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Army Toys

Kids play games, watch movies, listen to music, and read books. But did you know that they also enjoy playing with toys? Toys are important tools for children to develop skills such as problem solving and creativity. For instance, building blocks teach kids how to construct objects while dolls give them the opportunity to practice social interactions. However, not all toys are created equal. Some are educational while others are purely entertaining. Our buyers guide helps parents understand the differences between the two so that they can select the toy that’s best suited for their child.

Feleph Weapons Pack Military Toy Set Building Blocks Model for Soldier Figures, Army Equipment Gear Kit Pieces and Parts Accessories Compatible with Major Brand


If you're looking for a fun and educational way to develop your child's spatial imagination, the Feleph Weapons Pack is exactly what you need! With its variety of army-inspired building blocks and accessories, it's perfect for stimulating their creativity and promoting hand-to-eye coordination. Plus, it's easy to assemble with the provided instructions. Your child will love playing with this cool new toy!

Army Truck Toys Cars, Geyiie Die-cast Small Military Truck Fighting Vehicles Mini Battle Cars, Army Helicopter Tank Armored Gift for Kids Boys Age 3-8 Outdoor Play


Your child will love playing with these tough little trucks! They're made from durable alloy steel and feature realistic moving parts. Plus, they come with premium packaging to ensure safe delivery. So why wait? Get your Army Truck Toys for kids today!

JOYIN Military Reconnaissance Vehicle Toy Set of Friction Powered Helicopter, Tank, Armored Car with Light and Sound, Motorcycle, Camp and Army Figures, Realistic Military Vehicle Playset for Kids


Your child will love playing with this helicopter, tank, car, or truck toy set! With its high-quality construction and durable materials, this set is sure to last! Made with premium quality materials and features, this set is perfect for stimulating your child's imagination and promoting hand-eye coordination. Plus, it's easy to assemble and disassemble, so you can take it apart and put it back together again whenever you want. Your child will love playing with this set!

JOYIN Military Transport Cargo Airplane Car Toy Play Set Including Friction Powered Helicopter with Light, 6 Die-Cast Military Cars & 12 Army Men Figures for Over 3 Years Old Boys and Girls


Introducing the JOYIN 14ft Outdoor Gazebo! Perfect for those who want an elegant and sturdy gazebo but don't want to spend a lot of money. Made from durable aluminum alloy, this gazebo features a double roof structure with vents for better air flow and drainage. Plus, it comes with plexiglass windows so you can keep an eye on your little one while they're outside enjoying the sunshine. Don't miss out on this must-have outdoor accessory!

34 Pieces Military Base Set, Army Men Playset with Vehicles Accessories and Play Map, Plastic Christmas Toys Gifts for 3 4 5 6 7 8 Year Old Boys Girls Kids


The AOMOLA 34 Piece Military Base Set is perfect for stimulating your child's imagination and leaving them entertained for hours! This set includes everything you need to build a full-scale replica of a military installation, including a 25" x 25" mat, vehicles, and accessories. With its classic design and durable construction, this set is sure to become a favorite among kids and parents alike. Order yours today and experience the ultimate in fun and adventure!

SCS Direct Army Men Modern Warfare Action Figures- 65+ Pieces, 15 Unique Sculpts- Military Toy Soldiers and Artillery Playset

SCS Direct

Check out our newest addition to the SCS Direct Army Men collection, the Helicopter Driver Figure! This figure features a unique design with an integrated microphone that allows you to drive the rotors and still talk on the phone. The Army Men toys are also great for kids who like to roleplay. With 15 unique sculptures, there's plenty of variety to choose from.

OIG Brands Army Men Toy Soldiers for Kids I 144 PCS Army Men Toys in Various Poses I Modern Plastic Army Men Action Figures for Boys & Girls I Awesome Little Green Army Guys I Mini Army Men Playset

OIG Brands

If you're looking for an easy way to get your kids into shape, look no further than the OIG Brand Army Men Toy Soldier Set! This set includes 144 pieces of classic army men toys, all of which are sturdy and durable. With its realistic design and high quality construction, it's sure to be a hit with both kids and adults. So don't wait any longer, order your set today!

Army Men Military Action Figures in 12 Mini Tubes Buckets - 600 Pieces Kids Toy Soldiers Combat Special Forces Party Favors Supplies

Liberty Imports

Introducing the Army Men Militray Action Figure Set! This set includes 12 individual tubes of classic army men figures, each one randomly mixed in a different color. With a total of about 600 pieces, this is a great value pack for any child or adult who wants to have some fun with their friends or family. The Militray action figure set is perfect for playing diorama, pretending to be an army man, or enjoying your favorite war movie. Plus, all the pieces are lead, phthalate, and BPS free, so you can enjoy them without worrying about harmful chemicals. Don't miss out on this great deal - order your set today!

