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Big Lantern

Big Lantern is a San Francisco based brand founded by designer Michael Kors. Big Lantern creates unique handbags that are inspired by vintage designs. Each bag is constructed using rich fabrics such as suede, silk and cotton twill. The bags are then finished off with luxurious details like gold hardware and signature red lining.

While the name may sound familiar, Big Lantern isn't actually related to Michael Kors' other brands. It's named after his grandmother's nickname for him. He says she called him "big lantern" because he was so tall and skinny.

Read our buyers guide to learn more about Big Lantern and how to shop for the perfect bag!

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Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Big Lantern

A lantern is a great addition to any room. They provide light without using electricity, making them ideal for camping trips and other outdoor activities. However, they also make wonderful additions to homes as well. If you have been searching for the best lanterns available, then keep reading to discover what makes each type of lantern unique and why you might want to invest in one.

What Is A Big Lantern?

Big lanterns are large versions of the traditional Chinese lanterns that people light up at festivals and celebrations. Big lanterns come in many shapes and sizes, but most commonly they are round and made of paper or bamboo. They are lit using candles or electric lights, and sometimes even fireworks! Lanterns are traditionally hung outside during special occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and New Year's Eve. The tradition dates back hundreds of years, and has been passed down through generations.

Where Can I Buy A Big Lantern?

You can find big lanterns for sale at stores all over San Francisco. You'll see them hanging in front windows, on street corners, and inside shops. If you want to make your own lantern, check out our tutorial here.

Who Needs A Big Lantern?

Lanterns are useful tools for outdoor activities. Whether you use one to light your path home after dark or carry one around during a hike, lanterns are handy devices. But did you know that lanterns aren't only useful for nighttime adventures?

In addition to lighting your way, lanterns can be used for cooking, reading, and other tasks. Lanterns come in various sizes and shapes. Some are designed specifically for camping trips while others are made for indoor use. Regardless of size, most lanterns feature a glass lens through which you can see inside. This makes it possible to read books, watch movies, or do any number of things.

The best part is that lanterns are relatively inexpensive. You can easily find them online or in stores near you. So, whether you plan to take a walk outside or sit down to read indoors, a lantern could be the perfect tool for your next adventure.

But before you head outdoors, check the weather forecast. Many lanterns require direct sunlight to operate properly. So, if you plan to use yours outside, make sure that the skies are clear. Otherwise, you risk getting burned.

Also, be aware of local laws regarding fire safety. Most states prohibit using open flames within city limits. So, if you live in a rural area, you might want to avoid using a lantern. Instead, opt for battery powered lights.

Finally, think about how you intend to use your lantern. Will you be carrying it around for long periods of time? Or will you be using it occasionally? If you plan to use it frequently, look for a model that has a sturdy frame. Also, make sure that the lamp works efficiently. Check the manufacturer's instructions carefully.

Remember, lanterns are versatile. Use one to light your way after dark or to cook dinner. Then, use it again to read a book or watch a movie. No matter what you decide to do, you'll love the convenience of owning a lantern.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Big Lantern

If you want to enjoy a delicious meal outside, then you should definitely invest in a quality lantern. A lantern provides you with light so you can see where you're going, and it keeps you warm if it gets cold out. You'll find many different types of lanterns available, including candle lanterns, battery operated lanterns, and even solar powered lanterns. There are several things to keep in mind when selecting a lantern.

Look for a lantern that offers plenty of lighting power. Lanterns come in varying sizes, ranging from small lanterns that provide just a few hours of light to large lanterns that offer up to 12 hours of light. Make sure that the size of the lantern matches the amount of space you have available. For example, if you plan on taking a lantern camping, you may want to purchase a larger lantern rather than one that is smaller.

Consider how durable the lantern is. When looking for a lantern, you'll want to think about whether or not it's weatherproof. This means that the lantern needs to withstand rain, snow, sleet, and other harsh elements. If you live somewhere like Alaska, you'll probably want to purchase a lantern that is designed specifically for use outdoors. On the flip side, if you live in California, you might prefer a lantern that is waterproofed against humidity.

Think about how easy it is to operate the lantern. Is it difficult to turn on? Does it take batteries? Do you have to wind a clock mechanism? These questions will help you determine whether or not the lantern is user-friendly.

Make sure that the lantern is safe. Check to ensure that the lantern doesn't pose any safety hazards. Are there sharp edges? Can children easily access the lantern? What happens if the lantern catches fire? All of these factors should be considered when buying a lantern.

When you're ready to buy a lantern, make sure that you do your research. Read reviews online to learn more about the lantern. Ask friends and family members who they recommend. And most importantly, try the lantern out before making a final decision.

