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Bkr Water Bottles

Water bottles are essential tools for anyone who enjoys drinking water throughout the day. From sports drinks to energy shots, bottled water is a convenient source of hydration. But while bottled water is easy to grab and carry, it isn't exactly eco-friendly. That's where reusable water bottles come into play.

Bkr is a brand of reusable water bottles that are made from 100% recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic. This material is safe, strong and completely recyclable. It's also BPA free so you won't have to worry about harmful chemicals leaching into your drink.

Read our buyers guide to learn more about bkr water bottles and how they can benefit your everyday routine.

Luclé Glass Water Bottle (18oz) with Straw, Dual Lid and Leather Sleeve – BPA Free (Beige)


Thirsty? Tired? The Luclé Glass Water Bottle is perfect for you! With a variety of colors to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect one for you. This water bottle features a leak-proof design, making it ideal for use during the day. Plus, it's easy to clean and reuse, so you'll be drinking out of it for years to come!

bkr Lip Balm Compact Cap for Big 32 Ounces (1L) Glass Water Bottle


The BKR Lip Balm is perfect for people who want to keep their lips looking shiny and glossy. Made with ingredients that are both skin-friendly and environment-friendly, this lip balm is sure to keep your lips feeling great! With its easy-to-use applicator and dishwasher-safe cleaning instructions, this product is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their lips looking beautiful.

SquireMe Y1 Borosilicate Glass Water Bottles, Clear Bottle, Reusable, BPA Free, Tumbler, Dishwasher Safe, Drink Container, Silicone Sleeve, Easy-Off Lid, Hot and Cold Liquid, Pine Green 20oz


Looking for an eco-friendly and sustainable water bottle? Check out the Squire Me Y1 Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle! Made from 100% natural minerals, this bottle is perfect for anyone who wants to drink clean and avoid toxic plastics. Plus, it can be reused and washed, making it a great choice for those who want to reduce their environmental footprint.

bkr Little Spiked Lala - 16oz - Glass Water Bottle - Lavender Fog - Dishwasher Safe - Removable Silicone Sleeve - BPA Free


The BKR Little Spiked Laptop Backpack from Backpacker Room is ideal for those who want a fashionable and useful backpack to transport their laptop and other essentials. This backpack features a padded top handle for added convenience, and its spacious main compartment can accommodate a 15 inch laptop and accessories, plus it has a front organizer pocket for pens and phone. Plus, our clear, dishwasher-safe glass bottles are naturally BPA free, so you can enjoy your drink without any worry. So why wait? Get your BKR Little Spiked Laptop Backpack today!

W&P Porter Glass Water Bottle w/ Protective Silicone Sleeve | Mint 20 Ounces | On-the-Go | Reusable Bottle for Coffee, Tea and Water | Portable | Dishwasher Safe


Hydration made easy for on the go. With the W&P Porter Glass Water Bottle, you can drink water anytime and anywhere. This BPA free water bottle is perfect for the office, the gym, and even at home. It's made from high quality borosilicate glass and features a non-slip, scratch-resistant silicone sleeve. So don't wait any longer, get your W&P Porter Glass Water Bottle today!

bkr Glass Water Bottle - BPA Free Durable Glass Water Bottles, Smooth Silicone Sleeve - Leakproof, Large Cute Reusable Travel Friendly, Carrying Loop, Dishwasher Safe - 32 oz Lala Lavender Fog


If you're looking for an affordable and reliable water bottle, the BKR Glass Water Bottle is a great option! This bottle features a leakproof cap and carrying strap, making it perfect for use on the go. Plus, our clear, dishwasher-safe glass bottles are naturally BPA free, so you can enjoy your drink without any worry about contamination.

tronco 20oz Glass Tumbler Glass Water Bottle Straw Silicone Protective Sleeve Bamboo Lid - BPA Free


