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Arendelle Castle

Arendelle Castle is a popular attraction at Disney World. It’s located near Cinderella’s Castle and offers visitors a glimpse into the magical world of Frozen. If you visit Arendelle Castle, you won't miss the opportunity to explore Elsa's ice palace. This beautiful structure is covered in icicles and snowflakes and looks like something straight out of a fairy tale.

If you’d like to enjoy a similar experience while visiting Walt Disney World Resort, then you might consider purchasing a replica of Arendelle Castle. Our buyers guide explains how to build a replica of Arendelle Castle so you can bring the magic of Frozen to your own backyard.

LIGHTAILING Light Set for (Disney Frozen Arendelle Castle Celebration) Building Blocks Model - Led Light kit Compatible with Lego 41068(NOT Included The Model)

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Do you want to add some life to your LEGO® construction projects? Our LED light kits are perfect for adding an authentic, magical glow to your builds! With a variety of colors and brightness options, you can create exactly the lighting effect you want.

Disney Arendelle Castle Play Set – Frozen 2

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The wait is over! The Frozen 2 are now available for your home entertainment! This authentic, original Disney store playset features all your favorite characters from the movie, plus it comes with a rotating wall, music and light activation, and hinged stairs that easily open and close. Plus, the included storage figures make it easy to keep the play set together. Order your Frozen 2 today!

Disney Animators' Collection Arendelle Castle Surprise Feature Playset - Frozen

Sub Brand: Frozen

The Arendellas are back with their most popular playset yet! This time it's the Arendelle Castle Surprise Feature Playset. It comes with eight pieces including the Arendelle castle, Anna, Elsa, Olaf, two beds, a doll, and a mystery figure in a foil pouch. There is also a two-key system for easy opening and closing of the gates. Press the button to play the original Arendellas song "Do you want to build a snowman?" or enjoy the authentic Arendelle experience with the Arendellas theme song playing.

Disney Wooden Toys Frozen Arendelle Castle Block Set, 30+ Pieces Include Elsa, Anna, and Olaf Block Figures, Amazon Exclusive, by Just Play

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Introducing the Just Play Disney Frozen Arendellas Castle Building Blocks! This set is perfect for kids of all ages, and it will help to spark their imaginations and develop their skills. It comes with everything they need to start playing right away, including wooden figures, blocks, balancing blocks, cars, trains, puzzles, and clutch toys. Plus, the included small pieces make it easy to put together their own Frozen-inspired block party!

LEGO Disney Frozen Arendelle Castle Celebration 41068 Disney Toy


The LEGO® Disney Frozen Arendelle Castle Creative Building Set is perfect for kids to build their own unique, personalized LEGO® structure! With its easy-to-follow instructions and variety of colors and shapes, this set is sure to inspire. This set comes with everything you need to get started, including 72 pieces of the classic white LEGO bricks, two Elsa and Anna minifigures, and three mini snowmen. Plus, it's compatible with all LEGO construction sets for even more possibilities. So why wait? Get your ARENNELLECAUSTER CREATIVE BUILDING SET today!

Disney Frozen Fold and Go Arendelle Castle Playset Inspired 2 Movie, Portable Play - Toy for Kids Ages 3 and up


It's time to freeze the frame on your memories! The Elsa & Anna Frozen Fold and Go arendellas Portable Adventurer's Playset is perfect for kids who want to have fun with their favorite Disney movie characters. With its bright colors and sturdy construction, it's easy to see why this set was chosen as a bestseller at Toys R Us. Order now and we'll throw in some free gifts!

KidKraft Disney® Princess Cinderella Royal Dream Dollhouse by KidKraft, Gift for Ages 3+


The KidKraft Disney Princess Cinderella Royal Dream Dollhouse is the perfect way to bring your favorite Disney princess into real life! This beautiful house features five rooms of open space to play and decorate, as well as a glass slipper and pillow that are perfect for Cinderella and her prince. The gold doorways lead directly into the sewing room, where you can keep all your projects together in one place. The package includes detailed, step-by-step assembly instructions so you'll be able to enjoy your new dollhouse in no time!

LEGO Disney Frozen II Arendelle Castle Village 41167 Toy Castle Building Set with Popular Frozen Characters for Imaginative Play (521 Pieces)


Do you want to be a hero to your children? Then help them fall in love with the magical world of LEGO! With this incredible new arendelle-inspired castle, they'll never forget their time spent playing with LEGO bricks. This complete LEGO set comes with everything needed to build a 3-story, 29,000 BTU house of ice and snow, including blueprints, studs, nails and washers. Plus, it includes two Anna and Elsa minifigures and one Kristoff character piece. Your child will love playing with this set!

