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Bamboo Plants

Lucky Bamboo is a brand that specializes in making natural products. This includes bamboo plants, soaps, lotions, candles and other items. If you’re interested in purchasing a bamboo plant, then you’ll definitely enjoy reading our buyers guide. It contains information about growing bamboo plants, caring for them and how to care for them once they grow.

Bamboo plants are easy to maintain and require minimal maintenance. Once planted, they thrive in well-drained soil and receive ample sunlight. Since they’re drought tolerant, they won’t wilt like other plants would under similar circumstances. As long as you give them proper care, bamboo plants will live for years. Read our buyers guide to learn more about bamboo plants and how to care for them properly!

Jmbamboo - Live Spiral 6 Style Lucky Bamboo Plant Arrangement w/ Ceramic Vase unique from Jmbamboo


Bring joy and happiness into your home with this beautiful bamboo plant! This amazing plant is perfect for adding a natural touch of elegance to any room, and it's easy to care for too. It will last for years to come thanks to its durable nature and simple growth habits. So why wait? Get your Jmbambo - 1 count lucky bamboo plant today!

Live Lucky Bamboo 2 Tier Tower with Round Ceramic Two Tone Pot - Lucky Stalks Indoor House Plant for Good Luck, Fortune, Feng Shui and Zen Gardens (Green)

NW Wholesaler

The Live Lucky Bamboo 2 Tier Tower with Round Ceramic Two Tone Pot is a beautiful way to show your admiration for the lucky bamboo plant! This stylish and unique plant stand features a 2 tier design that is both practical and fashionable, making it a great addition to any room. Made from durable ceramic material, this plant stand is perfect for displaying in either a sunny or shaded area. Plus, the smooth texture of the ceramic surface helps keep plants looking their best. Don't miss out on this must-have plant stand!

jmbamboo-10 Stalks of 18 Inches Spiral Lucky Bamboo, 10 Bottles of mo'green Lucky Bamboo Fertilizer Plant Food By jmbamboo

The jmbamboo-10 Stalks of 18 Inches Spiral Lucky Bamboo is perfect for those who want to be symbolised by the lucky bamboo plant food! This bamboo has a very good luck feeling and is grown in Taiwan. It comes with 10 bottles of the fertiliser that will keep your plants healthy and happy.

Jmbamboo - Live 10style Lucky Bamboo Plant Arrangement with Ceramic panda Vase


If you're looking for a lucky bamboo plant that brings good fortune and happiness, the JMBamboo is the perfect choice! This plant grows quickly and lasts for years, so you'll have it long after other plants have died off. The ceramic vase is perfect for any room, and the included crystal soil makes sure your plant will thrive. Don't miss out on this great plant!

14" Plant Stand with Pot by FineIris - Mid Century Modern Standing Planter - 10 inch White Ceramic Pot with Drainage & Wooden Plant Stand - Tall Planter for Indoor Plants, Flowers, Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree


The FineIris 14" Plant Stand is a modern and eco-friendly plant holder that can be used indoors or outdoors! This plant stand is made of durable ceramic and features a raised base that is designed for stability. It also comes with drainage holes and wooden plant feet that allow for easy watering and floor protection. Plus, it looks great as an addition to any room in your house. Order your plant stand today!

ANHWOOD Bamboo 8 Pottred Plant Stand Rack Multiple Flower Pot Holder Corner Balcony Living Room Shelf Indoor Outdoor Plant Display Shelving Unit for Patio Garden


Looking for a stylish and sturdy plant stand? Look no further than ANHWOOD BAMBOO! This plant rack is made of eco-friendly bamboo and features a 2-layer varnish finish that protects against wear and damage. The easy assembly process means you'll be enjoying your new plant stand in no time!

jm bamboo-Lucky Bamboo - indoor house plant bring good luck and Elephant vase good Feng Shui


Bring good luck and prosperity into your home with the JM BAMBOO Lucky Bamboo Plant. This beautiful plant grows quickly and lasts for years, so you'll have it long after we're all gone. It's easy to care for and doesn't require a lot of space or sunlight. So why wait? Get the JM BAMBOO Lucky Bamboo Plant today!

Arcadia Garden Products LV25 5-Stem Lucky Bamboo, Live Indoor Plant in Aged Wood Planter for Home, Work, or Gift, Dark

Arcadia Garden Products

This live bamboo is perfect for any room in your house! It's low maintenance and doesn't require much space, making it ideal for small spaces. Plus, it's grown by experts who know how to package it safely so you don't have to worry about receiving damaged products. Order yours today and say thank you to your friends and family with a thoughtful gift basket!

