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Blankets are essential items for anyone living in colder climates. During the winter months, they serve multiple purposes. First, they protect us from the cold while providing warmth. Second, they act as a decorative item. Third, they can double as bedding. Finally, they can be used to create cozy seating areas. If you live somewhere where winters are frigid, then you definitely need a good quality blanket. But, not all blankets are created equal. Some are flimsy and won't last through the seasons. Others are heavy and bulky. Our buyers guide explains how to select the best blanket for you.

Eddie Bauer Home | Printed Plush Collection | Blanket-Reversible Fleece & Faux Shearling Bedding, Ultra Soft & Cozy, Queen, Cabin Plaid Charcoal

Eddie Bauer

Looking for a warm and cozy bedding option? The Eddie Bauer Home Printed Plush Collection has you covered with its ultra-cozy fabric construction and soft sheen. This reversible blanket is perfect for any occasion and available in multiple colors and patterns to suit your individual style.

Beamlike Flannel Fleece Blanket Super Soft Throw Blanket, Dark Grey Cozy Breathable Blanket Lightweight Microfiber Blanket, 50"x60", Throw Size


Looking for a cozy and comfortable throw blanket? Look no further than Beamlike's soft and breathable Beamlike Flannel Fleece Blanket! This blanket is made from 100% microfiber polyester and features a double-sided flannel design. The soft and warm surface is perfect for taking a nap or enjoying some quiet time, and the durable construction makes it a great option for travel. With a variety of sizes and colors available, we're sure to have what you need. So why wait? Get your Beamlike Flannel Fleece Blanket today!

NTBAY Flannel Full/Queen Blanket, Super Soft with Black and White Striped Printed Bed Blanket, 90 x 90 Inches


Keep your space clean and organized with this stylish and functional linen full/queen blanket! Made from 100% cotton, this blanket is soft and comfortable, but still provides enough warmth to help you sleep soundly through the night. With its crisp, classic design and quality construction, this blanket is sure to make a statement in any room. Order yours today and experience the ultimate in comfort and relaxation!

Eddie Bauer Home | Herringbone Collection | Blanket - 100% Cotton, Lightweight & Breathable, Machine Washable Easy Care, Twin, Navy

Eddie Bauer

Looking for a cozy and warm bed to sleep soundly through the night? Look no further than the Eddie Bauer Home herringbone collection blanket! This blanket is made with 100% cotton and features a herringbone stitch pattern that provides a comfortable and warm sleeping atmosphere. The soft and delicate fabric is perfect for winter nights, and the machine-washable design makes it easy to care for. So why wait? Get your Eddie Bauer home herringbone blanket today!

BEAUTEX Fleece Throw Blanket for Couch Sofa or Bed Throw Size, Soft Fuzzy Plush Blanket, Luxury Flannel Lap Blanket, Super Cozy and Comfy for All Seasons (Graphite, 50" x 60")


Looking for a soft and cozy throw blanket? The BEAUTEX Fleece Throw Blanket is exactly what you need! Made of high quality 100% premium microfiber polyester, this blanket is soft and warm, making it perfect for winter or summer. With a variety of colors to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect match for your bedroom, living room, or office. Machine wash with cold water on gentle and delicate, tumble dry on low heat, and avoid direct heat and bleach. Get the ultimate in comfort and luxury with the BEAUTEX Fleece Throw Blanket!

Eddie Bauer Ultra-Plush Collection Throw Blanket-Reversible Sherpa Fleece Cover, Soft & Cozy, Perfect for Bed or Couch, San Juan Red Clay

Eddie Bauer

The Eddie Bauer Ultra-Plush Collection Throw Blanket is a cozy and inviting blanket that will help you get a good night sleep. This blanket is made with ultra-soft plush fabric and features reversible shearling trim and a signature Eddie Bauer logo. It comes in a variety of colors to match any decor. The lightweight and easy-to-pack design makes it perfect for traveling.

