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Bike Gps Tracker

Bicycles are a popular mode of transportation throughout the world. But, while riding bikes may seem like a simple task, it can actually be quite dangerous. That’s where bike GPS tracking devices come into play. If you’re worried about losing your bicycle or having someone steal it, then a bike gps tracker could be exactly what you need.

Bike GPS trackers work by connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth. This allows you to view live maps of your route and receive alerts whenever you reach certain locations such as gas stations or restaurants. It also lets you record your rides so you can review your performance later. Read our buyers guide to learn more about bike GPS trackers and how they can help protect your ride.

Galeo - GPS Bike Tracker, 4G LTE, Motion Sensor, Audible Alarm w/Remote Activation, SIM Included, Serial Number Shield, and Dedicated Mobile Application


Protect your belongings and family with the Galeo - the best choice for a reliable and affordable bike tracker! This unit features 4G LTE connectivity so you can stay connected while on the go. It also comes with a remote activation feature so you can wake up your phone in the event of a theft or accident. And when your bike is recovered, you can register it with the provided serial number shield. So don't worry about being caught without a tracker when you're out riding! Choose the Galeo today and keep your ride safe and secure!

GPS Tracker for Vehcile,Hangang GPS Tracker Real Time GPS Tracking Vehicle Locator GPS/GSM / GPRS/SMS Tracker Antitheft Car Motorcycle Bike GPS Tracking Device GT02A

Keep an eye on your car or truck while theyre moving with this built-in GPS tracker! Its easy to use and helps you find their position quickly and precisely. Plus, it comes with a subscription plan for data usage. So why wait? Get the GPS Tracker today!

Personal GPS Tracker, Mini Portable GPS Tracker Tracking Device, Real Time Vehicle GPS Tracker, Waterproof & SOS Emergency for Kids Adults Elderly Pet Car Vehicle Bike Assets - TK1000


Keep an eye on your kids or loved one's safety with this portable and waterproof GPS tracker. It features a real-time vehicle tracking function that will alert you if they are moving away from their favorite place or in danger of getting lost. Plus, it comes with the Hangang car navigator app so you can find your way around town with ease. And don't worry about its size, it is small enough to fit into your pocket or purse. So why wait? Get the HANGANGER Personal GPS Tracker today!

New! [FCC Certified| 30 Days Battery Life| Lowest Monthly fee] Tack GPS Location Tracker - Child, Kid, Alzheimer, Dog, Bike, Car, Vehicle, Motorcycle. GPS+ WiFi+ Cellular (Teal Case Included)


Keep an eye out for thieves and ensure that only you or a trusted adult have access to your vehicle when it's left unattended. The Tack GPS Vehicle Monitor does exactly that, giving you a live feed of the whereabouts of your car at all times. Plus, it comes with a teal case that can be worn as a necklace or pendant. Stay safe and sound with the Tack GPS Vehicle Monitor.

TrackmateGPS Domino LTE GPS Tracker. Portable Tracker for Bikes, Assets, Luggage and Children. Plans Starting at $13.99/mo. AT&T and T-Mobile Networks. US Based Customer Service.


The TrackmateGPS is a great way to track your phone or tablet, it can even be used to track your child or pet. With its precise tracking capabilities and detailed reports, you'll be able to keep an eye on them anywhere. Plus, our lifetime warranty gives you peace of mind. So why wait? Get the TrackmateGPS today!

XOSS G+ GPS Bike Computer ANT+ with Smart Cadence Sensor, Bluetooth Cycling Computer, Wireless Bicycle Speedometer Odometer, Waterproof MTB Tracker Fits All Bikes (Support XOSS Heart Rate Monitor)


Upgrade your bike computer today with the XOSS G+! This powerful device features a 1.3" HD display for easy reading, plus a rechargeable lithium battery that provides up to 25 hours of continuous use. Plus, the IPX7 waterproof protection ensures that you can use the bike computer even if it's raining.

Langersun 2PCS Car Stickers Warning GPS Tracker Alarm Bike Protected Motorbike Bumper 7x4cm (C)


Protect your vehicle and family with the Langersun 2PCS Car Sticker! This easy-to-use GPS tracker is perfect for tracking your location or general movement. The alarm feature protects you and your family if anything goes wrong. Don't worry about fading, as the waterproof nature of the product means it will last even if you wash your car daily. Get yours today and protect your vehicle and family!

