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Baby Helmet

Baby helmets are essential accessories for parents everywhere. From infants to toddlers, babies need head protection to avoid injury. Unfortunately, not everyone knows exactly where to start when purchasing a baby helmet. This buyers guide provides information on choosing a safe and effective baby helmet.

Helmet therapy is a popular treatment method for children suffering from developmental delays such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It involves placing a helmet on the child’s head to stimulate brain activity. Many doctors recommend helmet therapy as a first-line treatment for ASD.

While helmets are important for protecting kids' heads, they can also cause problems. For instance, helmets may interfere with vision, hearing and balance. If you’re considering buying a helmet for a young child, read our buyers guide to learn more about safety and effectiveness before making a decision.

Petimini Kids Bike Helmet with DIY Stickers, CPSC & CE Certified for Toddler Kids Ages 2-6 Boys Girls, Multi-Sport Safety Cycling Skating Scooter Helmet, Multiple Colors


Protect your child's head with the Petimini Kids Bike Helmet! It's built with a solid PC shell and features an impact-resistant EPS foam core, making it perfect for any outdoor activity. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors that will match any outfit or vehicle. And if you're worried about sweat, the removable inner padding is easily removed and cleaned. So why wait? Get your Petimini Kids Bike Helmet today!

Baby Proofing Edge Guards 29.5ft Edge Protectors, 3M Pre-Taped, for Table, Desk, Fireplace(Beige)


Protect your family and property with the Cute Cutty Catastrophe Baby Proofer! This tough little guardian is here to help you prevent accidents caused by careless handling of hot pots and pans. Made of high-quality NBR foam, this protector is perfect for use on all types of stovetops and furnaces. It comes in a convenient pre-mounted format so you can easily apply it to your kitchen or other cooking surface. Plus, the flexible application means you can use it according to your needs and preferences. So don't wait any longer, get the Cute Cutty Catastrophe Baby Proofer today!

Genius_Baby Baby Kid Boy and Girl Warm Earmuffs Pilot Cap Aviator Hat

Protect your child's ears from the cold and noise with these warm, soft and cozy earmuffs! Made of 100% cotton, they are sure to keep their warmth and comfort you through the night. The elastic closure makes them easy to put on and take off, and the soft fabric is sure to protect your child's ears from scratches. Your child will love snuggling up for winter and watching movies together in bed. Don't miss out on this must-have item!

BERN, Kid's Nina Helmet with Flip Visor


The BERN kid's Nina helmet is perfect for little ones on the go! It features a quick-adjust, hook-and-loop stabilizer at the back of the head, plus wicking polyester linings that keep the heat and sweat away from the head and face. Plus, it meets safety standards EN 1084, so you can use it year round.

Matte Finish Kid's Helmet with Adjustable Straps - Includes LED Safety Light and Soft Fleece Padding for Extra Protection

Scoot & Ride

Make sure your child is protected with the Scoot & Ride Matte Finish Kid's Helmet with Adjustable Straps! It has soft fleece padding and safety EPS impact absorption to provide ideal safety, even for the youngest children. The innovative magnetic fastener makes it easy for children to open and close the helmet, and the rear side of each helmet features a bright red LED light to make sure you're visible in low light. Best sizing for children with a head size range of 17 20".

Raskullz Infant Helmets


Looking for a skateboard helmet that's got a lot of protection? Check out the Raskullz Infant Helmet! It's perfect for kids who are just learning to ride. This helmet features a flexible rubber mohawk with red tips, plus it comes with a lot of great benefits including extended head coverage and multi-impact protection. So why wait? Get your Raskullz Infant Helmet today!

KINGBIKE Toddler Bike Helmet,Kids Helmet for Skateboard Cycling Skate Roller w/Colorfull Led Light


The KINGBIKE Toddler Bike Helmet is perfect for children between the ages of 3 and 5. It features in-mold outer shell construction, shock absorbing polystyrene inner padding, and 3D graphic design that kids love. Plus, it comes with a color-adjustment dial so you can easily make the helmet fit your head. And it's also great for adults who want to wear a cool and fashionable helmet!

CRZKO Kids Helmet, Bike Helmet for Kids Age 3-5 5-8 8-14 Anti-Shock Toddler Helmet for Multi-Sport Bicycle Skate Scooter Skateboard Infant Bike Helmet Adjustable Youth Helmet Available in 3 Sizes


Protect your child's head while they're out playing! Check out the CRZKO Kids Helmet, which features premium protection and is perfect for multi-sport use. Made with an ABS shell and shock-absorbing EPS foam, this helmet can withstand hard impacts and gives your child plenty of comfort. Plus, the adjustable design makes it easy to find the right fit. Don't miss out on this must-have gear!

Disney Buzz Lightyear Light-Up Helmet for Kids


The Disney Buzz Lightyear Light-Up Helmet is the perfect way to personalize your child's cycling experience! This authentic, original, and high-quality product comes with a clear, plastic helmet, a red and green LED light system, and foam-padded ear protection. Plus, it fits most kids' heads comfortably, so they can enjoy the ride. Order now and we'll throw in an extra bonus: a FREE T-Shirts with Your Purchase!

