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Bestway Pool Pump

Bestway Pool Pumps are the leading manufacturer of swimming pools pumps in Australia. They produce quality products that meet Australian standards and are backed by a comprehensive warranty. If you’re searching for a reliable pool pump, then check out the range of Bestway Pool Pumps.

Bestway Pool Pumps are well respected throughout Australia and beyond. This reputation is based on their excellent customer service, competitive pricing and outstanding product performance. Bestway Pool Pumps are committed to providing customers with the highest standard of customer service possible. For instance, they offer free shipping and installation services, so you won't have to worry about paying for delivery charges.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Bestway Pool Pump, then read our buyers guide to learn more about the benefits of buying a Bestway Pool Pump.

Buyer's Guide

How to choose the best bestway pool pump

What Is The Purpose Of Pool Pump?

The purpose of a swimming pool pump is to circulate water throughout the pool. There are two types of pumps available; electric and mechanical. Electric pumps are powered by electricity and run continuously while mechanical pumps require manual operation. Both types of pumps are designed to provide adequate circulation of water within the pool.

How Does A Bestway Pool Pump Work?

Bestway pool pumps are designed to be installed directly into the pool itself. Once the pump has been connected to the electrical outlet it automatically starts circulating water around the pool. The motor runs constantly drawing water from the bottom of the pool and pushing it back towards the top. As the water rises it passes through filters which remove impurities and dirt particles.

Benefits of Using A Bestway Pool Pump

There are many benefits associated with using a bestway pool pump. Firstly there is no need to manually operate the pump. Instead the pump operates automatically providing continuous circulation of water throughout the entire pool. In addition bestway pool pumps are very efficient because they draw only enough water to maintain the required level of circulation.

Advantages Over Other Types Of Pumps

Other types of pumps include submersible pumps and centrifugal pumps. Submersible pumps are placed inside the pool and rely on gravity to push water upwards. Centrifugal pumps are driven by motors and pull water downwards. Bestway pool pumps are different because they are located outside the pool and are powered by electricity.

Disadvantages of Using A Bestway Pool Pump

Although bestway pool pumps are extremely reliable they are not suitable for all pools. For example bestway pool pumps cannot handle large amounts of water flow. Also bestway pool pumps are not recommended for saltwater pools due to corrosion issues.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Best Way Pool Pump

Purchasing a high-quality pool pump is important because it will last for many years. There are several different types of pumps available today each designed for specific purposes. For example there are submersible pumps which are ideal for swimming pools while above ground models are suitable for spas and hot tubs. Some models are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Types of Pumps Available Today

There are two main categories of pool pumps - submersible and above ground. Submersible pumps are typically installed inside the pool itself where they draw water into the unit via a suction hose connected to the intake valve. Above ground pumps are placed outside the pool and pull water in through a discharge pipe. Both types of pumps require electricity to operate.

Submersible vs Above Ground Models

Most homeowners opt for a submersible pump due to its durability and ease of installation. However these units are generally smaller and quieter than above ground models. Because of this they're recommended only for small residential pools. In addition most submersible pumps cannot be operated manually. Instead they must be turned on and off using a timer switch.

Above Ground Models

These pumps are commonly found in commercial settings although they are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who wish to install one themselves. Unlike submersible pumps above ground models are powered by electricity and can be controlled manually. Most of these pumps include a motor impeller shaft and bearings.

How To Choose A High-Quality Model

Check the warranty period. Make sure the manufacturer offers a long warranty period.

Look for a quiet operation. Noise levels should be kept low during normal usage.

Consider the type of power source required. Do you plan to run the pump 24 hours per day seven days a week?

Features To Look For When Buying A Bestway Pool Pump!

Buying a pool pump is no easy task. There are many different types of pumps available today. Some are designed specifically for swimming pools while others are meant for spas and hot tubs. The type of pump you need depends on several factors including the size of your pool its depth and whether you plan on using chemicals to maintain water clarity.

How Do You Know Which Type Of Pool Pumps Are Right For You?

The most important thing to remember when choosing a pump is that there are two main categories of pool pumps - submersible and above ground. Submersible pumps are typically installed directly into the bottom of the pool. Above-ground pumps are placed outside the pool and connected via hoses to the pool itself. Both types of pumps require electricity to operate.

Submersible vs Above Ground Pumps

There are pros and cons associated with each category. Below-ground pumps are generally easier to install because they're already built into the pool. However these pumps are limited in terms of power output and efficiency. In addition they must be submerged completely in the pool which makes maintenance difficult.

