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Brother Scanner

Brother scanners are compact devices that scan documents and photos. They connect directly to your computer via USB port and can store up to 100 images. This means that you can easily carry multiple scans in your pocket instead of having to lug bulky photo albums everywhere you go.

Brother scanners are easy to set up and operate. All you need to do is plug them into your computer and then load the software onto your device. Once loaded, you can start scanning. Scanning takes seconds and once complete, you can view your scanned image immediately.

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Brother PDS5000 Workhorse Pds-5000 High-Volume Color Desktop Scanner W/duplex, 600 X 600 Dpi


Looking for a high-quality and affordable document scanner? The Brother PDS5000 is the perfect solution! With its versatile scanning functions and easy operation, this machine is sure to become a staple in your office supplies arsenal. This unit features a USB connection for easy installation and connectivity, as well as a paper capacity of up to 100 sheets. Additionally, the scanner comes with a power cord for convenient wall mounting.

Brother ImageCenter ADS-2000 High Speed Document Scanner, Black (Renewed)

Amazon Renewed

The Brother Imagecenter ADS-2000 is the perfect choice for those who need a high-speed scanner that can scan business cards, documents, and more quickly than ever before! With its two-sided scanning ability and up to 50-page auto document feed capacity, this scanner is perfect for any fast-paced work environment. Plus, it comes with a USB cable so you can easily connect your computer.


I really like this printer. I have WFH because of the rus. I am able to do the same thing at home that I do at my workplace. I keep printing documents and scanning them to my email in order to check database work. It is a process to get it wirelessly connected, but there are plenty of YouTube videos to guide you through it. I received a message from my IT department that they told me to print it. I can print/copy in BW, color, fax, scan to email, and choose different formats PDF, JPG, searchable PDF, secure PDF, etc. With the scan function you can put a stack of paper on there and it automatically feeds all the paper you do not have to sit there and open or close the top for each page. It has one paper tray. You can load different sizes of paper one size at a time. The printer enacts a prompt each time to change the paper setting. I accept the possibility of printing both legal and letter sizes of jobs. Its price is not too high for a printer that has so many large jobs.

I'm starting out with a laser printer for color. Our last two printers were inkjet. We have decided that the expensive laser was the right choice due to our frustration over maintaining constant replacement of ink. It prints beautiful, crisp pages very quickly. We perform our regular scanning with the document feeder. I use it to print occasional pictures, and I always satisfied with the quality for the printer. The wireless setup was not an issue with my husband's window laptop or my iMac. The hardest part was figuring out how to set the print mode to mono, so that we only use the black while printing. A quick telephone call to tech support enabled us to easily setup the computer so we can now use only black ink for printing the majority of our documents. On the quality, the options for fine and normal are also available. If you want the best quality, I suggest you avoid using more ink on pictures. My only complaint is that the printer does not print doublesided printing. The task required a few efforts to determine how to insert the page with the printed side into the tray, so the printed side is on the correct position. We only do a limited amount of doublesided printing monthly, so I am not worried about this feature.

We used a Brother black and white laser printer, and a Canon color inkjet printer. We purchased a printer when the two Etiot printers went bankrupt. It prints very well and is quick. My old laser is loud, and I would know when my print out has finished by the noise. I sometimes forget I have printed something, because of the quiet of this printer. The quality is great and the toner seems to be holding up well. I believe I will spend less on the replacement toners for the other two printers, while they may be expensive.

I had bought my first injection of MFC from my brother. I liked it, it lasted me nine years and was still working. I upgraded to Laser MFC which I kept for ten years, and then upgraded to this one. I like Brother printers because they have provided good experiences over the last 25 years. I have also had to pass the old printer along to an individual who needed it. They were happy and kept using it for another five to six years. I really like the quality they have and they are trustworthy. I have had two HP name brand failures in one year.

We use it for our home office. Scans at light speed. The quality of the print is incredible. It is very easy to navigate the screen. It is excellent and very inexpensive. It was easy to install. It works seemlessly with smart phones. We have both Mac and PC computers. It does not have duplexing so back to back printing is done manually. It takes a while to understand how to align, but that is a small price to pay when everything else is good.

Brother Printer SP-A0001 Separation Pad for ADS Document Scanners - Retail Packaging


The Brother Printer SP-A0001 Separation Pad is a handy tool for anyone who needs to separate documents or images. This pad is perfect for use with the Brother MFC-J6545DW INKvestmentTank Color Inkjet All in One Printer with Wireless (Renewed)


We used to have an Inkjet Printer. I did not realize how much attention that printer required until we purchased this brother. It is big, but it sits quietly all day long. It was simple to setup, and we never had any trouble. Our printer always required ink, paper alignment, paper jam, no connection, and printouts with missing colors. This printer prints beautifully, is quiet, and prints for all of our Windows, Mac, and iPhone devices. Our family consists of three children and carries school material daily. It's a technique most people commonly use.

