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Ashwagandha Supplement

Ashwagandha is a herb native to India that has gained popularity throughout the world. It is commonly used as a natural remedy for stress, anxiety and depression. Studies show that ashwagandha may also promote weight loss and increase energy levels. This supplement contains ashwagandha extract along with other nutrients such as vitamins B1, C, D3, E and K2.

Ashwagandha supplements are becoming increasingly popular, so it’s important to understand exactly what you’re buying. Our buyers guide explains everything you need to know about ashwagandha supplements and helps you identify the best product for you.

Nature's Way Stress Defense Stress Reducing Supplement Gummies with Ashwagandha, Vitamin B6, Supports Balanced Cortisol Response*, Raspberry Flavored, 90 Count

Nature's Way

Looking for a tasty and easy way to reduce stress? Look no further than these Nature's Way Stress Defense gummies! Made with an ashwagandha blend that supports a balanced cortisol response, these gummies are perfect for everyday stress management. Plus, they're delicious and easy to chew, so you'll be enjoying them in no time!

Puritan's Pride Ashwagandha KSM-66 Occasional Stress Support, 450mg, 60 Capsules (21655), 60 Count

Puritan's Pride

The Puritan's Pride Ashwagandha KSM-66 is perfect for those who need an easy way to deal with occasional stress. This product features a high concentration of ashwagandha, which supports a calm, relaxed mood. It also comes with a one-month supply of rapid-release capsules, so you can use it whenever you need it.

Organic Ashwagandha Root 1950mg with Organic Black Pepper Extract for Absorption | Essential Elements - 90 Vegan Capsules

Essential Elements

Stressful days are made for relaxing at home with the Ashwagandha Root. This easy-to-use capsule provides powerful stress relief and is perfect for those who want to relax and unwind after a hard day at work. Made with essential oils and a variety of soothing fragrances, this supplement helps promote sleep and relaxation. Plus, it's also good for boosting your mood!

Thorne Research - Phytisone - Adrenal Stress Response Support Supplement - 60 Capsules

Thorne Research

Thorne's Phytisoone Adrenal Stress Relief supports your body in times of stress, so you can get back to enjoying life as usual. Made with the finest quality ingredients, this supplement helps ensure a healthy and happy lifestyle. Order your bottle today!

Gaia Herbs Ashwagandha Root - Made with Organic Ashwagandha Root to Help Support a Healthy Response to Stress, The Immune System, and Restful Sleep - 60 Vegan Liquid Phyto-Capsules (30-Day Supply)

Gaia Herbs

Do you need a boost? Gaia Herbs Ashwagandha Root provides all of the necessary nutrients your body needs for strong and healthy growth. This root vegetable helps to regulate your mood, supports your immune system, and promotes sound sleep. With its high quality standards and rigorous testing process, we are confident that this product is worth buying. So why wait? Get your bottle of organic Ashwagandha today!

Life Extension Optimized Ashwagandha – For Stress & Energy Management, Brain & Nerve Health – Supports Healthy Memory & Cognitive Function - Gluten-free – Non-GMO – 60 Vegetarian capsules

Life Extension

If you're looking for a natural way to reduce stress and anxiety, look no further than our line of Optimized Ashwagandha products! Made with the finest quality ingredients, these products are designed to promote brain health and improve sleep. Plus, they're also great for relieving stress and anxiety. So why wait? Get the ultimate smart pillows today!

Ashwagandha Capsules 650mg Per Capsule + BioPerine, 90 Vegan Capsules Made with Ashwagandha Root & Black Pepper Extract


If you're looking for an alternative to traditional ginseng, check out our selection of ashwagandha products! Our premium quality ginseng is grown in the USA and is non-GMO, so you can be sure it's safe for consumption. Plus, our bottles come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can enjoy your purchase with confidence.

Youtheory Ashwagandha Vegetarian Capsules Net Wt 150 Count


The Youtheory Ashwagandha Vegetarian Capsules are a great way to add some much-needed variety to your diet! These tasty little capsules are packed with delicious, nutritious ingredients and are easy to swallow. Made in the USA from high-quality soybeans, these vegetarian capsules are perfect for anyone looking for an easy way to get their daily dose of vegetables and fruits.

Ashwagandha Root | USDA Organic Ashwagandha Liquid Drops | Stress Relief, Natural Calm, Relaxation and Mood Support Supplement | Adaptogenic, Nervine, Neuroprotective | Vegan | Non-GMO | 60 Servings

MaryRuth Organics

Relieve stress and anxiety with MaryRuth's organic ashwagandha root liquid drops. This powerful herb is used in traditional ayurvedic medicine to treat anxiety, stress, and insomnia. It also helps to regulate homeostasis, so you can sleep soundly through the night. Plus, our organic glycerin is derived from rapeseed, which is a natural source of vitamin E and fiber. So why wait? Get your bottle of MaryRuth's Organic Ashwagandha today!