Disney Frozen Ultimate Arendelle Castle Playset Inspired by The Frozen 2 Movie, 5'. Tall with Lights, Moving Balcony, & 7 Rooms with Accessories

Disney Frozen

If you're looking for an amazing and unique children's toy, the Frozen Arendelle Castle Playset is exactly what you need! This beautiful, sturdy set is perfect for stimulating imagination and promoting logical thinking skills. It comes with everything you need for a great playing experience, including a piano, a banquette, and a throne chair. Plus, it features a vibrant color scheme and a lighted lift mechanism, making it easy to use even for young children. Order your Frozen Arendelle Castle Playset today!

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Do you want to be a hero to your kids? Then help them fall in love with the magic of storytelling! With this set of Frozen themed toys, they'll never forget their first storybook experience! This set includes an Elsa doll, Anna doll, and 7 other cool stuffies, all dressed up in their favorite winter clothes. Plus, it comes with a storage bin for easy-access to your favorite toys. So why wait? Get your Frozen pop adventures started today!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Arendelle Castle

Arendelle Castle is a must have for every Frozen fan. This beautiful wooden play set comes complete with Elsa and Anna's ice palace, Olaf's snowman house, Hans' igloo, Kristoff's reindeer stable, Sven's log cabin, and more. The castle also has a secret passageway where kids can explore the inside of the palace and discover hidden surprises along the way.

What Is A Arendelle Castle?

Arendelle Castle is an interactive play set for children ages 3 years old and up. It includes a snow globe filled with magical winter wonderland scenes, a sled ride, and a slide. The castle has two floors; the first floor contains a kitchen area where guests can make hot cocoa and cookies, while the second floor features a bedroom, living room, dining room, and bathroom.

The castle comes complete with a remote control car, a sled, and a snow globe. Guests can take turns driving the remote control car around the snowy landscape inside the castle. They can also slide down the slide into the snow globe and watch the scene come to life. Finally, they can warm themselves at the fireplace in the living room before heading upstairs to explore the rest of the castle.

Who Needs A Arendelle Castle?

Arendelle Castle is one of Disney World's most iconic attractions. But did you know that this amazing structure was actually built by Walt Disney himself?

Walt had been dreaming of building his own theme park since he was a boy. He wanted to create a place where families could spend time together, but still experience the magic of nature. So, in 1955, he began planning Disneyland. His dream became reality in 1959, and today, visitors flock to the Magic Kingdom every year to see the sights and sounds of Mickey Mouse.

But while Walt dreamed big, he didn't stop there. He knew that his park needed a centerpiece attraction. Something magical and beautiful that would draw guests back again and again. After months of brainstorming, he decided to build a replica of Arendelle Castle from Frozen.

The result was a stunning ice palace that has become one of the best loved attractions at the Magic Kingdom. Today, Arendelle Castle remains a beloved part of the Magic Kingdom. And thanks to its popularity, it's now open to the public.

This incredible castle stands over 100 feet tall and features three stories of icicles hanging from the roof. Inside, guests can visit Elsa and Anna's icy throne room, complete with a giant snow globe filled with glittering crystals.

While the castle itself isn't moving, it does spin around once per hour. And during certain times of the year, the entire castle lights up with thousands of twinkling stars.

It's truly a breathtaking sight. And it's only fitting that Arendelle Castle is located right next door to Cinderella Castle. Together, these two castles form the heart of the Magic Kingdom.

Now, if you'd like to take a trip down memory lane, here are five things you probably didn't know about Arendelle Castle.

When Walt Disney opened Disneyland in California, he named the castle after his hometown of Marceline, Missouri. However, when the Magic Kingdom opened in Florida, he changed the name to Arendelle Castle.

Disneyland's original opening date was set for July 17th, 1955. Unfortunately, construction issues delayed the grand opening until January 18th, 1956. During this period, workers were able to finish the interior of the castle. However, the exterior remained unfinished.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Arendelle Castle

Arendelle Castle is one of Disney's most popular attractions. And for good reason. Arendelle Castle offers visitors a glimpse into the magical world of Frozen. This attraction is so popular that guests often wait in line for hours just to ride it. So if you want to experience the magic of Arendelle Castle, here are some things to keep in mind:

Purchase a ticket online ahead of time. Tickets go fast. You'll save time by buying tickets online ahead of time. Plus, you won't have to stand in line at the park.

Make sure to purchase FastPass+ reservations. These reservations guarantee admission to the attraction. They're available up to 60 days in advance. Make sure to use them whenever possible. Otherwise, you may find yourself waiting in line for hours.

Be prepared. Bring along snacks and drinks. There are plenty of places to eat inside the castle. But sometimes lines can be very long. Be ready to walk away hungry.

