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Boho Wedding Rings

Boho weddings are becoming increasingly popular. This trend started back in the 1960s, but it wasn't until recently that brides began embracing the bohemian vibe. Nowadays, couples are choosing unique jewelry such as colorful stones, crystals and other unusual items to adorn their fingers. For instance, instead of purchasing diamond engagement rings, couples are opting for something more personal like a custom-made boho wedding band.

Boho wedding bands are a great option for those who want to express themselves through their accessories. Unlike conventional rings, these pieces are not limited to diamonds and precious metals. Instead, they incorporate a wide range of materials including wood, metal, glass and stone. If you’re interested in learning more about boho wedding rings, check out our buyers guide.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Boho Wedding Rings

Q: What kind of jewelry should I get my fiance/fiancee?

A: There's no right answer here! Boho wedding rings are all about personal style. If your fiancé likes simple, understated designs, then he'll probably like something similar to what you're thinking. On the other hand, if he prefers flashy, sparkly pieces, then he'll want something more blingy.

Q: Do I Have To Buy Her A Matching Set?

No, you don't have to match sets when buying engagement rings. Many couples choose to go with mismatched rings, but this isn't required either. As long as they complement each other well, it doesn't matter how they look together.

Q: How Much Money Should I Spend On Our Engagement Rings?

This question comes up frequently, and it's hard to give a specific number. Engagement rings aren't cheap, but neither are they expensive. They're really just a symbol of love and commitment, so you shouldn't feel pressured into spending too much.

Q: Can We Use Our Own Settings Instead Of Setting Stones?

Sure, you can use whatever settings you prefer. And even if you decide to go with custom settings, you won't necessarily need to pay thousands of dollars for them. A good jeweler can create beautiful settings at a fraction of the price of most high-end settings.

Q: Is It Okay To Wear My Engagement Ring After The Wedding?

You absolutely can wear your engagement ring after the wedding. After all, it's part of your everyday life now.

Q: Should I Keep My Engagement Ring Hidden Until The Wedding?

If you plan to wear your engagement ring during the day, you don't need to hide it. But if you plan to wear it at night, you should take it off before going to bed. Otherwise, you risk scratching or chipping your stone.

Q: Will My Engagement Ring Change Size After The Wedding?

Engagement rings tend to stay pretty stable in size. That said, you can expect your ring to grow slightly larger after the wedding. This is normal, and it happens regardless of whether you bought the ring pre-engaged or post-engaged.

Q: Does She Have To Put Her Engagement Ring On First?

Nope. Your partner doesn't have to put her ring on first. She can put it on whenever she wants.

Q: Where Can I Wear My Engagement Ring?

Wear your ring however you want. You can wear it anywhere - on your finger, around your neck, or even on a chain. You can even wear it inside a pendant necklace.

Q: Are Engagement Rings Supposed To Make Me Happy?

Absolutely! When you're engaged, you're committing to being with your future spouse forever. So, yes, engagement rings are meant to make you smile. Even if you've been dating your boyfriend/girlfriend for years, you're still excited to start planning your wedding.

Q: Why Would Anyone Want To Wear Their Engagement Ring On A Chain?

Some people enjoy wearing their engagement ring on a chain. Not everyone feels comfortable putting their ring on their finger, so they opt for a necklace instead. Or maybe they simply prefer wearing their ring on a chain.

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