NANPIPER King Size Blanket Warm Sherpa Blanket , Soft Fleece Throw Blanket for Bed, Reversible Thick Fuzzy Blanket for Winter (Grey,90x108 inches)


The NANPIPER King Size Blanket is ideal for winter nights spent cozying up for warmth. Made from 100% microfiber polyester, this blanket is machine-washable for easy care. It also features a reversible design for cleaning convenience. Don't miss out on this must-have cozy blanket!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Blanket

Blankets are great because they provide warmth without taking up much space. They also make excellent gifts, especially as they come in such a wide variety of styles and colours. Blanket shopping can seem daunting though - what type of material should you get? Which size should you get? And what colour should you get?

What Is A Blanket?

Blankets are soft, warm items made of fabric. Blankets come in many different sizes and styles. They may be made of wool, cotton, silk, fleece, or any number of materials. Blankets can be used for warmth, comfort, decoration, protection, and more. Blankets are an essential part of every household!

Who Needs A Blanket?

It seems like every time we turn around, someone is asking us where they can get a new blanket. Whether it's for themselves or for a loved one, blankets are a wonderful thing. But, sometimes, they can take over our lives. We end up spending hours each week cleaning and washing blankets. Then, we spend money buying new ones. All this adds up to a big bill.

But, there's another way to look at things. Instead of buying a new blanket, think about getting a quality blanket cover. Blanket covers are designed to protect your existing blankets while still allowing you to use them. They're made of durable materials and can last for years. Best of all, they cost far less than replacing your entire blanket collection.

Blanket covers are perfect for anyone who has trouble sleeping. They're also useful for keeping warm during cold weather. And, they can be used year round. When you're ready to replace your current blankets, you can simply remove the old covers and put on the new ones. No muss, no fuss.

There are several types of blanket covers. Some are machine washable. Others are dry clean only. Still others are waterproof. Whatever kind you prefer, you'll find a blanket cover that works best for you. And, most of them are affordable.

When you shop online, you'll see that there are two main categories of blanket covers. One type is called "blanket wraps." These are similar to pillow cases. They fit over your existing blankets. They usually feature decorative designs. They're soft and comfortable. And, they're inexpensive.

The other category is "blanket bags." These are large enough to hold multiple blankets. They're typically made of heavy duty material. They're sturdy and long lasting. And, they allow you to store extra blankets inside.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Blanket

A blanket is one of those things that we use every single day. Whether you have a baby or toddler, a blanket is something that makes us happy. Blankets keep us warm, they provide comfort, and they protect us from the cold. They are essential items that we cannot live without.

However, many people do not realize how expensive blankets can be. You might even find yourself buying multiple blankets just because you love them so much. This is where you should start looking for deals. There are ways to save money by finding great deals on blankets.

Look for sales. Sales are a wonderful way to score big savings on blankets. Stores often offer discounts on blankets during their annual sale season. These sales usually happen once a year, but sometimes stores will hold special events such as "buy 1, get 2 free" promotions. Check your local paper or online newspaper to see if any of these events are happening near you. When you go through the clearance racks, you'll likely find some amazing deals. Just make sure you read the fine print. Sometimes, stores will mark down items that are already discounted. Make sure you understand the terms of the deal before making a purchase.

Shop around. Another way to save money on blankets is to shop around. Different retailers carry different types of blankets. For example, department stores tend to carry thicker, heavier blankets. On the other hand, specialty shops tend to carry lighter, thinner blankets. Try visiting several different stores to see which ones carry the type of blanket you want. Then, visit each store and ask the employees to show you the best deals available.

Buy used. One of the easiest ways to buy a quality blanket at a discount is to buy used. Used blankets are typically sold at lower prices. Plus, you won't have to worry about getting ripped off. If you buy a used blanket, you can rest assured that you are paying less than retail value.

Features To Consider When Buying A Blanket

Comfort. When you're sick, nothing feels better than curling up under a warm blanket. But finding the right blanket can be tricky. Here are some features to think about when shopping for a new blanket.

Size. The first step is figuring out how big you want your blanket to be. Do you prefer a full-size or twin? How many pillows do you sleep with? What kind of bedding do you already own?

Weight. Some blankets weigh more than others. Consider this when deciding between two similar blankets. Does one seem heavier than the other? Is there anything else you notice?

Fabric. There are lots of fabrics to choose from. Cotton, wool, silk, polyester, microfiber, flannel — the list goes on! Which fabric makes you happiest?

