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Ant Man Comic

Marvel Comics is a popular American publisher that produces a wide range of entertainment products. From superheroes to action figures, Marvel has something for everyone. Now, the company is branching into other genres such as animation and graphic novels.

One of the latest additions to the Marvel universe is Ant Man. This superhero debuted in 2015 and follows Scott Lang, aka “Antman.” He works as a scientist and inventor before becoming a hero. His alter ego allows him to shrink in size so he can enter places where others cannot.

Scott Lang is not alone though. He shares his adventures with Hope van Dyne (aka Wasp), Hank Pym (aka Yellowjacket) and Darren Cross (aka Ghost). Together, they fight crime and protect the world. But, like many heroes, they must overcome obstacles along the way.

Read our buyers guide to learn more about Ant Man and how you can enjoy his stories.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Ant Man Comic

What is the Purpose Of A Ant Man Comic?

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The Importance of Purchasing Quality Ant Man Comic

Ant Man comics are a great way to learn about Marvel's characters. If you've never read an ant man comic before, it might seem intimidating at first. But once you start reading, you'll quickly see why so many people enjoy them. First of all, ant man comics are fun! They contain lots of action scenes and funny jokes. Second, they teach you something new about each character. Third, they give you insight into the history behind the stories. Fourth, they introduce you to interesting facts about the characters' lives. Fifth, they let you know which characters are currently starring in movies and TV shows. Sixth, they tell you where to go to watch the latest episodes. Lastly, they show you cool pictures of the characters.

What Are The Benefits of Reading An Ant Man Comic Book?

Reading an ant man comic gives you access to information about the characters. For instance, you'll learn about Scott Lang's past and his relationship with Hope van Dyne. You'll discover how he became the famous superhero known as "the Ant Man." You'll learn about Hank Pym's background and his role in creating the original Ant Man suit. You'll learn about Janet van Dyne's family and her connection to the Wasp. You'll learn about Tony Stark's early years and his involvement with the Avengers. You'll learn about Peggy Carter's career as Captain America's partner. You'll learn about Nick Fury's origins and his role in World War II. You'll learn about Bruce Banner's transformation into the Hulk. You'll learn about Black Widow's origin story and her relationship with Hawkeye. You'll learn about Vision's backstory and his role in the future of the MCU. You'll learn about Ultron's creation and his plans for Earth. You'll learn about Doctor Strange's journey and his powers. You'll learn about Loki's true identity and his plan to destroy Asgard. You'll learn about Thor's heritage and his quest to become king of Asgard. You'll learn about Jane Foster's origins and her relationship with Odin. You'll learn about the Infinity Stones and their power. You'll learn about Thanos' motivations and his goal to collect six stones. You'll learn about the X-Men and their mission to stop Magneto. You'll learn about Wolverine's origins and his relationship with Sabretooth. You'll learn about Deadpool's personality and his sense of humor. You'll learn about the Winter Soldier's past and his role in Hydra. You'll learn about Rocket Raccoon's origin and his friendship with Groot. You'll learn about Gamora's background and her role in Guardians of the Galaxy. You'll learn about Drax's ancestry and his role in the Kree/Skrull war. You'll learn about Nebula's origins and her relationship with Ronan. You'll learn about Star Lord's origins and his relationship with Peter Quill. You'll learn about Mantis' origins and her role in the upcoming movie Spiderman Far From Home.

Features to Look For When Buying An Ant Man Comic

Ant man comics are great fun for both young and old alike. If you've ever wanted to see ants fight each other, then you might enjoy reading about it. But before you start collecting ant man comics, here's a few tips to ensure you get the right kind of comic for your collection.

Size Matters

The size of the comic matters. Smaller sized comics are cheaper than larger ones. However, smaller sized comics are harder to read. Therefore, you'd probably prefer to invest in a bigger comic.

Collecting Comics Isn't Just About Money

There are plenty of reasons why you might collect ant man comics. Perhaps you love the story behind the characters. Or perhaps you simply enjoy seeing pictures of cute animals. Whatever the reason, you shouldn't let money dictate whether or not you collect ant man comics.

Read Reviews Before Purchasing

Before purchasing ant man comics, check reviews online. Read customer feedback to learn which comics are worth investing in.

