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Biometric Safe

Biometrics are becoming increasingly popular as a method of identification. This includes fingerprints, facial recognition, voice recognition, retinal scans, iris scans and DNA analysis. Many companies are offering biometric safe products such as fingerprint locks, keyless entry systems and alarm systems.

One of the biggest benefits of biometric safes is that they prevent theft. If someone tries to steal your valuables, the system won't open unless you enter your unique code. This means that thieves cannot easily break into your house or car while you’re not present.

Read our buyers guide to learn more about biometric safes and how they work.

Fingerprint Safe Steel Cabinet Medium Safe Sturdy Steel Strong Box for Closets Home Bedroom Jewelry Gun Documents Valuables Builtin Light

TSS Top-Secure Safe

Protect your family and personal belongings with the Fingerprint Safe Steel Cabinet from TSS Security! Made of reinforced solid steel, this cabinet is built to withstand any attack. The double-cylinder latch ensures greater security and reliability, while the built-in light makes it easy to use even in the dark. Plus, the included mounting hardware allows you to easily install the cabinet in either a closet or a shelf. Get yours today!

AEGIS Gun Shotgun Rifle Safe, 10-Gun Fire Rifle Safe, Large Electron Gun Storage Security Cabinet with Digital Keypad Lock and Keys (5.52 Cubic Feet)


Protect your family and property with this high quality AEGIS Gunshot Resistant Safety Glasses. Made of durable materials, these glasses are designed to withstand regular use. They feature a reinforced protective nose foam, adjustable padded temple touchpoints and a removable hard coating. Plus, they come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So why wait? Get your AEGIS Gunshot Resistant Safety Glasses today!

Security Safe and Lock Box,Electronic Digital Safe,Money Box and Deposit Box for Cash Gun Jewelry,Wall or Cabinet Anchoring Design for Home Office Hotel Business


Upgrade your home security with the HOLOJOY Security Safe & Lock Box! This tough little safe is made of reinforced heavy duty carbon steel and features a digital lock, money drawer, and deposit box. The safe also comes with four mounting bolts so you can easily hang it on the wall or fix it to the floor with the included hardware. Plus, the safe has a soft carpet to protect your belongings from scratches or damage. And if you ever lose power, the low battery alarm will immediately alert you. So why wait? Get the HOLOJOY Security Safe & Lock Box today!


This is a well made safe. The biometric is very effective. I did not see a shelfsafe before, but this is a good safe.

It is safe and easy to operate. It responds faster than a finger touches. It looks good and is very useful.

This product offers numerous safety features and is valuable. I also have another safe that I enjoy. The other one features the battery pack on the outside, so you can change the batteries when the keypad does not work. This one has the battery inside, however, there are other ways you could open it. The product comes with two keys. Remove the panel on the front and the key works great. Additionally, the package includes an external battery pack that can be charged when the compact device is removed from the front panel. With a thin knife blade, it is easy to remove the panel because it is held in place by a magnet. If they had made the gap slightly larger, a fingernail would do. The fingerprint function works quite well. My wife's fingerprint does not always read for some reason. After being unsuccessful, she activated the alarm and the three minute lockout. Mine works consistently after only one or two attempts. However, the numbers always work. The virtual password is an interesting concept. Entering the exact numbers again would still work if someone was watching and remembering your virtual password. I am not sure about the advantage. If you have not read about this, the virtual password is when you hide your actual password within a series of other numbers. If you have a password of 1234 then you should be able to enter five55512349999. If 1234 is in there, it will open. They think that makes it more secure, if someone is watching you. If they also enter 555512349999, it still opens, so I guess I am missing the point. I am not going to use that feature because I do not have people watching me. In addition, the vibration alert is requiring quite a bit of vibration. I picked it up and carried it to another room and I did not set it off. Turning it over is less of a noisemaker. It would be possible for someone else in the room to hear it. I am not going to rely on this feature either. It is interesting that it was equipped with four batteries but uses eight. You will need four batteries for the internal and four for the external. It is a great safe. I am a person with a fingerprint on me and I am usually successful. The keypad is always working. The key works great when nothing else opens it. You can use an external battery pack to replace the battery. I believe they considered almost everything.

I am very pleased with this safe. It has a modern look and has been professionally hand finished. It has a very nice interior. It has a glass shelf with velvet lining. The door opens gently. It is possible to open with your fingerprint, or use the keys or punch pad included. I purchased this as I wanted to retain some of my electronic devices and important documents. I was surprised at how much extra space I have to use. The instructions for use are very easy to follow. I was able to easily set up fingerprint security, and it works perfectly every time. The package arrived with all the items necessary, including the battery. It is a bit expensive, but it is well worth every penny.