Invoxia Real Time GPS Tracker - FREE 2 Year Subscription NO FEES — For Vehicles, Cars, Motorcycles, Bikes, Kids — Battery 120 Hours (moving) to 4 Months (stationary) — Anti-Theft Alerts


Protect your family and friends with the Invoxia Real Time GPS Tracker. This tiny device is perfect for anyone who needs a reliable and portable GPS tracker. With its built-in SIM card, you can renew your subscription anytime without a credit card. Plus, it comes with a 2-year free trial so you can try it out before you buy.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Bike Gps Tracker

Bike theft has become a major issue across the globe. This is because bikes have become more affordable than ever before, making them easy targets for thieves. If you own a bicycle, then you may be worried about losing it. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this from happening. One such method is using a GPS tracking device. These devices allow you to monitor where your bike is located at all times, even when it isn't connected to its charger. They also alert you whenever someone tries to steal your bike.

What Is A Bike Gps Tracker?

Bike GPS trackers are devices that allow you to monitor where your bicycle has been. They come in many different types, but all work similarly. The device attaches to the handlebars of your bicycle using an adhesive strap, and uses a small receiver to pick up signals from satellites orbiting Earth. These satellites send messages containing information about their location to the receiver, which relays this data to a computer via a cable. This allows you to see exactly where your bicycle was at any given time. You can even set alerts if your bicycle leaves certain areas for too long, or if it gets too far away from home.

Who Needs A Bike Gps Tracker?

Bike GPS tracking devices are becoming increasingly common. These gadgets allow you to monitor where your bicycle has been while you're away from home. This makes it possible to see exactly how far you've ridden, which routes you take, and whether you're riding safely.

There are several reasons why you might want to use a bike GPS tracker. Perhaps you'd like to know where your bike was last week. Maybe you want to avoid getting lost on unfamiliar roads. Or maybe you simply want to ensure that your bike isn't being stolen.

Whatever your reason, there are several types of bike GPS trackers available. Some are designed specifically for mountain bikes. Others are intended for road bikes. Still others are made for hybrid bikes. But regardless of the type of bike you ride, most of these products offer similar features. Here's a look at some of the best models currently available.

The first thing you'll notice about any bike GPS tracker is its size. Most are fairly compact. This allows you to mount one on your handlebars or seatpost. Many of these units are battery powered. This makes them ideal for outdoor activities. However, some are solar powered. This gives them longer battery life, but they still require charging every night.

Another feature worth noting is the display screen. While most of these devices only show basic information such as speed, distance traveled, and time elapsed, some offer additional details. For instance, some models can tell you how fast you were going during certain segments of your trip. Others let you view maps showing your route. Still other models can alert you whenever someone else enters your area.

Finally, some models offer alerts. This lets you know when your bike is stolen. Or when you arrive at a destination. Or when you exceed a set speed limit.

Some of the best bike GPS trackers are simple to install. Simply attach the device to your bike using suction cups. Then connect the unit to your computer via USB cable. Finally, download the software provided by the manufacturer. This usually takes seconds.

Once installed, you can start monitoring your bike immediately. To do this, open the program and select "Track." From here, you can enter your location and set the parameters for your desired settings. Once done, press "Start" and watch the magic happen.

As mentioned earlier, some of these devices are designed for specific uses. Mountain bikes typically have larger wheels. This makes them harder to steal. Road bikes are generally smaller. This makes them easier to conceal.

Regardless of the model you choose, you'll probably want to invest in a quality product. After all, you could end up spending hundreds of dollars on a cheap device.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Bike Gps Tracker

If you've ever lost your bicycle, then you already know how frustrating it can be. You might have even considered buying a GPS tracking device to find your missing bicycle. A GPS tracking device can help you locate your bicycle if it gets stolen. This guide will show you exactly how to buy the best GPS tracking device for your needs.

Battery life. Battery life is one of the most important features to consider when purchasing a GPS tracking device. Make sure that the battery life is sufficient to cover the distance between charges. For example, if you plan to use your GPS tracking device every day, then you'll want a battery that provides up to 30 days worth of power. On the other hand, if you plan to use your GPS tracking device once a month, then you'll probably want a battery that provides about 10 days worth of power.

Display size. When looking for a GPS tracking device, make sure that the display is large enough to see where you are located. Ideally, the display should be larger than 4 inches by 6 inches so that you can easily read the map. Of course, you may prefer a smaller screen if you like things simple. Just keep in mind that a small screen makes it difficult to view maps and directions.

Storage capacity. Storage capacity refers to the amount of memory available on your GPS tracking device. Memory is used to save data such as maps, routes, and waypoints. The greater the storage capacity, the more data you can save. Keep in mind that the more data you save, the more expensive the GPS tracking device becomes.

Price. Price is another factor to consider when purchasing a GPS tracking device. There are many different types of GPS tracking devices available. Before making any purchase decisions, do your homework first. Read reviews online and talk to friends who own similar products. Then, compare price and features until you find something that works for you.