Flexibility. Are you looking for something soft and cozy or firm and supportive? Do you want a blanket that will fit over your entire body or just your head?

Color. Bright colors may work well if you tend to wake up in the morning feeling tired and grumpy. Darker shades might be better if you tend to fall asleep easily and wake up refreshed.

Patterns. Patterns add interest and texture to a blanket. They can also hide stains and wrinkles.

Washing instructions. Many manufacturers recommend washing their blankets separately from regular laundry. This prevents fading and shrinkage.

Care. Most blankets are machine washable. However, some are delicate enough to handwash only. Check the care label to determine how often you should wash your blanket.

Storage. Keep blankets away from heat and direct sunlight. Store them in a cool, dry place.

Different Types Of Blanket

Blankets are a staple item in any household. They serve multiple purposes including keeping us warm, providing comfort, and protecting our belongings. Blankets come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Here we will look at some of the main categories of blankets.

Throw Blankets. Throw blankets are the cheapest type of blanket. Blankets are inexpensive and lightweight. They are also thin enough to fit easily under a pillow. Throw blankets are great for use in the bedroom or living room. They are also good for travel since they fold up small and compact.

Weighted Blankets. Weighted blankets are a bit pricier than regular blankets. These are filled with lead or iron pellets. When placed on top of a mattress, the weighted blankets create a feeling of heaviness. This helps promote sleep by making it harder to wake up. Weighted blankets are especially useful for those suffering from insomnia.

Home Kitchen. Home kitchens are a great place to keep blankets. Blankets are large enough to cover a whole bed yet small enough to fit under a table. These are also durable and can withstand heavy usage.

Throws. Throws are larger than blankets. Blankets are commonly used as decorative items. These are also used to protect furniture and rugs. Blankets are usually made from cotton or wool.

Woven Blanket. Woven blankets are the most luxurious type of blanket. Blankets are made from natural fibers like silk, wool, or cotton. Blankets are soft and comfortable. These are also long lasting and resistant to fading.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Blanket

What is a blanket?

A blanket is a large square of soft cloth that covers your bed. Blankets were originally designed to keep you warm during cold weather. Nowadays, they're often used to provide comfort when sleeping.

Who Invented The Blanket?

No one knows exactly who invented the blanket. However, we know that blankets were first created in China about 5, 000 years ago.

When Was The Blanket Introduced Into Europe?

Blankets were brought to Europe by European explorers. These blankets were later adopted by Europeans living in colder climates.

Cotton blankets

These blankets are made out of 100% natural fibers. Cotton blankets tend to feel warmer than their synthetic counterparts.

Synthetic Blankets

Synthetic blankets are made out of manmade materials. Synthetics are generally lighter than cotton blankets and don't retain heat like cotton blankets.

Which Type Of Blanket Should I Buy?

If you want a lightweight blanket that will keep you warm during winter months, go with a synthetic blanket. If you prefer something thicker, choose a cotton blanket.

Does throwing a blanket on top of me make me hot?

Throwing a blanket on top of you will actually cool you off. When you sleep, your skin releases sweat through your pores. A blanket traps this moisture inside, causing your body to lose heat faster.

Wool blankets are safe for most people. However, if you're allergic to wool, you shouldn't use a wool blanket. Wool contains proteins that trigger allergies.

Holes in blankets aren't necessarily a bad thing. Holes allow air to circulate throughout the blanket. That way, your body doesn't trap all the heat inside the blanket.

How Much Weight Should I Put On My Blanket?

You'll probably never need to worry about how heavy your blanket is. Most people weigh less than 150 pounds. Anything heavier than that isn't going to add enough extra weight to change your body temperature.

What Happens If I Roll Onto My Stomach After Tossing And Turning All Night?

Rolling onto your stomach means that you're lying on your side. As long as you're comfortable, you should be fine.

What Happens If I Toss And Turn All Night But Then Decide To Lie On My Stomach In The Morning?

This is perfectly normal behavior. Your body naturally wants to stay warm at night. So, if you toss and turn all night, your body will wake up and try to warm itself again. But, if you decide to lay on your stomach in the morning, your body will think that it's daytime and start producing more heat.

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