Kids Army Military Combat Soldier Costume Halloween Party Role Play Dress up Birthday Gift Set includes Camouflage Vest, Helmet, and Toy Accessories for 3-8 Years Old Toddlers Boys Girls


It's time to get your child into the swing of things with our latest addition to the Kids Army Military Combat Toy line, the G.I. Joe Extremely Realistic Three-Tier Shoe Rack! This stylish rack is made from durable plastic and features three tiers of shoes that are both colorful and unique. It also comes with built-in wheels for easy maneuverability. Don't miss out on this must-have item!

UNIH Tank Toy Sets, Military Transport Tank and 4PCS Army Vehicles, Tank & Vehicle Playset with 4 Sound and Launcher Birthday Gift for Kids Boys 3 4 5 6 7 Years Old (Soldier Men Included)


Your child will love playing with this UNIH Tank Toy Set! It's perfect for stimulating their imagination and promoting hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and logical thinking. The powerful launcher on the back can easily propel the heavy duty tank forward, and the realistic sound and light show will draw them in. With its durable construction and quality manufacture, this set is sure to last!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Army Toys

If you have children, then chances are they love playing with toy soldiers. They may even have their own little armies set up in their bedrooms, complete with miniature guns and tanks. If you're thinking of getting into the whole military thing yourself, then you might also be interested in our guide on how to buy the best army toys. We've picked out some of the top products available today, so you can make sure you get the best value for money.

What Are Army Toys?

An army toy is any toy that has an army theme. This includes all types of army themed toys including action figures, vehicles, playsets, role play items, etc. There are many different kinds of army toys available for children ranging from simple plastic soldiers to more complex military vehicles and weapons.

Who Needs Army Toys?

Kids love playing pretend games. But sometimes, these games can turn into real battles. Especially if you live in a house where siblings fight over toys. When this happens, it's time to put down the guns and take things back to the drawing board. Here are five tips to help you do just that.

1. Make sure you know how old each kid is. Kids play differently at different ages. Some prefer action figures while others gravitate toward dolls. Knowing which type of game works best for your family is key to keeping peace in the home.

2. Keep the rules simple. Don't let your kids start fighting over toys before they understand the rules. Let them learn through trial and error. Then, once they grasp the concept, add new rules as needed.

3. Set limits. Once your kids realize that certain toys are off-limits, they'll stop asking for them. Limit access to toys that could lead to fights. Also, set clear boundaries around other areas of the house. For instance, only allow one TV in the living room.

4. Be consistent. If you say "no" every time your kids ask for a particular toy, then they'll eventually figure out that you mean business. On the other hand, if you ignore requests for specific toys, then your kids will think they can get away with anything.

5. Reward good behavior. Give your kids special privileges after they behave themselves. For example, offer extra screen time or dessert if they clean up their rooms.

6. Take turns. If you have two kids, then share toys equally. Otherwise, assign each kid a specific area of the house. Then, rotate toys as necessary.

7. Play fair. No matter how old your kids are, they still need to follow basic rules. For example, never hit another person. Always tell someone else when you see a toy being taken out of its place.

8. Get creative. Instead of buying expensive toys, create your own. Use cardboard boxes, plastic bags, or empty bottles to build houses, cars, and trucks. Even better, use recycled materials to craft costumes and props. Your kids will appreciate the effort.

9. Have fun. Remember that kids' favorite toys aren't necessarily the most useful. Sometimes, it's okay to indulge in a silly activity. After all, isn't that what childhood is supposed to be about?

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Army Toys

There are many different types of toys available for children. From board games to dolls, there are plenty of ways to entertain your child. But how do you know if the toy you purchase is going to be something they'll enjoy? Here are some things to keep in mind when buying toys for your child:

Look for toys that encourage creativity. Toys that encourage creative play are great because they teach children problem solving skills. For example, building blocks are perfect for teaching children about construction and engineering. Dolls are great for encouraging imaginative play. They also provide hours of entertainment.

Make sure that the toy is age appropriate. When looking for toys for toddlers, focus on educational toys such as puzzles and books. Older children should have toys that encourage them to develop their motor skills. These include balls, cars, trucks, and other vehicles.

Be careful when selecting toys for young children. Make sure that the toy is safe for small hands. Small parts may pose a choking hazard. Check the toy for sharp edges and open seams.

Don't forget to buy gifts for adults. A gift basket filled with items like candy, cookies, and popcorn makes a wonderful hostess gift. And, who doesn't love a box of chocolates?

Remember, quality matters. You want to find a toy that will last. Quality toys tend to last longer and withstand rough handling better than cheap toys. Invest in toys that will last so that you won't have to replace them often.

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Features To Consider When Buying Army Toys

Safety first. Before you head off to the toy store, do a little research about the safety features of each toy you plan to buy. Some toys may be made of wood or plastic, while others could pose choking hazards if they break apart. Toys that are made of soft materials such as foam or plush are safer than hard plastics.