Features To Consider When Buying A Bike Gps Tracker

Bike theft has become a problem across the country. And while most bike thefts occur during daylight hours, there are still plenty of opportunities for thieves to steal your bicycle if you leave it unattended.

So how do you protect yourself? The first step is to lock your bike properly. Make sure the frame is locked using a sturdy U-lock or chain lock. Then, add a cable lock to secure the wheels. Finally, place a padlock through both locks to prevent anyone from stealing your bike.

Next, install a GPS tracking device onto your bike. This way, you'll know exactly where your bike is at all times. Plus, you'll be able to locate your bike even if it gets lost. There are many types of GPS devices available, including those that attach directly to your bike and others that clip onto your handlebars.

If you'd rather not spend money on a new GPS system, then check online to see if someone else already installed one on their bike.

Finally, take advantage of free services offered by local police departments. These programs allow citizens to report suspicious activity involving bicycles. By doing this, you may be able to catch a thief red-handed.

Different Types Of Bike Gps Tracker

Bike GPS Trackers are becoming increasingly popular among cyclists. These are small devices that attach to your bicycle and record its location every few seconds. They are useful for tracking your route, finding shortcuts, and keeping tabs on friends. Here are some of the top models currently on the market.

Garmin Edge 500. This model is the original bike GPS tracker. It was released in 2006 and remains one of the most popular units on the market. It features a large screen display and a built in speakerphone. It is compatible with Windows Mobile phones and Android devices.

Garmin Vivoactive HR. Released in 2012, this unit is Garmin’s latest attempt at creating a smartwatch style device. It works with iOS and Android smartphones and allows users to sync data between multiple devices. It offers a variety of fitness related functions including heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and calorie counting.

Tom Tom Runner. This model is a smaller version of the Garmin Edge series. It is less bulky than the larger Edge models and is therefore better suited for commuters. It connects to iPhones and Androids and tracks speed, distance, calories burned, and pace.

Strava. Strava is a social network dedicated to cycling. Users upload their rides and compete against each other to see how fast they can travel a given course. It is free to use and is compatible with iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone devices.

RidewithGPS. RidewithGPS is a web app that lets you connect your smartphone to your bike computer. It provides real time updates about your ride and helps you keep track of your progress. It is free to use and is compatible with iPhones, iPads, Android, and BlackBerry devices.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Bike Gps Tracker

What is a bike gps tracker?

A bike GPS tracker is a device that attaches to your bicycle and allows you to monitor its location at all times. A typical bike GPS tracker will have a screen where you can view your current location, along with information about how fast you're going and how far you've traveled.

Will my bike gps tracker interfere with my phone's battery life?

No, your phone's battery should last longer when paired with a bike GPS tracker than without one.

Should I Buy A Bike Gps Tracker?

If you want to know exactly where your bike is at every moment, then yes, you should buy a bike GPS tracker.

How Accurate Is A Bike Gps Tracker?

Most bike GPS trackers provide fairly accurate tracking. They tend to lose accuracy when traveling uphill or downhill, but this isn't too big of a problem.

Can I Use A Bike Gps Tracker Indoors?

Yes, you can use a bike GPS tracker inside. Most models allow you to turn off their GPS functionality when you enter certain indoor locations.

What Kind Of Batteries Does A Bike Gps Tracker Require?

Most bike GPS trackers use rechargeable lithium ion batteries. You'll need to charge them once per week.

Which Bike Gps Tracker Is Best?

That really depends on what features you value most. If you don't care about being able to locate your bike outdoors, then you probably won't like a model that requires charging every night. On the other hand, if you enjoy riding outside, then you'll appreciate a model that has a built-in compass.

Can I use a bike gps tracker while driving?

Yes, you can use a bike GPS tracker while driving. Many manufacturers offer models that are designed specifically for drivers.

Can I Use A Bike Gps Tracker While Swimming?

Yes, you can use a bike GPS tracker while swimming. Many models feature waterproofing technology.

Can I Use A Bike Gps Tracker While Hiking?

Yes, you can use a bike GPS tracker while hiking. Many models feature ruggedized designs.

Can I Use A Bike Gps Tracker While Camping?

Yes, you can use a bike GPS tracker while camping. Many models feature weatherproofing technology.

Can I Use A Bike Gps Tracker While Boating?

Yes, you can use a bike GPS tracker while boating. Many models feature watertight housings.

Can I Use A Bike Gps Tracker While Fishing?

Yes, you can use a bike GPS tracker while fishing. Many models feature fish-friendly housings.

Can I Use A Bike Gps Tracker While Skiing/Snowboarding?

Yes, you can use a bike GPS tracker while skiing/snowboarding. Many models feature snow-resistant housings.

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