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Art Deco Sconces

Art Deco lighting fixtures are beautiful pieces of decorative furniture that combine functionality with elegance. Originally created in the 1930s, the art deco style quickly gained popularity throughout Europe and America. Today, art deco lighting fixtures are popular again thanks to their unique designs and elegant lines.

Sconces are a part of the art deco collection. They are small lamps that hang above a table or desk. Sconces are typically made of brass or chrome metal and include a light bulb. Some sconces also include a shade so that the light isn't visible directly.

Read our buyers guide to learn more about art deco sconces and how they can enhance your decorating scheme.

GGETT Modern Wall Light Simple Creative Wall Sconces Bedroom Aisle Living Room Wall Lamp Holder E14 Socket Art DLighting Fixture (Bulb Not Included) (Golden) [Energy Class A++]

Looking for an stylish and modern way to light up your home? Check out our selection of wall lamps! Made from premium materials, these lamps are perfect for any room in your house. Our minimalist design is sure to complement your d�cor. Installation is a breeze, too - just follow the instructions and youll be enjoying bright light in no time!

NC Lighting Modern Wall Sconce, Mid-Century Stylish Gold Brushed Stainless Steel Wall Lamp, Unique Oval Art Decor Wall Mounted Lighting Fixture for Bedroom Living Room Bathroom


The NC Lighting Modern Wall Sconce is a stylish and modern way to light your home. This mid-century gold brushed stainless steel wall lamp has a unique oval shape that adds a touch of elegance to any room. It's easy to install with the included wall mount, and it will last for years to come with its premium quality and durability.

JEENKAE Contemporary Glass Crystal Wall Sconce 2-Light Gold Brass Wall Sconce

Introducing the JEENKA AE Contemporary Glass & Metal Wall Sconce! This stylish sconce is perfect for adding a touch of modernity to your d�cor. The sleek design and high quality construction will complement any d�cor, and the low power consumption means you could have this light on for years. Plus, the pre-installed hardware makes it easy to install and use. Don't miss out on this must-have home improvement item!

Mid Century Brass Glass Rods Wall Sconce 2 Pack Modern Luxury-Look Clear Glass Wall Lights Art Decor


Update your space with contemporary style! Check out the Mid Century Brass Glass Rods from MCS Industries. These stylish rods are made of iron and clear glass, and can be used to light up your bedroom, kitchen, or living room. With a modern brass finish and sleek design, these rods make a great addition to any home d�cor.

TEENYO 2-Light Brass Wall Sconces Lighting Set of 2 Modern Glass Wall Light Fixtures Crystal Sconces Wall Lighting Indoor


Looking for a stylish and modern way to light your home? Look no further than this TeenyO 2-Light Brass Wall Sconce! This sleek and contemporary piece is perfect for any room in your house, from the living room to the bedroom to the kitchen. With its bright brass finish and two rows of shiny clear glass rods and metal rods, it's sure to turn heads and add a touch of glamour to your d�cor. Plus, it's easy to install with the included mounting hardware. So why wait? Make your home brighter today with the TeenyO 2-Light Brass Wall Sconce!

Budding Branch Tiffany Style Wall Light Sconce Art Glass Hardwired 14" Wide Fixture for Bedroom Bathroom Vanity Reading Living Room Hallway - Robert Louis Tiffany

Robert Louis Tiffany

Looking for an elegant and stylish way to illuminate your home? Check out the Budding Branch Tiffany Style Wall Light! This beautiful light fixture is made of high quality material and features a sleek design that will complement any d�cor. It also comes with a 100 watt bulb so you can enjoy bright lighting even during the day.

BAODEN Modern 2 Lights Globe Wall Sconce Industrial Wall Lamp with G4 Bulb Mid Century Rotatable Light Fixture Brushed Brass Finished with White Globe Glass Lampshade (Gold Color)

Transform your home with the BAODEN Modern 2 Lights Globe Wall Sconce! This stylish light fixture features a vintage industrial look that will give your space a modern makeover. It's made of durable metal and has a long lifespan, so you'll be enjoying it for years to come. Plus, the included 3 LED bulb option lets you choose to suit your needs. Installation is a breeze, too - just follow the instructions and you'll be up and running in no time!

KCO Lighting Wall Sconce Mid-Century Drop Design Wall Mounted Light Brushed Brass Wall Lamps, Wall Mount Light Fixture for Bedside Living Room (Gold Plug 1 Pack)


Searching for a stylish and modern lighting solution? Check out the KCO Lighting Wall Sconce! This chic and contemporary light features an on/off switch, so you can easily turn it on or off when needed. It's also great for commercial or domestic use, especially if you're looking for a kitchen, foyer, dining room, bedroom, living room, cafe, bar, or other dark places where light is needed. Made of sturdy metal and high-quality glass, this light is built to last. Plus, the surface is coated with paint, which is both rust-proof and non-fading. Don't miss out on this must-have light fixture!