Don't forget about Elsa and Anna. While they aren't technically characters from Frozen, they do interact with guests. So take advantage of this opportunity to meet them. After all, they live in Arendelle Castle.

Features To Consider When Buying A Arendelle Castle

Frozen Arendelle Castle Playset - Disney Frozen Arendelle Castle Playset Description: The Frozen Arendelle Castle Playset features Elsa and Anna’s ice palace, complete with a snow slide, icy bridge, and more! Includes 2 characters, 1 figure, 1 accessory, and 3 pieces of play equipment. Ages 4 years old and up. Measures approximately 15 inches tall. Recommended for children ages 5 and older. Not intended for children under three years old. Please note this item may ship separately from other items in your order.

Disney Frozen Arendelle Castle Playset - Disney Frozen Arendelle Castle Playset Details: The Frozen Arendelle Castle Playset features Elsa and Anna’s ice palace, complete with a snow slide, icy bridge, and more! Includes 2 characters, 1 figure, 1 accessory, and 3 pieces of play equipment.

Please Note: This item ships directly from the manufacturer; please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.

Shipping Information: Shipping Weight: 6 pounds Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 10 inches Item model number: WKW-01054 Product dimensions: 11.5 x 9.5 x 13.5 inches Package weight: 6 pounds Model number: WKW-01054 Manufacturer part number: WKW-01054 UPC code: 079640011554 SKU: WKW-01054 Condition: New Shipping Information: We only ship within the continental United States. Orders placed by Sunday night usually arrive next day. Orders placed after Monday morning usually arrive Tuesday. Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday usually arrive Wednesday.

Different Types Of Arendelle Castle

Arendelle Castle is a Disney Frozen themed attraction located in the Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort. It was opened on March 13th, 2013. Arendelle Castle is home to Elsa and Anna’s Ice Palace. It is also home to Olaf’s Summertime Treat Shop. The ice palace is covered by icicles and snowflakes. Inside the ice palace, guests can see the two sisters playing with their magical powers. Guests can also visit Olaf’s summertime treat shop. Here they can meet Olaf and his friends.

The castle is shaped like a traditional European style castle. It features turrets, towers, battlements, arches, and a drawbridge. The exterior walls are decorated with colorful murals depicting scenes from the film. The interior walls feature paintings of the characters from the movie. The castle also includes a large ice slide, a small ice skating rink, and Olaf’s Summertime Treat Shop.

There are three main areas to explore. First, there is the entrance area. Next, there is the courtyard. Finally, there is the ice palace. Each area offers something special. For example, the courtyard is filled with beautiful flowers and plants. The courtyard is surrounded by a moat. The moat is filled with fish and turtles. The courtyard is also home to a fountain. The fountain is lit up at night.

The courtyard is filled with beautiful flowers and plants. The ice skating rink is open year round.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Arendelle Castle

What is an Arendelle Castle Playset?

A is a set of three castles that were released in 2013 along with the Disney movie Frozen. Each castle has its own unique theme based around Elsa's ice powers. The first castle was inspired by the snowflakes found at Arendelle, while the second castle was inspired by the mountains surrounding Arendelle. Finally, the third castle was inspired by the icy cliffs near the town of Olaf's home.

Where Did The Name "Arendelle" Come From?

The name "Arendelle" comes from Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale about the kingdom of the Snow Queen. In this story, a young boy named Kristoff lives in the village of Trollesund. One day he goes sledding through the woods and ends up falling into a deep hole filled with water. He falls asleep and wakes up in the land of the Snow Queen where she takes him under her spell. She makes him promise never to tell anyone about his adventure, but eventually he tells everyone what happened anyway. When they hear about the strange lands he visited, they decide to call the area "Arendelle".

Who Built The Arendelle Castle Playset?

Disney Imagineers designed the Arendelle Castle Playset. They worked closely with Walt Disney World Resort Creative Entertainment team members to create the details inside each castle.

Does The Arendelle Castle Playset Have A Secret Compartment?

No, the Arendelle Castle Playset doesn't have a hidden compartment. Instead, the castle contains a special room that allows guests to play out their favorite scenes from the movie. There are two rooms inside the castle - the Ice Palace and the Mountain Room.

Which Castle Is The Best?

You can choose between playing out your favorite scene from the movie in either the Ice Palace or the Mountain Room. Both rooms contain a number of interactive features including lights, sounds, music, and even a mirror that lets you watch yourself perform.

When Will The Arendelle Castle Playset Be Available Again?

The Arendelle Castle Playset will be available starting January 1st 2014. If you're interested in purchasing the Arendelle Castle Playset, check out our .

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