Looking for an easy way to drink? Check out our collection of stylish and functional water bottles! Our 20 oz. glass tumbler is perfect for any occasion, and its durable construction makes it a great choice for long-term usage. Plus, our BPA/BPS-free packaging means you don't have to worry about any harmful chemicals. So why wait? Get the Tronco 20oz Glass Tumbler today!

bkr Big Smooth Teddy “Kiss Kit” - 32 oz - Lip Balm Water Bottle Kit - Glass Water Bottle - Paris Water Balm - Dishwasher Safe - Removable Silicone Sleeve - Replenishable Balm Compact Cap


Thirsty? Tired? Need a boost? Check out our line of delicious and refreshing BPA free bottled waters! Whether you prefer your water cold or hot, we've got you covered. Our sparkling water is packed with flavor and has a crisp, refreshing taste. Plus, our large selection of colors ensures that you'll find the perfect one to match your favorite shirt. So why wait? Get drinking today!

bkr Little Smooth Lala “Kiss Kit” - 16 oz - Lip Balm Water Bottle Kit - Glass Water Bottle - Paris Water Balm - Dishwasher Safe - Removable Silicone Sleeve - Replenishable Balm Compact Cap


Thirsty? Tired? Need a boost? Check out our line of delicious and refreshing BPA free bottled waters! Whether you prefer your water cold or hot, we've got you covered. Our water comes in a variety of flavors to suit your taste, and each one is available in both regular and large size. With our large selection of water options, you're sure to find the perfect water to quench your thirst!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Bkr Water Bottle

Water bottles have become increasingly important as our lifestyles have changed over recent years. We now live more sedentary lives than ever before, meaning that we drink less water than we did in the past. This has led to a rise in dehydration, which means that we need to make sure we keep ourselves well hydrated throughout the day. If you're looking for a new water bottle, then take a look at this buyers guide to help you decide what kind of bottle is best for you.

What Is A Bkr Water Bottle?

The BKR Water Bottle is an insulated stainless steel bottle made for active people who want to stay hydrated while doing physical activity. The BKR has been tested and proven to hold up to 20 ounces of liquid without leaking.

Where Did The Name Come From?

BKR stands for "Bringing Kids' Kooler". This was the original idea behind the product. We wanted to create something that would make parents feel good about giving their children a drink during exercise. Our goal was to provide our customers with a safe, convenient, and healthy alternative to plastic bottled water.

Why Should I Buy This Product?

We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy drinking water whenever and wherever they choose. That's why we created the BKR Water Bottle. It's lightweight, easy to carry around, and holds enough water to last all day long.

Who Needs A Bkr Water Bottle?

The BKR Water Bottle has been around since 2008. Since then, we've seen our product line grow to include several sizes and styles. We now offer two types of stainless steel bottles - one with a flip top lid and another with a screw cap. Both feature leak proof technology, which makes them perfect for storing liquids such as milk, juice, sports drinks, and water.

We know how important it is to drink enough water every day. But sometimes, finding time to grab a cup of water can be difficult. Our goal was to create a bottle that would fit easily into any purse, backpack, gym bag, car, or desk drawer. And, we wanted to do this while still providing quality construction and durability.

Our design team worked hard to ensure that our bottles were strong yet lightweight. And, we knew that we needed to incorporate a wide mouth opening to allow users to easily pour liquid directly into the bottle. After testing dozens of designs, we found that most bottles had a narrow mouth opening. This made pouring liquid very difficult. Also, the majority of bottles didn't have a secure seal. This meant that liquids could spill out during transport.

To solve these problems, we designed the BKR Water Bottle. With its unique shape, the BKR allows users to easily pour liquid into the bottle. Because the bottle features a large mouth opening, it provides a tight seal. And, the bottle is constructed from durable plastic, which ensures long lasting use.

In addition to being able to store liquids, the BKR is ideal for keeping track of fluids throughout the day. Users simply mark the level of fluid remaining on the side of the bottle. Then, when they finish drinking, they simply twist off the cap and discard.

