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Bumbo Chair

Bumbos are baby seats that attach to the back of a chair. They’re perfect for young children who are learning to sit independently. They’re also helpful for older kids who struggle with sitting upright. Since they’re attached to the chair, they won’t slide off while you’re walking around. This means that you can easily move from room to room without having to worry about losing your child.

Bumbos are also beneficial for parents who work from home. If you spend most of your days seated behind a computer, then a bumbo chair may be exactly what you need. It allows you to focus on your job while keeping your child safe and happy. Read our buyers guide to learn more about bumbo chairs and how they can help you achieve balance in your daily routine.

Bumbo Suction Toy, Luca The Lion, Multi Color

Your child will love playing with this Bumbo Suction Toy! It's easy to use and fun to watch. With its flexible base, it can easily rotate and click, making it a great choice for stimulating motor skills. Plus, the soft, maneured tail makes it comfortable for teeth to gnaw on. Order your Bumbo today!

Bumbo B11119 Multi Seat (Blue)


Your child will love playing on the Bumbo B11119 Multi Seat! It's perfect for kids aged two to five years old. This 3-in-1 multi-seat includes a floor, booster, and feeding seat, making it perfect for any room in the house. The removable foam tray makes cleanup a breeze, and the adjustable height allows you to find the perfect seating position. Don't miss out on this must-have kitchen appliance!

BABY JOY 6-in-1 Booster Seat for Dining Table, Sit to Stand Walker for Toddler, Infant Feeding Chair Baby Floor Seat with Removable Tray, 3-Point Harness & Safety Straps (Blue)

Baby Joy

Your child will love playing in this bouncer ball pit! It's great for kids aged 2 to 5 years old and can accommodate children up to 33 pounds. With its high sides and deep bottom, it's perfect for kids who like to climb and explore.

Bumbo B11091A1 Baby/Toddler Adjustable Height 3-in-1 Non-Slip Multi Seat with Food/Activity Tray and Safety Straps, Aqua


The Bumbo B11091A1 is an essential tool for any busy home or office! With its adjustable height and multi-seat capabilities, it's perfect for accommodating kids of different heights as well as adults who are short on space. Made of foam and featuring a tray and safety strap, this seat is sure to keep your child or employee safe and comfortable. So don't wait any longer, order your Bumbo B11091A1 today!

Bumbo Floor Seat With Play Tray - PINK COMBO


The Bumbo floor seat is perfect for kids and adults who want to sit up straight. It features a play tray that is both fun and educational for little ones, and it also comes with a restraint belt so you can keep your child safe. Plus, it's easy to clean and looks great even after a long day of playing. So why wait? Get the Bumbo Floor Seat With Play Tray today!

Bumbo Floor Seat, Duck Egg


Your child will love playing on the Bumbo baby floor seat! This stylish and functional seat features deep seating, perfect for kids who like to sit and relax after a long day of playing. It also comes with a three-point safety harness and is easy to clean and maintain. So why wait? Get the Bumbo Floor Seat today!

Bumbo Multi Seat, Aqua


The Bumbo Multi Seat is perfect for accommodating babies and adults alike! This versatile baby seat features three functional seats that can be used separately or in combination with each other: a floor seat, a booster seat and a feeding chair. The base of the seat adjusts to accommodate children at different stages, and the adjustable straps easily attach to most standard four-legged chairs. Plus, the soft, removable foam insert provides additional comfort. Don't miss out on this must-have baby gear!

Bumbo 3-in-1 Multi Seat in Beige/Cool Grey


The Bumbo 3-in-1 Multi Seat is a versatile and easy to use seat that can accommodate babies of all ages. It features three different positions: forward facing, rear facing, and side facing. Made of foam and fabric, this seat is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Don't miss out on this must-have travel accessory!

Bumbo B10013 Baby Infant Soft Foam Comfortable Wide Floor Seat with 3 Point Adjustable Harness, Grape Purple


If you're looking for a cozy and comfortable place to sit your child while you work on your laptop or do some housekeeping, the Bumbo B10013 Baby Infant Soft Foam Comfortable Wide-Floor Seat is perfect! This deep seating chair features a plush cushioned surface and elevated leg openings that allow you to relax and unwind after a long day. It's also made from a luxurious, high quality foam that is easy to clean and comes with a durable 3-point harness to keep your child safe. So why wait? Get the Bumbo B10013 Baby Infant Soft Foam Comfortable Wide-Floor Seat today!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Bumbo Chair

Babysitting has never been easier thanks to modern technology. With the help of baby monitors and video cameras, parents can keep track of their children while they sleep. However, not everyone wants to sit down and watch over their child 24/7. That's where Bumbos come into play. These seats allow you to safely rock your baby back and forth without having to get up every few minutes. They also make great gifts for new moms who have just given birth.

What Is A Bumbo Chair?

