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Apigenin Supplement

Apigenin is a natural flavonoid found in fruits such as apples, oranges, strawberries, grapes, onions, parsley and celery. It has numerous benefits for men, including improving sexual function and reducing inflammation. This supplement contains 100 mg of apigenin per capsule, making it easy to consume.

Apigenin supplements are a safe and effective treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED). If you suffer from ED, you may not realize that it could be caused by poor nutrition. Many men fail to include adequate amounts of fruit and vegetables in their diets. As a result, they lack essential nutrients like vitamin C, folic acid, iron and fiber. By taking apigenin supplements, you can ensure that your diet includes all of these important vitamins and minerals.

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Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Apigenin Supplement

Apigenin is a natural flavonoid found in fruits and vegetables such as apples, onions, broccoli, celery, parsley, chamomile tea, and more. This compound has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, and may help prevent cancer, heart disease, and other conditions. However, not everyone agrees that taking apigenin is beneficial, and some studies suggest that it could even cause harm. So what does the science say?

What Is A Apigenin Supplement?

Apigenin is an antioxidant found in many fruits and vegetables, including apples, oranges, strawberries, broccoli, celery, parsley, chamomile tea, and more. It has been shown to help prevent cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and even Alzheimer's Disease. Apigenin is also known for its ability to reduce inflammation and fight off infections. This makes apigenin a very popular ingredient in dietary supplements.

Where Does Apigenin Come From?

The main source of apigenin is the peel of citrus fruit. The skin contains about 10% of the total amount of apigenin present in the whole orange. However, there are several ways to extract this compound from the peel. One method involves soaking the peels in water at high temperatures, which allows the apigenin to leach into the water. Another method uses solvents like ethanol or acetone. Both methods result in a product containing only trace amounts of apigenin.

Who Needs A Apigenin Supplement?

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers among men. Fortunately, there are things you can do to reduce your risk of developing this disease. One thing you can do is take steps to improve your overall health. By doing so, you could lower your chances of getting prostate cancer.

One key component of improving your health is taking dietary supplements. These products contain natural ingredients that offer benefits beyond basic nutrition. Some of these supplements can actually prevent certain diseases.

The best known of these supplements is vitamin E. Vitamin E has been shown to protect against heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, and other conditions. But did you know that it can also fight prostate cancer?

In fact, researchers at Harvard University found that men who took 400 IU of vitamin E daily had a 40% reduced chance of developing prostate cancer compared to men who didn't use any form of supplemental vitamin E.

This study was conducted over several years. During that time, 1, 853 men were followed. Of these men, 517 developed prostate cancer. Men who supplemented with vitamin E had a 38% reduced chance of developing prostate cancer compared to men who didn't supplement with vitamin E.

Other studies have shown similar results. Researchers at the National Cancer Institute found that men who consumed the highest amounts of vitamin E had a 43% reduced chance of dying from prostate cancer.

These findings suggest that vitamin E supplementation may play a role in preventing prostate cancer. However, additional research is needed before we can say for sure whether or not vitamin E prevents prostate cancer.

Another supplement that offers protection against prostate cancer is apigenin. Apigenin is a flavonoid that occurs naturally in plants. It's also present in parsley and celery. Research suggests that apigenin has anti-cancer properties.

Apigenin has been studied extensively. Both of these enzymes are involved in promoting cell division and inhibiting apoptosis. As such, they appear to contribute to the development of various types of cancer.

Researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch found that apigenin inhibited COX-2 and aromatase in human breast cancer cells.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Apigenin Supplement

If you want to take advantage of the many health benefits of flavanoids, then you should start taking an apigenin supplement. Apigenin is one of the most common flavanoid compounds found in fruits and vegetables. This compound is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidant effects, and even cancer prevention abilities. So if you want to reap the benefits of apigenin, then you'll want to purchase a quality apigenin supplement. Here are some reasons why:

Look for a reputable company. When buying any type of dietary supplement, it's important to buy from a reputable company. A reputable company will provide detailed product information so that you can understand exactly how the supplement works. You may find that a particular supplement contains other substances besides apigenin. For example, some products contain caffeine. Caffeine can increase heart rate and blood pressure. Be careful about adding caffeine to your diet because it could potentially harm you.

Buy a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement. Multi-vitamins and minerals are often recommended by doctors. They are designed to provide essential nutrients that your body needs every day. These vitamins and minerals include vitamin B6, folic acid, iron, magnesium, manganese, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, riboflavin, selenium, thiamin, zinc, and others. Make sure that the supplement you purchase includes all of these vital nutrients.

Purchase a liquid form of apigenin. Liquid forms of apigenin are easier to use than tablets. They dissolve quickly in liquids such as juice and tea. You won't have to worry about crushing them up first. Just add the liquid to your favorite beverage and enjoy the benefits of apigenin immediately.