Jarrow Formulas Ashwagandha 300 mg, Overall Health & Resistance to Fatigue, Supports Endurance, Muscle Recovery & Cognitive Health, 60 Servings, White, 120 Count

Jarrow Formulas

If you're looking for a natural way to support your body's ability to resist fatigue, look no further than Jarrow Formulas' KSM66 Ashwagandha! This extract from the root of the ashwagandha plant is perfect for promoting resistance to fatigue, muscle recovery, and cognitive function. With its amazing properties, you won't even know this supplement is there!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Ashwagandha Supplement

Ashwagandha has been used as a natural remedy for centuries. The herb contains compounds called shogaols that have anti-inflammatory properties, making it useful for treating conditions such as arthritis, asthma, allergies, and even cancer. However, not everyone agrees that ashwagandha is effective, and its safety profile isn't well understood. This article explores what makes ashwagandha supplements so controversial, and provides information on where to get the best quality products.

What Is A Ashwagandha Supplement?

The plant has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine to treat many conditions including stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and fatigue. It contains several active compounds called Withanolides, which may help improve mental focus, memory, and concentration. In addition, ashwagandha has anti-inflammatory properties and may help reduce pain and swelling associated with arthritis. There are two types of ashwagandha supplements available today: capsules and tablets. Both forms contain standardized extracts of the herb, but there are some differences between the two. For example, capsule form does not require refrigeration while tablet form must be stored at temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Capsules are generally recommended for people who want to take an occasional dose of ashwagandha, whereas tablets should be taken daily to maintain consistent levels of the herb in the body.

Who Needs A Ashwagandha Supplement?

Ashwagandha has been around for thousands of years. It was originally grown in India, but now it grows wild in other countries as well. Ashwagandha is known for its ability to improve overall health and wellness. But did you know that it can also help reduce stress levels and anxiety?

Ashwagandha is one of the most powerful adaptogenic herbs on earth. Adaptogens are plants that help your body adapt to changes in your environment. When you experience stressful situations, your body produces chemicals called cortisol. Cortisol causes your blood pressure to rise, your heart rate to increase, and your muscles to tense up. These symptoms are normal during times of stress, but over time, these reactions can lead to serious problems such as insomnia, depression, and chronic fatigue.

Adaptogens counteract this process by helping your body relax. They do this by increasing your body’s natural production of serotonin, which makes you happier and calmer. Ashwagandha contains compounds called shogaols, which act like natural antidepressants. Shogaol increases the amount of serotonin in your brain, which leads to feelings of calmness and relaxation.

In addition to improving your mood, ashwagandha can help prevent certain types of cancer. Research suggests that ashwagandha may protect against breast cancer by reducing inflammation and inhibiting tumor growth. It may also lower your risk of prostate cancer by protecting your cells from oxidative damage.

Ashwagandha is also beneficial for women who are pregnant or nursing. Some studies suggest that ashwagandha may help prevent premature birth and decrease the risk of miscarriage. However, further study is needed before we can say for sure whether ashwagandha is safe to use while pregnant.

As mentioned earlier, ashwagandha is considered one of the strongest adaptogenic herbs on Earth. Because of this, it is usually taken in combination with other herbs. Holy basil improves digestion and boosts immunity, while maca root enhances sexual function and fertility. Together, these three ingredients create a potent formula that can help you achieve optimal health.

Ashwagandha supplements are commonly found in capsule form. Many companies offer ashwagandha products online. Make sure to read reviews and talk to your doctor before taking any herbal product. Talk to your doctor if you notice any adverse effects after starting a new supplement regimen.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Ashwagandha Supplement

Ashwagandha is one of the most popular herbs used by people who want to lose weight. Ashwagandha is known to increase metabolism, boost immunity, and enhance mental clarity. It's also said to have anti-aging properties. So if you've decided to try ashwagandha, here are some things to keep in mind:

Buy supplements that are manufactured under strict guidelines. Supplements should be free of any harmful substances such as heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxins. They should also be tested regularly to ensure they meet industry standards. When buying supplements online, make sure that you purchase them from reputable manufacturers.

Look for supplements that are standardized. Standardized means that the amount of active ingredient present in a given dose is consistent across different products. This ensures that you receive the same results every time you take the product.

Avoid supplements that are adulterated. Adulteration occurs when a company adds fillers, additives, or preservatives to their products. These types of supplements may not provide the same level of effectiveness as natural supplements. You could end up taking less of the active ingredient than intended.

Always read the instructions. Before starting any diet plan, it's important to understand how to use the supplement properly. Make sure that you follow the directions provided by the manufacturer. For example, many supplements come with detailed instructions about how to prepare the product. Follow those instructions closely so that you get the best possible results.

If you're considering trying ashwagandha, then it's important to buy from a reliable source. Only purchase supplements from reputable manufacturers. Do your research first and find a supplier that offers great customer service. A reputable supplier will stand behind their products 100% and offer refunds if necessary.

