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Batting Gloves

Baseball is America’s pastime, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that the sport is popular worldwide. It’s estimated that nearly half of the world’s population plays baseball. This means that millions of fans enjoy watching professional players perform on TV and rooting for their hometown team. But did you know that baseball isn’t just played on fields and stadiums? Many athletes play the game while working out at the gym. That’s where batting gloves come into play.

Batting gloves are essential tools for any athlete who wants to hit a ball with precision. They protect hands from blisters caused by repeated contact with the bat and prevent injuries like cuts and bruises. If you’re interested in improving your skills, consider purchasing a set of batting gloves. Read our buyers guide to learn more about batting gloves and how they can benefit your workout routine.

adidas Adult Trilogy Batting Gloves 2019


The adidas adult trinity batting gloves are perfect for adults and teens who want to improve their game! These soft and comfortable gloves will help you grip the ball better, and they'll keep your hands warm and dry while you're at the plate. With its durable leather construction and hook closure, these gloves are sure to last. So don't wait any longer, get the adidas adult trinity batting glove today!

Taqcha Villain Baseball Batting Gloves - Pittard Grip Skin Tight Adult Batting Gloves - Enhanced Performance Batting Gloves Men - Adult Sizes


Looking for a soft and comfortable pair of batting gloves that will help you hit those home runs? Check out the Taqcha Villain Baseball Batting Glove! Made with 100% original Pittard leather, these gloves are built to last. With perforated backs for added ventilation, they're perfect for any season. And unlike other gloves on the market, the Taqchas feature a durable and moisture-free design with advanced stitching. So whether you're playing baseball or working on your swing, the Taqchas will keep your hands feeling great.

EvoShield Standout Batting Glove - Adult and Youth


Looking for a high-quality, long-lasting batting glove that will help you hit those home runs? Check out the EvoShield Standout Baseball Glove! This glove is made with a breathable, four-way stretch mesh backhand and features sheepskin palms for added comfort. It also has lycra gussets for flexibility and neoprene cuffs for easy in-game adjustment. Plus, it comes with a TECH6 grip liner to minimize wrist irritation. So don't wait any longer, get the EVOSHIELD STANDOUT BATTERING GLOVED today!

Franklin Sports MLB Natural II Baseball Batting Gloves

Franklin Sports

The Franklin Sports MLB Natural II Baseball Batting Glove is ideal for players looking for a comfortable, natural-feeling baseball glove. With its floating thumb technology, dual-layer Lycra flex bridge, and contoured wristband, it's perfect for all types of swings. Plus, with the quad-flex Crease design, you'll enjoy smooth, continuous ball handling. So don't wait any longer, get the Franklin Sports MLB Natural II Baseball Batting Glove today!

Clutch Sports Apparel Pro Series Stealth Black Baseball and Softball Batting Gloves

Clutch Sports Apparel

Need a new pair of batting gloves? Check out the Clutch Sports Apparel Pro Series! Made with quality digital sheepskin, these gloves are designed to provide maximum comfort and support. The woven elastic wrist strap provides all-around support, while the synthetic overlays add extra support where needed. With both youth and adult sizes available, this glove is sure to suit your needs.

Mizuno MVP Adult Baseball Batting Gloves | Pair | Adult, Youth, and TBall | Nonslip Palm | FlexMesh Back | QuikAdjust Wrist Tab


The Mizuno MVP Adult Baseball Batting Glove is perfect for adult baseball players looking for a glove that will help them hit the ball harder and keep their hands from burning during the long season. With its soft, faux leather palm and flex mesh back, it provides all the comfort and flexibility you need for a great swing. Plus, the included neoprene wristband provides added comfort and support, making it perfect for any season. Get your pair today!

EvoShield Srz 1 Batting Glove - Adult and Youth


Looking for a glove that will help you hit your target? Check out the EvoShield Srz! It's made with breathable, synthetic materials for maximum comfort and includes neoprene gussets for flexibility. The silicon heat transfer logo helps keep your hand warm and the EvoShield wrist strap makes in-game adjustments easy. Get yours today!

Franklin Sports Classic XT Baseball Batting Gloves

Franklin Sports

If you're looking for a high-quality baseball glove that is both stylish and comfortable, the Franklin Sports Classic XT Baseball Glove is exactly what you need! This glove features a top-grade synthetic leather palm, plus a leather heel patch for added comfort and durability. Plus, our wide variety of available sizes means you're sure to find the perfect fit for your player. So don't wait any longer, order your pair today!