SG DREAMZ Toddler Helmet - Adjustable from Infant to Toddler Size, Ages 1 to 3 - CSPC Certified Kids Bike Bicycle Cycling BMX Scooter Roller Skating Helmets Boys and Girls Will Love


Your child's safety is our priority. That's why we designed this adjustable, kids bike helmet. It features a lightweight but sturdy construction and a soft, padded strap to reduce slippage. Plus, it comes with an adjustable buckle for a perfect fit. So why wait? Get your Dreamz toddler bike helmet today!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Baby Helmet

Since then, they've come a long way, and now they're not just for kids anymore. They're also great tools for treating various conditions, such as head injuries, and even helping babies develop properly. This article will help you decide whether a helmet is right for your child, and what kind would work best for their particular situation.

What Is A Baby Helmet?

Baby helmets are protective headgear for babies and toddlers. They come in many different styles and sizes to fit all types of heads. Baby helmets help protect infants' heads from injury while riding in car seats, strollers, high chairs, bouncers, swings, and more. The most common type of baby helmet is an infant car seat safety helmet. These helmets are made of soft plastic and are easy to wash and dry. They are available in bright colors and designs. Most car seat safety helmets will only cover the top half of the head. This allows parents to still see what is going on around their children without having to remove the helmet.

Why Should I Buy A Baby Helmet?

Babies need protection! Babies can get hurt very easily. If a baby falls off of something like a changing table, crib, or playpen, he could hit his head and sustain serious injuries. Even if a baby does not fall, he may bump his head against something hard. A baby helmet protects him from these accidents. It keeps his head safe until he grows bigger and stronger enough to handle bumps and falls on his own.

Who Needs A Baby Helmet?

Baby helmets are designed to protect babies' heads during car rides and other activities. But do they really offer any real protection?

The short answer is yes. Baby helmets are designed to prevent injuries such as skull fractures and brain damage. However, they aren't 100% effective. Some experts say that they only reduce the risk of injury by 10%.

But how big of a difference does this actually mean? Let's take a look at the numbers.

Of these cases, nearly half involve motor vehicle accidents. Another 2 million children receive minor head injuries every year. These injuries cause significant pain and suffering.

In addition to causing physical harm, traumatic brain injuries can lead to long term effects including learning disabilities, behavioral problems, and memory loss.

Fortunately, most of these injuries could be prevented. Babies under two months old are particularly vulnerable to head trauma. Their skulls are still soft and fragile. As a result, they are unable to absorb the impact of a blow to the head. Instead, the force of the blow goes straight through the skull and causes severe internal bleeding inside the brain.

To avoid this type of injury, parents must wear a baby helmet while driving. Even though wearing a helmet doesn't guarantee that a baby won't sustain a head injury, it greatly reduces the chances of one occurring. Parents should also use caution around stairs and other areas where falls are likely to occur. By doing so, they can prevent a fall from happening in the first place.

Although baby helmets are recommended for all babies, they aren't mandatory. Many states require that drivers carry proof of insurance before being allowed behind the wheel. In these cases, the law requires that drivers wear a seatbelt. Since baby seats are smaller than adult seats, they don't fit properly unless they are strapped down. Therefore, parents must either strap their infant into a booster seat or buckle them into a regular seat.

Even though baby helmets are optional, they are highly recommended. According to the AAP, they can save lives. In fact, they are considered safer than using a seat belt alone. This is because a seat belt restricts movement but a helmet prevents contact with hard objects. Additionally, a helmet protects against rotational forces caused by sudden stops and turns. Rotational forces are responsible for over 80% of all head injuries.

While wearing a helmet isn't necessary, it certainly makes sense. Not only does it protect your baby's head, it also keeps him/her safe. After all, nothing is worse than losing a loved one due to negligence.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Baby Helmet

Helmets have become increasingly popular among parents who want their babies to stay safe. Helmets offer protection against head injuries, such as bumps, falls, and other accidents. They also protect infants' heads from injury caused by car seats, strollers, cribs, and other objects. For many parents, buying a quality helmet is one of the most important purchases they'll ever make for their child.

A quality helmet provides maximum safety for your baby. When you purchase a quality helmet, you're making sure that your baby stays protected from serious head trauma. This includes protecting him/her from hitting his/her head against furniture, walls, or other objects. You may think that a cheap helmet won't provide adequate protection, but it could potentially do harm if your baby hits his/her head against something dangerous.

A quality helmet protects your baby from getting injured. A quality helmet offers proper coverage so that your baby doesn't receive any cuts, scrapes, bruises, or other types of injuries. These injuries can occur even if your baby isn't hurt on purpose. For example, he/she might fall off a swing or slip on a toy. A quality helmet will keep your baby safe from these kinds of injuries.