BARSKA Fireproof Digital Keypad Vault Safe with Adjustable Shelves & Carpeted Interior


Keep your belongings secure and off the floor with this BARSKA Fireproof Digital Keypad Safe! It's easy to use and has adjustable shelves and a carpeted interior that makes it perfect for any home or office. Plus, it comes with a built-in alarm that will alert you if anything goes wrong. Don't miss out on this must-have security device!

COSTWAY Large Rifle Safe, Long Gun Safe for Rifle Shotgun, 5-Gun Metal Security Storage Cabinet with Handgun Lockbox, Digital Keypad & Emergency Keys, Quick Access Gun Safety for Home


Keep your firearms secure and out of reach while they're stored in this high-tech security safe. With a reinforced steel frame and a durable polycarbonate exterior, this safe is built to withstand even the most demanding situations. Plus, the included alarm system makes sure that only you or a police officer have easy access to your weapons when needed. Get yours today!


I really do enjoy it. I purchased it months ago and it is holding up great. It has not failed me once. The admin ability to add and delete people who can access it is great as well. I added all of the responsible adults in my house. The safe even allows me to know who accessed it. Now for the cons.

I was convinced to pay a little more money than I wanted to for this safe, for a few reasons. First, there are no bad reviews. Secondly, customer support that responded quickly to my question regarding battery performance. Third, Smart features and worryfree maintenance and performance. It is a Breeze and, frankly, it is a pleasure to configure for the first time. Someone spent a lot of time developing this in order to be able to spoon feed you and hold your hand during the setup. This was a combination of functions which made the setup really enjoyable. This animated screen has a two line instruction limit, which allows me to fit four or five words onto the screen at a time while truncating words when necessary. When you are in the settings menu and the options are ten, press the button on the inside one at a time to scroll through and click the big button on the front when you want to say OK. I have opened and closed this item approximately forty to fifty times already. Neither has stuck, nor failed to recognize my fingerprints. You get what you need and upon closing it gives you a diagnostic as to who was last logged in, as you can setup multiple users, and if all systems are working well, along with giving you Battery percentile left. This is a big part of life, and I cannot stress it enough. The last thing I want is that I do not know what battery juice I have left. If it was ever necessary, and I am sitting here not knowing if it was a battery, for me, the safe is useless, because you cannot rely entirely on it. It also comes with a foam soft/padding type liner that you can custom cut to the size of the floor of the safe. This was a great surprise. Those items are not louder nor scratching the floor. I believe that you will be able to see this in my photographs. I have added the photos, to give others a gauge and reference to the actual size of this thing. I have not had it long enough to know. But apparently when the batteries do start going down past a certain stage - the safe will actually beep intermittently, I am told I have an expectation this is safe. This is why it is worth paying extra money for a smart safe. I can be certain it will always be open when I need it, and that it is safe from my children being in. The only negative aspect is that because there is no cover for the button inside that functions as the toggle operator, anyone could drill a hole into the side of the safe and reset it from there. If Zvetco or a representative could answer this question, I would greatly appreciate it. I do not know if this would require drilling a hole into it, or resetting it directly from the button inside, thus gaining access to it. I will recommend it, apart from the small concern I'll be leaving my safe.

This safe is a wonderful choice for our home security and defense needs. It opens quickly and reliably in about two seconds. The status of the battery life is indicated during every use. It is simple to setup authorized users, with their fingerprints. The log of authorized and unauthorized attempts is provided. However, after six months of service, I had encountered a fingerprint error. Now, the only way to open the safe is via a key. Please inquire regarding the current tech support staff. When the issue is resolved, a complete reply will be delivered. The very same day that I sent an email to the Zvetco Biometrics technical support, I was given a call back. There are two ways I may use it in the event of a repair. You can either receive a new replacement within 2-3 days, or return the old one to your old one to be safe. I will have a credit card on file to deposit it should I do not return the original. Additionally, if this error occurs outside of warranty (0.01% of the time according to the representative who said a national bank has purchased tens of thousands of these fingerprint sensors), the repair would cost around $40. This unit monitors itself and alerts me before I enter the safe.