Bumbos chairs are baby seats that attach to the ground or wall. They help support an infant while sitting up straight and prevent them from falling over. Bumbos are made for infants who cannot sit upright without assistance yet. The most common type of bumbo chair has a padded cushion that sits on top of a flat base. This allows the infant to rest comfortably while still supporting their weight. There are many different types of bumbos available, including ones that fold into a suitcase, ones that swivel, and ones that recline. Most bumbos come in bright colors and patterns to make them fun and attractive for children to play with.

Where Should I Buy My Baby A Bumbo Chair?

If you want to get a bumbo chair for your baby, there are several places where you can find them. These stores typically carry a wide variety of products ranging from clothing to kitchen appliances.

Who Needs A Bumbo Chair?

Babies love sitting in chairs. But sometimes, they aren't ready to sit in regular chairs. Babies can't sit upright until around 6 months old. Until then, they prefer to lie down while playing. As they grow, they start to crawl and stand. By 18 months, they can walk. At this point, they can use a bumbo chair. These chairs are designed specifically for infants. They feature padded seats and backs that allow babies to sit comfortably. Some models even offer adjustable heights.

While most parents know that babies need to learn how to sit before they can move, they may not realize that they need to practice sitting in a bumbo chair before they can do anything else. Bumbos are perfect for practicing sitting. They're soft enough for babies to sit on but firm enough to support their bodies. Plus, they're portable. Most models fold flat for easy storage. This makes them ideal for traveling.

As babies grow, they become stronger. When they begin walking, they need sturdy furniture. Bumbos are built to withstand heavy loads. They're made from durable materials such as wood and steel. They're also lightweight, which allows you to easily transport them from place to place.

Bumbos are great for helping babies develop motor skills. They encourage crawling and standing. They also promote balance and coordination. Because they're designed for babies, they're comfortable. Babies can play for hours in these chairs. Parents report that they fall asleep in them. This gives babies time to rest and relax.

Bumbos are also useful for toddlers. Once they start walking, they need sturdier seating. Bumbos are perfect for supporting their growing bodies. They're also stable. This lets toddlers explore safely. They can climb on top of them and push off the ground.

When choosing a bumbo chair, look for one that has been tested and approved by experts. Look for features like safety locks and brakes. Safety locks prevent accidental falls. Brakes stop the chair from moving unexpectedly. Also check for quality construction. Make sure the frame is strong and solid. Choose a model that meets current standards. Many manufacturers now meet federal guidelines for lead content. Lead exposure can cause brain damage in children. Check the label for details.

Once you decide to purchase a bumbo chair, think about where you plan to put it. Keep in mind that babies can be clumsy. Be prepared to clean spills immediately. Cleaning products can harm babies' skin. Consider purchasing a bumbo chair with non-skid pads. These pads protect floors from stains. They also reduce messes. Finally, make sure that the chair fits in your home. Don't forget to measure the space where you plan to store it. Remember that you'll need extra clearance for doors and stairs.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Bumbo Chair

Babysitting is one of those jobs where parents often wish they could do it themselves. After all, who doesn't want to be able to take care of their child? Unfortunately, babysitters aren't always available and many parents simply don't have the time to sit down and watch their children every minute of the day. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure that your baby stays safe and happy while you work. One way to keep your baby safe is by making sure that he or she is sitting up straight in a proper position. A properly positioned baby is less likely to fall off his or her seat and hurt himself or herself. Another way to keep your baby safe is by ensuring that he or she is seated on a highchair that provides adequate legroom. This prevents your baby from falling backwards onto the ground. Finally, another way to keep your baby safe is by ensuring that he or she is seated on a bumbo chair. Babies love to explore their surroundings and enjoy looking out windows. When they're seated on a bumbo chair, they'll be unable to reach anything behind them.

If you're a parent, you probably already know how difficult it can be to find a great bumbo chair. You may even have tried searching online for a cheap bumbo chair. While it's true that finding a cheap bumbo chair might save you some money, it won't necessarily provide your baby with the safety features that a higher priced chair would offer. For example, a cheap bumbo chair might not include a window. Instead, it might just feature a plastic frame. Plastic frames are fine for older kids, but they're not suitable for babies. On the other hand, a higher priced bumbo chair might come with a metal frame and glass windows. These two features will protect your baby from injury. They'll also enable him or her to see outside. And, since most babies like to look out the window, this is something that they'll appreciate.

Features To Consider When Buying A Bumbo Chair

Safety features. Before you buy a bumbo chair, check its safety features. Make sure it has a secure harness system that keeps your baby safe while sitting upright. And, if you plan to put your baby in the bumbo chair often, look for chairs that feature adjustable leg supports so they fit snugly against your child's legs.

Easy cleanup. After using the bumbo chair, clean it easily. Most models feature removable parts that allow you to wash them separately. Some even feature a dishwasher-safe design that makes cleaning easier.

