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Bike Cargo Trailer

Bike trailers are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the convenience they bring. Instead of having to carry your bicycle around in your car, you can load it onto a trailer and transport it wherever you like. This means you can ride your bike anywhere you want, whenever you feel like it. But before you start loading your bike into your trailer, you first need to consider where you plan to store it. If you live in a small apartment, then you may not have room for a large trailer. Fortunately, there are several options available to fit almost any space.

A bike cargo trailer is a good solution for anyone who wants to enjoy cycling while saving space. It allows you to easily move your bike from place to place without needing to worry about carrying it yourself. Read our buyers guide to learn more about bike cargo trailers and how they work.

Folding Bike Cargo Trailer Cart with Seat Post Hitch - Black


The Folding Bike Cart is a must-have for any serious cyclist. This tough little trailer can carry up to 25 pounds of your bike, and features a seat post hitch that makes it easy to attach to your bicycle. It's also great for kids or adults who want to travel light. Made in the USA from high quality steel alloy, this cart will last for years to come.

Wandertec Bongo Bike Cargo Trailer Wheel, Size: 16""

The Wandertec Bongo Bike Cargo Trailer is perfect for carrying your bike to the office, or taking it on a trip with you. It features two large rear hooks and multiple smaller front ones, as well as four sturdy straps to keep your load secure and close to your body. Plus, it comes with a shock-absorbing pad to make the ride more comfortable for you. So why wait? Get your Wandertec Bongo Bike Cargo Trailer today!

Promo Pricing -Booyah’s Cargo Stroller and Bicycle Bike Trailer Suspension Beach Sport Cart

Booyah Strollers

Looking for an easy-to-use and stylish baby stroller? Check out the Booyah Cargo Stroller! This stroller features three wheels for easy steering, and it also acts as a luggage cart when you need it. The exterior dimensions are 32L x 43W x 40H, while the interior dimension is 27.5x21.5 x12.5H. There's also a side opening for easy access, and the stroller comes with a suspension, two bungee cords, a leash and the ability to lock the front wheel for easy steering. Plus, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So why wait? Get your Booyah Baby Stroller today!

Festnight Bike Cargo Trailer 51.2"x28.7"x19.7" Steel Black


Looking for a way to carry your belongings on your bicycle? Check out our Festnight Bike Cargo Trailer! With a maximum load capacity of 110.2 lbs, it's perfect for carrying everything from luggage to plants to tools. It also features a ball coupling system for easy attachment to the rear axle of your bike, and a hinged front and rear gate for easy access. Plus, the collapsible drawbar and collapsible side walls make this trailer a great space-saving option for transportation and storage. Assembly is quick and easy, so you'll be enjoying your new toy in no time!

Happae Bike Trailer Hitch Linker, Universal Bicycle Trailer Hitch Connector, Attachment Connector Steel Coupler Adapter for Child Pet Cargo Mountain Bike Trailers


Looking for an easy way to connect your bike to your truck or SUV? Check out the Happae Bike Trailer Hitch Linker! This handy device connects your bike to your vehicle in seconds, and you'll be able to easily add or remove your bike from your vehicle at any time. With a quick release lever, you'll also have easy access to your bike when moving your vehicle. So why wait? Get the Happae Bike Trailer Hitch Linker today!

Veelar Sports 70L Bike Cargo Trailer & Hand Cart 2 in 1 with Cover


If you're looking for a two-in-one solution that is both versatile and durable, the Veelaar Sports 70L Bike Cargo Trailer and Handcart are exactly what you need! This tough little cart is perfect for carrying everything you need while on the go, and it can even be used as a regular ol' bicycle trailer or a handy cart. The large capacity transport box is perfect for carrying all your stuff, and the patented rattle-free design makes for a much quieter ride. So why wait? Get your Veelaar Sports 70L Bike Cargo Trailer and Handcart today!

Bicycle Rear Racks Coupler Hitch Connector Attachment Angled Elbow for Instep & Schwinn Bike Trailers, Child, Cargo, Pet Bike Trailers Cycling Rear Carrier Mount Adapter Accessories Steel


If you're looking for a way to easily add or remove accessories from your bicycle, the SnowTing Rear Racks Coupler Hitch Connector is the perfect solution! This easy-to-use accessory allows you to attach or detach any type of accessory to your bike in seconds. With a 45-degree angle and quality construction, this rear rack connector is compatible with most types of bicycles and trailers. So don't wait any longer, get the SnowTing Bicycltourer Rear Racks today!

VOSAREA Universal Bike Trailer Hitch Quick Release Bike Trailer Coupler Adapter Attachment Steel Linker Connector for Kids Child Pet Cargo Bike Trailer


The VOSAREA Universal Bike Trailer Hitch is a reliable and easy-to-use bike trailer hitch that can be used on any type of bicycle. It features a quick release mechanism, so you can easily switch from one type of bicycle to another without ever having to unhook the receiver. Made of durable steel, this adapter will last for many years to come. Don't miss out - get your VOSAREA Universal Bike Trailer Hitch today!