Features To Consider When Buying A Ashwagandha Supplement

Side effects. Before purchasing a supplement, check its label to determine if there are any known side effects associated with using this product. Some supplements may cause allergic reactions or other adverse events. Others may interfere with certain prescription drugs or herbal treatments.

Dosage. This information is usually listed right next to the name of the product. However, if you're unsure about the dosage amount, ask the manufacturer for more details.

Quality control. The quality of a supplement depends on several factors, including manufacturing standards, purity levels, and testing procedures. Make sure you understand these aspects of a product before you decide to buy it.

Cost. As with most purchases, cost plays a role in determining which supplement you choose. Shop around and compare prices on different brands and see what works best for your budget. You might also want to look for sales or coupons to help you save money.

Different Types Of Ashwagandha Supplement

Ashwagandha is a herb native to India. Its name means “horse’s smell”. Ashwagandha is known for its ability to boost energy levels and improve mood. It is commonly used by athletes and bodybuilders to increase muscle mass and strength. It is also believed to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Side Effects. Side effects of ashwagandha supplements include nausea, diarrhea, headaches, insomnia, and dizziness. People taking prescription medications should consult their doctor prior to consuming ashwagandha supplements. Those suffering from heart conditions should avoid taking ashwagandha supplements due to potential interactions with blood thinners.

Health Benefits. Health benefits of ashwagandha supplements include increased stamina, improved sleep quality, reduced stress, and enhanced immunity. Studies suggest that ashwagandha helps fight cancer cells and improves overall immune system function. It also reduces inflammation and increases metabolism.

Evergreen Shrub. Evergreen shrubs are plants that live for years without dying off. They grow slowly and produce flowers throughout the year. Evergreen shrubs are sometimes called ‘evergreens’. Ashwagandha Supplements are also referred to as ‘shrubs’. Evergreen shrubs are widely grown across Europe and North America. They are particularly useful for landscaping purposes.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Ashwagandha Supplement

What is ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha is a plant native to India. Ashwagandha has been used for thousands of years to improve overall well being. Today, ashwagandha supplements are available in tablet form, liquid extract, capsules, tea, tincture, and more.

Where Did Ashwagandha Originate?

Ashwagandha was first discovered in the Himalayas region of northern India. It was originally known as Indian ginseng due to its ability to increase energy levels and stamina.

Does Ashwagandha Have Any Side Effects?

No, ashwagandha is safe when taken at appropriate dosages. There are no known negative side effects from taking ashwagandha supplements. However, excessive use of ashwagandha can result in insomnia and anxiety.

Is Ashwagandha Good For Weight Loss?

Yes, ashwagandha is considered to be a natural appetite suppressant. Therefore, it's often used to aid in weight loss programs.

Is Ashwagandha Effective For Treating Depression?

Yes, studies show that ashwagandha is effective for treating mild to moderate depression. However, it should never be used without consulting your doctor.

Is Ashwagandha Good For Stress Relief?

Yes, ashwagandha is believed to reduce stress. Studies suggest that ashwagandha helps to relieve symptoms of stress including fatigue, irritability, and headaches.

Is Ashwagandha Good For Improving Memory?

Yes, studies show that ashwagandha improves cognitive function. Specifically, ashwagandha increases focus and concentration, reduces mental distraction, and enhances learning abilities.

Is Ashwagandha Good For Boosting Immunity?

Studies show that ashwagandha boosts immune system activity. It's thought to stimulate white blood cells, boost production of antibodies, and strengthen the body's defenses against infections.

Is Ashwagandha Good For Muscle Recovery?

Yes, research shows that ashwagandha speeds healing after injury. It promotes tissue repair and regeneration, helping muscles recover faster than they would otherwise.

Is Ashwagandha Good For Reducing Pain?

Yes, ashwagandha is commonly used to alleviate chronic pain. Research suggests that ashwagandha relieves joint stiffness, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.

Is Ashwagandha Good For Increasing Libido?

Yes, ashwagandha has been shown to enhance sexual desire. It's thought to promote increased testosterone levels, which can help men achieve stronger erections and women experience greater arousal.

Is Ashwagandha Good For Promoting Sleep?

Yes, ashwagandha has been found to promote restful sleep. It's thought to relax the mind, making it easier to fall asleep.

Is Ashwagandha Good For Preventing Cancer?

Research indicates that ashwagandha may inhibit tumor growth. However, this effect hasn't yet been proven in humans.

Is Ashwagandha Good For Hair Growth?

Yes, ashwagandha has been studied for its potential benefits for hair growth. It's thought to encourage hair follicles to grow larger and thicker.

Is Ashwagandha Good For Skin Care?

Yes, ashwagandha has been used traditionally to cleanse the skin and promote clear, glowing skin. Modern science now supports this traditional usage.

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