Look Out For Fake Ones!

Fake ant man comics are everywhere. Unfortunately, they're difficult to spot. Fortunately, there are ways to tell if a comic is fake. First, look for obvious signs such as missing pages and damaged covers. Second, check the quality of the paper. Cheap copies are likely to crumble quickly. Third, check the price tag. If it's too low, chances are it's a cheap copy. Lastly, check the condition of the comic itself. If it looks worn or torn, then it's probably a fake.

Different Types Of Ant Man Comic

Ant man comics are a great way to learn about ants. If you've ever wondered why ants build mounds, why they communicate by pheromones, or why they live together in colonies, then you might enjoy learning about it through ant man comics. Ant man comics teach us about the fascinating lives of ants. We see how ants interact with each other, we watch them fight, and we discover how they defend themselves.

Types of Ant Man Comics

There are several different kinds of ant man comics. First, there's the traditional kind which shows us the daily activities of ants. Then there's the scientific type which explains the biology behind the behavior of ants. Lastly, there's the humorous type which makes fun of the antics of ants. Each of these types has its own unique appeal.

The Traditional Kind

This type of ant man comic focuses on showing us the day-to-day activities of ants. Typically, these comics show us how ants go about building their nests, how they hunt food, how they communicate, and how they defend themselves.

The Scientific Type

These ant man comics explain the science behind the behaviors of ants. Instead of focusing on the daily activities of ants, these comics give us information about the biology of ants. We learn about the anatomy of ants, how they reproduce, and how they develop.

Humorous Type

Finally, there's the funny type of ant man comic. These comics poke fun at the antics of ants. Sometimes, they mock the poor quality of their homes. Other times, they ridicule the fact that ants eat everything around them. Still, other times, they simply make fun of the ridiculousness of ants.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Ant Man Comic

What is ant man comic?

Ant Man Comic is a webcomic about Scott Lang, aka Antman, a superhero who was born without superpowers but has since developed his own unique abilities. He's been working at secret headquarters ever since he got caught stealing their top-secret technology. Now he's back home again, trying to get his life together after being away from his family for years.

Who Created Ant Man Comic?

His first story arc began in December 2010. Since then, he's released two more stories, each featuring a new character. So far, they're all set in the Marvel Universe.

Series 1 - The First Story Arc

This first story arc begins when Scott Lang returns home to visit his wife and son. Unfortunately, he finds out that his ex-wife, Hope van Dyne, kidnapped his son. She wants him to give her the tech she stole. But Scott refuses to hand it over until he gets custody of his son.

Series 2 - The Second Story Arc

In this second story arc, Scott must go undercover at a high school where he meets a young girl named Cassie Cage. She's the daughter of Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. Cassie doesn't know what happened to her father, but she believes that he's alive somewhere. When she learns that he's actually dead, she decides to take matters into her own hands.

Series 3 - The Third Story Arc

In this third story arc, Scott goes to prison. While there, he meets another prisoner named Darren Cross. Darren claims to have invented a device that will allow him to control ants. He offers Scott a job as his assistant. But Darren isn't telling the truth. Instead, he plans to use Scott's powers to steal money from banks.

Series 4 - The Fourth Story Arc

In this fourth story arc, Scott tries to save his friend Luis Rivera from a dangerous criminal known as the Ghost. Meanwhile, he discovers that his old enemy, Hank Pym, has been experimenting on himself. And now he's dying.

When Did Ant Man Comic Start Running?

Paul Allor started writing ant man comic in 2009. He posted the first story arc online in December 2010. That same month, he launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a print version of the book. By January 2011, he'd raised enough money to publish the entire first story arc.

Has ant man comic won awards?

Yes! Paul Allor received a Web Cartoonist of the Year award from the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies in 2012.

What Kind Of Art Style Does Ant Man Comic Use?

Paul Allor uses a cartoonish art style. He draws everything in pencil. Then he scans it in and colors it digitally.

What Type Of Humor Does Ant Man Comic Contain?

Each story arc features a different villain. One arc focuses on a supervillain named Darren Cross. Another features a scientist named Dr. Henry Pym.

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