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Batman Hush Comic

Batman Hush is a popular Batman themed comic book series published by DC Comics. It follows the adventures of Bruce Wayne and his alter ego Batman. The first issue of the comic was released in September 2011. Since then, the comic has received critical acclaim and won multiple awards.

If you like Batman comics, you might enjoy reading Batman Hush. This comic tells the story of Bruce Wayne’s return to Gotham City following the events of “Dark Knight Returns.” He must deal with the consequences of his actions while trying to protect the city he loves. If you’d like to learn more about Batman Hush, check out our buyers guide.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Batman Hush Comic

What is the Purpose Of A Batman Hush Comic?

Batman has always been known for his stealthy ways. He's able to sneak into places where no ordinary person could go undetected. His ability to remain silent and invisible makes him a perfect superhero. But he doesn't rely solely on his skills to fight crime. Instead, he uses gadgets and weapons to defeat criminals. One of his favorite tools is called a "Hush" which was created by Wayne Enterprises.

What Does it Look Like?

The Hush looks like a regular flashlight except it emits a sound wave that temporarily silences its user. If someone tries to talk during the silence period, the Hush will emit a loud noise to alert the owner. The Hush comes equipped with two modes; normal mode and emergency mode. Normal mode lets users turn the light on and off. Emergency mode turns the light on automatically whenever the battery runs low.

How Does It Work?

The Hush works by emitting a sound wave that travels around the room. Once the sound reaches the ear of the target, it causes temporary hearing loss. The effect lasts only seconds so the victim isn't aware of being silenced. The Hush is activated by pressing a button located near the head of the flashlight.

Is It Safe?

Yes! Although the Hush sounds scary, it actually does nothing harmful to anyone. The sound waves emitted by the Hush travel too far to cause permanent injury. Even though the Hush emits a loud noise, it's safe enough for children to play with.

Can I Get More Than Just A Bat Signal?

No. The Hush is strictly meant for emergencies. It's not intended for everyday usage. Besides, the Hush is limited to the amount of batteries it contains. Because of this, you shouldn't expect to receive another Hush anytime soon.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Batman Hush Comic

Batman has been around for decades now. He's become so iconic that he's almost synonymous with superheroes. His popularity continues to grow each day. If you've ever watched a superhero film, chances are you know exactly who Batman is. That's right! Before becoming Batman, he was known by another name. Nowadays, we call him "Bruce" Wayne.

In fact, it wasn't until 1939 that DC Comics introduced the character called Batman. At the time, he was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. Since then, he's gone on to become one of the most famous characters in history. Today, he's considered to be one of the greatest heroes of our generation.

As far as comic books go, Batman is definitely one of the most well-known ones. Not only does he appear in countless films, TV shows, video games, and cartoons, but he's also appeared in numerous novels and graphic novels. Even though he's been around for years, he's never really gotten old. He's always remained relevant and fresh.

Features to Look For When Buying a Batman Hush Comic

Batman has been around for decades now. He's appeared in countless movies, TV shows, video games, and cartoons. But he hasn't always looked exactly the same. Over the years, his costume has changed quite a few times. From the classic black suit to the cowl, we've seen it all. Nowadays, he wears a blue cape and red tights. His mask covers his eyes and nose. He carries a utility belt containing gadgets and weapons.

The Batmobile

  Since then, fans have loved seeing him fight crime in Gotham City. One of the coolest aspects of the film was the Batmobile. It was sleek and fast. It featured four doors and two seats inside. The car was equipped with a rotating turret gun. Fans couldn't wait to see the vehicle again in 1992's sequel, "Batman Returns.


After the success of "Batman, " Warner Bros. decided to create another version of the Dark Knight. In 1995, Joel Schumacher directed "Batman Forever." Although the film didn't perform well at the box office, it did introduce us to Bruce Wayne's secret hideout. Located deep within the caves beneath Wayne Manor, the Batcave contained everything needed by Batman. Inside, he kept his collection of toys, costumes, and props.


During the 1990s, Christopher Nolan took control of directing duties for the next three films in the series. With each installment, he introduced new elements into the franchise. First came 1997's "Batman Begins." Then came 2000's "The Dark Knight." Both films included a cape. Unlike previous versions, Nolan's capes weren't attached to the shoulders. Instead, they hung loosely behind the wearer.

