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August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

August Smart Lock is a wireless doorbell system that lets you monitor your front door remotely. It connects to your smartphone via Wi-Fi so you can check who’s ringing your doorbell before answering. This allows you to avoid missing important calls while keeping track of who’s at your door.

August Smart Lock works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and other voice assistants. Once connected, you can ask Alexa to open the door for someone or tell her to send a message to your phone. If you forget to arm the device, you can set a reminder to turn it back on.

You can also use August Smart Lock to create custom greetings for visitors. For instance, you could say “Hi, I'm not home” or “I'm busy”. Or, you can play music through the speaker and record a greeting like "Hey, welcome!" or "Goodbye!".

Read our buyers guide to learn more about Augst Smart Lock and how it can enhance your daily routine.

Yale Assure Lock SL, Wi-Fi Smart Lock with Jamestown Handleset - Works with the Yale Access App, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit, Phillips Hue and Samsung SmartThings

Yale Security

The Yale Assure Lock is the perfect solution for those looking for a smarter way of locking their doors. This sleek and stylish lock features a wireless connection that allows you to open and close the door with ease. It also works with Alexa, Google, and Siri so you can easily lock and unlock your door with the touch of a button. And if you're worried about forgetting to lock your door, the built-in Dash Replenishment feature ensures that you won't. So why wait? Get the Yale Assure Lock today!


The sleek new Level Lock Touch Edition is the smallest smart lock ever made. Now you can unlock your door from anywhere with just the touch of a finger. The Level Lock Touch Edition is a wireless deadbolt that replaces an existing deadbolt in your home. It has a sleek new design and is the first smart lock to be certified by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). The Level Lock Touch Edition uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology to communicate with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. With the Level Lock Touch Edition, you can use your phone or tablet to unlock your door, run automated routines, and even lock or unlock your door from the comfort of your couch. The Level Lock Touch Edition is also compatible with Apple HomeKit, so you can unlock your door with the touch of a button. And you can use your voice to control your lock with Siri.

We have been using a smart lock for two years and are completely sold on the concept. It is great for children, grandparents, security, and other things. We have been using an August however, and we were getting tired of looking at the large interior mechanism. We came across the Level Touch when looking for a more streamlined replacement. The packaging is nice and Apple style, with easy directions. The installation took less than ten minutes. Comparing with the August, we like the aesthetic and the operation of the Level Touch much more. It is much smaller and clean looking. The deadbolt is smooth and feels very sturdy. We are pleased with our purchase.

We have been looking for a smart lock for our front door for some time, finally decided on the Level Touch Lock. It looks great, fitted the door well, and was surprisingly easy to install ourselves in about ten minutes. I like this lock because it looks like a traditional lock. It's not possible for the lock to cause this, rather it is the misaligned door which has been on the wrong track for a long time. Once we get the door aligned, we will be able to utilize these features. I highly recommend this lock. Being able to enter and leave the house without a key or a touch is awesome.

I really like the Level Touch lock. The item comes nicely packaged with great instructions, high quality materials and many other helpful features. You remove your standard deadbolt lock and fit this in its place. Once it is installed you can not even tell it is smart lock at all. You can open it with your finger or your phone app. Great for children who can come and go without worrying about who is in possession of the keys. This is great for security, as you can check any time on the phone app that it is locked properly. I highly recommend this lock.

I loved this lock from the moment it arrived at our house. It is so beautifully designed. It is very simple to make. There seemed to be 100 parts, but there were three-4 steps that led me to accomplish it. My children especially enjoy the lock as well as the sharing access feature. I highly recommend it to anyone.

I frequently leave and enter my house because my parents live next door and this lock is extremely convenient to easily lock and unlock my door. I can unlock it with the app without having to get up 50 times a day. It is extremely minimal which is the main reason I purchased it. It looks very stylish and does not use any unnecessary gimmicks. I use touch and lock, geofence features, and homekit, and it consistently works. The security system does not respond immediately when approaching after leaving the geofence and the mobile app would occasionally display the lock being unlocked when it is actually locked.

