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Behold The Pale Horse Book

Behold the Pale Horse is a Christian apocalyptic prophecy written by William Miller (1810–44) in 1843. It predicted the end of the world would occur in September 1844. Miller claimed he received his vision while praying alone in a New York City church. He wrote the text in response to a series of visions he experienced between October 1842 and April 1843. His predictions included the destruction of Jerusalem, the Second Coming of Christ, and the appearance of "a man clothed in white" riding a white horse.

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Summary & Study Guide Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper

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Behold a Pale Horse

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Behold a Pale Horse

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Behold a Pale Horse: World Depopulation

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Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Behold The Pale Horse Book

This is a great book by William Cooper, who was a British artist and engraver. The book contains his drawings of horses, and they were made using a technique called mezzotint. Mezzotint is a method of painting where the image is created by applying layers of ink over a previously painted surface. This gives the appearance of depth and texture to the work, but also makes it more durable than other methods such as etching.

What Is A Behold The Pale Horse Book?

It tells the story of how Jesus Christ rode into Jerusalem on a white horse at the time of his crucifixion. This book has been reprinted several times since its first publication, most recently in 1998.

Why Should I Read This Book?

This book is an interesting look at what life would have been like if Jesus had not died for our sins. You may find yourself thinking about some of the events described in the Bible differently after reading this book. If you want to learn more about Christianity, this book is a good starting point.

Who Needs A Behold The Pale Horse Book?

One sign that the prophesied time has arrived is that Satan has been given permission to deceive the nations through false prophets. These deceivers claim to speak for God but actually lead people astray. They teach lies and pervert the truth. Their goal is to destroy the church and take over the world.

But before these things happen, there will be signs in the heavens. One of these signs is the appearance of a dark red comet. Another is the appearance of a white horse whose rider is called Death. He rides a black steed and holds a scythe in one hand and a crown of thorns in the other. His mission is to gather the kings of the earth and bring them to Jerusalem to meet Jesus Christ.

This event is known as the Great Tribulation. It will last seven years and end with the return of Jesus Christ. During this period, Christians must endure persecution, famine, war, earthquakes, and plagues. Many believers will die during this time.

When the Great Tribulation begins, the Antichrist will appear. He will rule the world for three and a half years. Then he will be killed by another man named Michael the Archangel. Afterward, Satan will rise again and attempt to deceive the entire world. At this point, only 144, 000 Jews will survive the tribulation. They will escape to heaven where they will live forever.

After the Great Tribulation ends, Satan will once again be released from prison. He will begin to deceive the nations until the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. When this happens, Satan will be cast into hell where he will remain eternally. Finally, after two thousand years, Jesus Christ will return to Earth and set up his kingdom. All unbelievers will be destroyed and resurrected saints will reign with him for eternity.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Behold The Pale Horse Book

Reading books gives us knowledge and inspiration. Books teach us about history, science, religion, philosophy, politics, culture, art, literature, and so much more. They also provide great entertainment. So if you want to learn something new, pick up a book! I'm going to share with you five reasons why you should purchase a quality book instead of just picking one up off the shelf.

When you buy a book, you're investing in education. A book teaches you something new. Whether you're learning about history, science, religion, philosophy, politics, culture, or anything else, you'll find something new every single time you open a book. For example, I love William Cooper's "Behold the Pale Horse." He wrote several books including "Behold the Pale Horse" and "The Testimony of One Eighty-Five Years". His books are filled with amazing stories and historical facts. Plus, he shares his personal testimony of God's grace through Jesus Christ. These two books alone would be worth the price of admission!

There's nothing better than sitting down with a good book and having fun. Sure, you could watch TV, play video games, go online, etc., but nothing beats sitting down with a good book. And who doesn't like to laugh? Laughter is contagious. If you're laughing along with me, then you'll probably enjoy a good book even more.

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Features To Consider When Buying A Behold The Pale Horse Book

Author. He wrote several books about his experiences with alcohol addiction. His first book, Behold the Pale Horse, tells the story of how he overcame alcoholism.

Format. This book has been published in paperback format. While many books are available only in hardcover, this book is available in both formats.

Audience. This book is written specifically for adults who struggle with alcohol abuse issues. However, anyone interested in overcoming their own addictions could learn something from reading this book.

Content. This book contains information about the history of alcoholism, its causes, and treatment options. In addition, it provides advice on how to overcome alcoholism. Finally, it gives readers tips on staying sober.

Style. This book uses a conversational tone. It doesn't read like a textbook. Instead, it reads more like a conversation between two friends. As such, it's easier to understand than other books that use technical language.