Live Lucky Bamboo 12-Inch Spiral Bamboo - Bundle of 10 Stalks - Live Indoor Plants for Home Decor, Arts & Crafts, and Feng Shui

NW Wholesaler

The Live Lucky Bamboolette 12-Inch Spiral Bamboo is perfect for adding a bit of luck to your space. This versatile and easy-to-care-for-all-seasons bamboo is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, and its endless options make it the perfect choice for any occasion. With a variety of colors and lengths available, there's something for everyone in the family.

Live Lucky Bamboo 2 Tier Tower - Indoor House Plant - Chinese Bamboo Stalks for Good Luck, Fortune, Feng Shui and Zen

NW Wholesaler

Looking for a lucky bamboo plant? The Live Lucky Bamboo 2 Tier Tower is the perfect choice! This unique indoor plant consists of 3 inch and 4 inch Chinese bamboo stalks with leaves, bound with gold wire into a beautiful two tier tower. It's easy to care for, simply place it in a vase, pot or planter and keep it indoors with indirect light. It's also a great gift for birthdays, housewarmings, weddings, graduations, and more.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Bamboo Plant

This is largely due to its versatility and sustainability - not only does it grow quickly, it also grows without needing much water or sunlight, making it ideal for urban environments. However, while bamboo is great for growing indoors, it doesn't always make the best houseplant. If you have a small space, then a potted bamboo might work well for you, but if you have more room, then why not try planting a bamboo tree instead?

What Is A Bamboo Plant?

Bamboo plants are very easy to grow and maintain. They require little care and will thrive in almost any environment. These stems are hollow and contain water and nutrients for the plant. The leaves of bamboos are flat and green, while the flowers are small and yellowish white. Bamboos are grown primarily for their ornamental value rather than food production. However, some varieties of bamboo are edible and can be eaten raw or cooked like vegetables. There are many different types of bamboo including dwarf bamboo, giant bamboo, liana bamboo, reed bamboo, and tree bamboo. Each type has its own characteristics and uses. For example, dwarf bamboo grows only about 2 feet tall and is perfect for hanging baskets, planters, and trellises. Giant bamboo grows up to 30 feet high and makes an excellent houseplant.

Who Needs A Bamboo Plant?

Bamboo plants are one of nature's most versatile plants. They grow quickly, thrive in almost any soil type, and require very little maintenance. Bamboo plants are perfect for beginners because they're easy to start and hard to kill. But did you know that bamboo has other uses besides growing food?

In addition to being useful for landscaping, gardening, and building materials, bamboo is also a source of medicine. Many traditional Chinese medicines use bamboo leaves as part of their treatments. Some people believe that drinking bamboo tea can cure colds and flu. Others claim that bamboo shoots can treat diarrhea and stomach aches. Still others say that bamboo sap can relieve pain and reduce fever.

But perhaps the best known use of bamboo is its ability to create beautiful furniture. People around the world love bamboo furniture. From floor mats to tables to chairs, bamboo is a favorite material for home decorating.

There are several reasons why bamboo is such a popular material for furniture. First, bamboo grows fast. Most types of bamboo can grow in only three months. Second, bamboo is strong. It doesn't splinter easily and is resistant to rot and termites. Third, bamboo is light. Because it takes up very little space, it makes excellent outdoor furniture. Finally, bamboo is durable. Unlike wood, which requires frequent refinishing, bamboo lasts forever.

Although bamboo isn't suitable for every application, it does offer a wide range of benefits. Whether you're interested in using bamboo for landscaping, building supplies, or creating furniture, this versatile plant offers a number of advantages.

Lucky bamboo is a species of bamboo native to China. Lucky bamboo is extremely fast growing. It can grow upwards of two feet per month. Its growth rate is faster than most other bamboos. As a result, lucky bamboo is ideal for landscaping projects. When planted in large groups, lucky bamboo creates a dense hedge that blocks sunlight while providing privacy. It also provides shade during hot summer days.

Because lucky bamboo is drought tolerant, it thrives in dry conditions. It tolerates poor soils and is able to survive in areas where other plants fail. It also grows well in partial shade. Lucky bamboo is a great landscape plant because it's inexpensive and easy to grow. All you need is regular water and fertilizer.

When planting lucky bamboo, it's important to select a site that receives enough direct sunlight. Otherwise, the plant will develop thick foliage that shades the roots. Also, avoid sites near buildings and fences. These locations restrict airflow and prevent moisture from reaching the root system.

Once established, lucky bamboo is relatively trouble free. However, it must be pruned annually. Pruning removes dead branches and encourages new growth.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Bamboo Plant

Bamboo is one of nature's most versatile plants. Bamboo is used for everything from building houses to making paper. And now, thanks to Lucky Bamboo, people have discovered how amazing bamboo is as a houseplant.

Lucky Bamboo offers a wide variety of bamboo plants. They offer several different types of bamboo including dwarf bamboos, giant bamboos, and even flowering bamboos. All of their bamboo plants come with a guarantee so if something happens to your bamboo plant, they'll replace it free of charge. Plus, they provide excellent customer service. You won't find better customer service anywhere else.