I very much like this printer. Why did I wait to go to a laser printer for so long? I had issues regularly printing from Chrome using Google Cloud Print and required frequent cartridge replacements. The Brother printer is beautiful. The cartridges last forever when used in a typical home environment, do not dry out like inkjet printers, the wireless printing is superb, and I haven't had a problem printing from either the Windows, Mac, or Chromebook operating systems. The copy and scan functions as well as the good paper capacity, are excellent, too. If you need to scan or copy multiple pieces on a regular basis, you should consider the next model that has a feeder. This model is individual scan or copy. For those of us with infrequent scanning and copies needs, this is a great choice.

I purchased the color printer HL-3290CDW, which is a printer, scanner, and copier. The first thing I noticed is that it was heavier then I had anticipated. However, it was difficult to get out of the box, but I was successful. You should be fine if you follow the Quick Setup Guide to the letter. I had a slight hiccup during the installation because I could not complete it using the CD provided. I completed the installation by searching online for the driver and then found the Brother site to download it. During the setup, the printer was not recognized by my wifi network so I resorted to using a USB cord between my computer and the printer to finish the installation. After that, I was able to setup the wireless print function on the computer and cell phone. This printer is faster and quieter than I was sure. If you want to avoid twosided printing, you have to manually uncheck the function. I am happy with the choice of a color laser printer because the print quality is excellent. I was planning to purchase a monochrome model initially but realized I would regret not having color copying available. I am searching for an off brand replacement cartridge. I believe my laser cartridges will last longer, since inkjet refills dried quickly. Two days of use showed me how happy I was with it. It will be more useful over time, and solving future problems will be the test. If there is anything else that would be helpful after more use, I will report back.

Firstly, the printing equipment is heavy. This is a wellbuilt piece of equipment. The unpacking instructions were straightforward and setup was easy. It took less time and effort to download the software than using a compact disc, which I had the pleasure of reviewing. One thing I did not know is that there was no need to print a test page to line up print heads. I then printed about 40 pages of documents. The black print is clear as day, and the color is accurate. This printer will replace an ecotank printer that had its print heads dry out in only a month. Amazingly, this printer is less than $50 more than that inkjet printer.

Brother ADS3000N High-Speed Network Document Scanner for Mid to Large Size Workgroups,Black


Looking for a way to scan your documents quickly and easily? The Brother ADS3000N is perfect for you! With its quick scanning speed and flexible media handling, it's perfect for both home and office use. Plus, it comes with a one-year limited warranty and free phone, email or live chat tech support, so you can be sure that your scanner will be in good hands.


This solution is suitable for small office scanning. We purchased the Brother because we have an expensive Xerox copier that we use to scan but it breaks down so much we needed a backup. After some weeks of using the Brother printer, nobody in the office uses the Xerox anymore except for oversize scans. The Brother scanner has become the primary one, which is highly recommended in the office and considered great. I have only seen the song, 'Jamm. Someone did not remove the staple from a document. Although the document feeder is intended to contain only 50 sheets, that seems a bit conservative. No glitches have been afflicted with people filling it up with more. I believe the setup was incredibly easy and intuitive, however, I do work with computers. It is as fast as the Xerox and much faster than most multifunction scanners. Many similar products are limited in terms of compatibility, and are terribly unintuitive in terms of setup and user interaction. I thought the Xerox was difficult to setup for network scanning. We have another Brother MFC device in the office. It was very difficult to integrate into our network because it had very limited network capabilities. The user must navigate through six screens before they can scan. There are three programmable buttons on the front of the scanner. I set up the first button for color documents, the second button for black and white documents, and the third button for reduced file size black and white scans. To scan a document, the user only needs to insert the paper and press one of the buttons. That is the answer. Simply hit submit, the document is scanned and uploaded to our server. Please know that you require a server or NAS in order to receive the benefits of this scanner. If you are not going to use the network, then you are probably better off buying a Fujitsu that has no networking. I use a Fujitsu ScanSnap at home and it is fantastic, however, it is only for one user. The only drawback some offices might have is if they need more than three presets. Many offices prefer to have a button for each employee to go to a private server folder. That was not a requirement for us. Because we have three presets I would like to share a single network with only a dozen people in the office.

This device helped me scan three years worth of receipts and other documents I'd been wanting to archive for a long time. The scanner requires Brother software. I wasn't able to find an opensource program that would scan multiple files, but it works. The app appears to have a lot of more features than I will ever need and it seems to be compatible with a corporate IT department's wired intranet. It is wonderful that it scans both sides. When scanning at high resolution, it causes the scanner to pause for around a second between each scan. This delay disappears when you select a lower resolution.