Utility Belt

Nolan continued to explore Batman's universe in 2005's "Batman Begins." Once again, the Caped Crusader wore a utility belt. This time, however, it wasn't connected to his body. Rather, it rested across his chest. The belt contained tools and gadgets that helped Batman during his missions.


  While wearing the infamous clown makeup, he gave audiences nightmares. The actor received rave reviews for his performance. Unfortunately, he died shortly before the release of the final installment, "The Dark Knight Rises." Afterward, director Christopher Nolan replaced him with Tom Hardy.


In 2012, Christian Bale reprised his role as Batman in "The Dark Knight Rises." During the climactic battle between Bane and Batman, the villain threw the former hero

Different Types Of Batman Hush Comic

Batman has been around for decades now. He's appeared in countless movies, TV shows, video games, and cartoons. That's right! Before DC Comics came along, Batman was actually created by two guys named Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson.

In 1939, Kane and Finger wrote "The Adventures of Robin Hood" which featured a character called Batman. At the same time, another writer named Bill Finger created his own version of Batman called "Robin." Both characters went on to become famous superheroes.

Over the years, both versions of Batman became extremely popular. Eventually, it wasn't enough for only one person to create Batman. So, in 1940, DC Comics decided to merge the two into one super hero. Since then, Batman has gone on to appear in numerous forms. From animated series to live action films, Batman has always remained true to himself.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Batman Hush Comic

What is Batman HUSH?

Batman HUSH is a graphic novel written by Jeph Loeb and illustrated by Jim Lee. It was published by DC Comics in 2004. The story follows Bruce Wayne's alter ego, Batman, as he investigates a series of mysterious murders committed by a serial killer known as the Joker.

Who Created Batman Hush?

Jeph Loeb wrote Batman HUSH. He has been working at DC Comics since 1992. Before joining DC, he worked on titles like Marvels Spider-Man and X-Men. His first major success came when he co-created Wolverine for Marvel Comics.

When Did Batman Hush Come Out?

Batman HUSH was released in April 2004. It was followed by a sequel titled Batman HUSH 2: Eternal Silence later that year.

Why Is This Book Important?

Batman HUSH is considered to be one of the best Batman comics ever produced. Many fans consider it to be the definitive version of Batman. It features a darker tone than previous versions of Batman. The story focuses more on the character's psychology rather than his physical abilities. It also introduces a new villain named Bane.

Does Batman Hush Have A Connection To The Dark Knight Returns?

No. Batman HUSH takes place after Frank Miller's classic run on Batman. It is set during the same era as Alan Moore's Watchmen. However, they were developed independently of each other.

What Makes Batman Hush Special?

Batman HUSH is considered to be one of the most influential Batman stories ever told. It helped to popularize the idea of the dark knight being driven insane by crimefighting. It also introduced the concept of the Riddler as a recurring villain.

What else should I know about Batman HUSH?

Batman HUSH contains two sequels. They are Batman HUSH 2: Eternal Silence and Batman HUSH 3: Endgame.

What Is The Difference Between Batman Hush And Batman Begins?

Both feature the same actor playing Batman. However, Batman HUSH is much darker than Batman Begins. It explores the psychological effects of being Batman. It also features a new villain called Bane.

What Is The Difference Between Batman Hush And Batman &Amp Robin?

This is another Batman title that takes place after Frank Miller's classic run on Batman. It is similar to Batman HUSH but it is less serious. It features a younger Batman and Robin. It also includes a new villain named Poison Ivy.

What Is The Difference Between Batman Hush And Batman Forever?

Batman Forever is a film starring Christian Bale as Batman. It was directed by Joel Schumacher. It was released in 1995. Batman HUSH is a graphic novel that was written by Jeph Loeb. It was illustrated by Jim Lee.

What Is The Difference Between Batman Hush And Batman Beyond?

Batman Beyond is a television show based on the characters from the Batman universe. It ran from 1997 until 1999. It starred Michael Keaton as Batman. It featured Tim Drake as Robin. It also featured villains like Two Face and Scarecrow.

What Is The Difference Between Batman Hush And The Long Halloween?

The Long Halloween is a horror movie that was released in 1988. It stars Robert De Niro as the main antagonist. It also features Christopher Walken as the voice of the Penguin.

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