Bamboo plants. Bamboo plants are becoming more popular than ever. They're available in many sizes, shapes, and colors. And they're great for indoor and outdoor spaces. But how do you know if you're purchasing a quality plant? Here are some features to consider when shopping for a bamboo plant.

Plant care. Before you bring home your new bamboo plant, check its tag to ensure it has been properly cared for. Some plants may arrive in their own potting soil, while others may arrive bare root. Make sure you understand how to take care of your plant before bringing it home.

Size. The first step when selecting a bamboo plant is determining its size. How big does it need to be? Do you prefer a tall plant or a short plant? What about a large plant or a miniature plant? Once you've determined the size you'd like, you can start thinking about where you'd like to place it. Will it fit into a corner of your living room? Or would you rather put it in a spot that gets plenty of natural light?

Color. Next, think about color. Is it important to you that your plant match the rest of your decor? Or perhaps you're going for a bolder look. Whatever your preference, there are many options to choose from. From green to red, white to black, there are endless possibilities.

Design. Finally, think about design. Are you planning to add a hanging basket to your patio or balcony? Would you prefer a traditional planter or something modern? There are many styles to choose from, including classic round pots, square planters, and even birdbaths!

Once you've decided on a style, you can move onto the next step -- finding the right bamboo plant for your space. Take a tour through our selection of bamboo plants below to learn more about each type.

Different Types Of Bamboo Plant

Bamboo plants are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility. Bamboo plants are known for their ability to grow quickly and produce large amounts of food. These are also incredibly strong and durable. These are also highly resistant to disease making them perfect for use in areas prone to pests and insects.

There are two main varieties of bamboo plants. These are called Bambusa vulgaris and Phyllostachys nigra. Both of these varieties are commonly referred to as bamboo. Each variety produces slightly different results depending on how they are grown. For example, Bambusa vulgaris grows taller than Phyllostachys nigra. This means that Bambusa vulgaris is better suited for growing indoors whereas Phyllostachys nigra is better suited for outdoor cultivation.

The following sections will go through each of the two varieties of bamboo plants and explain what makes them different.

This variety of bamboo is native to Asia. It was brought to North America by European settlers. It is now widely cultivated throughout the United States. Bambusa vulgaris is characterized by its long thin stems. Its leaves are arranged spirally around the stem rather than radially. It is also known for producing a lot of shoots. A typical mature specimen of Bambusa vulgaris can produce up to 100 shoots per year.

This variety of bamboo is native to China. It was introduced to Japan in the early 1900s. It is also known for its fast growth rate. It is characterized by its short stout stems. Its leaves are arranged radially around the stem. It is also known for producing fewer shoots than Bambusa vulgaris. A typical mature specimen of Phyllostachys nigra can produce between 10 and 15 shoots per year.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Bamboo Plant

What is bamboo

Bamboo is a type of grass that grows quickly and has soft leaves. Bamboo shoots grow out of the ground during springtime. These shoots contain edible seeds that are eaten raw or cooked.

Where Does Bamboo Grow

Most types of bamboo grow in tropical areas around the world. They grow best at temperatures between 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

What Kinds Of Bamboo Exist

There are more than 1, 000 species of bamboo worldwide. Most of these species have been cultivated for their use in making paper products, furniture, building materials, food, medicine, and clothing.

What Are Some Uses For Bamboo

Bamboo is often used to make baskets, mats, hats, umbrellas, bowls, chopsticks, toothbrushes, fans, and musical instruments. People also use bamboo to make paper, rope, and clothes.

Does Bamboo Smell Good

No, most varieties of bamboo don't smell like anything special. However, some varieties of bamboo have a scent similar to cloves or cinnamon.

What'S The Difference Between Bamboo And Reeds

Reeds are tall, thin stalks of grass that grow in marshes and swamps. Reeds are sometimes confused with bamboo. Both bamboo and reed look alike when they're young. But bamboo doesn't grow into thick, spiky clumps. Instead, bamboo is a single stalk that grows straight up.

What'S The Difference Between Bamboo And Bamboos

A bamboo shoot contains edible seeds. A bamboolike plant looks like bamboo but isn't related to bamboo.

Both bamboo and bamboos look alike when they're young. When mature, bamboo is a single stalk that grows straight up. Bamboos grow into thick, spiky clumps.

What Kind Of Bamboo Should I Buy

You'll want to choose bamboo that's easy to cut and handle. Look for bamboo that's firm and flexible. Avoid bamboo that feels brittle or weak. Also avoid bamboo that smells bad.

Reedy plants grow in marshlands and swamps. They're taller than bamboo and have thicker stems. Reedy plants aren't as useful as bamboo.

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