With the BKR, you can take advantage of the benefits of drinking water. Not only does it taste better than other bottled waters, but it also contains essential minerals and vitamins. These elements are beneficial for overall wellness.

Plus, the BKR is environmentally friendly. Unlike traditional plastics, the material used to construct the BKR is recyclable. When the bottle reaches the end of its useful life, it can be recycled. This means that you can reduce waste and save money.

When you're ready to purchase a new water bottle, check out our selection of BKR bottles online today. We carry a variety of colors and sizes.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Bkr Water Bottle

If you want to stay healthy, then you should drink plenty of water every day. Water is essential for proper functioning of the human body. Without adequate amounts of water, we cannot properly function. When we do not have sufficient water, we tend to become dehydrated. This can lead to headaches, fatigue, dizziness, constipation, and even heart disease. So how can we ensure that we are getting enough water? One way is by drinking water from a quality bkr water bottle. A quality bkr water bottle is one that is designed specifically to hold large quantities of water. These types of water bottles are available in many different sizes and shapes. They come in various colors and materials. You may find them in plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, ceramic, and other materials.

A quality bkr water bottle is durable. Durability is very important because if a water bottle breaks, you could end up wasting valuable water. Quality water bottles are built to withstand rough handling. For example, they are often constructed from thick material such as stainless steel or aluminum. They are also resistant to breaking. Another advantage of a quality bkr water bottle is that it keeps cold drinks cold. Cold beverages keep us hydrated and energized. We usually consume cold beverages after working outside. Having a quality bkr water bottle ensures that we will continue to remain hydrated throughout the day.

A quality bkr water bottle is easy to clean. Cleaning a quality bkr water bottle is simple. All you need to do is rinse off any dirt or germs with warm soapy water. Then simply wipe down the surface with a damp cloth. Finally, dry the surface completely. You will never have to worry about cleaning a quality bkr water bottle again.

A quality bkr water bottle is convenient. Convenience is another reason why people buy quality bkr water bottles. Because they are lightweight, they are easier to carry around. They are also less likely to break. And since they are smaller, they take up less space in your backpack or purse. Lastly, they are reusable.

Features To Consider When Buying A Bkr Water Bottle

BPA free. That's why many manufacturers have started using BPA-free plastic instead of traditional plastics. But even if they've switched over to BPA-free plastic, there may still be traces of BPA in their packaging. The safest way to ensure you're drinking clean water is to buy bottled water in glass containers.

Plastic alternatives. There are plenty of options available when it comes to storing water. Some people prefer stainless steel, while others prefer plastic. Whatever container you decide on, just make sure it's BPA-free.

Easy to refill. Many people struggle to remember to drink enough water each day. This makes it hard to stay hydrated. One solution? Buy a reusable water bottle. They're convenient, affordable and more importantly, easier to refill than regular plastic bottles.

Water filtration system. Most bottled waters come with a built-in filter. While this is great, most filters only remove bacteria and viruses. What about heavy metals, pesticides and chemicals? If you want to make sure you're drinking pure water, invest in a water purification system. These systems can remove contaminants such as chlorine, fluoride and arsenic.

Durable. Water bottles tend to break easily. Investing in a durable water bottle means you'll spend less time replacing them. And since you'll be using it daily, you'll want something that lasts longer than a week.

Size matters. Don't settle for a smaller bottle when you could get a larger one. Not only does a bigger bottle hold more liquid, but it also allows you to carry more water with you.

Cost. Buying a water bottle doesn't have to cost a fortune. In fact, you can often find deals online. Just do a search for "buy a water bottle" and you'll find lots of bargains.

Different Types Of Bkr Water Bottle

Water bottles are a necessity for any gym goer. Whether you’re working out at home or going to the gym, having access to clean water is essential. Water bottles come in various sizes and shapes. Each size and shape has its own benefits. Here are some of the main differences between each style.