Yale Assure Lock SL, Wi-Fi Smart Lock with Norwood Lever - Works with the Yale Access App, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit, Phillips Hue and Samsung SmartThings, Oil Rubbed Bronze

Yale Security

Upgrade your home security today with the Yale Assure Lock SL! This sleek and stylish deadbolt makes locking your door a breeze, while its wireless technology allows you to easily open and close it from anywhere. Plus, the built-in Alexa, Google, and Siri compatibility means you can easily unlock your door with voice commands. And if you're worried about forgetting to lock your door, the handy Dash Replenishment feature ensures that you won't. So why wait? Get the Yale Assure Lock SL today!


Yale Lock and Tamperproof Smart Lock for Front Door Works with Nest Secure Alarm System is a smart lock that works with Nest Secure Alarm System. It replaces the deadbolt lock you already have. You can easily unlock and lock your front door with a simple tap on the keypad. The keypad chimes to confirm responses such as locking unlocking or turning Privacy Mode on or off. Let someone in from anywhere. Unlock the door with your phone for easy guest access. You can also give unique passcodes to family and guests and set a schedule to control when they work when you dont want to be disturbed. Privacy Mode disables the keypad so it can't be unlocked with a passcode. Get alerts when someone locks or unlocks the door or tries to tamper with your smart door lock. Works with the Nest Hello video doorbell and Nest Cams to help keep your front door secure.

I was mistaken, Google Assistant will not unlock the door, unless, to my knowledge, you lock it. I had tried it that way and assumed it would work both directions, but it was not so. It does not affect my rating or view, I just thought it might be helpful information to provide. Negative reviewers could not tie their own shoelaces, and if you want to know why, then read on. Normally I do a pro and con review but after seeing the top review on this product being a disparaging review stemming from his lack of knowledge on installation and usage These are the main points of the other negative reviews. '40000' and '1000%' are a half truth. It will be strange to want to lock if you install the strike plate so it misaligns with the deadbolt. You can force it with your fingers with a deadbolt. You do not want the motor to force the lock, it would burn it quickly. To avoid this issue perform a proper installation. In my case, it meant using a small flathead and a hammer to knock some of the wood away from where the strike plate was going to sit before screwing it on. The lock itself is powered by four AA's. It informs you ahead when the lock requires a battery swap. If you allow it to die you would have to be negligent. This is just flat out wrong. Although proximity would be great but it is not secure. You should add individual family members each with their own unique passcodes. If you forget your telephone, your door will stay unlocked. What can you do? This is incorrect. You may grant access to other members at both levels of the family, from administrative rights or home entry. They are able to be granted unique codes, but they do not have access to setting. The tailpiece is identical to the deadbolt I replaced. The difference is that the Nest's tailpiece has some leeway when it is attached to the turn assembly because you could not install it elsewhere. This amount of give is purely for installation purposes and does not detract from the locking security of the deadbolt. That is similar to complaining that a butter knife has no durability after stepping on one end and lifting the other end with your arm. I hope this helps anyone that is looking to try this out. Maybe if some of the reviewers read the manual then they would be sitting pretty right now. The only difficulty I had was pairing the Nest Connect. It was alright once I disconnected the Bluetooth headphones I was using during installation.

We would often leave the door or two unlocked so I purchased these items to prevent that from happening. The doors will unlock automatically after I get to bed. The Nest system is well-organized, each person is given their own access code, and is quick to change the code in order to remember. I would love more options with this feature. We had a Nest Pro installed, four locks, and a Nest Hello camera doorbell. I would recommend this, unless you are handy and familiar with installing door locks. Three of the four doors were tricky and required modifying the door so that the lock would work correctly. Also, make sure to get more than one bid. One contractor gave the list price for each lock and a separate Nest Connect. It was significant to save $80 on the locks when I purchased them during Prime Days. I am very happy with these locks and I definitely recommend them.

Just what I wanted. Installation is simple with a Phillips screwdriver and a chisel. The instructions were clear and installation was straightforward. The lock works perfectly. Allow me to give each family member their own code. In software cleaning ladies have their code that is limited to a specific day of the week and time period. I can unlock it from anywhere with my phone's Nest app. I am interested in researching other Nest products since I was impressed by the Next Yale lock.