I spend the last two months reviewing gun safes and sizing the appropriate ones before making a purchase. I have recently purchased a pistol and I have very young children, so security was my top priority. My research found that safes under $500 have rather unreliable biometrics so you wouldn't rely on them. There are a multitude of other types of locks that are easy to open with a pen, a tool, or a Youtube video. Many people have had safe locking mechanisms go bad after a year, but were ignored by customer support to replace them. It is nicely built and not too heavy, as some parts are thin, but the door itself and the biometric mechanism are top notch. The system will unlock in a split second, and is working flawlessly. This tiny menu is incredibly intuitive for adding users and changing settings. I like the ability to adjust the light brightness and features such as the user's nickname and the duration of time before the door alarm goes off. Another benefit is the apparent longlife of the battery, although I can not attest to that since I just received it. The inside is thinly carpeted, which is fine for firearms, but I may get a small pistol rack anyway. I am pleased with safe and I think if something goes wrong, the company behind it seems incredibly responsive and committed to providing a positive experience. If you have a home security system such as RING, you can add extra protection by adding a contact sensor to the door. That way, your phone will alert you when the safe is opened. I added this information to the alerts I receive when the door is open.

I am very impressed with the responsiveness of the fingerprint identification sensor that unlocks this safe. The Safe that I replaced was virtually impossible to program, and even more impossible to open. After unboxing, installing the included 4A batteries, reading the instructions on how to enroll users and their fingerprints, I had my administrator fingerprint enrolled, and then enrolled three other fingers under my user ID in less than 5 minutes. Using the included hardware, I installed the safe through the bottom plate of a wall cabinet in another five to seven minutes. In just a few minutes, I enrolled my wife's four fingers. I replaced a safe which she did not successfully program with her fingerprints. The sensor has not failed to verify any of the eight fingerprints and open the safe in nearly fifty opening attempts in the first hour following setup. We are 100% satisfied with the reliability of this feature. The automatic locking mechanism is quiet, and the automatic locking feature is rapid and flawless. I appreciate the various alarms and alerts that are built into the electronics. It is a quality product that deserves of the #1 rating it frequently receives. The steel door, as others have commented, could actually be made of 1/4" plate, instead of 1/8" material, without any appreciable increase in cost, after all, it is "assembled in China." A small blow with a sledge hammer centered on the door would probably suffice to deform it enough to open without much additional effort. A prybar and hammer might take a little longer. No safe will stop the most determined burglar. Instead of a sheet of foam, there is a piece of material like shelf liner for bar glasses which does not really offer much protection. I would not put my pistols on it. It is the lag bolt heads that are merely covered with this instead of protecting contents from any damage with a sheet of foam. I had a few pieces of 5/8" Liner Foam from a Pelican case that I trimmed to fit and secured with double stick tape. I will probably purchase some adhesive felt to line the inner side and rear wall surfaces as well.Overall, I am happy with this purchase and two day Prime delivery. I would highly recommend it to any person looking for a biometric safe that performs as advertised. The fact that it does not feature a Keypad as a secondary opening method is proof that Zvetco has confidence in the reliability of the fingerprint sensor. Most thieves would most likely defeat the security of a safe by trying the common combinations that people are warned not to use.'

TIGERKING Security Home Safe, Digital Safe Box- 2.05 Cubic Feet, White


Protect your family and belongings with the TIGERKING Security Home Safe. This tough safe features 6 live-locking bolts and comes with a dual alarm system. Plus, the included soft inner layers protect your items from scratches. Don't miss out on this must-have safety tool - order your TIGERKING Security Home Safe today!