I upgraded from an Epson Pro GTS50 document scanner that I previously used. I would recommend considering an upgrade. The Brother scanner is very fast and detects blank pages very well. I don't have to download any software. It is configured via Ethernet Connection, and the output goes directly to a shared folder on my QNAP NAS box.

I don't understand why this is not given five stars. We have installed ten of these on our customers and they work flawlessly. You may preprogramme the physical machines with shortcuts from the Ethernet connection. If you only connect via USB, you can push a button to scan to the PC, but you cannot pre-configure short cuts.

Brother Mobile Color Page Scanner, DS-820W, Wi-Fi Transfer, Fast Scanning, Compact and Lightweight


If you're looking for an easy way to scan photos, documents, and more, the Brother Mobile Color Page Scanner is a great option! This compact and lightweight scanner produces high-quality scans that can be sent directly to your computer or mobile device. With a sleek design and a low weight of only 0.9 pounds, this scanner is perfect for use on the go.


Fast scanning on both sides.

What else is there to say? I own the 2400 at home, but the 2400N is twice as good. It is a good help for your office.

Eight 1/2x11Load approximately 200 pages. Let it run for a time, and when it gets to the last twenty pages, add more on top. You will see yourself face down. 'Please remove your extension, to keep the documents accurate.

The scanner is very good. It is extremely simple to setup and use. You can use either the software supplied, or Acrobat Pro. It does miss removing blank pages, but not all the time. It could be due to three ring punch holes in paper, which make it difficult to believe that something is on the page. It was 'Plug and Play' after the software was installed.

BRTDS920DW - Brother DS-920DW MBL Scanner


The Brother DC-920DW Color Inkjet All-in-One Printer with Wireless (Renewed) is now available! This powerful printer produces high-quality printing, scanning, and faxing. It features a color inkjet printhead that delivers brilliant colors and crisp prints. Additionally, the scanner and copier functions allow you to scan and copy documents and photos. And the wireless function allows you to connect any device with a wireless connection to this printer. So why wait? Get the Brother DC-920DW Color Inkjet All-in-One Printer with Wireless (Renewed) today!


It is just ink that I don't like. Brother is only acceptable if it has a microchip in the cartridges. The less expensive refills are not for you.

I read several reviews which said the setup was difficult. I thought I would share the ridiculously easy time I had. I use both a Mac and a PC, with a particular preference for Macs. I did not require a USB or Ethernet cable. I've used other wireless printers before. This is not difficult. It took about five minutes to remove all the packing and insert the drum and printer cartridge and paper. I believe I would have been faster, but I needed to track down the paper. After reading the Quick Start Instructions, I decided to go with the alternative wireless setup directions, rather than connecting each computer or mobile device, even though Brother recommends configuring wireless settings from computer. If I have the printer on the network, then each device can locate the printer, like in any normal wireless environment. The setup wizard helped me to locate my network using the easy Quick Start instructions. Our password is 24 characters long and took two minutes to complete. If you hold either key down, the speed will be faster than attempting to press 'keys' repeatedly. Use the Up key if you need to get to the alphabet first, and the Down key if you need a character. Any key will get you the whole alphabet and character list. I saved everything, and immediately went to my phone and printed off a note to test it. For those people who want to know how to print from our computers, I have used the search function on our Mac and PC, and I was able to find the correct driver, so that is easy. This is not difficult to locate in Win 10. We were printing the material in less than five minutes per device. You can do this seriously. Even if you have never set up a wireless printer. It is an outrageously expensive cost for a copier, printer, and all the other functions. It's small footprint. I'm rather pleased with this purchase.

This is my second Brother laser printer. I have learned that all printers are disposable no matter what brand. Excellent scanning, you both have a flatbed and an automatic feeder. You can easily save scans to PDFs, great that you don't have to save paper bills. Availability of inexpensive third party replacement toner5, Setting up is very easy, if you follow the stepbystep directions. All of the reviews complaining about the setup are from people who did not follow the instructions. It is difficult to setup without the directions. The message says Out of Toner long before you are out of toner, and you can find instructions to override it.