It is extremely easy to install and easy to give guest passcodes for your items. I enjoy the privacy feature when you are home. An almost seamless connection between this app and my Google Home. I think that will ease the thoughts of anyone with children who forget to lock the door. The fact that there is no batteries to replace is a significant benefit. A simple ninevolt light will permit you to find the light source.

This lock is great and reliable. Everything is controlled from the Nest app. One reviewer was incorrect, you can give guests temporary passwords. They do not get full access. If you already have one, it is very easy to install.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Augmenting security by adding convenience is what Augmenta has always been about. With our latest addition - the August Smart Lock, we have taken things even further. This new device allows users to control their doors remotely via smartphone app, giving you complete peace of mind while away from home. We've also included a detailed buyers guide to help you decide whether this is the ideal fit for you.

What Is A August Wi-Fi Smart Lock?

An August Smart Lock is an electronic door lock that connects to your home Wi-Fi network. It allows you to remotely open and close your front door using your smartphone or tablet. You can set up the lock to automatically unlock at certain times each day, or only allow people who know your passcode to enter your house. The lock has a built-in camera for video surveillance, and comes with a keypad for entering your code.

How Do You Use A August Smart Lock?

You first need to download the free app onto your phone or tablet. Then, connect the lock to your home Wi-Fi network. Next, go to the app and create a new account if you don't already have one. To add a user, tap "Add New User" and follow the prompts.

Who Needs A August Wi-Fi Smart Lock?

August Smart Lock is one of the most innovative home security systems available today. With August, you never have to worry about losing track of your keys again. All you need is your smartphone and August Wi-Fi Smart Lock to unlock your door whenever you arrive home.

With August, you can set up multiple users and passwords. Each user has his/her own unique code that unlocks the door. When someone leaves the house, he/she simply enters their password. Then, the system automatically locks the door behind him/her.

The best part is that August works with any existing deadbolt. No additional hardware is required. Simply install August on the inside of your front door and connect it to your router using the included Ethernet cable. Then, you can start enjoying the benefits of Auguest right away.

Auguest comes with several features that make it stand apart from other smart locks. These include:

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

If you have ever had trouble locking your door, then you've probably experienced the frustration of having to fumble through your keys trying to find them. This problem is even worse if you live in an apartment complex where finding your keys becomes a daily routine. Fortunately, there is now a solution to this problem. Augst Smart Lock is a wireless keyless entry system that allows you to unlock your door simply by tapping your smartphone against the sensor located near your front door. You'll never again have to worry about losing your keys or fumbling through them looking for the correct one.

Augst Smart Lock works with any standard deadbolt or cylinder locks. Once installed, you can use your phone to open your door whenever you want. No more lost keys or misplaced keys. Just tap your phone against the sensor and your door unlocks automatically. There is no need to carry your keys anymore because they are safely stored inside your home. When you leave your house, just press the button on your phone and your door closes behind you. No more worrying about forgetting your keys or losing them.

You can control who enters your home via the app on your mobile device. Simply set up your profile so that only people you approve can access your home. You can also create different profiles for guests, family members, and friends. For example, you could create separate profiles for your children, parents, and roommates. Each person would have their own unique password to enter your home. This way, you won't have to worry about giving away your personal security codes. All of your passwords are kept safe within the app itself. You can easily change your passwords anytime you wish.

Another great feature of Augst Smart Lock is the ability to remotely disable your door. You can do this by pressing a single button on your phone. This feature is especially useful if you're going somewhere for a short period of time. You can tell your door to remain unlocked until you return. Then, when you arrive home, you can simply press the button to re-enable your door.

Features To Consider When Buying A August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Wi-Fi connectivity. Augmenting your security system with Wi-Fi technology means you can stay connected even if you're away from home. This feature makes it easier than ever to monitor your property remotely using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Easy setup. Most wireless locks work just like traditional deadbolt locks. They connect directly to your existing door hardware and plug into power outlets. All you need to do is install them and program them to unlock automatically when someone approaches the door.

Remote access. With remote access features, you can control your lock from anywhere using your mobile device. That way, you can check who's coming and going while you're away.

Safety features. Wireless locks often incorporate safety features such as panic alarms, motion sensors and keyless entry. These features allow you to arm and disarm your alarm system quickly and easily.