I purchased this secure to protect myself from drugs. In the past, I had several safes that were proven not to be secure. I keep my medications from being harmful, so I keep my medications with me. I was very pleased with the ease with which it was setup on my iPhone. If someone manipulates the information, I know the date and time. I love it, even though Billy hasn't been with me for a long time. Billy comes with a metal line, to which you can permanently or temporarily attach it. Billy has cushioning to keep guns safe, but I find that cushioning keeps my medications from rolling around. I bought the sand color. I believe it does not stand out as easily in an African American safe. I have only owned this safe for a few weeks and find it hard to give the five stars as of yet. That is a very good safe, especially considering the size. It would have been much preferable to be able to carry it for travel since it has a very easy to use numerical setup, keypads, and easy to manipulate functions. The setup of my iPhone was very easy. The only problem I have had is the setup of the fingerprints. I have tried repeatedly and my fingerprint does not work directly nor via my iPhone as of yet. Perhaps I am not a competent person and am going to keep trying, or call Bill Conch. On the iPhone, the app identifies Bill Conch, which I prefer to be changed. However, it is not clear what is meant. This is one very impressive safe, but with the demure sand and pebble exterior, it blends into many decors and is hardly noticeable, especially with a book or nail polish bottles over it. I am not sure about the black rubber flap that is over the key entry. Perhaps they could have colored it a tan, so that it doesn't stand out on my safe. Black would be fine with black or other dark colors. The thought behind a safe is to protect its contents, and the black flap over the key entry is a red flag for lock pickers to go here with your tools. The smoothness of the exterior is easy to clean and a delight to the touch. This would hold my Smiths, but they are locked in a huge safe. This safe is only used for my medications and it holds many bottles. I have owned other safes, but they did not keep my medications safe. I recommend anyone looking for a safe of this size to save your money, not buy multiple cheaper ones, like I did, and invest in this one for guns, jewelry, or medications, as I do. I have had issues with medication missing in the past. I have found that this safe has relieved me of this worry so far. I'm very happy to have this. I wish that I'd not need it, but I do. I checked for opening attempts, and there have been none. I enjoy carrying this impressive safe when I need it. It can be temperamental but it works perfectly. There are no openings in the back to attach it to a wall, but there are rubber bumpers on the bottom. The keyspad is simple to use, the iPhone connection is perfect, and the keyhole all function correctly. I wish I saved my money and bought this safe, before trying the less expensive ones first.

This safe is great in terms of features and convenience. The voice was annoying, but you can turn it off. It is a great fingerprint scanner that works very well, and I have tried to hack it from friends and colleagues fingers and it does not open, which is great. It is nice that there are many different options to open as well as an anchor so that someone does not run off with it.

I was skeptical about my purchase and expected to be disappointed. To my surprise, it functions as advertised. It arrived in three days, so very quickly. It took a little time to set it up, but it was doable. It was 45 minutes after rereading the directions a few times. Best results are if you store the same finger print from multiple different positions. It does not look like it would store two handguns, but it does. Both the full size 357 Mag and the midsize 9MM can be taken very easily with just two mags on it. The downloadable app works the way described.

I received a new gun safe to replace the one I had, and I am not disappointed. It is easy to setup with the instructions. I prefer opening the gun safe. There are many options including fingerprint, key, app, and keypad. I believe it is useful and more convenient to have multiple ways to open your safe.

VAULTEK Essential Series Quick Access Handgun Safe With Auto Open Lid Pistol Safe Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery (PRO VE (Full Size Safe))


Keep your guns close at hand while they're safely stored away from home with this tough and sturdy handgun safe! Made of durable 14-gauge carbon steel, this safe features a powder coating finish that protects it against corrosion. The exterior dimensions are 10. 6 x 14. 5 x 3. 3 inches, while the interior dimensions are 13. 7 x 6. 5 x 2. 75 inches. The safe also comes with anti-theft protection, including anti-pry bars, reinforced interior hinges, and dual anti-impact latches. Plus, the safe is rechargeable - just like your smartphone - with the included micro-USB charging kit.


I have been trying since April to get this safe setup and have been unsuccessful. No green light, no red light, and no audio prompt for saving fingerprints. In the manual, each step references a red button or a light which literally does not exist. It also references a green light, which again does not exist. The only lights I have are the blue one around the fingerprint spot and the blue numbers. The only audio that I have is when it says to open the safe. I cannot seem to find a way to call this company and the only option is to email. I purchased a new safe for my husband the day he had his installation and I am quite happy with it. The problem ended up being document error mixed with user error. Support reached out to me so I was able to setup the system. I have changed my rating from one star to five.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the functionality. This is easy to setup and use and the fingerprint scanner is very accurate. In the cold weather when my fingers were rough, I had no difficulty correctly identifying my finger. Do not think that the fingerprint reader will be as sophisticated or accurate as the one on your phone. I hold on to my right thumb and will open only to read. I have set up multiple other fingerprints, but I cannot get it to open for any of the other ones. I had the alarm go off because it continued inaccurately rejecting them.

I am looking for a small safe box that can easily be hidden. It is big enough for papers, jewelry, and a handgun. It is made with solid materials. This is a very good safe with a competitive price. I have not made any complaint. The keypad is simple to use and to program. In the event the keypad battery goes out, then you always have the two override keys. The fingerprint identification is beneficial.

It is easy to operate. The programing is simple, and the locking mechanism is secure. You can secure attach it to the wall. It also has an inner shelf, so there is plenty of room. You can access the safe using your fingerprint, passcode, or key.