The printer arrived today, and I was able to setup it and install the software without a single glitch. I am using a local USB interface for Windows 8.1. The reason for the purchase is that my Canon Inkjet died, and I needed a business-capable laser printer. I have used at least two Brother laser printers prior to the Canon inkjet printers. Besides a glitch free installation, there is a considerable difference between this DCP-L2550DW MFC printer, and the previous Brother laser printers. The Windows print driver has improved to include more features, controls, and ease of use. Brother has a separate printer utility, iPrint & Scan, that provides a print and scan UI for document and image printing and scanning. It's a large improvement over the Canon print/scan utility, it's very easy to use, and it's a good value. There is a third software called Nuance PaperPort, that is an impressive document management tool. It also includes a fast PDF reader. I was given the option to bypass Nuance Paperport and install it later. The installation can be downloaded from the Brother support webpage, if you do not have a CD player installed on your computer. In addition to installing printer firmware updates, the installer utility installed them without any problems. I have printed both text and graphic documents, and the print quality is impressive. I like the speed of the printer, it's quiet and great. Although it is brand new, I cannot speak for the long term reliability of this printer, here are a few things I learned during my research. The older Brother 2540 model is the source of the majority of negative reviews for this printer. Four of the reviews we reviewed concern a 2550 model, and three of the reviews mentioned wireless problems. The problems with wireless printers are not unique to Brother printers, they are everywhere. The wireless challenge is to make a device in deep sleep mode respond to an interrupt signal. People who review it do not like to do this, and the majority are expressing frustration. For these reasons, I choose the technology that works best, a local USB. The duty cycle difference is maybe significant, maybe not. Remember, your MPG may vary, but I went with the higher duty cycle number. I did not think I would experience any problems installing a USB device, but Brother has a web site with support that is easier to use than Dell. Brother comes with free telephone support, should you need it. So far, the 2550 model, including the bundled software, is impressive.

Two years later now in June of 2021, the printer works really well for me. During the two year period, I was required to remove a cartridge once. I continue to be able to print jobs effortlessly and instantly from my laptop, tablet, and phone. Printer issues were never a problem while I was in graduate school. Thank you, Brother, for making a solid printer for me. It is a nice printer. I have tested four different printers. I attempted to use two different printers, EPSON and Canon. I had a problem purchasing ink cartridges for both machines. I did not find the HP laser printer to be a pleasant setup for the cost of approximately four hours. It would take very long for the print job to go from the computer to the printer, when I finally got it setup. In addition, there is yet another significant time remaining to print. I needed another two hours to print thirty pages of content before I gave up. Enter the Brother DCPL2550DW. From the time I cut open the box, to the time I finished my first print job, that was fifteen minutes. The setup process for wi-fi was straightforward. I accessed the program from the website. It is setup on my Windows 10 64bit system. I send the document to print and it starts instantly. It also features automatic double printing. I could print 50 pages plex in less than ten minutes. The toner supply was not changing. I am very happy camper. I highly recommend turning off Deep Sleep. The option to keep printing is on when toner is slow. The directions for both are given in another review of this product.

Brother DS700D Compact Duplex Scanner - Retail Packaging


Looking for an affordable and portable scanner that can scan both sides of a document at high speed? Check out the Brother DS700D Compact Duplex Scanner! This scanner is great for scanning both sides of a document in a single pass, making it perfect for use on the go. It's also compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around. Plus, it comes with a power cord so you can easily charge your battery when needed. With a maximum scanning speed of 10 pages per minute, this scanner is perfect for use in any office environment.


It was the most valuable investment that I have ever made. I have always wanted one. It is used daily. I use it to scan files into a QNAP NAS. No computer required. Upload the files to BrotherOCR, then give the documents away from there. Because of the above behavior, there are some security risks. If the document is of the OCR variety, it cannot be sent to a network location but must go to Dropbox, Either way, it must be emailed to you. When sorted, to get to the right places. I am repeating it. No, not a photo scanner. This jam mechanism is very touching. Some things simply cannot be scanned without snagging once or twice.

After research I purchased the ADS 2800W. I needed a fast scanner that can be moved around and plugged into my network as a standalone device to digitize documents in file cabinets at different locations. It was required to be reasonably speedy and feed reliably multiple paper sources and formats, including receipts and business cards. I need the scanner to upload to a folder on a Qnap NAS and have OCR automatically performed on a static Windows 10 workstation. The printer had to have TWAIN, WIA, and ISIS drivers to run three different apps. The final hardware and software pairing was with Nuance Power PDF Advanced 3, which had the automatic OCR feature and was a reasonable price. Since most OCR conversion to Searchable PDF is done in the background by Power PDF, the speed of the conversion was a nonissue, especially on an I9-9900K CPU. My goal is to perform bulk scanning to different customized profiles so that I can set different file prefixes for different categories of documents such as receipts, statements, invoices, manuals, etc. It took a while to find the default password that is loginpass, and the customizations were done via the web browser. I installed the scanner and would recommend that you quit. On a wired network, the speed of the connection between the scanner and the roller feedr is about one second, while the speed of transmission at the end of the scan to NAS seems unnoticeable. It is okay for general use, but not for my specific application. The printer is not as good as it could be. The printer used the K version, however updating to the N version was simple. The specification of the ADS 2800W scanner is consistent with the reviews on YouTube. Overall, the choice is truly the best choice because I could not express my satisfaction and relieve it. A very well made unit with great performance, to my surprise, I was very hesitant to purchase this unit due to the lengthy research because the price and features were too good to be true. Now I am a convert to Brother products. It worked great for my specific needs, but was over my budget. The best feature loaded, commercial grade performance scanner for the price. The scanner design team at Brother did a fantastic job.