Battery backup. Some wireless locks have battery backups that let you operate your lock even if there's no electricity available. Others store their settings in memory chips that retain data even when they lose power.

Smartphone compatibility. In addition, many models now have built-in apps that let you manage your lock from your phone.

Keypad operation. Some wireless locks have physical buttons that let you manually enter codes to open the door.

Programmable keys. Some wireless locks let you create custom codes that only you know. This lets you assign specific users to certain doors and rooms so you can give visitors permission to enter only those areas.

Security level. The higher the number, the more secure your lock is. However, this doesn't mean that a low-security model isn't suitable for your needs.

Different Types Of August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

August Smart Lock is a wireless doorbell system that allows users to unlock doors remotely by simply waving their smartphone in front of the device. Users can use August’s app to view live video feeds of visitors and set up motion detection zones. The company offers two models – the August One and the August Two. Both devices offer the same features except for the number of cameras included. The August One includes four cameras whereas the August Two includes eight cameras.

Both devices feature a built-in speaker and microphone. The August One also includes a night vision camera. The August Two does not include a night vision camera. The August One supports iOS 8 and Android 5.0 Lollipop while the August Two supports iOS 7 and Android 4.4 KitKat.

Users can control their locks through the August app. The app lets users see real-time activity logs, manage schedules, and adjust settings. Users can also add custom greetings to their homes. The August app also provides alerts about suspicious activity. For example, if someone rings the bell without permission, the app will send a notification to the user’s phone. Users can also block unwanted guests from ringing the bell.

The August One and August Two support Bluetooth Low Energy technology. This means that users don’t need to connect to the internet in order to operate the lock. All communication between the lock and its owner happens wirelessly.

The August One and August Two are currently available for preorder. Orders ship in mid-September.


Frequently Asked Questions About: August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

What is an August Wi-Fi Smart Lock?

August is a wireless doorbell system that lets you control your home remotely through your smartphone or tablet. With this product, you can unlock your front door, arm/disarm your security alarm, check your mailbox, and more all without having to get out of bed!

How Does An August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Work?

You will first have to download the free app onto your phone or tablet. Once installed, you can use your device to open and close your front door, arm/disarm your security alarm, check your mailbox, and much more. All you need to do is press the button on the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock and your door will automatically unlock.

Does My August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Require Internet Access?

No, your August Wi-Fi Smart Lock doesn't require internet access. Your device simply needs to be within range of your home's router.

How Often Should I Update My August Wi-Fi Smart Lock?

You don't need to update your August Wi-Fi Smart Lock unless you want to make changes to your settings. Simply go into the app and tap the menu icon at the top right corner of your screen. From here, you can view your current status, change your password, set up push notifications, etc.

If you're experiencing problems connecting to your August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, try restarting your device.

Where Can I Buy An August Wi-Fi Smart Lock?

Or, visit your local Home Depot store to learn more about their selection of August products.

Can I install an August Wi-Fi Smart Lock myself?

Yes, you can install an August Wi-Fi Smart Lock yourself. We've included detailed instructions below. Please note that installing an August Wi-Fi Smart Lock requires basic hand tools and knowledge of how to operate a screwdriver.

How Do I Install An August Wi-Fi Smart Lock?

To begin, turn off your power supply and disconnect the wires coming from your wall outlet. Then, follow the steps below to complete installation.

Steps To Install An August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

1. Remove the screws holding the back plate of your August Wi-Fi Smart Lock to the frame of your door. Be careful not to lose any screws. Slide the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock into position. Make sure that the back plate is facing away from the doorframe. Press firmly until the locking mechanism clicks into place. Screw the back plate securely into place. Use two screws per hole. 4. Connect the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock to your home’s network via Ethernet cable. 5. Open the app on your mobile device and select “Connect” under the Augment tab. 6. Select “Wi-Fi” under the Network Type dropdown menu. 7. Enter the SSID name and password for your home network. 8. Tap “Save Settings” to save your connection information. 9. Turn on your August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. 10. When prompted, enter the four digit code displayed on the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. 11. Confirm the correct code was entered. 12. Wait approximately five minutes for the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock to connect to your home network. 13.

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