Amber Scroll Rustic Wall Sconce Lighting Golden Bronze Metal Hardwired 23 1/2" High Fixture Amber Art Glass Decor for Bedroom Bathroom Bedside Home Kitchen (Colors May Vary) - Franklin Iron Works

Franklin Iron Works

The Amber Scroll Rustic Wall Sconce is a stylish and modern way to light your home! This beautiful sconce features a classic design with a golden bronze metal hardwire and comes in two colors options: brown and black. It's also easy to install with the included glass and wiring instructions. Don't miss out on this must-have kitchen, bedroom, or living room accessory!

Midtown Modern Wall Mount Light Sconce Chrome Hardwired 15" High Fixture Rectangular Opal White Glass for Bedroom Bathroom Bedside Living Room Home Hallway Dining Kitchen - Possini Euro Design

Possini Euro Design

Upgrade your lighting with this stylish and trendy wall sconce! This sleek and modern sconce features a chrome finish and a white glass rectangle shade. It's easy to install with the provided adapter plates and has a minimum of of a 3 1/2" clearance for re-lamping or replacement of bulbs.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Art Deco Sconces

Art Deco lighting fixtures have been around since the 1920s but they haven't really caught on until recently. They were originally designed as decorative pieces, but now they are being used more often as functional light fixtures. This has made them much easier to use than their previous incarnations, and also opened up new possibilities for designers who want to create unique spaces. If you're interested in learning more about Art Deco lighting, read our guide below.

What Are Art Deco Sconces?

An Art Deco Sconce is an ornamental lighting fixture made popular during the 1920s through 1930s. They were originally created for indoor lighting but today many people still prefer using them outdoors because of their unique style. The design was inspired by the French Art Nouveau movement and is characterized by its geometric shapes and stylized floral motifs. These fixtures typically feature a round base, a decorative finial at the top, and a shade that hangs down over the light bulb. Most modern versions of these fixtures include a dimmer switch, allowing users to adjust the brightness of the light source.

Who Needs Art Deco Sconces?

Art Deco style has been around since the 1920s. It was inspired by the Art Nouveau movement. However, it didn't really catch on until after World War II. Today, it remains one of the most popular styles of interior design.

The appeal of this style lies in its unique combination of geometric shapes, bright colors, and bold patterns. These elements combine to create a look that is modern yet timeless. As such, it works perfectly for any type of home decorating project.

In addition to being beautiful, art deco lighting fixtures offer several benefits. First, they add warmth and character to any space. Second, they bring light where it's needed. Third, they can be easily customized to fit almost any décor. Finally, they can be made to match existing furniture pieces.

But before we dive into how to install art deco lighting, let's take a closer look at these features.

One of the main reasons that art deco lighting is so appealing is that it uses geometric shapes. Geometry is a very common element in nature. It's found everywhere from flowers to animals. Therefore, it makes sense that geometry would appear in our homes as well. But unlike other forms of decoration, geometry doesn't necessarily have to be abstract. It can be literal as well.

This is exactly what makes art deco lighting so versatile. Because it combines abstract and literal designs, it can be incorporated into any type of décor. From traditional to contemporary, art deco lighting can be used anywhere.

Another reason that art deco lighting is so popular is that it incorporates vibrant colors. Bright colors are known for bringing joy and happiness. Which is perfect for anyone who wants to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Of course, this isn't limited to living spaces. Art deco lighting can be used in offices, restaurants, hotels, and retail stores.

Finally, art deco lighting includes bold patterns. Bold patterns are another feature that adds personality to a space. Unlike neutral tones, which can sometimes seem boring, bold patterns can inject excitement into any room. Whether you prefer stripes, polka dots, or swirls, art deco lighting offers a wide variety of patterns.

Installing art deco lighting requires a bit of skill. Fortunately, it's not difficult. All you need to do is follow these simple steps.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Art Deco Sconces

If you want to add a touch of elegance to your home decor, then you should definitely invest in art deco lighting fixtures. Art Deco lighting fixtures have become increasingly popular among homeowners who love modern design. They offer sleek lines and clean aesthetics that complement any type of décor. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary styles, you'll find plenty of choices when it comes to art deco lighting fixtures. You may even find that they come in many different sizes and shapes so you can match them perfectly with your existing furniture.