I'm not writing reviews more than once or twice each year. This time, I really feel like I have to. I am familiar with Linux for a good amount of time. I own a Mac, but it is a laptop, and only for the road. There is no way that I am going to plug a USB cable into a scanner at home. All of the computers that reside in the home run Linux. Drivers have been a nightmare the whole time I have been in a vehicle. I do not purchase devices that I cannot perform. We don't have a Windows box here. As you can imagine, a great deal of research goes into making sure that the few devices I do own work with a Linux box, standard formats, or stand on their own. If you are one of us, you can understand. They have made an HTML manual only. The 2800W and its family are the same but they are sold under the umbrella of small business. They look more serious. I purchased the 2800W because of my lack of confidence.

My wife and I purchased this to replace a lowcost all in one purchase. It has a scanner on top that accepts a single onesided page at a time. It works best for scanning photos, not documents. We began looking for a replacement. The problem is that we scan many documents. We homeschool our children and I am a huge IT geek. Scanning has always been a real pain and a chore for us. One side of one sheet of paper at a time. In addition, we had to drag out a USB key so we could scan each document to it and then move that to one of our PCs so we could pull the document off of the USB Key and move it onto the server. I needed a tremendous amount of manual intervention, but this scanner provided everything that I required. It is WiFi Capable, and it offers manual configuration instead of WPS. This is an absolute gem, as I do not use a storebought router, and my Ubiquiti Access Point absolutely does not offer WPS WiFi configuration. It is able to scan to a Network Share. This feature has saved me so much time from moving files from USB disks onto Network drives. I can turn the scanner on and walk away, which is fantastic, but this one is so fast that, you will see. I have an minimal setup for myself and I believe that my setup is far more advanced than your average user's setup. I set up multiple profiles for scanning different document types using a single button. It will save the documents on the correct network drive based on the profile. The default settings for how it scans and saves each page are configured, and I can modify them prior to initiating a scan job easily and intuitively. In addition to all our homeschool supplies, we have a variety of textbooks, answer books, and test books. I took our History Test book as a trial case, it contained 60 pages and each page represented a single test. We hand out small tests to children. I had our scanner scan the double side page as an individual PDF document. I sat the entire 60 pages into the scanner and hit a couple of buttons. Around sixty seconds later, I did not actually time it because I did not think to. I do not have problems, I now have 115 PDFs ready to use in my network sharing. The cost may be prohibitive, but we will certainly get what we pay for from this. This handsome man does the necessary things for you in order to access the files, pictures and documents in real time, not to worry about setup, fiddling with USB keys, and to keep the device operating without interruption. Also, I really am impressed by this little guy.

It is compatible with Linux via USB and over the network. It is difficult to stop and begin because it features so much. It exceeded my expectations. It is clearly designed to work in a small office with multiple users. It works well over a network. It even allows multiple levels of encryption. It can transfer over SSH or via SFTP by setting up the usual SSH authorized keys and it can encrypt the PDF files. It allows you to setup HTTPS for a secure network based administration interface. It can be configured to work with your users via your LDAP or Active Directory system. It also keeps the number of documents that it scans. The networking configuration interface is a bit clunky at times and setting up the scan profiles is time consuming. I am unable to copy one scan profile into another and then change the other settings. It allows you to set up shortcuts on the LCD panel, so it takes only two taps to start scanning. Despite all that, I have had a few instances in which the autodesk feature failed. It appears the scanning element got dirty somehow. I suspect it is Dust and the results were scans with vertical bands. I would enjoy it if there was a way to detect that, such as IR sensor used in negative scanners, and pause the scans, or auto clean itself. I am hoping to use the OCR feature on Windows, as the Linux proprietary drivers are limited to the old SANE standard from what I have heard. The automatic document feeder and the speed of the scanner are excellent. Jams are easy to clear, become easy to anticipate, and after a jam it allows you to continue scanning rather than forcing you to start all over again. It would prefer it accepted pages that were a few inches wider than 8.5 inches.

Brother Printer MFC7240 Monochrome Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax,Grey, 12.2" x 14.7" x 14.6"


Looking for a high-speed printer that can handle your printing needs? The Brother MFC7240 is perfect solution! This printer produces prints at up to 21 ppm, has a 250-sheet capacity paper tray, and features an adjustable, 20-sheet capacity paper tray. Plus, the printer comes with a built-in document feeder so you can easily get started on your printing project.

Brother Wireless Mobile Color Page Scanner, DS-920W, Wi-Fi Transfer, Fast Scanning Speeds, Compact and Lightweight


If you're in need of a high-quality, portable document scanner to scan both paper and plastic documents? Look no further than the Brother DC-620 Wifu Pro. With its fast scanning speeds and high-precision scanning, this scanner is perfect for business use or home use. This scanner comes with a variety of connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, so you can choose the option that's best for you. Plus, it features a lightweight and compact design that makes it easy to carry from place to place. Order your copy today!