ZiZZO Compact Folding Cargo Bike Trailer with a Free Tote Bag and a Free Large Shopping Bag


If you're in need of a compact, foldable, easy-to-transport bicycle trailer? Look no further than the ZiZZO Compact Folding Bicycle Trailer! With a large shopping bag and a tote bag included, this trailer is perfect for carrying everything you need while on the go. The quick hitch allows for easy installation and conversion, and the integrated wheel guards protect your precious cargo. The wide stand provides a stable base, and the extra handle can be extended for easier maneuvering. So don't wait any longer, order your ZiZZO Compact Folding Bicycle Trailer today!

Burley Design COHO XC, Single Wheel Cargo Bike Trailer, Yellow, one Size (935102)

Burley Design

The Burley Design Coho single wheeler is perfect for those who want a reliable and stylish cargo bike that won't break the bank! This tough little machine is built to last with a coil-spring suspension and a removable side panel for easy access and removal. It comes with all the necessary hardware for easy installation and hitching, and it's also height adjustable so you can find the perfect position for your trip.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Bike Cargo Trailer

Bike cargo trailers have become increasingly popular over recent years as more and more cyclists take their bikes on long journeys. These trailers allow you to carry everything you need while riding - whether it's camping gear, luggage, tools or even a spare tire. This article will help you decide what kind of bike cargo trailer is best for you.

What Is A Bike Cargo Trailer?

Bike cargo trailers are similar to regular car trailers but instead of carrying cars, these trailers carry bicycles. They are useful for transporting bikes because they are easy to load and unload, and they don't require any special equipment to operate. Bike cargo trailers come in many different sizes and styles. The most common style is a flatbed trailer, where the trailer has two sides that fold down to form a flat surface. This type of trailer is ideal if you want to transport multiple bikes at once. Another popular style is an enclosed trailer, which keeps all of the bikes inside while still allowing air circulation. These types of trailers are good for transporting only one or two bikes at a time.

Where Can I Buy A Bike Cargo Trailer?

You may even see some available at yard sales and flea markets. If you're looking for something specific, check out our selection of bike cargo trailers below!

Who Needs A Bike Cargo Trailer?

Bike cargo trailers are becoming increasingly popular. They're perfect for transporting bikes safely and securely. But, before you purchase one, you should know how to use it properly.

The most common types of bike cargo trailers are designed to carry two bicycles side-by-side. However, you can also buy cargo trailers that hold three or four bikes. These models are ideal for families with multiple bikes. They're also useful for moving large items such as surfboards and kayaks.

Before purchasing a bike cargo trailer, think carefully about where you plan to transport your bikes. Will you be using public transportation? How far do you live from your destination? What kind of terrain does your route take?

Once you know these things, you can decide whether a bike cargo trailer is right for you. Some models are made specifically for city streets while others are built for rural roads. Others are suitable for both urban and rural routes. Still other models are designed for off-road riding.

When choosing a model, look for features that will protect your bikes during transit. Look for locks that are strong enough to withstand rough road conditions. Also, check the tires to ensure they're rugged enough to handle uneven surfaces. Finally, look for a hitch that allows you to attach a tow vehicle easily.

Finally, make sure you read the owner's manual thoroughly. Most owners manuals contain instructions on how to load and unload your bikes. Make sure you follow these directions closely.

With proper preparation, you can move your bikes safely and efficiently. Once you start using your new bike cargo trailer, you'll wonder why you didn't invest in one sooner.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Bike Cargo Trailer

Bike cargo trailers have become increasingly popular among cyclists who want to transport their bikes safely and securely. There are many reasons why people use bike cargo trailers. For example, they provide a convenient way to move large amounts of bicycles quickly and easily. They also offer protection against theft and damage. When used properly, bike cargo trailers can even increase safety by preventing accidents. So if you're looking for a safe and secure way to transport your bike, then a bike cargo trailer may be just what you need.

Before buying a bike cargo trailer, however, it's important to understand how they work so that you can determine whether one is best suited for your needs. A bike cargo trailer works like any other trailer. You attach it to the rear of your bicycle and tow it behind you. Once attached, the bike cargo trailer acts as a platform for carrying your bike. This means that you can load your bike onto the trailer and ride off without having to lift it up. Of course, you'll need to remove the wheels first. Then, you simply unhook the trailer from the bike and let go. Finally, you should lock the trailer to prevent anyone from stealing it.

If you plan to use your bike cargo trailer often, then it's important to buy a model that offers plenty of storage space. Storage capacity is especially important because you won't want to keep everything you need to carry on the trail stored inside the trailer. Instead, you'll probably want to pack light. After all, you'll be hauling your bike along with you wherever you go. Thus, it makes sense to limit the amount of stuff you bring along. Fortunately, most bike cargo trailers come equipped with ample storage space. And if yours doesn't, then you can add additional shelves or racks to expand the available space.

Another thing to think about is the size of the trailer itself. Larger models tend to be heavier. This isn't necessarily bad, but it could pose a problem if you're planning to haul a heavy load. On the other hand, smaller models might not hold as much weight.

