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Battery Operated Led Lights

Battery operated LED light bulbs are convenient and cost effective alternatives to incandescent bulbs. They last longer than standard bulbs and consume less energy. If you’re tired of constantly replacing your bulb then consider purchasing a set of battery operated LED lights.

Battery operated LED lights are easy to install and operate. Simply plug them into the wall outlet and turn them on. Most models include multiple lighting options so you can easily adjust the brightness. Some models even have dimming capabilities so you can create mood lighting effects. Read our buyers guide to learn more about battery operated LED lights and how to select the best ones for you.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Battery Operated Led Lights

What are battery operated led lights?

Battery operated led light strings are often used to decorate homes during the holiday season. They are also great for outdoor use. These lights are typically powered by batteries.

What kind of bulbs do they have?

Most battery operated led lights will have either white or clear bulbs. White bulbs look best when placed near windows or mirrors. Clear bulbs make a nice accent around trees or bushes.

How Much Power Do They Draw?

A typical set of battery operated led lights uses about 6 AA batteries. Each bulb draws between 1/2 amp and 2 amps. That means each bulb takes approximately 3 volts of electricity to operate.

Will they last forever?

No. Battery operated led lights are designed to be plugged into a wall outlet. When the batteries die, the lights stop working.

Can I Use Rechargeable Batteries Instead?

Rechargeable batteries are available but tend to cost more than standard batteries. Also, most rechargeables require special adapters and chargers.

Does This Mean I Don'T Have To Worry About Buying New Batteries Every Year?

Not necessarily. If you plan to leave your battery operated led lights outside all year round, then you probably won't need to buy new batteries.

Can I plug my battery operated led lights directly into a socket?

If you live in a home where the electrical wiring was installed correctly, then yes. Otherwise, no. Your battery operated led lights must connect to a dedicated circuit breaker box.

Yes! Many people enjoy putting battery operated led lights on their Christmas tree. Make sure that you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Some manufacturers recommend that you hang the lights upside down.

Some battery operated led lights have a timer built right into them. This allows you to turn them on and off automatically. Other times, the lights simply shut themselves off after a certain amount of time. Either way, you'll need to check the manual to determine what's causing the problem.

Can I Use Battery Operated Led Lights Indoors?

Yes. There are many ways to safely use battery operated led lights inside your house. One option is to attach them to a ceiling fan. Another option is to mount them on a shelf above a window. Yet another option is to install them under a table lamp.

Can I Use Battery Operated Led Lights Outdoors?

Yes. There are many options for installing battery operated led lights outside. You can even create your own custom lighting system. Here are a couple of ideas:

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