Adjustable height. The right height is important when you're using a bumbo chair. Check the height of the chair to ensure it fits comfortably under your child's bottom. If necessary, adjust the height until it feels comfortable.

Comfortable seating area. When you're using a bumbo chair, you'll want to sit down in comfort. Look for seats that are padded and soft enough to support your weight. This will prevent soreness and discomfort.

Ease of storage. Many parents store their bumbo chairs in closets or cabinets. But, if you prefer to leave your bumbo chair out where everyone can see, look for models that fold flat for easy storage.

Versatility. When you're shopping for a bumbo chair, you'll want to make sure it's versatile. Look for a model that folds into a compact package for travel or storage. And, if you plan to use the bumbo chair frequently, look for models that can accommodate multiple children.

Quality. When you're buying a bumbo chair, you'll want to make sure it's made well. Look for a sturdy frame that holds up over time. And, if you notice squeaks or rattles, return the item immediately.

Cost. Buying a bumbo chair shouldn't break the bank. In fact, many manufacturers sell affordable options. However, if you do decide to spend more, look for a quality brand name that provides years of reliable service.

Different Types Of Bumbo Chair

Bumbo chairs are becoming increasingly popular among parents. They offer children a safe place to sit while learning how to walk. Bumbos are also known as baby seats. These are essentially a padded stool that sits on top of a flat surface. They are designed to keep babies upright and prevent falls. Bumbo Chairs are especially useful for toddlers who are learning to stand up on their own.

There are two main types of bumbos. One type is designed specifically for use by infants. These are called infant bumbos. Infant bumbos are smaller than adult bumbos and are usually made from foam. They are designed to fit under a changing table or crib. Bumbo Chairs are also suitable for older babies who are sitting up independently.

The second type of bumbo is designed for use by toddlers. These are called toddler bumbos. Toddler bumbos are larger than infant bumbos and are made from plastic. These are designed to support toddlers who are standing up on their own. They are also suitable for older toddlers who are walking.

While bumbos are designed to protect young children against falling, they should never be left unattended. Children can easily fall off of them without any warning. Always supervise your child whenever they are using a bumbo. Make sure they know what to do if they fall.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Bumbo Chair

What is a bumbo chair?

A bumbo chair is a special type of baby stool designed to support your child's legs when they sit in a highchair.

Where Did The Name Bumbo Chair Come From?

Bumbo chairs were invented by Dr. Robert Bumbaugh, a pediatrician at Children's Hospital Boston. He was inspired to create the product after he saw his own daughter sitting in her highchair and struggling to keep her feet flat against the ground.

Does Every Baby Need A Bumbo Chair?

No. Babies don't always need a bumbo chair. If your baby is too young to sit upright in a highchair, then she will probably be happy to play on the floor instead.

Should I Buy A Bumbo Chair For My Newborn?

If you're planning to use a bumbo chair for your newborn, make sure that it has adjustable leg supports. These allow you to raise and lower the height of the chair to suit your baby's needs.

When Should I Start Using A Bumbo Chair?

You should start using a bumbo chair once your baby reaches about 6 months old. At this age, most babies have developed enough control over their arms and legs to sit upright without falling out of the chair.

Will A Bumbo Chair Hurt My Baby?

Most bumbo chairs are safe for babies. They are padded and covered in soft fabrics, making them comfortable for little ones. Many models even include footmats to protect your floors from scratches.

My Baby Won'T Stay Seated In A Bumbo Chair!

Your baby may struggle to remain seated in a bumbo chair. She may try to stand up and walk around, but she'll soon tire herself out and fall asleep.

I'M Worried About My Baby Choking On Food!

Babies love to chew on everything. That includes toys, clothes, blankets, pillows, and more. To avoid accidentally swallowing anything dangerous, put all of these items away until your baby is older than 12 months.

How often should I clean my bumbo chair?

To ensure that your bumbo chair remains sanitary, wipe it down regularly with soap and water. Be careful not to get any liquid into the seams where the cushions meet the frame.

Can I Wash My Bumbo Chair In The Washing Machine?

Yes, you can wash your bumbo chair in cold water. Make sure that you dry it thoroughly afterwards.

Can I Use Bleach To Disinfect My Bumbo Chair?

Bleach is toxic to kids. Instead, use a solution of 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water to disinfect your bumbo chair.

Can I use rubbing alcohol to disinfect my bumbo chair?

Rubbing alcohol contains acetone, which can irritate skin and eyes. Rubbing alcohol isn't suitable for cleaning your bumbo chair.

Can I Use Dishwashing Detergent To Clean My Bumbo Chair?

Dishwashing detergents contain chemicals that could harm your baby. Instead, use a milder cleaner like Dawn or Simple Green.

Can I Use Baking Soda To Clean My Bumbo Chair?

Baking soda is abrasive. It can scratch surfaces, including wood furniture. Instead, use a damp cloth to gently scrub your bumbo chair.

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