Art deco lighting fixtures are available in various materials such as brass, chrome, copper, glass, iron, nickel, pewter, silver, steel, wood, and others. Each material offers unique advantages and disadvantages. For example, brass light fixtures tend to tarnish easily, so if you plan to use them outdoors, you might want to purchase weatherproof versions instead. Brass fixtures also tend to rust, so they won't work very well indoors unless you regularly apply a protective coating. On the other hand, brass fixtures are sturdy and durable. So if you live in a humid climate where corrosion is likely, brass fixtures are perfect for outdoor applications.

Copper fixtures are another option. Copper fixtures often cost less than their brass counterparts, but they aren't nearly as durable. Because of this, you'll probably need to replace them sooner rather than later. Copper fixtures are also prone to developing black spots, so if you like the way they look, you may want to opt for brass fixtures instead.

Glass fixtures are highly versatile. Glass fixtures are easy to install and maintain because they don't require special tools. This makes them ideal for people who are just getting started with DIY projects. Unfortunately, glass fixtures are fragile. So if you drop something heavy onto them, they could break. Fortunately, glass fixtures are extremely affordable. This means you can afford to buy several pieces of glass fixtures to create interesting designs.

Iron fixtures are similar to brass fixtures in terms of durability. Iron fixtures are also relatively inexpensive. However, they do have one major drawback.

Features To Consider When Buying Art Deco Sconces

Lighting options. Art Deco lighting fixtures were originally used for interior decorating purposes. They typically had ornate designs and intricate details. Today, they still serve this purpose, but many homeowners opt to use them for more than just decoration. In fact, they can add style and elegance to any room in your house.

Energy efficiency. Many modern homes feature recessed lighting, which uses less electricity than traditional light bulbs. This makes these fixtures great for those who are concerned about their carbon footprint. However, if you'd prefer to conserve even more energy, you may want to consider using LED lighting instead.

Versatility. Art Deco lighting fixtures are versatile enough to fit into almost any space. Whether you're looking for something simple and sleek or something elaborate and decorative, there's probably an option available for you.

Quality. The quality of your lighting fixture matters. After all, how well does it illuminate? How durable is it? Does it work properly? These questions matter most when purchasing a new piece of furniture. But they also apply to lighting fixtures. Make sure you know exactly what you're paying for.

Style. Finally, think about the style of your room. Do you love bold colors? Modern design? Traditional styles? Whatever type of style appeals to you, chances are you'll find a matching fixture.

When shopping for a new lighting fixture, remember to compare prices on different models. You might find that you can save money by going with a cheaper model, but you could end up regretting it later.

Different Types Of Art Deco Sconces

Art Deco Sconces were originally created by designers in Europe in the 1920s. They became popular throughout the 1930s and 1940s. Today, Art Deco lighting fixtures are highly sought after and collectible items. Here are some of the main styles of Art Deco Sconces.

Wall Lights. Wall lights are small light bulbs that hang from the ceiling. They are commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens. Art Deco Sconces are often mounted above sinks and tubs.

Sconce. A sconce is a decorative fixture that hangs from the ceiling. Art Deco Sconces are often used in living rooms and bedrooms. Art Deco Sconces are often paired with lamps and pendants.

Lights. Lights are large decorative fixtures that hang from the ceiling. Art Deco Sconces are often used in dining rooms and entryways.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Art Deco Sconces

Where Did Art Deco Sconces Originate?

Art deco sconces originated in France. During this time, French designers began creating beautiful designs for everything from furniture to jewelry. These designs reflected the style of the 1920s and 1930s.

Who Created The Design For Art Deco Sconces?

Many famous artists designed sconces during the Art Deco era. Among those who designed sconces was Pablo Picasso. He designed two types of sconces: candelabra and pendant sconces.

What Materials Should I Use When Designing My Own Art Deco Sconces?

You can choose any type of wood, metal, glass, or ceramic that you want. If you prefer something unusual, you can even create your own unique design.

How Much Weight Will My Art Deco Sconces Weigh?

Your sconces will probably weigh about 1 pound each. That's enough weight to hang easily on most walls.

Will My Art Deco Sconces Last Forever?

Most modern sconces are made out of durable metals and ceramics. Your sconces will likely last for years.

Does My Home Need Art Deco Sconces?

If you live in a house built between 1910 and 1940, then yes! Many homes had art deco sconces installed at that time.

Can I Buy Art Deco Sconces Online?

Yes, you can purchase art deco sconces online. There are many websites where you can find affordable art deco sconces.

Can I Install Art Deco Sconces Myself?

Yes, you can install art deco sconces yourself. All you'll need is basic tools and a little bit of patience.

Can I add art deco sconces to my living room?

Yes, you can add art deco sconces to your living room. Simply follow the same steps described above.

Can I Install Art Deco Sconces In My Bathroom?

Yes, you can install art deco sconces in your bathroom. Follow the same instructions listed above.

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