This software consists of the same bundle that allows you to scan to the cloud and perform OCR on it. Learning the software after dealing with the software on the 500 was simply one step up. Moving from Windows 7 to Windows 10 surely requires you to learn something new. The task is much easier now, because there are so many instructive videos out there. I saw twenty or thirty, and I recall referring to them when I hit a bump. Getting more options means that there are more forks in the road which I consider more compact and lighter than the IX500 which had plastic in the same areas. In my opinion those parts are significantly easier to use, less likely to break, and far more functional. The machine is the same as the previous model, I worked as an R&D tech in development, then I became a designer and spent 17 years doing that and 6 in the field installing and repairing. I still tear apart every new machine or tool I get for my workshop, and reassemble it in the same manner. I believe that the attorney this is a very nice workhorse.

I have installed numerous scanners and this is one of them. I will not use Epson anymore. They are an unreputable company. Xerox is easily the most fragile brand there is. The company does not mention that it is a 15 day license, which makes the installation process frustrating after you have to wait fifteen minutes to install Windows 3. Paper handling is excellent and scanning speed is blindingly fast. I do not require any feature, such as the ability to scan directly to an email, as these tasks are more important to me once my file is saved on my PC. Connecting the device to the Wi-Fi network is as simple as it is easy. I enjoy it very much. Nuance uses unintelligent software, which is why I pity them. It is an excellent paper handling machine, with very fast speeds and an exceptional appearance.

I was reluctant at first to buy this as an upgrade to the previous IX500. I am an intelligent man and an engineer by profession. I was not familiar with the new user interface for 30 minutes, however after some work I am pleased with the results. Yes, if you just scan one type of document for the rest of the day, you require two button presses instead of one in the 500. I do not scan only one type. I have a number of needs from photographs, to photo duplexes for the handwriting on the back, to magazine pages in color and lately tons of family history data that I am scanning. My father's job reviews from the 1940's were available in color JPG, his resume works nicely in color Pdf. Old photos I do duplex jpg for the back, newspapers, banquet programs, and many other items are available for scan at the scanner. I have grouped documents by type, and lost the timeline of the pieces, to a great extent. I have the option to stay at the scanner and choose a scan type on the touch screen with an ix1500. What is important is to take a few minutes and define the profiles in advance according to what you may be using. I categorized 12 of them into various color combinations. These included b&w only, gray scale, duplex, simplex, pdf, OCR pdf, jpeg, and resolution. I can work mostly from the scanner, with whatever comes next. Yes, it's a change in user interface. I think it is a good change. For those opposed to change, I believe Fujistsu has released the old scanning software to work with the product for those that prefer the old methods.

I have been using a scanner and scanner 1300 for many years. The software for Mac was getting out of date. It took many searches for workarounds to keep it running. I finally acted and purchased the IX1500. That is a major improvement. The paper feed is smooth, but buttery. It is up to date with the software. The ability to create custom scan profiles is very impressive. For example, I created a custom photo profile that scans duplex instead of simplex, discards blank pages, uses excellent quality rather than best, and minimizes compression. The first two options capture writing that might be on the back of a photograph but discard the back image if it is blank. The highest quality is superior to the best. It scans at 600 dpi instead of 300 dpi. The minimal compression option ensures the best JPEG quality while remaining smaller than TIFF. The setup procedure was simple and, for faster file transfers, I simply attached it to my Macbook Pro. There are a few minor issues I have discovered thus far. Flatbed scanners utilize 16 bits per color depth or more when utilizing TIFF files. It is restricted to the JPEG format. I wanted to limit the size of TIFF files, but this did not constitute a problem. The wireless scanning fails if the scanner is doing 600dpi exuberance mode, and have more than five pages in the hopper and instead of pausing the scanning, it just fails. I have never had an issue with wireless scanning, even at 300dpi. Other reviews have noted the appearance of streaking on the scans, particularly thin blue lines. That means that a speck of dirt is stuck to the glass scanner plates. Open the scanner and gently clean the class plates on both sides with a soft cloth and a 50% mixture of distilled water and isopropyl alcohol. It works fine with an eyeglass cleaner. However, I would not use a window cleaner like Windex, which has much more chemicals. Fujitsu sells a ScanSnap cleaner called F1 and it is pretty expensive - 25 dollars an ounce. If you were cleaning the different rollers, you would use the same fluid. I have found it necessary to clean the unit frequently, especially when scanning dusty old photos. In the online documentation, it is recommended that you clean the glass daily and the rollers every 1000 pages. This information should be added to the Quick setup guide.