Features To Consider When Buying A Bike Cargo Trailer

Storage space. The more storage space you have, the easier it will be to store items inside your bike trailer. But if you only have limited room, you may want to think about purchasing a smaller model. Smaller models tend to hold less weight than larger ones.

Weight capacity. Most bike cargo trailers weigh between 50 pounds and 100 pounds. This means they can carry loads weighing anywhere from 50 pounds to 100 pounds. However, there are many other factors that affect how heavy a load can actually be. These factors include the type of material being transported, the number of passengers riding in the trailer, and the amount of time spent transporting the item.

Trailer stability. While most bike cargo trailers are stable enough to transport bikes, they may not be able to handle large amounts of weight. Make sure you check the manufacturer's specifications to determine if the trailer has adequate strength to safely transport heavier loads.

Accessories. Many bike cargo trailers come equipped with accessories such as racks, tie downs, and ramps. Some even feature a hitch receiver that allows you to attach them to your vehicle.

Safety features. In addition to meeting CPSC guidelines, you'll want to ensure the trailer complies with local laws regarding child restraint systems. Check the owner's manual for specific information.

Bike compatibility. Before you purchase a bike cargo trailer, make sure it fits your needs. Are you planning to transport multiple bicycles? Do you plan to haul bulky items such as skis or snowboards? How do you plan to secure your bikes? Will you be using the trailer year round or just during certain seasons?

Cost. Like anything else, price is important when shopping for a bike cargo trailer. Be sure to compare pricing on different models and manufacturers. Shipping fees can add hundreds of dollars to the overall cost of your purchase.

Different Types Of Bike Cargo Trailer

Bike cargo trailers are becoming increasingly popular among cyclists. Bike Cargo Trailers are essentially large boxes that attach to your bike frame and hold everything you need to transport. They range in size from small boxes that fit under a seat to full sized boxes that can hold up to 50 pounds of gear. Here are three different styles of bike cargo trailers that you might consider.

Box Trailers. Box trailers are the smallest style of bike cargo trailer. These are simply a box attached to your bike frame. Bike Cargo Trailers are inexpensive and easy to use. Bike Cargo Trailers are also lightweight and compact. Bike Cargo Trailers are suitable for carrying smaller items like clothing and shoes. They are not recommended for transporting larger objects like bikes.

Truck Trailers. Truck trailers are slightly bigger than box trailers. Bike Cargo Trailers are designed to hold bicycles and other equipment. Bike Cargo Trailers are heavier and bulkier than box trailers. These are also more stable and durable. These are therefore better suited for transporting bikes and other heavy loads. They are also cheaper than box trailers.

Carriage Trailers. Carriage trailers are the largest style of bike cargo trailer. Bike Cargo Trailers are designed to hold multiple bicycles and other equipment. They are also very sturdy and strong. They are also quite bulky and heavy. Bike Cargo Trailers are therefore best suited for transporting large amounts of equipment. These are also more expensive than box trailers.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Bike Cargo Trailer

What is a bike cargo trailer?

A bike cargo trailer is a type of bicycle trailer designed specifically for carrying bicycles. They are often referred to as bike racks, bike carriers, or bike trailers.

What Types Of Bikes Can I Use My Bike Cargo Trailer With?

You can use your bike cargo trailer with almost any kind of bicycle. Most bike cargo trailers have hooks that will allow you to attach your bike to the trailer. If your bike has fenders, then you should make sure they don't interfere with the hook when attaching your bike to the trailer.

Does A Bike Cargo Trailer Require Special Training?

No, most bike cargo trailers are easy to operate. All you need to know how to do is put your bike into gear and pull forward.

How Much Weight Can I Carry With My Bike Cargo Trailer?

Most bike cargo trailers will accommodate between 10-20 pounds of additional weight. That means that you could take two 20 pound bags of groceries with you on your bike cargo trailer.

Will My Bike Cargo Trailer Get Damaged If I Ride Too Fast?

Bike cargo trailers are built to withstand a lot of abuse. Even though they look like regular trailers, they are actually more durable than regular trailers. So, no matter what speed you go at, you shouldn't worry about damaging your bike cargo trailer.

Can I Drive My Car With My Bike Cargo Trailer Attached?

If you want to drive your car with your bike cargo trailer attached, then you'll need to check with your local laws first. Many states prohibit drivers from transporting their cars with bike cargo trailers attached.

Can I Tow My Car With My Bike Cargo Trailer?

Some bike cargo trailers are equipped with wheels that will allow you to tow your car with them. These kinds of bike cargo trailers are sometimes known as automobile trailers.

Can I Hitch My Bike Cargo Trailer To Another Vehicle?

Many bike cargo trailers are designed to connect directly to the rear bumper of your car. But, you can also buy adapters that will allow you to connect your bike cargo trailer to the back of another vehicle.

Can I Use My Bike Cargo Trailer Without Having To Unhitch My Bike?

Yes, you can use your bike cargo trailer without having to unhitch your bike. Simply disconnect the bike from the trailer and then reattach it to the trailer once you're ready to leave.

Can I Use My Bike Cargo Trailer With A Motorcycle?

Yes, you can use your bike cargo trailer with a motorcycle. Just remember to unhook your bike from the trailer before driving off.

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