EvoShield Protective Speed Stripe Batting Gloves


Need a new pair of batting gloves? Check out the EvoShield Protective Speed Stripe Baseball Glove! This glove is designed with the ultimate grip, feel, and flexibility, as well as a protective shield for the lead hand to guard against errant pitches. Plus, it comes with a custom-molded hand shield to protect your hand from injury.

Franklin Sports Neo Classic Series Batting Gloves

Franklin Sports

The Franklin Sports Neo Classic Series batting gloves are perfect for serious hitters looking for a durable and reliable pair of gloves. These gloves were made with an emphasis on quality and feature floating thumb technology that allows you to easily adapt to any type of pitch. They also have quad-flex creasing for maximum flexibility and one-piece leather palms that provide a smooth, uninterrupted experience from end to end. Plus, they're made with pittards digital sheepskin leather for a luxurious and tactile sensation. So don't wait any longer, get the Franklin Sports Neo Classic Series batting gloves today!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Batting Gloves

Batting gloves have been around since the early 1900s, but they didn't become as common until the 1950s. They were originally made from leather, but now they come in a variety of materials such as synthetic fibers and mesh. The main purpose of batting gloves is to protect your hands from getting injured while playing sports. If you're interested in purchasing batting gloves, read our guide to help you make the right choice.

What Are Batting Gloves?

Batting gloves are worn while swinging a bat. They protect your hands from getting hurt if you accidentally hit yourself with the bat. Batting gloves come in different styles and materials. Baseball players wear batting gloves for protection against injuries caused by hitting themselves with the bat. Softball players wear batting gloves because they help prevent blisters. Soccer players wear batting gloves because they provide extra grip on the ball. Tennis players wear batting gloves because they help reduce friction between the tennis racket and the strings.

Where Can I Find Batting Gloves?

Baseball players love wearing batting gloves. But do you know how they actually work? Batting gloves protect your hands during practice and games. They also help prevent blisters and cuts. And they can even improve your grip and swing.

Batting gloves are made of leather or synthetic materials. Leather is usually softer and warmer than synthetic material. Synthetic material tends to dry faster. However, leather is heavier and thicker. So, which type of glove is right for you?

Softness - Softness refers to how soft the glove feels against your skin. Some gloves are very thin while others are thick and heavy. Choose a glove based on how comfortable it feels.

Flexibility - Flexible gloves allow your fingers to move freely. When you wear flexible gloves, you can easily adjust your grip and swing. Look for gloves that offer this feature.

Durability - Durable gloves last longer than cheap gloves. They're designed to withstand repeated use over time. Look for gloves that are made of durable material.

Fit - Gloves fit differently depending on size. Your hand shape determines which style fits best. Check the sizing chart before buying.

Wash - Wash your gloves after each game or practice. Use soap and water. Avoid harsh chemicals. Dry thoroughly.

Use - After washing, store your gloves in a cool place. Don't put them near heaters or air conditioners. Store them away from direct sunlight.

Care - Keep your gloves clean. Wipe off dirt and sweat. Clean them every week. Never use bleach.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Batting Gloves

Batting gloves are essential for any player who wants to play sports. They protect hands from injury, provide grip, and keep hands warm. Batting gloves come in many different styles and materials. There are even special gloves designed specifically for certain types of activities such as golf or tennis. When selecting batting gloves, here are a few things to think about:

Look for soft leather. Leather is a natural material that provides protection against cuts and abrasions. Soft leather allows players to use their fingers freely without worrying about getting injured. Look for leather that feels smooth and supple.

Consider durability. Durability refers to how long a glove will hold up under heavy wear. For example, if you plan to play multiple games in one day, select gloves that have a strong stitching pattern. This prevents seams from ripping open and allows for easy cleaning.

Think about size. Gloves should fit snuggly so they stay on your hand. Make sure that the length of the glove covers your knuckles completely. You want to ensure that your hands remain protected.

If you're looking for batting gloves, try browsing through our selection of men's and women's gloves. We carry gloves that are ideal for every type of sport including baseball, softball, football, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, and more. Browse our collection below and find the perfect pair of batting gloves for you!

Features To Consider When Buying Batting Gloves

Soft leather. The softness of the leather used to make a batting glove matters. Leathers made from animals raised under humane conditions tend to be softer than those made from wild-caught animals. This means they're less harsh on your hands and more comfortable to wear.

Washable. Batting gloves shouldn't smell bad. They should also be washable. Look for gloves that are machine washable so you can clean them easily.

Comfortable fit. Your batting glove needs to fit comfortably on your hand. Check the sizing chart included with the glove to ensure it fits properly. If it doesn't, return it for a new pair.