I use the previous model at my office and it works well for scanning documents. When I began working from home a few months ago, I went looking for that model of scanner. The model had changed. I decided to take a chance on the new model because I love the one at my office so much. This has not disappointed you. The software is very easy to understand, and I did not have an issue setting it up myself. The scan to my files is quick and smooth. When I have a twosided document, it scans both sides in one pass, and it is easy to see the quality of the scan on my computer screen. I have purchased a copy and use it frequently at work. When I return to work, I will enjoy using this scanner to digitize my personal paperwork. It will make it easy and quick to keep less paper. In the event I encounter an issue with the product, I bought the warranty that Amazon sells. I am happy that I purchased this product.

Brother ImageCenter ADS-2000 High Speed Document Scanner, Black


The Brother Imagecenter ADS-2000 High Speed Document Scanner is ideal for businesses and individuals who need a fast and easy way to scan documents. With its two-sided scanning capability and high resolution of up to 600 dpi, this scanner can handle any type of document. Plus, with a 50-page ADF capacity, you can easily scan multiple documents at once. So why wait? Get the Brother Imagecenter ADS-2000 High Speed Document Scanner today!


My wife is using this to digitize all of the families' photographs. What would normally take her eight hours to do, she can now do in one. The only problem is that every time she tries to use her computer, she does not recognize it. I have to play with the computer and the scanner in order to allow them to work together. That is probably only a problem on our side.

It was a huge improvement over my HP four in one printer. A high speed scanner would be best. The Canon output is more accurate than the HP output.

I have been using the scanner for four months. It replaces a flatbed and I am much more productive. It is fast and the software, which is Apple Mac OS, is easy to use. Because this scanner is the sole user, I am getting rid of receipts and contracts in no time. This device can scan up to 40 pages into the feeder, then scan them two sides in less than 30 seconds. This weekend I completed six Bankers boxes of documents. It is a life change for me. I will have a paperless office in less than a week. It is very compact and folds away, which I consider important. I would recommend it for a small office or as a single user. The quality of scanning for OCR is good. I use it on a wired and USB. One thing to note is that it does not work if your receipt is crumpled, which I would expect.

The Canon scanner is a musthave office item, especially as we approach tax season. We are real estate professionals and have a lot of paperwork, so being able to scan them into a central database where each team member can access it has been awesome. The color scans have excellent resolution while the black and white scans are pristine. The setup is simple and ready to go right out of the box. It is a great price and will provide you with time savings.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Brother Scanner

Brother scanners have been around since the early 2000s, but they haven't always had the same level of popularity as other brands. However, Brother has recently made big strides into the scanner market, and now offers a wide range of products that are both affordable and reliable. This article will help you decide whether Brother scanners are the right choice for you.

What Is A Brother Scanner?

Brother scanners are small devices that scan documents into digital files. They are very popular because they are easy to operate and inexpensive. Brother scanners are available for many different types of scanning needs including copying, faxing, scanning photos, and more. You can find a wide variety of Brother scanners at an affordable price online.

Where Can I Buy A Brother Scanner?

If you want to save money, check out eBay where you can get a good deal on a new or refurbished Brother scanner. Also, if you are looking for a specific model, try searching Google for "Brother scanner" followed by the name of the model you are interested in. This will bring up all the results for that particular model.

Can I Use My Old Printer To Print Pictures?

Yes! Most printers today come equipped with a built-in flatbed scanner. These scanners allow you to scan directly onto paper without having to go through a computer first.

Who Needs A Brother Scanner?

Brother scanners are one of the most common types of scanners found in homes today. But do you really know how these devices work? Are they worth buying? What features do they offer? How do you use them? These questions and more are answered below.

The main reason why Brother scanners stand apart from other brands is that they are designed to scan documents quickly and easily. This speed allows users to complete jobs faster than traditional flatbed scanners.

Another feature that sets Brother scanners apart is the ability to create PDF files. Many other scanners only allow users to save images as JPEGs. However, this limits the size of the file. With Brother scanners, users can save PDFs directly to their computer. This eliminates the need to print out copies of scanned documents.

Most Brother scanners connect to computers via USB cables. Users simply plug the cable into their computer and then turn on the device. Once connected, users select the type of document they wish to scan. Then, they place the document on the glass platen. Finally, they press the start button. Brother scanners usually take anywhere from five seconds to ten minutes to finish scanning.

Once finished, users can immediately view the results. Some scanners display the image on the screen while others require users to open a separate program such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. After viewing the results, users can either print the document or save it to their hard drive.

There are several reasons why someone might purchase a Brother scanner. First, they could be replacing another model that has broken down or malfunctioned. Second, they may be switching to a new computer system. Third, they may be moving to a smaller space and need to reduce clutter. Fourth, they may be downsizing and need to free up space on their desktops.