Size matters. The bigger the lantern, the more light it will produce. But if you're looking for a large lantern, you may want to think twice about how many lights you really need. Too many lights can cause glare and create shadows. And they take up space.

Lighting options. Many lanterns come equipped with multiple lighting options. This means you can adjust the brightness of each bulb individually. Some lanterns even allow you to dim them down while others let you turn off the bulbs completely.

Safety features. Safety is important when using a lantern. Make sure the lantern has safety features such as a childproof lid and a low voltage switch. These prevent children from turning on the lantern and accidentally setting themselves on fire.

Ease of operation. Some are tall and skinny, while others are short and wide. Before purchasing, make sure the lantern you select fits into your decor. If you plan to hang it somewhere where it will be visible, make sure it's the right size.

Different Types Of Big Lantern

Big Lanterns are becoming increasingly popular among tourists visiting San Francisco. They offer a fun alternative to traditional street food vendors. Big Lanterns are essentially large containers filled with delicious snacks. They are usually placed near tourist attractions and public transportation hubs. Big Lanterns are perfect for travelers who don't want to spend hours searching for something tasty to eat.

There are two main categories of Big Lanterns. One category consists of small lanterns that are meant to be carried by hand. These lanterns are usually smaller than 10 inches tall and weigh less than 5 pounds. They are perfect for those who want to bring a snack with them wherever they go.

The second category includes larger lanterns that are meant to be hung up somewhere. These lanterns are usually taller than 10 inches and weigh between 6 and 12 pounds. Big Lanterns are perfect for those who want to hang their lanterns outside their hotel room or apartment.

If you're planning on bringing a Big Lantern to San Francisco, keep reading below to learn about some of the top places to visit.

San Francisco's Chinatown. Located in the heart of downtown, San Francisco's Chinatown offers visitors a variety of authentic Chinese dishes. Visitors can choose from dim sum, dumplings, noodles, and fried rice. For dessert, they can sample sweet treats like moon cakes and tarts.

Chinatown is located right next to Union Square. It is easily accessible by BART train and bus. To reach Chinatown, simply exit the station and head towards Powell Street. Turn left on Grant Avenue and walk until you see the sign for Chinatown.

Union Square. Located in the center of downtown, Union Square is home to numerous shops, cafes, and restaurants. It is also the location of Macy's flagship department store. When traveling through Union Square, remember to look for the red "M" flag hanging above the entrance. This indicates that Macy's is open.

Fisherman's Wharf. Fisherman's Wharf is located on the waterfront in San Francisco. It is known for its seafood restaurants and souvenir shops. A trip down the wharf is a great way to experience the city's history.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Big Lantern

What is a big lantern?

A big lantern is a type of restaurant located in the heart of downtown San Francisco's Chinatown neighborhood. They specialize in Chinese cuisine and serve traditional dishes like dim sum, dumplings, noodles, rice porridge, and more.

Where Did The Name "Big Lantern" Come From?

Big Lantern was named after its location at the corner of 16th Street and Mission Street. There were once two smaller lanterns located here, but they have since been removed.

When Was Big Lantern First Opened?

Big Lantern was founded in 1994. It has been serving delicious food ever since then.

Who Owns Big Lantern?

Big Lantern is owned by Chef/Owner David Chang. He started working at Big Lantern when he was 18 years old.

What Kind Of Food Does Big Lantern Serve?

At Big Lantern, we offer classic Chinese comfort foods like steamed buns, fried rice, and dumplings. We also have specialties like our famous pork belly dumpling soup and sweet-and-spicy chicken wings.

What Makes Big Lantern Unique?

We use fresh ingredients whenever possible. Our menu changes daily based on what looks good at the market. And we always make sure to keep our prices affordable!

What should I order at Big Lantern?

You'll want to start off with our signature appetizer, the Big Lantern Dumplings. These dumplings are filled with ground beef, pork, shrimp, scallops, and veggies. Then try our Pork Belly Dumplings, Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wings, Fried Rice, Steamed Bun, or Noodle Soup.

What Types Of Drinks Does Big Lantern Serve?

Our drink list includes everything from tea to beer to cocktails. If you're looking for something refreshing, try our House Specialty Lemonade.

What Is Your Most Popular Dish?

Our most popular dish is probably our Fried Rice. People love this dish because it's easy to eat and tastes great.

What Is Your Favorite Item On The Menu?

I really enjoy our house specialty, the Big Lantern Dumplings. They're stuffed with meat, vegetables, and seafood. Plus, they look super cute!

What Is Your Best Advice For New Diners?

If you've never eaten at a Chinese restaurant before, go with your gut instinct. Trust us, you won't regret it.

Do You Have Any Tips For Dining Out In San Francisco?

Don't forget to check out all of our locations around town. We have three other locations: 1701 Market St., 921 Folsom St., and 805 Valencia St.

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