It is simple to use and of very good quality. I am able to store anything I desire in the small size. The most important thing is to use a fingerprint to unlock without a key. Even if it is out of power, you can still use the key to open it.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Biometric Safe

Biometrics have become increasingly common as more and more devices require authentication using fingerprints, facial recognition, retinal scans, voice recognition, etc. These days, they are also used to secure homes, cars, offices, and even bank accounts. However, not everyone has access to a biometric scanner, and those who do may not always have the time to use their device every day. This means that having a reliable backup option is essential. Here, we take a look at the top five biometric safes available today, and explain what makes each one unique.

What Is A Biometric Safe?

Biometrics are unique identifiers that are based on human characteristics like fingerprints, retinal scans, voice patterns, facial features, hand geometry, and even DNA. These biometrics are becoming more common in our everyday lives because they provide an easy way for people to identify themselves without having to remember passwords or PINs. They're also useful for authenticating users into systems and devices, verifying identity, and providing secure transactions.

Biometric safes are similar to traditional safes but instead of using keys to open the safe, they require a user to scan their finger, retina, or face before entering a code to unlock the safe. This makes biometric safes safer than traditional safes because there's no need to worry about losing a key or forgetting a password. And since biometric safes don't rely on a physical object, they're much easier to transport and protect than traditional safes.

Why Use A Biometric Safe?

Biometric safes are convenient because they eliminate the hassle of remembering a complicated combination of numbers or letters. Instead, all you have to do is look at the device and enter your biometric information.

Who Needs A Biometric Safe?

Biometrics are becoming increasingly common in our everyday lives. We use them to unlock our phones, pay for things using our fingerprints, and access secure areas such as airports and banks. But did you know that these same biometrics could also protect your valuables?

That's right - biometrics can be used to create a safe that protects your belongings. These devices are designed to prevent theft by locking away items until someone enters a code that matches their unique biometric information.

The technology behind this type of safe has been around for decades. However, only recently have we seen its potential to become mainstream. Nowadays, you can purchase biometric safes online or in stores across the country.

These devices are perfect for protecting valuable documents, jewelry, electronics, and other personal possessions. They can also be useful for storing money or other valuables. And unlike traditional safes, biometric safes do not require keys or combinations. Instead, they rely on your unique biometric information to open.

In addition to being able to store valuables, biometric safes are also extremely secure. Unlike conventional safes, which can easily be broken into, biometric safes are virtually impossible to break into. Even if thieves were to gain physical access to the device, they would still need to match your biometric information before gaining entry.

This makes biometric safes ideal for securing items that cannot be replaced. Think of them as a last resort safety measure. When you're ready to move forward with replacing your home contents, then it's time to think about purchasing a new safe. Otherwise, you may never replace your most precious possessions again.

When choosing a biometric safe, you must decide how much protection you need. Safes vary in size, but typically range anywhere from 5" x 5" to 10" x 10". Some models offer additional features such as alarms, fireproof glass, and keyed locks.

There are two main types of biometric safes. One uses a fingerprint scanner while another relies on facial recognition software. Both methods are effective, although each one has advantages and disadvantages.

Fingerprint scanners are generally considered the best method for securing a safe. They are fast, accurate, and highly reliable. Fingerprints are unique, meaning that they cannot be duplicated. As long as you have a clean print, you can enter any number of times.

However, fingerprint scanners are not foolproof. Because they scan your prints, they can sometimes fail to recognize your prints. This happens when dirt gets on your fingers, or when you wear gloves.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Biometric Safe

Biometrics have become increasingly popular in recent years. They provide a convenient way to secure items such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Unfortunately, many people do not realize how easy they are to hack. This makes them vulnerable to theft and fraud. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your belongings against thieves. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying a biometric safe:

Look for a biometric safe that uses strong encryption technology. Strong encryption means that data cannot be read by anyone who doesn't have access to the key. You should also look for a biometric safe that provides two-factor authentication.

Consider the size of the biometric safe. A small biometric safe may not offer adequate protection if you place valuable items inside. Consider getting a larger biometric safe instead.

Make sure that the biometric safe you purchase offers 24/7 customer service. If you ever experience any difficulties with your biometric safe, having a phone number to call is very helpful. You never want to be stuck trying to reach customer service after hours or on weekends.

Don't forget about insurance. Make sure that your biometric safe includes coverage for lost or stolen items. If you lose or steal your device, you could end up paying thousands of dollars to replace it. Having insurance will ensure that you won't have to pay those kinds of fees.