When choosing which Brother scanner to buy, users must decide whether they want a flatbed or sheet feeder. Flatbed scanners typically cost less but are slower than sheet feeders. Sheet feeders are more expensive but are capable of scanning larger documents. When deciding which scanner to buy, users should think about the number of documents they plan to scan each week. Also, consider how large the documents are. Lastly, look for a scanner that offers wireless connectivity. Wireless scanners eliminate the need for long cords.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Brother Scanner

Brother scanners have become one of the most popular types of printers available. They offer many features including color printing, scanning, faxing, copying, and networking capabilities. Brother scanners are easy to use and affordable. This makes them perfect for small businesses and individuals who want to save money.

However, buying a cheap brother scanner may cost you in the end. These features are essential if you plan on running multiple jobs simultaneously. Without these features, you'll find yourself wasting paper and ink.

If you're looking for a reliable and affordable brother scanner, here are three things to keep in mind:

Look for a model that offers ADF. An ADF allows you to scan documents automatically. You simply place the documents on the tray and press start. The machine scans the documents, prints them, and then ejects the finished product.

Look for a model that supports duplexing. Duplexing allows you to print two sides of a page at once. This saves you time and money because you won't have to re-scan pages that already have images on both sides.

Look for a model that offers network connectivity. Network connectivity allows you to connect your printer to other computers via a wired or wireless connection. This feature lets you share files between devices connected to your computer.

Features To Consider When Buying A Brother Scanner

Scanner type. Brother scanners are available in both flatbed and sheetfed models. Flatbeds scan documents while sheets feed them through automatically. Sheets are great if you print large amounts of paper, such as receipts and invoices. They're less convenient than flatbeds, however, since they require manual feeding.

Speed. The faster a scanner scans, the more quickly you can complete tasks, like scanning multiple pages of paperwork.

Size. Most scanners measure about 12 inches wide by 18 inches tall. Some larger models are even able to handle 24 x 36 inch documents.

Memory capacity. Memory capacities range from 2MB to 64MB. This determines how many images you can store on the memory card.

Software. Many scanners come bundled with software that allows you to edit scanned images. These programs allow you to crop, rotate, resize, add text, and perform other image editing functions.

Connectivity. Connectivity refers to the number of ways you can connect to a computer using your scanner. There are two types of connectivity: USB and parallel port.

USB. USB connections are typically used for connecting printers and external hard drives. Parallel ports are usually found on older computers and work well for connecting fax machines and modems.

Cost. However, there are deals to be had. Check online retailers for discounts and sales.

Different Types Of Brother Scanner

Brother scanners are a staple item in any business. These are essential tools for scanning documents and images. Brother scanners are designed to scan paper documents and photos. These are also capable of scanning negatives and slides. They are also compatible with inkjet printers.

There are three main models of Brother scanners. All three are fairly similar in terms of functionality. Each model offers slightly different features and prices. We will go through each of the models below.

The MFC-J430W is the entry level model. It includes basic functions including document feeder, automatic duplexing, two-sided printing, and fax capabilities. It does not include a flatbed scanner.

The MFC-J630W is the mid range model. It adds a flatbed scanner to the previous model. It also includes a color copier function. It does not include a fax machine.

The MFC-J730W is the top of the line model. It includes all of the features of the J630W plus a large capacity tray. It also includes a flatbed scanner and a fax machine.

Document Feeder - Allows users to load up to 100 sheets of paper at a time. Users can choose between manual feeding or auto feeding.

Automatic Duplex Printing - Allows users to print double sided documents without having to manually flip pages.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Brother Scanner

What is a Brother Scanner?

A Brother Scanner is a device that allows you to scan documents into your computer. They are available at most retail stores and online retailers.

What Types Of Brother Scanners Are There?

Brother has three main models of scanners: the D-Link DS-2100, the D-Link DCS-9200C, and the D-Link DCS-9100N.

Which Model Should I Buy?

If you want a high quality scanner, then you will probably want to get the D-Link DCS-9200C. If you want something cheaper, then you could go with the D-Link DCS-9100N.

Make sure that you downloaded the right file. Also make sure that you saved the file to your desktop.

Before trying anything else, try restarting your computer. Then check to see if the power cord is plugged in correctly. Try plugging the scanner back into another port on your computer. Finally, try unplugging the scanner and plugging it back in again.

How do I turn off my Brother Scanner?

To turn off your scanner press the button located near the top left corner of the scanner. Press the button until the light turns red. Once the light turns green, release the button. To turn the scanner back on, simply press the button once more.

How Do I Clean My Brother Scanner?

Use a soft cloth to wipe away dust and fingerprints. Use a dry paper towel to gently rub the surface of the scanner.

How do I change the settings on my Brother Scanner?

Press the button located next to the power switch. Select the setting you wish to change from the list provided.

How Do I Set Up My Brother Scanner?

Plug the scanner into your computer. Open the folder where you installed the drivers for your scanner. Double click on the icon named dlinkscanner. Follow the instructions on screen.

How Do I Update My Brother Scanner?

Follow the steps above to open the folder containing the drivers for your scanner. Click on the icon named dlinkupdate.

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