Durability. Durability is important when it comes to batting gloves. Look for gloves that are constructed using materials that are durable enough to withstand repeated use over time.

Stitching. Stitched seams are another feature to look for when shopping for batting gloves. These stitches hold the glove together securely and prevent stitching holes from forming.

Breathable material. Most batting gloves are made from breathable cotton. This allows moisture to evaporate quickly, keeping your hands dry and preventing blisters.

Protective padding. Some batting gloves have protective padding inside the palm area of the glove. This protects your fingers from being cut during fielding or hitting.

Different Types Of Batting Gloves

Batting Gloves are essential equipment for any serious ballplayer. Without them, you cannot hit a home run! Batting Gloves are worn by batters to protect their hands from getting hurt. They are also worn by pitchers to prevent balls from hitting their hands. Here are some of the main types of batting gloves available on the market today.

Batter's Mitts. Batter's mitts are soft leather gloves that are specifically designed to protect the batter's hand from injury. These are worn by hitters to reduce the chance of getting injured. They are also worn by pitchers to keep balls away from their hands.

Glove Liner. Glove liners are thin pieces of material that are placed between the glove and the bat. These are primarily used by pitchers to protect their fingers from breaking. Batting Gloves are also used by catchers to protect their fingers from catching foul balls.

Cotton Mitts. Cotton mittens are soft cotton gloves that are worn by batters to protect their hands from injuries. They are also worn by pitchers to protect their hands from getting injured.

Hook 'n' Loop. Hook 'n' loop is a fastener that allows you to attach items quickly and easily. It consists of two parts - a hook part and a loop part. When the two parts are pulled apart, they stick together again. Hook 'n' loop is commonly used to attach things like hats, jackets, bags, etc., to clothing.

Velcro. Velcro is a brand name for a fastening system consisting of small hooks and loops. It was invented by George de Mestral in Switzerland in 1948. Velcro is now widely used in many applications including clothing, shoes, luggage, toys, and sports equipment.

Wrist Wraps. Wrist wraps are elastic bands that wrap around the wrist to support the arm and hold the bat properly. These are mainly used by pitchers to prevent their arms from getting injured.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Batting Gloves

What are batting gloves?

Batting gloves are pieces of leather or synthetic materials that protect your hands when they make contact with a ball during a swing. They were originally designed to reduce blisters caused by repeated hand-to-ball contact.

Where Did Batting Gloves Originate?

Batting gloves have been around since at least the early 1900s. Baseball players began wearing them in the 1920s after noticing that their hands became sore when making contact with the ball.

When Was Batting Gloves First Introduced?

In 1884, George Wright invented the first batting glove. He sold his invention to the Louisville Slugger Company, where they were marketed under the brand name Louisville Slugger.

Who Popularized Batting Gloves?

Baseball legend Ted Williams wore batting gloves throughout his career. His use of the gloves helped him hit more home runs than anyone else in history.

Does batting gloves hurt my fingers?

No, batting gloves don't actually cut off blood flow to your fingertips. Instead, they create a barrier between your skin and the ball. This helps to keep the ball away from your hands.

How Do I Clean Batting Gloves?

Wash your gloves in cold water and then dry them out completely. Don't put them in the washing machine or spin cycle.

Will Batting Gloves Ruin My Grip?

Not necessarily. Batting gloves aren't meant to replace your natural gripping ability. If you're worried that your grip will weaken, try putting a tennis ball inside your glove instead of a baseball.

Can Batting Gloves Be Used For Anything Besides Hitting Balls?

You can use batting gloves for almost everything except golfing. They won't provide enough protection to withstand the impact of a club head against a golf ball.

How Often Should I Wash My Batting Gloves?

Washing your batting gloves every day isn't necessary. As long as they're clean, they'll last longer.

Can I get batting gloves customized?

Sure. Most manufacturers offer custom batting gloves. Simply tell the manufacturer what color you want and how big you'd like them.

How Much Does Batting Gloves Cost?

Batting gloves range in price depending on the type of material used. Synthetic batting gloves tend to be cheaper than leather ones.

Can I Use Batting Gloves For Softballs?

Yes, but you'll need to modify the design slightly. Softball bats are thinner than baseball bats, so you'll need to add padding to the back of the glove.

Can I Use Batting Gloves For Lacrosse?

Lacrosse sticks are thicker than baseball bats, so you'll need to add padding to the front of the glove.

Can I Use Batting Gloves For Hockey?

Hockey sticks are shorter than baseball bats, so you'll need to add padding to the bottom of the glove.

Can I Use Batting Gloves For Football?

Football helmets are smaller than baseball helmets, so you'll need to add padding to the top of the glove.

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