Value. This book isn't expensive. That makes it affordable for everyone. And if you do decide to buy it, you'll be able to share the cost with someone else.

Recommendation. I recommend this book to anyone struggling with alcoholism. Even though it's written for adults, it's still very readable. Anyone who struggles with alcohol addiction would enjoy learning about the history of alcoholism, its causes, and treatment options. They'd also appreciate the practical advice provided in this book.

Different Types Of Behold The Pale Horse Book

The Pale Horse by William Cooper was published in 1835. He wrote about his experiences with the devil and how he came to know him. His story is told through letters written to his wife. The book became a bestseller and inspired many other writers including Edgar Allen Poe and Mark Twain. Cooper’s book was originally called “Behold the Man! It was later changed to “The Pale Horse” due to copyright issues.

“He appeared to me in the shape of a man; tall, thin, emaciated, and pallid, with long hair hanging down upon his shoulders, and a beard reaching nearly to his waist. I could see nothing else of his person excepting his eyes, which were large, black, and glittering, and seemed fixed upon mine with a look of malignant triumph.

This description sounds quite similar to what Satan looks like in the movie “Beowulf”. Cooper goes on to describe the Devil as having horns and a tail. He says that the Devil had a voice that sounded like thunder and spoke in tongues. He also said that the Devil had a mark on his forehead that looked like a cross.

In the book, Cooper talks about how he saw the Devil sitting next to him on a chair. He asked the Devil why he was doing this and the Devil replied that he wanted to tempt him. Cooper refused to go with the Devil and instead went home. When he got home, he began writing the book.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Behold The Pale Horse Book

What is this book about?

Behold the Pale Horse is a collection of short stories written by William Cooper, a man who was born into slavery but eventually escaped to freedom. He wrote his story after he had been freed and became a preacher. His writings were first published in 1853, and they have since gone through multiple editions.

Who Is William Cooper?

William Cooper was born into slavery in 1790. As a child, he worked at a plantation owned by John C. Calhoun, a politician who would later go on to serve as vice president under Andrew Jackson. After being sold away from his family, Cooper spent most of his life working on plantations near Charleston, South Carolina. While living on one of those plantations, Cooper met a woman named Sarah Parker. They married in 1822, and she gave birth to their son, Milton, in 1824. Cooper's wife died shortly thereafter, leaving him to raise Milton alone.

Where Did Cooper Get The Idea For This Book?

Cooper began writing Behold the Pale Horse when he was around 30 years old. He originally planned to publish it himself, but he couldn't afford to print it. Instead, he decided to sell copies of the book door-to-door. When he started selling copies of the book, he realized that he could make more money by publishing it himself. He printed 1, 000 copies of the book and distributed them throughout the United States. By doing so, he earned enough money to buy back all of his slaves.

Did Cooper Write Anything Else Besides Behold The Pale Horse?

No, Cooper never wrote another book. However, he did write two poems during his lifetime. One poem was titled "The Last Song, " and the other was titled "A Prayer Before Dying." Both of these poems were included in Behold the Pale Horse.

Was Cooper Ever Arrested For Writing Behold The Pale Horse?

Yes, Cooper was arrested twice for violating the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. That law required anyone who helped runaway slaves return them to their owners. Cooper refused to comply with the law, and he was put in jail for three months each time.

Were There Any Famous People Who Read Behold The Pale Horse?

Yes, there were a number of famous people who read Behold the Pale Horse. Among them include Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, and Martin Luther King Jr.

Does Behold The Pale Horse Contain Any Hidden Messages?

Yes, Behold the Pale Horse contains a number of hidden messages. These messages include references to God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible. Many scholars believe that Cooper intended for readers to interpret the book as a commentary on Christianity.

What Is The Meaning Behind The Title Of Behold The Pale Horse?

The title of Behold the Pale Horse comes from a line in Psalm 19:1. The psalmist says that he has seen the face of God and that he sees God everywhere. Cooper believed that the same thing happened to him when he saw the face of God. He said that he saw God in everything that he looked at, including the faces of white men and women.

What Is The Significance Of The Phrase "Behold The Pale Horse"?

In the Book of Revelation, the apostle John describes a vision of a rider on a white horse. According to John, the rider represents Satan, and the horse represents death. Cooper took this description literally, and he thought that the rider represented the coming of death. He believed that the ridership of the horse meant that death would soon overtake everyone.

What Is The Significance Of The Phrase "William Cooper" In The Title Of Behold The Pale Horse?

When Cooper wrote Behold the Pale Horse, he didn't know how much money he'd earn from it. So, he asked friends to donate money to him.

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