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Bicycle Covers

Bicycles are a popular mode of transportation throughout the world. But, like anything else, bikes can be damaged through exposure to the elements. That’s where bicycle covers come into play. Bicycle covers protect your bike against dirt, dust, mud and other debris. This helps prevent damage to your frame and components. It also keeps your bike clean and free of germs.

Bicycle covers are easy to install and remove. Simply slip them onto your bike before riding off and then pull them back off once you arrive at your destination. If you live somewhere with heavy snowfall, consider purchasing a cover that includes a windshield. This prevents ice buildup on your handlebars and allows you to ride safely while keeping your eyes protected.

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Frequently Asked Questions About: Bicycle Covers

What are bicycle covers?

Bicycle covers are pieces of cloth that protect your bicycle's frame from scratches and dings. They're often sold at sporting goods stores, but they can also be found online.

Where Can I Get Bicycle Covers?

You can buy bicycle covers at most sporting goods stores. Many bicycle shops sell their own brand of bicycle covers. If you don't have access to a bicycle shop, you can order bicycle covers online.

What Types Of Bicycle Covers Exist?

There are two main categories of bicycle covers: full body covers and partial covers. Full body covers completely wrap around your entire bicycle. Partial covers leave part of the bicycle exposed. Most bicycle covers are designed to go over the front wheel, rear tire, seat post, handlebars, and pedals.

Which Bicycle Covers Are Best?

Full body bicycle covers tend to be more expensive than partial covers. However, they offer better protection against dirt and grime.

What Size Should My Bicycle Cover Be?

Most bicycle covers are sized according to how much space you want to leave open.

What Kind Of Materials Are Bicycle Covers Made Out Of?

Many bicycle covers are made out of cotton. Cotton offers good breathability, making it ideal for riding outside. But cotton tends to absorb moisture, causing it to shrink when left damp.

Does A Bicycle Cover Make Me Look Like A Cyclist?

No. Bicycle covers aren't meant to make you look cool. Instead, they're simply a way to keep your bicycle looking clean and new.

Will A Bicycle Cover Ruin My Paint Job?

If you use clear coat, no. Clear coats are water resistant, meaning they won't rub off easily. And even if they do, you can always repaint.

Some people think that bicycle covers are dangerous. That's because they can trap debris under the cover, potentially damaging your bicycle. However, bicycle covers are generally safe. Even if they do catch something, they'll likely fall off quickly.

Rust doesn't necessarily mean that your bicycle needs to be fixed. Rust is caused by corrosion, which occurs when metal reacts with oxygen and moisture. So, if you live somewhere humid, then you could have rust issues. However, if you take care of your bicycle, then you shouldn't have too many problems.

Will A Bicycle Cover Scratch My Bicycle?

A bicycle cover isn't going to scratch your bicycle. Scratches happen all the time, regardless of whether you ride with a bicycle cover or not. What matters is what you do after the scratch happens. If you wipe away the dust and dirt, then the scratch probably won't show.

What Is The Difference Between A Bicycle Cover And A Mud Guard?

Mud guards are similar to bicycle covers, except they're smaller. Mud guards are often placed along the sides of your bicycle, protecting your tires and rims from rocks and gravel.

What Is The Difference Between A Bicycle Cover And A Chain Guard?

Chain guards are another type of bicycle accessory. Chain guards are similar to mud guards, except they're designed specifically to protect your drivetrain components. Like mud guards, chain guards are usually located along the side of your bicycle.

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