Above-ground pumps are more powerful and efficient than submersible pumps. However they take up more room and are harder to install. Because they're located outside the pool they require additional plumbing connections to connect to the pool.

Which One Is Better For My Needs?

It really comes down to personal preference. Most homeowners who own both a spa and a pool will opt for an above-ground pump since they provide greater convenience and flexibility.

Are There Any Other Factors To Consider?

Another factor to consider is the warranty period. Many manufacturers offer warranties ranging from 1 to 5 years. Make sure you understand exactly what the manufacturer covers and what isn't covered. Also check to see if the company offers extended service contracts.

Is It Worth Paying More For An Extended Warranty?

Different Types of Bestway Pool Pumps

There are many different types of bestway pumps available today. The type of pump you select depends on the application and the amount of water pressure required. There are two main categories of bestway pumps - submersible and above-ground. Submersible pumps are typically installed directly into the pool itself while above-ground pumps are mounted outside the pool. Both types of pumps require electricity to operate.

Submersible vs Above Ground

The most common type of bestway pump is the submersible pump. This type of pump has been around since the early 1900s. In fact the original design was patented by George W. Perkins in 1903. He called his invention "the self-contained electric motor driven centrifugal pump." Today there are several manufacturers who produce these pumps. Some of the popular brands include Hayward Aquamax Kichler Coleman Kohler Pentair and others.

Above ground pumps are generally considered to be more reliable because they are located away from the pool. However they are also more costly due to the additional materials needed to build the structure. Most of the above ground pumps are powered by either gas or electrical motors.

How Do You Choose Which Type Is Right For You?

Before purchasing a bestway pump you must determine which type of pump is right for your needs. Below are some factors to consider when choosing between a submersible and an above-ground pump.


One of the biggest differences between the two types of pumps is cost. An above-ground pump costs significantly more than a submersible pump.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Bestway Pool Pump

What is a pool pump?

A pool pump is a device that moves water through your swimming pool. A typical pool pump has two parts: a motor and a mechanical part known as a pump head.

Where Does My Pool Pump Go?

Your pool pump goes into your pool's plumbing system. Your pool pump attaches directly to your pool's main drain line. If you have a spa, then your pool pump will attach to its own separate drainage line.

Does My Pool Pump Move Water Around Inside My Pool?

No. Your pool pump pushes water out of your pool, but doesn't pull water back into your pool. Instead, your pool's filtration system pulls water through your pool's filter and removes dirt and debris from the water.

What Is A Pool Filter?

A pool filter is a device that sits at the bottom of your pool. Pool filters collect dirt and debris from your pool's water and keep them from clogging your pool's pipes. Most pools use sand filters, although some pools use cartridge filters instead.

What Is A Pool Vacuum?

Pool vacuums are devices that suck water out of your pool. They're often powered by electricity or battery power.

What Is A Pool Heater?

A pool heater warms your pool water. Heaters are most commonly found in spas and hot tubs.

What Is A Pool Skimmer?

A pool skimmer collects leaves and debris from your pool's surface. Skimmers are attached to the side of your pool.

What Is A Pool Light?

A pool light illuminates your pool area. Pool lights are available in various colors and styles.

What Is A Pool Ladder?

A pool ladder allows swimmers to get into and out of their pool without having to climb onto the deck.

What Is A Pool Cover?

A pool cover protects your pool from rain and snow. Many covers are removable, making them easy to clean.

What Is A Pool Fence?

A pool fence keeps animals away from your pool. Fences are generally made of wood or vinyl.

What Is A Pool Net?

A pool net helps protect your pool from falling objects. Nets are usually made of mesh or plastic.

What Is A Pool Liner?

A pool liner is a waterproof layer that surrounds your pool. Liners are usually made of rubber, PVC, or polyethylene.

What Is A Pool Pump Test Kit?

A pool pump test kit checks whether your pool pump is working correctly. Kits include a pressure gauge, a float switch, and a hose.

What Is A Pool Thermometer?

A pool thermometer measures how warm your pool water is. Thermometers are available in various shapes and sizes.

What Is A Pool Vacuum Cleaner?

A pool vacuum cleaner sucks water out of your pool. Vacuum cleaners are available in various types and sizes.

What Is A Pool Vacuum Hose?

A pool vacuum hose connects your pool vacuum cleaner to your pool's plumbing system. Hoses vary in size and shape depending on what type of vacuum cleaner they connect to.

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