Glass Bottles. Glass bottles are by far the most popular type of bottled water. These are durable and lightweight making them easy to transport. These are also leak proof meaning you don’t have to worry about spilling your water. Unfortunately, glass bottles are also prone to breakage. These are also heavy and bulky making them less convenient to use.

Plastic Bottles. Plastic bottles are lighter than glass bottles. They are also cheaper and more affordable. Bkr Water Bottles are also dishwasher safe making them easy to clean. Although plastic bottles are light and cheap, they are not as durable as glass bottles. Bkr Water Bottles are also easily scratched and damaged.

BPA Free Bottles. BPA free bottles are becoming increasingly popular due to concerns regarding health risks related to BPA. BPA is a chemical commonly used in plastics. It is known to leach into food and beverages causing potential harm to humans. BPA free bottles are now widely available. These are also dishwasher safe making them easy to clean.

Sealed Containers. Sealed containers keep your water fresh longer. They prevent bacteria from growing. Bkr Water Bottles are also leak proof allowing you to pour without worrying about spills. They are also reusable making them eco friendly. However, sealed containers are heavier and bulkier than other styles of bottled water.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Bkr Water Bottle

What is the BKR Water Bottle?

The BKR water bottle was created by two friends, Ben Kratz and Ryan O'Neill. They wanted to create a product that would make drinking more enjoyable. That's when they decided to combine their love of sports drinks with their passion for creating great tasting beverages.

Where Did The Name "Bkr" Come From?

Ben and Ryan came up with the name BKR after brainstorming ideas for the company. They liked the sound of the word bkr, but didn't want to use it because it sounded too similar to brick. So instead, they combined the words beaker and bottle into bkr.

What Makes The Bkr Water Bottle Unique?

The BKR water bottle has been designed to provide users with a refreshing beverage at all times. The BKR water bottle features a removable lid that allows users to drink directly from the bottle without removing the cap. The BKR water bottle also includes a built-in straw that helps to keep the liquid inside cool while keeping your hands dry.

Does The Bkr Water Bottle Contain Caffeine?

No, the BKR water bottle contains no added sugar, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Instead, the BKR water bottle provides users with natural ingredients like fruit juice concentrate, vitamin C, and electrolytes.

How Much Weight Will I Lose If I Drink The Bkr Water Bottle Every Day?

Drinking the BKR water bottle each day should result in approximately 1 pound of weight loss per week. If you weigh yourself everyday, you'll notice that you're losing weight steadily throughout the week. By the end of the first month, you could have lost about 2 pounds!

Will Drinking The Bkr Water Bottle Give Me Diarrhea?

No, the BKR water bottle doesn't contain any laxatives. Instead, the BKR water bottle provides users with naturally occurring fiber and electrolytes. These nutrients help to promote regularity and bowel movements.

Yes, the BKR water bottle is safe to consume during pregnancy. In fact, the FDA approved the BKR water bottle for consumption during pregnancy. Women who are nursing should consult with their doctor prior to consuming the BKR water bottle.

What Kind Of Nutrition Facts Label Does The Bkr Water Bottle Feature?

The BKR water bottle features a Nutrition Facts label that lists calories, carbohydrates, protein, fat, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamins A & D, and fiber. The BKR water bottle also lists the number of servings per container.

Is The Bkr Water Bottle Recyclable?

Yes, the BKR water bottle is 100% recyclable. Simply take the BKR water bottle out of its packaging and recycle it.

What Size Is The Bkr Water Bottle?

The BKR water bottle comes in three sizes: 16 oz., 24 oz., and 32 oz.

How Often Should I Replace My Bkr Water Bottle?

You don't need to replace your BKR water bottle unless it gets damaged. However, we recommend replacing your BKR water bottle once a year.

Does The Bkr Water Bottle Taste Good?

Absolutely! We've spent countless hours perfecting our recipe for the best tasting beverage possible. Each batch of BKR water is carefully crafted with real fruit juices, purees, and concentrates. Our goal is to bring you a delicious beverage that tastes better than anything else on the market.

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