurt you or others nearby.

Look for a chainsaw that has a safety guard. Safety guards protect people who may be near the chainsaw. These guards prevent fingers, hands, and other objects from getting pinched by the blade. Guards also keep debris away from the blades.

Look for a chainsaw that has a power source. You'll want to ensure that the chainsaw runs off electricity rather than gasoline or propane. Gasoline and propane chainsaws pose a fire hazard. Electricity is safe because it doesn't produce harmful fumes.

Look for a chainsaw that has a trigger lock. Trigger locks prevent accidental starts. When you pull the trigger, the chainsaw turns on automatically. Without a trigger lock, you could start up the chainsaw without realizing it.

Look for a chainsaw that has a light. Having a light makes it easier to see where you're cutting. This way, you won't accidentally cut yourself or someone else.

Look for a chainsaw that has a battery charger. Batteries die after a certain amount of time. Charging batteries ensures that you'll have plenty of power when needed.

If you're looking for a chainsaw, you've found the perfect place to buy one. Now it's just a matter of finding the best chainsaw for your needs.

Features To Consider When Buying A Chainsaw

Safety features. Safety is important when using power tools, especially if you're new to them. Chainsaws are no exception. Make sure your chainsaw has safety guards and other protective gear. This way, you can prevent injury while still being able to enjoy the tool.

Powerful engine. The more powerful your chainsaw, the easier it will be to cut through wood. However, this means you'll need to spend more time sharpening the blade. Consider how often you plan to sharpen the blade before investing in a higher-powered model.

Easy to maintain. Maintaining a chainsaw isn't difficult, but it does take practice. Before purchasing a chainsaw, check its owner's manual to learn about maintenance tips. Then, follow these steps to ensure your chainsaw runs smoothly:

Adjusting the chain tension ensures the chain stays tight against the sprocket teeth. Too little tension makes the chain loose and noisy. Too much tension causes the chain to wear down quickly.

Lubricant keeps the chain moving freely. Use a spray bottle filled with mineral spirits or WD-40 to apply the lubricant evenly across the entire length of the chain.

Dirt collects inside the carburetor and reduces airflow. Remove debris from the carburetor with a wire brush and clean it thoroughly with soap and warm water.

Spark plugs work by creating sparks between two electrodes. As they burn away, they create heat that ignites fuel. Changing the spark plug allows the combustion chamber to cool off, preventing overheating and damage to the piston.

After years of use, chainsaws may develop cracks, chips, or nicks in their metal components. These imperfections cause friction and eventually wear down the part. Replacing worn parts prevents further damage and extends the lifespan of the chainsaw.

Different Types Of Chainsaw

Chainsaws are tools that cut wood. They consist of two parts; the saw blade and the chain. The chain is what cuts through the wood. Chainsaws come in various sizes depending on how large the piece of timber needs to be cut. Smaller models are useful for cutting smaller pieces of wood whereas larger ones are better suited for bigger jobs. Here are some of the main types of chainsaws available.

Sawzall Sawzalls are small hand held chainsaws that are good for cutting branches off trees. Chainsaws are light and compact making them easy to use. Chainsaws are also inexpensive and therefore suitable for beginners.

Mini Saws Mini saws are slightly larger than sawzalls and are good for cutting medium sized logs. They are also cheaper than full size saws. They are also lighter and easier to handle.

Full Size Saw Full size saws are heavy duty machines that are capable of cutting down entire trees. They are heavier and bulkier than mini saws and are therefore less suitable for beginners.

Power Saws Power saws are the heaviest and largest of the three categories. Chainsaws are also the most powerful. Chainsaws are also the most expensive.

Electric Saw Electric saws are the cheapest of the three categories. Chainsaws are also the easiest to operate. They are also the slowest to start up.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Chainsaw

What is a chainsaw?

A chainsaw is a tool that cuts through wood. When you turn the handle of the chainsaw, the chain moves back and forth across the blade, causing it to cut into the wood.

Where Did Chainsaws Originate?

Chainsaws were invented in 1885 by John Deere. They were originally designed to cut hay bales.

How Much Power Does A Chainsaw Use?

Most modern chainsaws run at around 1 horsepower. A horse has about 600 watts of power.

How Fast Can A Chainsaw Cut?

You can cut through most types of wood with a chainsaw within seconds. If you want to cut through hardwood, however, you will probably need more than 10 minutes.

Does A Chainsaw Require Maintenance?

No. Most models of chainsaws don't require any maintenance. However, some older models do require periodic lubrication.

How Often Should I Oil My Chainsaw?

If your chainsaw doesn't already have a built-in oiler, then you shouldn't need to oil it every day. However, you should check the manual to make sure that your chainsaw requires regular oiling.

How can I get rid of splinters when using a chainsaw?

To avoid getting splinters, try to keep your hands away from the saw's blades. Also, wear gloves when working near the blades.

How Can I Stop My Chainsaw From Stalling?

Try adjusting the choke lever to increase the amount of air flowing into the engine. Try turning the throttle control all the way clockwise until the engine starts running smoothly again.

How Can I Start A Chainsaw Without Pulling Out The Battery First?

Hold down the trigger button for 5 seconds. Then release the trigger button and pull the starter cord.

How Can I Change The Speed Of A Chainsaw?

Use the throttle control to adjust the speed of the engine. To slow down, move the throttle control towards the left side of the handle. To accelerate, move the throttle control towards the right side of the handle.

How can I tell if my chainsaw needs gas?

Check the fuel gauge on the handle. If the needle isn't pointing toward full, then your chainsaw needs gas.

How can I tell if my chainsaw needs sharpening?

Turn the chain guard upside down and look inside. If you see metal shavings, then your chain needs sharpening.

How Can I Tell If My Chainsaw Needs Repair?

Take the chainsaw apart and inspect the various components. If something looks broken, replace it.

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