Fun factor. Kids love playing with their toys. But sometimes, fun isn't enough reason to spend hundreds of dollars on a new toy. Make sure you check out the fun factor of each toy you're considering. Does it play music? Can it dance? Is it interactive? Do its parts move independently?

Age appropriateness. As parents, we know our children well. We know how old they are and what kind of toys they enjoy. However, there are times when we forget something important. That's why it's smart to double-check age appropriateness of each toy you're thinking about buying. This way, you can ensure your child has the right toy for his or her age.

Brand name. There are many great brand names available. But, not all brand names are created equal. Check out reviews online to learn more about each toy company before you decide to buy.

Size. The bigger the toy, the longer it lasts. Smaller toys tend to wear down faster. And, larger toys cost more. Think about this when shopping for toys. Choose smaller toys if you're short on time or money. They'll last longer and you'll save money.

Quality. Quality matters. Don't settle for second rate. Buy only quality toys that are built to withstand years of active play. Look for toys that are durable, sturdy and safe.

Cost. Buying toys is expensive. But, you still want to make sure you're spending your money wisely. Consider price. How much does the toy cost? What's included? These factors can add up quickly.

Different Types Of Army Toys

The toy industry is huge business. Toys are big sellers and they sell well year round. During the holidays though, sales increase dramatically. One of the biggest selling items during the holiday season is toys for children. Parents love giving gifts that are fun and educational. Here are some of the top selling toys for children this year.

Toys for Kids. Toy companies know that parents love getting toys for their children. That’s why they put so much effort into creating toys that appeal to kids. From cars to dolls, action figures to building sets, there is something for every child. Make sure you check out our selection of toys for kids below.

Action Figures. Action figures are a staple of any kid’s collection. Whether its Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, or anything else, kids love collecting action figures. Action figures are a great way to teach kids about history and culture. Check out our selection of action figures below.

Building Sets. Building sets are a classic toy. Children love playing with blocks and building things. Building sets give kids a chance to create something cool and build skills. We have a wide variety of building sets for sale including Lego, K’NEX, Erector Set, and Duplos.

Dolls. Dolls are a favorite among girls. Girls love dressing up their dolls and taking pictures of themselves with them. Dolls are also a great way to learn about fashion and style. Check out our selection of dolls below.

Play Food. Play food is a growing trend. Kids love cooking and baking. Playing with food teaches kids how to cook and bake. Plus, it gives kids a chance to practice fine motor skills. Our selection of play food includes kitchen tools, kitchen utensils, and even real foods like pizza.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Army Toys

What are some of the most popular types of army toys?

Many parents love army toys because they allow their child to pretend that he or she is part of the armed forces. There are a wide range of army toys available, including soldiers, tanks, guns, trucks, planes, helicopters, robots, and more.

Which Toy Companies Make The Best Army Toys?

Toy makers have been making army toys since the 1950s. Today, there are hundreds of toy manufacturers around the world that specialize in creating army toys. Many of these companies produce products under license agreements with major toy brands, such as Lego, Hot Wheels, Mattel, Hasbro, Fisher-Price, Playmobil, and more.

Can I get army toys cheap?

Sure! You can often find great deals on army toys at big box stores, warehouse clubs, and discount retailers. These stores offer deep discounts on toys, so check out your local bargain bin first.

If you know where to look, you should be able to find army toys anywhere. But if you don't know where to start, here are some tips:

First, search online. Also try searching your city's classified ads section. Finally, ask friends, family members, and neighbors.

What Kind Of Army Toys Are Safe For My Kid?

All army toys are designed to withstand rough play. That means that they won't break easily, and they won't hurt your child when he or she plays with them. Most army toys are also age appropriate, meaning that they're suitable for babies and toddlers.

Can I Use Army Toys Indoors?

Most army toys are meant to be played outside. However, if you'd prefer to keep your child inside, then you can certainly do so. Simply put, army toys aren't too dangerous. They're made of plastic, rubber, metal, wood, foam, and other materials that pose no danger to your child.

Can I Use Army Toys With My Baby?

Absolutely. Army toys are perfect for babies. They're soft enough to handle, yet sturdy enough to stand up against little fingers and toes. Plus, they're fun for babies to grab, pull, and push.

Can I Use Army Toys With My Toddler?

Of course! Toddlers enjoy playing with army toys just as much as older kids do. And, unlike traditional toys, army toys are easy for young children to manipulate. They're also less likely to fall apart than other toys, so they're ideal for toddlers' hands.

Can I Use Army Toys With My Preschooler?

Preschoolers love playing with army toys. They're simple to grasp, and they're always ready to go wherever your child goes. Plus, they're durable, so they're perfect for active preschoolers.

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