A quality helmet promotes better health. A quality helmet keeps your baby healthy. It prevents him/her from developing infections because it allows air to circulate freely. It also reduces the risk of ear infections, colds, and other illnesses. A quality helmet also makes your baby less likely to develop allergies. Allergies are common among children. They can affect your baby's skin, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, throat, and chest.

If you've never bought a quality helmet for your baby, now is the perfect time to start. You can find quality helmets online and in stores. Make sure that you pick a helmet that meets federal standards.

Features To Consider When Buying A Baby Helmet

Safety first. Before you put your child in a helmet, check to make sure it fits properly. Make sure there are no loose straps or buckles that could cause injury if they were to fall off. And remember, kids' heads grow quickly, so make sure the helmet fits snugly so it doesn't slip down over their head.

Easy to clean. After using a helmet, make sure it's easy to wash. Some helmets are made of vinyl, which makes them easier to clean than other types of materials. Check the label on the inside of the helmet to make sure it says easy to clean.

Comfortable. Most helmets are made of soft material, which means they're comfortable to wear. But make sure the helmet isn't too tight, since this can restrict airflow and cause discomfort.

Lightweight. Helmets tend to weigh more than most other items, so you may want to opt for a lighter weight model. This way, you won't have to worry about lugging it around everywhere you go.

Durable. While helmets are usually made of plastic or metal, they can still break. Be sure to inspect the helmet carefully before putting it in the carton. If it looks damaged, return it immediately.

BPA free. Many parents prefer BPA-free products. The reason? They're safer for children. Although BPA has been linked to cancer, studies haven't shown that it causes birth defects or developmental problems in babies who are exposed to it. However, many experts recommend avoiding BPA altogether.

Check the label. Read the label on the outside of the box to make sure it lists the type of helmet it is. Then read the instructions included with the package to learn how to care for it.

Different Types Of Baby Helmet

Baby helmets are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that they prevent babies from falling off car seats. Baby Helmets are also useful for preventing head injuries. Baby helmets come in various shapes and sizes. Here we look at some of the main types of baby helmets currently available.

Soft Shells. Soft shells are soft plastic helmets that fit snugly against the top of the head. They are commonly seen on children’s bikes and scooters. Baby Helmets are light and comfortable and are therefore suitable for young children. Baby Helmets are also inexpensive.

Hard Shells. Hard shells are rigid plastic helmets that cover the entire head. Baby Helmets are heavier than soft shells and are therefore better suited to older children. These are also less likely to slip off the head.

Caps. Caps are hats that clip on to the front of the head. Baby Helmets are particularly good for toddlers and infants. These are lightweight and easily adjustable. These are also cheap.

Helmets. Helmets are large, bulky items that sit on the head. These are mainly used by adults. These are heavy and uncomfortable. They are also quite expensive.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Baby Helmet

What is a baby helmet?

A baby helmet is a device that covers your child's head and neck when they are sleeping. They are designed to protect your child from injury during sleep.

Where Did Babies Get Their First Baby Helmets?

Babies were originally given baby helmets after being born. These early versions of baby helmets had no padding and were simply pieces of cloth tied around the baby's head. As technology progressed, manufacturers began making more protective versions of baby helmets.

When Should I Start Giving My Baby A Baby Helmet?

You should begin providing your baby with a baby helmet once he/she starts rolling over. At this point, most babies will roll over onto his/her back. If your baby rolls over onto her stomach, she could injure herself if she falls asleep without a baby helmet.

Does A Baby Have To Wear A Baby Helmet All Night?

No. Many parents choose to use baby helmets for short periods of time, such as overnight.

Should I Buy A Baby Helmet For Myself?

If you want to purchase a baby helmet for yourself, then go ahead! There are plenty of options available online and at local stores. Make sure you read reviews about each product before purchasing.

What Types Of Injuries Can Occur If A Baby Sleeps Without A Baby Helmet?

- Bruises - A bruise occurs when blood vessels inside your skin break open due to pressure. When this happens, red liquid leaks out into your skin. Most bruises disappear within 2-7 days.

- Cuts - Your baby could cut himself/herself if he/she wakes up and tries to move his/her arms or legs. To avoid cuts, make sure that your baby has a baby helmet.

- Drowning - While sleeping, your baby could drown if he/she gets stuck under water. To avoid drowning, make sure that your baby has a baby helmet.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Baby Helmets?

- Baby helmets provide protection against bumps and scrapes. Bumps and scrapes can easily turn into serious injuries, like broken bones or internal bleeding.

- Baby helmets keep your baby safe from falling objects. Falling objects can hurt your baby if they hit him/her directly.

- Baby helmets don't always stay put. Sometimes, your baby moves too much, causing the helmet to slip off.

What Are The Benefits Of Baby Helmets?

- Protects your baby from bumps and scrapes. Scrapes and bumps can easily turn into serious injuries, like broken bones or internal bleeding.

Which baby helmets are best for my baby?

- Snug Fit - Snug Fit offers a wide range of products, including baby hats, baby mittens, and baby blankets.

- Munchkin - Munchkin makes a line of baby products, including baby hats, baby mittens, and baby blankets.

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