Avoid synthetic apigenin. Synthetic apigenin is usually added to foods and beverages to enhance their flavor. Although natural apigenin is safe, synthetic apigenin isn't necessarily safe. There are concerns about whether or not synthetic apigenin might affect your liver or kidneys. Natural apigenin doesn't seem to have these side effects.

Features To Consider When Buying A Apigenin Supplement

Benefits. Apigenin has been shown to improve overall prostate health. In fact, studies show that apigenin may even prevent cancerous cells from growing. This means that if you take apigenin regularly, you could potentially decrease your chances of developing prostate cancer.

Side effects. Although there haven't been any serious side effects reported, you still want to be careful about using this supplement. Talk to your doctor first before starting to take apigenin. He or she can tell you how much you should take and whether you should stop taking it once you start experiencing side effects.

Dosage. The recommended dosage of apigenin varies depending on who manufactures the supplement. Some manufacturers recommend 1 gram daily while others suggest 2 grams. Be sure to check the label on the bottle to determine the correct dose.

Storage. Store apigenin in a cool place away from moisture. Make sure you store it in its original container.

Safety. There hasn't been any research done on the safety of apigenin. However, since it's derived from citrus fruit, it's considered relatively safe.

Cost. Shop around online to compare prices on different brands and see what works best for your budget.

Different Types Of Apigenin Supplement

Apigenin is a natural flavonoid compound that is found in fruits and vegetables. It has been shown to possess anti-inflammatory properties and can help prevent cancerous tumors. Apigenin is commonly added to foods and beverages to give them a bright yellow color. It is also used as a food coloring agent.

Supplements. Supplements containing apigenin are becoming increasingly popular. These are usually taken orally and are thought to offer benefits similar to those seen in foods. These are often sold under various names including “apigem”, “apigenin”, “vitamin C”, “flavonoids”, etc.

Capsules. Capsules are small capsules filled with apigenin. Apigenin Supplements are usually manufactured by pharmaceutical companies and are meant to be swallowed whole. These are sometimes referred to as “tablets” although technically they are not tablets. They are usually white or light brown in color.

Tablets. Tablets are larger than capsules and are usually manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. These are usually colored green or blue. They are meant to be broken apart and dissolved in water or juice. These are often given to children as part of breakfast.

Oral Drops. Oral drops are tiny droplets of liquid suspended in oil. They are usually administered through a syringe. These are meant to dissolve quickly in the body and are usually recommended for use in conjunction with other medications.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Apigenin Supplement

What is apigenin?

Apigenin is a natural flavonoid found in fruits like apples, grapes, onions, parsley, celery, and chamomile tea. Apigenin has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and may play a role in cancer prevention.

Does Apigenin Have Side Effects?

No, apigenin appears to have no known side effects. However, taking too much apigenin could potentially cause stomach upset.

Where Can I Buy Apigenin Supplements?

You can purchase apigenin supplements at most grocery stores and pharmacies. Look for products labeled “apigenin or “flavone rather than “vitamin C.

Is Apigenin Safe For Pregnant Women?

While research suggests that apigenin may be beneficial during pregnancy, more studies are needed to confirm this finding. Women should talk to their doctor about whether they should take apigenin during pregnancy.

Is Apigenin Safe For Kids?

Although apigenin is generally considered safe for kids, it is best to avoid giving your child large doses of apigenin. Talk to your pediatrician first.

Is Apigenin Safe For Diabetics?

Research shows that apigenin may improve blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. More research is needed to determine how well apigenin affects blood sugar levels in people without diabetes.

Is Apigenin Safe For Those With High Cholesterol?

People with heart disease should discuss with their doctors whether apigenin is right for them.

Is Apigenin Safe For Anyone With Gallbladder Problems?

Some evidence indicates that apigenin may stimulate bile production. If you have gallstones, talk to your doctor before taking apigenin.

Is Apigenin Safe For Those With Liver Problems?

More research is needed to determine whether apigenin causes liver toxicity. Those with hepatitis B or C should check with their doctors before starting apigenin.

Is Apigenin Safe For Those With Kidney Problems?

A study published in the journal Kidney International showed that apigenin was safe for people with mild to moderate renal impairment. However, more research is needed to determine whether apigenin is safe for people with severe renal impairment.

Is Apigenin Safe For Those With Thyroid Problems?

Some evidence suggests that apigenin may increase thyroid hormone levels. Talk to your doctor before taking apigenin if you have hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

Is Apigenin Safe For Those With Ulcers?

Some evidence suggests that apigenin may protect against gastric ulceration. However, more research is needed to confirm this finding.

Is Apigenin Safe For Those With Bleeding Disorders?

Most experts agree that apigenin is safe for people with hemophilia, but more research is needed to confirm this finding.

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