Features To Consider When Buying A Biometric Safe

Biometrics. Biometrics are becoming more popular than ever. They've been used for years to secure access points such as doors and computer systems. Now they're being used to protect personal items as well. This makes them perfect for protecting valuables like jewelry, cash, credit cards, and other important documents.

Security features. These features include fingerprint scanners, retinal scans, facial recognition software, and voice identification technology.

Easy setup. Setting up a biometric safe is simple. Just place the safe where you'd normally store your valuables. Then scan your finger or retina using the scanner provided. The system will then prompt you to enter a 4 digit PIN code. Once you do this, the safe will unlock and let you into the vault.

Versatility. Biometric safes are versatile. They work great for storing valuables like jewelry, cash, and credit cards. But they can also be used to secure documents, electronics, and even firearms.

Safety. Biometric safes are very safe. Unlike traditional key locks, they don't rely on keys to operate. Instead, they use fingerprints, retinas, or voices to identify who has access to the safe. Because these technologies are highly accurate, there's no chance of someone else opening the safe if they don't belong there.

Cost. Biometric safes cost less than traditional safes. And most biometric safes come with free installation services.

Ease of Use. Biometric safes are extremely user friendly. All you have to do is scan your finger or retina using the scanner provided. That's it! There's no complicated programming required.

Flexibility. Biometric safes are flexible. They can be used to secure everything from jewelry to firearms. Plus, they can be customized to fit virtually any space.

Different Types Of Biometric Safe

Biometrics are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that they offer security without compromising privacy. These are already widely used by banks, airports, and government agencies. Nowadays, they are starting to become commonplace in our everyday lives. For example, many smartphones now use facial recognition technology to unlock devices. Other examples include fingerprint scanners and iris scanners.

Biometric Safes are essentially a combination of two technologies; biometrics and encryption. A typical biometric safe uses fingerprints to identify users. Fingerprints are unique to each individual and cannot be duplicated. Therefore, they are highly effective at preventing identity theft.

Fingerprint locks are a type of biometric safe that utilizes fingerprints to authenticate users. Biometric Safes are commonly seen in bank vaults and hotel rooms. These are also used in passports and driver's licenses. These are also used in mobile phones and laptops.

Iris scanners are another type of biometric safe. Iris scans are performed by shining light through the eye and capturing images of the retina. Because irises change slightly throughout life, they are less likely to be stolen and therefore are more secure than fingerprints.

Smartphones are also starting to incorporate biometric safes. Apple recently announced its iPhone XS Max model includes a face ID feature. Face ID allows users to unlock their phone simply by looking at it.

Biometric safes are becoming increasingly popular. Biometric Safes are convenient and secure. Biometric Safes are also affordable.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Biometric Safe

What is a biometric safe?

A biometric safe is a device that allows you to store your personal information safely. These devices use fingerprints, facial recognition, retinal scans, voice patterns, and even DNA samples to identify users.

Does a biometric safe have a keypad?

No, a biometric safe has no keypad. Instead, it uses a combination of biometrics to identify its user.

What Happens When My Biometric Safe Gets Lost Or Stolen?

If your biometric safe is lost or stolen, then all of your data will be deleted. If you want to recover this data, then you'll need to purchase another biometric safe.

Will My Biometric Safe Protect Me Against Hackers?

Yes, a biometric safe protects you against hackers. Hackers cannot access your data without knowing your password.

What About Viruses?

Your biometric safe should never allow a virus into your computer. A biometric safe is designed to keep out hackers and viruses.

What About Identity Theft?

Identity theft occurs when someone steals your personal information, like your Social Security number, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, etc. Your biometric safe keeps your personal information secure.

What about privacy concerns?

Most people feel comfortable storing their personal information in a biometric safe. They know that their private information won't fall into the wrong hands.

What About Security Breaches?

Security breaches occur when hackers steal your personal information. A biometric safe helps to keep hackers away from your personal information.

What About False Positives?

False positives happen when a biometric scanner incorrectly identifies a person's identity. False positives can result in a lot of wasted time and money.

What About False Negatives?

False negatives occur when a biometric scanner fails to recognize a person's identity. False negatives can result in a missed opportunity to catch criminals.

What about convenience?

Biometric safes are convenient. All you have to do is scan your finger or handprint to unlock the safe.

What About Ease Of Use?

Biometric safes are easy to use. Simply scan your finger or handprint to open the safe.

What about size?

Biometric safes are compact. Many models measure less than 5 inches tall and weigh less than 3 pounds.

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